23rd August- Berlin, Germany

Ana's POV

I watched Lia subtly as she moved stiffly around the car we were working on. Her injuries were healing, but ever so slowly due to Demetri's continued abuse. I wanted nothing more than to intervene but Lia had made me promise. She made it clear she was going to do whatever he wanted her to do until we could get out of here.

"How's the ribs?" I asked her quietly. My question startled her out of her own thoughts and she grimaced.

"They'll heal. Old wounds." She muttered and I only nodded. She kept mentioning old wounds to her ribs but would never go into great detail about how she got them.

That was one thing I had learned about Lia from the beginning, she was a very private person. I knew nothing about where she came from other than she was originally from the states. She never spoke about friends or family, then again neither did I.

I frowned at my thought process. My past was a dark place and I didn't care to revisit it often, it was too painful. I had a feeling Lia's was too. I guess we both had our reasons for not talking about our pasts.

"Where is everyone?" She muttered looking around the deserted warehouse.

"Gone for the day, they mentioned something about the club. I'm surprised Demetri left you behind." I muttered back as I handed her a monkey wrench.

"He hasn't spoken to me today. I'm taking that as a bad sign." She sighed, leaning against the car.

"Have you heard the rumors?" I asked.

"About?" She asked interestedly.

"About the new team Carlos is bringing in." Her eyes met mine in alarm and I shrugged.

"Carlos is pissed with us, we're not getting the jobs done fast enough. He's been threatening to bring in another team for months. Besides Demetri's pissed for some reason, maybe this is why."

"Shit. Any idea who the new team is gunna be?"

"Not a clue. It's just 'rumors' at this point."

"But?" She asked knowingly and I smiled.

"But I've heard talk about it being some big shot team that did a heist in Rio a little while back." I admitted. Lia's face went blank and pale as she turned away from me. Her reaction peaked my interest but I knew better than to say anything. I respected her too much to pry.

"I guess we'll find out soon enough." She muttered as we got back to work.

28th August- Berlin, Germany
Carlos' club

Letty's POV

I followed Ana through the club, all too aware that Carlos was here tonight. I hadn't seen him since our 'talk' and I didn't plan to tonight either. I had been all too content to stay in my room and lay low; trying to keep out of trouble but Ana had other plans. The small German girl had all but dragged me to the club for a few rounds of drinks. I needed it, had been her words. I rolled my eyes silently at the thought.

Ana led me over to the darker side of the bar where the neon lights of the clubs dance floor didn't quite reach. Nodding our head to the bar tender as we sat down we were served quickly, our drinks being taken care of by Carlos' running tab.

'A perk of the job.' I mused silently as I picked up my beer. It had been a lot time since I had stepped foot in the States and an even longer time since I had last had a Corona. I let myself long for just one for a few seconds before I settle for the beer in my hand.

"So rumor has it Carlos is here tonight to meet with the new team." Ana spoke quietly, just loud enough for me to hear over the music.

"So it's true?" I asked in disbelief.

"Appears to be, besides why else would Carlos be here tonight?" I stayed silent knowing she had a valid point.

Downing my drink in six big gulps I barely noticed when Ana called for another round. My thoughts only focusing on Dominic; I prayed to the heavens that the rumors were wrong. That the new team wasn't going to be the team. I knew Carlos well enough though, he knew the truth now. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if he had known for a while and not acted until the moment I fucked up. Carlos was a man of payback, he liked drama. I wouldn't be the least surprised if he had set the whole thing up, knowing I would freak if I came face to face with any of them.

I shook my head, forcing my mind to focus. I didn't need this. The money I had wasn't enough to last, and my time here was already hanging by a thread. I knew if it came down to fight or flight I would run. I couldn't face Dominic Toretto ever again. I couldn't face Mia, or O'Conner. The thought alone was just too painful.

Starting on my next beer I looked around the club. It was packed tonight, good coverage for me if I had to get away quickly. I was thankful to be on this side of the bar, the fire door right beside me that led into the alleyway. I suspected Ana had chosen this spot for that exact reason but I wasn't about to ask.

"How's the ribs?" Ana asked handing me yet another beer.

"They'll heal." I answered without a pause. It had been the same answer I had given to her every time she asked.

"Good to hear. Hopefully you'll be right for the next job." I nodded once but said nothing as Ana started talking to some guy behind the bar. He was alright looking, definitely Ana's type. I rolled my eyes at the thought.

Downing the last of my drink, I cast another quick look around. My eyes turning to carlo's private room as the door opened. All breath leaving me as my eyes fell upon the one person I never wanted to see again. Dominic Toretto stood next to O'Conner in all his god-like glory. Nothing about him seemed to have changed, except maybe that he looked older and a little less rougher than he did while we had been on the run. I watched in silence as Brian and he spoke briefly before their attention turned to their other companions. I recognized Han instantly and felt a painful throb in my chest. The last time I had seen Han was in the Dominican, seemed like a life time ago. The woman that was with them was familiar but it took me a second or two before I remember who she was.

'Braga's girl.' I thought snidely. I watched as her eyes started to take in her surroundings and I knew I had to leave. She wouldn't know me but she would recognize me at least and I couldn't have that. Turning to Ana I realized she had been watching me based on the curious expression on her face.

"I need to leave, see you back at the house." I spoke quickly, barely sparing one last glance back to the group before I bolted out the side door.

I ran from the alleyway and onto the street, hailing the first cab I saw. I looked all around me, afraid they had seen me and followed me out. Opening the cab door I got in and barked orders to the cab driver. He seemed put off at my tone but I didn't care. It was only after the first ten minutes that I relaxed. Relief flooding through me as I noted I wasn't being followed.

I leant back into the seat and closed my eyes. My mind was buzzing as thoughts whizzed around. What did I do now? Did I run? Or did I stay? Do I tell Ana? Do I call Leon?

My head hurt and I had to take a deep breath in order to calm down. From the time I had walked into that club to the time that I walked out of it everything had changed. Was it a sign? Fate trying to tell me I was in over my head? Probably. I knew from the moment my eyes met his figure I was in too far and I was drowning. I needed help. I wasn't strong enough to deal with this on my own.

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