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Peeta's POV

I can feel my heart beating faster and faster with every step I take. But I know I have to keep going. I have to find her. But, with my luck, she is no were to be seen.

After running for accouple more minuets, my lack of sleep and the blood I've lost from the cut Finnick gave me finally takes its toll and I have to clutch a near by tree to balance my self. Despite my body condition, my mind is wide awake and my eyes scan the area for her. once a few seconds have passed, I can't take it.


It only takes her about accouple of seconds for her to answer, but it feels like hours.

As soon as I hear her voice, I'm off and running as fast as I can with one fake leg. Eventfully, I trip on a sticking out root and fall face first into the dirt.

Once im up, I can tell the blood I've lost from my forearm is affecting me. The world is spinning and I can't even remember which direction I was going.

Damn it

It does not take long for me to know that in order to remember where Katniss was, im going to have to call her out again.


I wait like I did before, only this time, theirs no response. Something must be wrong and time is running out – for both of us.

Every thing has become blurred and my head is roaring.

Panicking, I call her out again, this time louder.


The pain of my own scream makes my head feel like it's just been pounded by a heavy rock and soon, I can't even stand.

I glance up one last time and by some miracle – especially with my blurred vision – I see a figure curled up in a small ball with a braid going down their side only about nine meters away.

My mind blows a whistle and I know who it is. Katniss!

Her arm is cut in the same place as mine and I come to the conclusion that Joanna attacked her just as Finnick attacked me.

I can feel it in my gut that something is going to happen, but try to dismiss the thought – I mean, why would Finnick cut me in the same place Joanna cut Katniss?

At the moment, my prime focus is getting to Katniss. I take another look and see her hand move slightly. Her eyes are closed and she's somewhere between sitting and lying against the tree. Her arm is stretched out to someone in the shadows, though I don't know who.

By now I've made it about six meters. And only have three to go. I'm somewhere between jogging and walking, due to the pathetic state im in.

In the distance I hear a mocking jay whistle what sounds like a warning call. My mind flashes back to when Katniss told me about the avox girl she and Gale found in the woods. The uneasy feeling I had before comes back and I have a strong urge to look behind me.

I see a hovercraft – clearly here to pick up a body, but I don't remember hearing a canon. You probably couldn't hear it I repeat over and over to myself but know its useless when I see what direction it's going.

It's going straight toward Katniss.

My mind tries desperately to think of any reason why the hovercraft would be going toward her.

Then I remember that theirs someone who was next to Katniss – although I don't know who. Maybe the hovercraft is here to get him/her.

But I know im only fooling myself.

By now the hover craft's claw is descending down and I can almost feel my heart stop when I see who is being carried up – it's none other then Katniss.

Out of no were, I get a burst of energy, willing myself to get to her before it's too late. I know something is wrong – something is very wrong – because I know that Katniss is still alive. Even now, I can still see her stomach rise and fall as the hovercraft claw goes around her small figure.

By the time I reach her, the hover craft has lifted her up about six feet in the air. One of her hands hangs limply out and I reach my hand up to reach it.

Im able to touch her hand for a slight second before she's out of my reach and has almost made it to the hover craft.

I hear someone yelling and recognize it's my voice.

By now my whole body feels weak and numb – weak because of the blood I've lost and numb because Katniss is probably dead or about to die – far off in the distance, I see another hovercraft pick up someone else – a girl, that's for sure – but the person they are picking up is very much alive, trying her hardest to escape.

Something is wrong – that is for sure, not a hunch. Why are they picking up live tributes? And why so many at a time?

Just then, Finnick comes crashing through the shadows, looking relived to find me. My eyes go wide as I come to the conclusion that he's going to kill me. I take a step backwards and trip over something and hear a weak groan.

Just then I remember their was someone next to Katniss. I look at the floor and see none other then Beete, lying on the floor with bloody moss against his cut Finnick gave him.

Finnick! I look up and see Finnick standing over me. But something that I don't get is that he has a cut just like the ones he gave me and Beete and the one Katniss had. His face shows no signs of killer, but that of concern and haste.

"Is he still alive?" he asks, sitting down next to Beete. Once he checks his pulse, he sights relief, which must mean that he is alive.

"Finnick, what going on?" I ask in a less then friendly tone.

Not noticing my tone of voice, he just looks me in the eyes and says "Not here"

He looks up and sighs relived. I turn my head to see what he's looking at and see nothing other then a hovercraft. Except, this hovercraft is not one from the Capitol.

It is smaller and is black, which is most likely to make it invisible in the dark sky of the arena.

Its claw comes down to pick us up and when im about to make a run for it, Finnick grabs my arm and pulls me back down.

"Stay" is all he says.

A part of me tells me that I shouldn't trust him, but the other part doesn't care anymore. There is not life for me without Katniss, anyway. So why should I care whether I live or die.

The claw comes down and goes around us all. We go up so fast that before I know it, were in the hover craft. Doctors surround us the moment were in and I feel a ease. These are not capitol doctors; these doctors do not have pink hair or blue eyelashes or green ips. These doctors look normal.

I feel a needle going my arm, followed by the feeling of a cold liquid going in my veins.

My first instinct is to jerk away, but I physically can't. The amount of blood I've lost made me weak and whatever they have just put into my arm had made me tired and helpless.

Sleep syrup I think with a slight smile to myself, remembering the less then pleasant experience when Katniss drugged me.

Before I know it, my vision is blurred and I see nothing but darkness.

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