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Katniss' POV

I bolt up at the sound of a heart wrenching scream, only the see nothing but gloomy darkness. The smell of roses and blood fill my nostrils as an uneasy feeling creeps up my spine. A papery texture scrapes across my thighs and I know that im wearing a paper hospital gown.

Where am I?

I try to get up, but find it useless – my arms and legs are strapped to the – very uncomfortable – wooden chair im sitting on. I try to wiggle my way out, but when I move my arm, a razor-sharp pain shoots through me and I let out a girlish scream.

Of in the distance, I hear another scream. My head whips back to the source of the sound to see what's going on. Which is useless, thanks to the darkened room im in. everything is pitch black and it annoys me that im not able to use one of my hunters senses. I feel uneven and off balance.

Trying to figure out where I am, I try to gather all the information I know.

Cinna was attacked – most likely dead. I was in the arena - again. I was attacked by Joanna and don't know where Peeta is, but remember him calling my name. A hovercraft came to pick me up. I saw Snow right before everything went black. I've been unconscious for who knows how long. The room is black and smells of blood and roses…

My eyes go wide as I recognize that im a prisoner to Snow – and probably not the only one.

Panic courses through my body and I begin to hyperventilate.

This is a dream, your going to wake up soon. You are not prisoner to Snow.

I sigh as I begin to comprehend how useless this is – trying to fool myself.

As if reading my mind, knowing that I had just put two and two together, the lights flash on – leaving me temporarily blinded.

After blinking accouple of times, my eyes adjust and I take in everything around me.

Im in a white, shiny room with many cabinets – that with close inspection, you can see needles and bottles filled with an unfamiliar liquid - and chains – that are attached deep into the wall. My wooden chair is in the center of the room and I can see a TV on a stand to my far left.

I look to my body and find it flawless. Why? Is all I ask myself.

Reluctantly, I let my eyes wander to the person who opened the door, but all I see is a pink blur. Capitol people I quietly mumble to myself.

Surprisingly, she – or at least I think it's a she – doesn't talk. She just checks my blood pressure and temperature. I look her in the eye, expectantly. All my life, I've always wanted to know what's going on, today is no exception.

All she does is nod her head and tighten my chains, which make me flinch.

"so sorry, so, so sorry" she mumbles to me – lacking the capitol accent. Im taken aback by a capitol person being affectionate – to me – and have to look her in the eye to see if she is just being sarcastic. But all I see when I look in her eyes is sadness and pity.

A look must have registered on my face, because she gives me a small smile and nods her head slightly.

She stands up and announces loudly, now with the capitol accent, that im "as healthy as a button" and she walks out.

Why would she suddenly change personalities like that? Are we being recorded?

Im pulled away from further thought as an overpowering smell of roses comes close.

Fear shoots through my body as I desperately try to escape. Pain explodes in my arm as I try to wiggle it free, only this time, the pain hardly makes an impression on me.

The smell grows stronger and stronger as the seconds pass. My eyes scan the room for an escape rout, but the only one is through the door that the pink lady came through.

The smell of roses is now stronger then ever as I try to escape.

I hear something crack the slightest bit and see that part of my left arms chain has come loose. A small smile comes across my lips as I easily manage to get my arms out.

But with my luck, that smile is quickly whipped away as an overpowering bolt of electricity zaps through my body, leaving me feeling weaker then before.

By now, all I can smell are roses – and now blood. He must be getting close.

I try to move my free arm to unlatch the rest of the chains, but intense pain goes through my body and I feel like im being roasted inside out. This clearly is not "normal" electricity – somehow, the capitol found a way to also mutate electricity.

I groan in frustration as I think that only the capitol would want to mutate electricity as well as animals.

Just then, the devil himself enters the room – along with four peacekeepers behind him. Snow waves his hand and the peacekeepers come up to me and replace my chains with tighter, more thick ones.

After testing and making sure theirs no way for me to escape, Snow dismisses them, and they obediently leave the room.

As soon as the door clicks shut, Snow steps forward.

"It's been quite some time since we've seen each other, don't you think?' he asks somewhat rhetorically.

I'm honestly shocked. Why would he talk so casually – as if it were just a day at the park – when clearly, this may be a life or death situation.

He chuckles lightly at my expression and continues.

"As you probably already know, there has been an uprising in the districts."

I look at him, in pure shock. I mean, I knew that district 8 – and even Cinna - rebelled, but I had no idea that all of the districts were rebelling.

"The quarter quell was cut of early, and, well, that why you're here."

Having a feeling that he is going to tell me his plan, I try not to look to nervous.

"Are you going to kill me?" I blurt out.

"Oh, no, killing you would be too easy, besides, your death would just add to the flames"

"So what are you going to do to me? Why am I here then?"

"You are here to be an example. You are here because the districts must learn what happens when you disobey. You get punished"

I resist the urge to yell every foul name I know at him.

I can tell he is waiting for me to answer, but I don't have anything to say. Instead, all I do look down at the floor.

He turns to the door, but stops and turns toward me just as he reaches it.

"oh! And one more thing. I forgot to introduce you to your…" he pauses while looking for the right word to use "… caretaker. He will be here in about five minuets"

With that, he turns to go, leaving me with only myself to figure things out.

Who is this mysterious man? What will he do to me? What going on? Where's Peeta? Are Prim and my mother alright? What about Gale? Has Snow arranged some kind of "accident" for him? All thins and more run through my head. As time passes, the seconds feel like their going to by to fast, but at the same time, I feel like time has froze in place.

I chew on my lower lip as I wait for the longest five minuets of my life to pass. It does not take long for the taste of blood to fill my mouth. My eyes go around the room, taking in everything, and looking for escape roughs. I have given up trying to escape – these chains are too thick and even though the chair is made f wood, the wood is so thick; I can hardly make a dent in it. I grit my teeth in frustration. I can't help but wonder who this mystery man is. Do I know him? Or is he someone I have never met? More importantly, what does Snow have planned for me? I'm almost certain that he is going to torture me, or, as he calls it, "teach me a lesson."

The door knob twists and I know it's him. The man who will decide my fate. My "care taker."

My heart is racing and my pals start to sweat like crazy.

The door starts to open and my heart stops as I see who will be the man who decides m fate.

It's none other then Thread.

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