I just love Adventure Time. I've loved it ever since I saw the pilot in middle school. I just... wow.

But I also love the Fionna and Cake episode(s). I can't wait for the new one with the best vampire ever: Marshall Lee. Go watch that video and Glob will bless your life forever. Just type in "Bad Little Boy" Adventure Time and then click on the one with the 1:11 time duration. Your mind will=blown.

So after watching that video for the millionth time, I had to write a little fan-fic about it. Keep in mind that this is my first one of Adventure Time so bare with me.

This also is nothing like the real episode is going to look like (for all I know) so don't review after it's released saying: This is soooo offf! Lameeee.

NOTE: The creators have released that BMO is genderless. However, recent episodes have revealed BMO had a thing with a female chicken but Finn has also called it "m'lady" before. So I'm just keeping the genderless thing intact.

Disclaimer: Pendleton Ward is the mastermind behind Adventure Time.

Just another semi-normal day in Aaa. Well, no day is ever normal once you really get down to it. Our two heroines, Fionna and Cake, were just coming back from another extravagant adventure. Fionna leapt into the treasure room, swinging around a large bag full of several more jewels and gold, whooping in excitement.

"Aw yeah! We beat that monster good, huh, Cake?" she said, tossing the bag into the pile of treasure where it exploded, making the gold fall in random places.

"Mm-hm. Did you see how Gumball reacted when you came back with all of that gold?" Cake replied, lifting the two of them into their main room. "He looked so impressed. Fi, I think you're getting him to warm up to you."

"Pfft, yeah right," Fionna said, her hat ears drooping with her mood. "It's never gonna happen."

"That can all change, girl," Cake insisted. "I'm sure once he realizes-"

"Ah, come on. Quit kidding yourself," a voice said from the bench. "Bubba's never gonna open his eyes and peer from behind all of that smoke from his stupid experiments."

The girls whipped around to see Marshall Lee lounging a few inches above the bench, white strawberries scattered on the floor. His hands were behind his head, his black and red flannel shirt fluttering as he floated, and his dark hair in his eyes.

"Do you ever knock?" Cake said, putting her paws on her hips.

"Need I remind you this is my house?" Marshall Lee said, smirking and flashing his fangs. "I don't think I need to knock." He floated away from the bench and towards them. "But listen to what I said about Gumball."

"He's right," Fionna said, tugging on her hat's ears. She sighed and leaned against the wall. "This is bunk."

"Knock knock!" another male voice said, climbing up a ladder. Gumball's pink hair appeared and soon, the entirety of the Prince's body showed. Not only was he holding a tray of little cakes but he had a purple umbrella and on arm and was shamelessly wearing a blue apron around his front. Marshall had to stifle his laughter as Gumball strode over to them.

"Nice get up, Bubba," Marshall managed to choke out sarcastically.

Gumball glared at him but decided not to entertain the Vampire King's comment. Instead, he addressed Fionna and Cake.

"Sorry to barge in like this but I wanted you to try these," he said. Fionna and Cake both took one from the tray and bit into them.

"Mmm. These are good, Gumball," Fionna said. "What's in them?"

"It's a special recipe that Peppermint Butler made. She didn't tell me what the secret is so I'm not quite sure..." Gumball trailed off as Fionna's eyes widened. She and Cake exchanged looks and slowly removed the cake from their mouths and into the trash while the Prince wasn't looking. Marshall Lee sniggered from above.

"I'm having a special banquet tonight and these are one of the entries," Gumball went on. "I trust you'll be there tonight as well."

"Sorry, Gumball but Fi and Cake are hanging with me tonight," Marshall said before either girl could respond.

"Wha?" all three said, looking up at Marshall Lee as he floated above them.

"I'm having a little party with some friends tonight in the forest. It's kinda like a jam session so I'm sure they'll wanna be there," he explained. "Besides, who would wanna spend some time at a lame banquet being ignored all night long? Right?" He winked at Fionna who smiled a little,

"But... there'll be food?" Gumball said weakly.

"Sorry, PG. Not tonight," Fionna said. "I'm honored but I wanna hang with Marshall tonight."

Gumball was lost for words but he nodded slowly, backing out of the room and making his way down the ladder to return to the Candy Kingdom. Fionna looked up at Marshall, who seemed pleased with himself.

"Is there really a thing tonight or were you just making it up?" she demanded.

"There is a thing tonight believe it or not," he said. "It's at eight in the forest. You can't miss it. There'll be a bunch of hanging lamps and a stage. You'll know it when you see it." He began to float out but paused. "Now that I think about it, that was the reason I came over." The he flew out the window, an umbrella over his head to keep out of the sun.

"Are you gonna come, Cake?" Fionna asked.

"Sure am! Sounds like fun," Cake replied honestly. "It does sound a lot better than eating more of those sweets from Peppermint Butler... who knows what was in there."

"I don't wanna know," Fionna said. "I hope that Gumball will ditch the banquet and chill with us. Knowing Marshall, there'll be a ton of music."

"And maybe you can make a move on him," Cake winked.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Crazy stuff is coming out of your mouth," Fionna said, blushing.

"Oh come on, girl! I know Gumball isn't the only boy on your mind."

Fionna ignored her friend and went upstairs into the bedroom to play BMO for a few hours.

When nighttime began to fall, Cake and Fionna traveled into the forest nearby where a crowd of people were. Tree Stumps, Ms. Pig, Cinnamon Bun, Lumpy Space Prince, Muscle Prince, and several Candy People were standing in front of a lit stage, where Marshall Lee was tuning his bass. He looked up to see the girls walk up to him.

"Hey! Glad you made it," he said, grinning.

"Wouldn't miss it," Fionna said.

"So what's gonna happen now?" Cake asked.

"Wanna jam?" Marshall said.

"I... Don't have an instrument. Plus I dunno how to play one except my beat-boxing but this doesn't seem like a place to beat-box," Fionna said, looking at the crowd and set up.

"Naw, all you gotta do is sing in the background. You'll pick it up," Marshall said. "It's called improvisation. You've done it before so I think you'll manage." He winked and then addressed the crowd. "You guys ready?"

They all cheered and Marshall lifted Fionna and Cake on stage. Cake shrunk herself and snuggled into Fionna's hat, her face poking out. The music began and Fionna stood awkwardly next to Marshall Lee.

"Follow my lead," Marshall told Fionna.

She did as told. First, he began some sort of dance with his hands, putting his right hand up and his left center. Fionna and Cake followed, the cat still tucked into Fionna's hat. Then he turned, showing his back to her but his head still facing the audience, his arms out. Fionna copied. Then he turned again, crouching slightly his left arm face-level and right arm higher. Finally, he went back to playing his base, wiggling his butt at Fionna. She gasped but smiled.

"Hey!" she laughed, pushing him away.

"Good little girl," he began to sing, Fionna and Cake "Aaaa-ing" in the background.

Always picking a fight with me

You know that I'm bad

But you're spending the night with me

What do you want from my world?

You're a good little girl

Cake rose from Fionna's hat but kept it on her head. She shape-shifted into a Fionna looking body, standing upon Fionna's head, which was now letting her long blond hair dangle around her body. Marshall put down his bass and took Cake off of Fionna's head and began to dance with her.

Fionna began to sing, Cake still "Aaaa-ing" in the background and Marshall joined in with the cat as well.

"Bad little boy," Fionna sang.

That's what you're acting like

I really don't buy

That you're that kind of guy

And if you are

Why do you want to hang out with me?

Marshall dipped Cake and began to act like he was going to suck her blood, hissing. Fionna realized this and rushed over. She pushed him away and he laughed, evil hinted behind it. He floated upward and rested on his back near the top of the trees, the moon shining behind him. Fionna stuffed her hair back into her hat as she and Cake watched him.

"Don't you know I'm a villain?" he sang/spoke.

Every night I'm out killin'

Sending everyone running like children

I know why you're mad at me

I've got demon eyes

And they're looking right through your anatomy

Into your deepest fears

Baby, I'm not from here

I'm from the Nightosphere

To me your clear- transparent

You've got a thing for me, girl

It's apparent

The crowd cheered and Cake returned to normal.

"That was great, Marshall," Fionna said, beaming. "I don't think that Gumball's thing was going to be nearly as fun as this was."

Marshall Lee chuckled. "Thanks, Fi. I'm glad you're having a good time so far."

The rest of the evening was spent watching Marshall play several other songs. The party began to wind down and people were starting to leave.

"I'm glad I left Brandy to go to this," Lumpy Space Prince said as he began to float off. "I hope she realizes that I'm not letting her get these lumps until she's at least as awesome as I am."

"Right on, man!" Muscle Prince said, following him out.

"Come on over, Ms. Pig so I can bake us some apple pie," Tree Stumps said, tipping his hat to her. They left and soon, it was just Fionna, Cake, and Marshall Lee. They were singing a few songs together and laughing, not really noticing how late it was really getting. Footsteps stopped their jam session and they turned to the noise. Prince Gumball was making his way over, a little disgruntled.

"Ah, Bubba! A little tardy to the party, don'tcha think?" Marshall said, strumming his bass.

"It appears to be so," Gumball said stiffly.

"How was the thing?" Fionna asked.

"Did you win?" Cake added.

"Unfortunately no... Peppermint Butler did," Gumball said.

"But... didn't you enter in her creation?" Cake pointed out.

"No that was just a sample. However, I think the judges were bribed but I'm not going to look into it. All is fair in baked goods," Gumball said.

"What stuff are you talking about?" Marshall said but Gumball ignored him.

"How was your evening though?" Gumball asked, smiling at the girls.

"It was flippin' awesome!" Fionna said, punching the air, making Marshall blush a little. "There was singing and dancing and it was just... wow!"

Gumball seemed upset by this reaction but shrugged it off. "Oh, I see. Well, I'm glad you had a good time."

"You should've been here, dude!" Fionna went on, not really noticing Gumball's off-put attitude. "We could've brought BMO and you could've jammed with us like when we had to defeat the Door Lady and get all our stuff back. That was Math!"

Gumball looked at Cake for help and Cake nudged Fionna in the ribs. The blond looked at Cake who nodded at Gumball. Fionna then turned her attention to the Prince, who sighed, realizing that this was a lost cause.

"I just... never mind. Thank you for at least thinking of me," he said.

Dawning comprehension fell on Fionna and she shook her head.

"Oh, no, Gumball! I didn't mean to sound like I wasn't bummed about not spending time with you or anything!" she said rapidly. "It's just that... every time we hang you're always doing something sciency or the fate of the world or something is resting in our hands or you're captured by Ice Queen. But it's not like I don't like hanging out with you because I do."

"I understand, Fionna," Gumball said.

"Oh... you do?" Fionna said.

"Understand what?" Marshall demanded, becoming angry. "You never understand anything. You've known Fionna forever and you never seem to have to time to actually get to know her. I may not be the most subtle and prepped up guy but at least I actually care about her." He floated close to Gumball and stared him right in the face. "I helped her try and ask you out to the movies. I was the one who actually went with her to the movies after you rejected her. And, unlike you, I don't brush her off and send her to ridiculous tasks across Aaa just because she's tough enough to do so. If anything, I would actually accompany her. Listen, Gumball. If you really understand: then man up and ask her out or something!"

They all stared at Marshall Lee in alarm as he hissed and flew off. Gumball stood there, his eyes wide. Fionna's face was about as red as a tomato and Cake had shrunk in size with every outburst the Vampire Kin made with fear and shock.

"I... Fionna, I," Gumball said but didn't know what else to actually say. Fionna was too busy staring off in Marshall's direction, flattered and surprised. Unsure of what else to do, Gumball awkwardly, but hopefully, asked Fionna out on a date but she shook her head ever-so-slightly, telling Cake that she wanted to go home.

Slowly, Cake grew to a slightly larger size than her normal self and let Fionna climb on. Gumball watched them go, regret in his heart. What Marshall Lee said was true and he felt bad about always brushing Fionna off like he did. Perhaps tomorrow or the next day, he might be able to ask Fionna without being forced into it or having been saved for the umpteenth time from the clutches of the Ice Queen.

Unfortunately, all Fionna could think about was a certain Vampire King.


"And that, my friends, is how you write a proper fan fiction," Marceline said, closing the book.

"Dude. That was Math," Finn said.

"Oh, come on! Fionna and Cake adventures don't end up like that!" Ice King whined from the cage he was being kept in.

"Everyone is tired of your stupid endings!" Jake said. "No one wants to hear them any more." He gave Marceline a thumbs up. "Great job on it, Marcy."

The Vampire Queen shrugged. "Eh, it was nothing. Just like writing a song."

"Can I come out now?" Ice King pleaded.

"No, man! You will sit and listen to the rest of it!" Finn said. He turned to Marceline. "There's more right?"

"Oh yeah. Way more," she assured.

"Alright!" Finn and Jake said, pounding fists.

Yes, for those of you who don't know, Marceline did actually write the fan fiction in the episode. And if you guys want more, then let me know on the reviews! I hope to Gob that this was an okay first attempt.

Thanks for reading!