-AN: This is my very first fanfic, so don't be too mean ;_; i should be able to upload Ch. 2 in a bit, so please follow the story! It gets better (and more amusing in a gender-bending kind of way), i swear-

"Lavi, hurry! Get on the train!" Lenalee cried, leaning out of the window of the moving train.
Lavi sprinted alongside the carriages, trying to grab hold of the rail where two carriages met, and failing again and again. Just when he was about to give up and use his hammer, the door opened, and someone yelled out, "Crown Belt!"
Lavi felt the ribbon-like bands wrap around his wrist, lifting him off the ground and slamming him onto the floor of the train. The redhead yelled out in pain.
"Sorry about that," said Allen, always the agreeable type, helping Lavi get up.
"No worries," replied Lavi, grinning as usual despite the scrapes.
"Honestly!" huffed Lenalee, sighing, "What would we have done if you had been left behind? It would have been just like when we recruited Krory, Allen was left behind then too, and we wasted a lot of time waiting for you guys to catch up!"
"Don't let the Count hear you say that, he'll think he's just an inconvenience to everyone again," Allen laughed.
Kanda didn't say anything, just staring out of the window.
"What's the matter, Yu? Are you wishing you were the one to rescue me?" Lavi said cheekily, plonking himself next to the surly exorcist.
"Shut the hell up, stupid rabbit!" Kanda growled.
"It was just a joke!" Lavi whimpered, using his hammer to stop Mugen from slicing into him.
To keep them from arguing, Lenalee swapped seats with Lavi, so that Kanda was to her left and Allen was in front of her.
"All that trouble for a dumb bento..." Lenalee sighed.
"Allen was the one who was hungry..." Lavi pouted.
"Yes, but you knew the train was about to leave, yet you still went to the station to get food!"
"And of course, you wouldn't have made that mistake," Lavi grumbled.
"No, I wouldn't have," Lenalee replied firmly, "and even if I had been the one to go get the food I would have been back in good time, with my Dark Boots."
Lavi muttered something under his breath.
"What was that?" Lenalee hissed.
"I said, you girls always think you're so above us guys. You're all, 'ooh, we're so organised, why are you boys such idiots not getting to places on time and not cleaning your rooms and always getting into fights?!' Seriously..."
Lenalee bristled, and Allen edged away. "Actually, we say that cuz it's all true! Have you seen your room! You can't even see the floor anymore! And you too Allen!" Allen gulped. "You and Kanda always get into fights and make trouble for the nurses in the infirmary! Seriously! I have to be the responsible one all the time, and I never get any thanks for it! You guys are all such idiots! Especially you, Lavi! You hit on girls left and right, and then you have the nerve to make sexist comments like that!" Other people in the carriage were turning their heads, looking concerned.
Lenalee huffed and stared out the window, and she refused to talk to any of them for the rest of the trip.

"Toma!" Allen called out, excited to see the finder again.
"It's nice to see you again, Master Walker," his friend replied. "Are you all aware of the situation here?"
They stood at the station of a large town, people bustling along on the walkways, vendors selling their wares by the roadsides, and carriages clattering along.
"People have been going missing, right?" asked Lenalee, finally breaking her cold silence in order to do her job.
"Yes. This usually happens anyway, people walk home alone at night and are never seen again. But it's happening remarkably often in this particular town for some time now. Even stranger, many people have shown up out of the blue, claiming that they are among the missing people. Of course, the people are ignored, as they can't be the people they claim to be."
"Why can't they?" asked Lavi.
"All of the people who made claims like that are all invariably the opposite gender of the people they claim to be."
"So, if a random guy went missing, and a random girl showed up claiming to be him a week later?" Allen questioned.
"Yes, exactly," Toma confirmed. "Some have been sent to jail or even madhouses, but they are all adamant that they are who they say they are. It may be the work of akuma. That, or there may be Innocence to be found here."