Naruto is not your normal 12 year old, he's bin beaten, tortured,denied all contact with anyone outside of the academy other than the hokage(hiruzen saratobi), iruka umino, naruto's adoptive father kakashi hatake, and lastly on puprle haired anbu named yugao uzuki

those are the only people who ever cared for the boy or ever showed him kindness.

naruto has only ever wanted a friend, someone to train with him and hang out with him, though no one would go near him out of fear and hatred

for years he was by himself, living were he could like allies, parks and in most cases the hospital after an encounter with some of the villagers.

he knew one thing in life, try to survive and in doing so, he made it his goal to train himself as a shinobi, he stole books, sealing scrolls, weapons, and cloths just to be ready for the academy

which he barely passed, would you make rookie of the year living on the streets, teaching your self everything you would need to know?

after he made it through the academy he was adopted by his sensei, kakashi hatake, who taught the boy as best he could, being forbidden to teach him anything he could use to protect himself, by the council, something about the demon being allowed to rise to power or some fucked excuse, kakashi didn't care he taught naruto everything he could to keep him up on par with a chunin just in case kakashi died on a mission.

kakashi tried his best to be the father naruto needed but naruto was so use to being alone he could not relate to anyone, so he stayed where he knew he could be left in peace whether it be attacking villagers,(which he could handle but would be executed if he killed them like he wanted to) or kakashi urging him to read his beloved icha icha.

chapter 1: bad first dates

It was a strange and beautiful sight to behold as a young woman, with breath-taking amber eyes and lovely purple locks tied up in a spiked ponytail, dressed only in a tight two piece suit of chakra netting body armor, steel weighted wristbands with strange seals on them and chakra metal shin guards.

danced across the open field of grass fighting a humongous snake.

"subiu don't hold back i need to get as quick as possible" said the kunoichi

"yes misress"said the larger than average purple and green cobra

the kunoichi was training in tai, nin and genjutsu as she fought her snake summons ''subiu'', unbeknownst to both they were about to meet a certain blonde.

several moments before

naruto had trained in the forest for hours. he had worked through some anger when he heard a young voice shout many...many words jiji had told him to never use, his jiji also told him to stay out of training ground 44 especially at night. which he blatantly ignored seeing as how he practically lived there

when he heard the curses stop he got worried, so he went to investigate since he decided he was through training.

he dashed upwards, taking to the trees so he could remain hidden when found the source of the obstinacy, as he grew closer to the source he realised the one swearing was a girl, this made him even more curious,'what was a girl doing in the forest of death alone in the night' naruto asked himself silently.

as he landed on a branch still in thought, instinctively crouched ready to spring to another branch, but any thought s he had along with his action to bounce to the next limb were ripped away when he saw a 9 foot snake lunge at a purple haired girl around his age, acting on instinct naruto exploded with red chakra and silently rushed to the girls aid


the mystery kunoichi began "katon:kya- she never finished the jutsu, there was an explosive amount of demonic chakra in the air, as a red and yellow blur knocked her off her feet and away from the snake after she was thrown from the snakes on coming attack, naruto could not keep up the flow of red chakra, his body momentarily shutdown from chakra overload, he was about to pass out from overload when subiu attacked him at full speed, thinking he was trying to harm her mistress, the snake sunk her fangs deep into narutos shoulder releasing all the poison she could, anticipating an attack only for him to double over unconscious, seeing everything, the kunoichi ran to the little boy on the ground realisation dawning on her.

'he tried to save me' she thought as she scrambled to flip the boy over to check for a pulse, she found one.

"subiu give me the antidote, NOW! said the kunoichi screaming the last word,

Subiu wordlessly complied as she slithered over to her master and produced a scroll from her mouth dropping it in the emotional ninjas hand.

"mistress anko, I gave him enough poison to kill 1000 men, you must give him all the remaining antitoxin or he will perish" stated the stoic snake

"ok. wait we don't have any syringes, what do i use to administer the antidote"anko asked frantically

"give it to him by mouth, measure it by mouthfuls" said the snake nonchalantly

anko unseal the 3 vials of green liquid, looking at them carefully popped the quark of the first one and poured it in his mouth, naruto began convulsing and spit the liquid out as he screamed in pain, anko started to freak and poured the remaining to vials in her mouth and closed it she hushed naruto with her lips pressed against his, anko pinched the bridge of his nose, naruto opened his mouth to breathe and received a mouthful of the oddly colored liquid, forced to swallow at the risk of drowning, after anko was sure he swallowed she withdrew her lips from him.

after naruto swallowed the liquid he began glowing slighty, this intrigued the snake and frighted anko.

"subiu, whats going on he gonna be ok?"anko asked her summons, fear coating her words, she sat down under the large tree her coat laid under folded neatly, her twin red ninjato laying next to it, she picked up her coat and slipped arms through the sleeves, after returning her swords to her back she brought her knees to her chest awaiting a response from her companion.

after several minutes the snake finally spoke "i honestly don't know, should you care, he attacked you"she asked genuinely curious as to why her master would help someone who would potently hurt her, but she could ponder this thought no more when narutos' glow ceased and he began to stir.

"w-wah,I ca mav"naruto sqeaked barely able to form half of the words in his thoughts he tried to verbalize

"don't speak, drink"said anko caringly as she pulled a bottle of water from the pouch around subius' neck, she walked over to naruto from where she sat, she lifted his head slightly and began pouring water in his mouth gently.

"the venom through out your body is not just a neurotoxin, we of the wet fang have unique physiology, our body adapts to the conditioning of the recipient of the bite while our fangs are imbedded we shape the poison fit our needs, I could have paralyzed you but in all honesty, I injected all the venom I could into you... I intended to kill you in kind"said the snake gliding across the grass towards naruto, when she reached the poor boy she leaned over the boy and rattled her tongue with a hiss centimeters from his eye.

naruto was curious, the angel he saw above him looked familiar, like he was forgetting something, then it him like a fuuton wind bullet to the family jewels,

it was her...the kunoichi he saw...he wondered, where the monstrous snake went and then heard it the deep and distinctly feminine voice he did not recognize, then he saw the source of the voice as the snake leaned in close, her tongue rattling like mad.

as naruto and subiu had not been paying attention, naruto because he didn't want to be eaten by the large creature in front of him and subiu, well she just wanted to put a scare into her mistress's would be attacker.

neither noticing an awe struck anko staring at the top of naruto's head until they were brought from their stalemate by an ear-splitting shriek of delight emitted by the giddy kunoichi as she finally noticed what had taken residence in the grounded blonde's yellow spiked crown he called hair.

"is everything alright, mistress"asked subiu worried for her master, confused by the new sounds she made

"they're so cute!"anko sqeaked starring the orange ears on the boy's head, now twitching from the awkwardly loud shrill a moment ago

"what mistress"subiu asked puzzled until she followed the ecstatic girls gaze "those weren't there before, were they?"

"wha-"was all he could try to get out as he began feeling like his blood had been replaced with molten lava, burning, melting away his being, he began convulsing again as everything went black.

somewhere inside his mind

naruto woke with a fright when he heard a voice bellow, shaking him to his core, he looked up to see a massive door, he got to his feet to stare at the door only for it to open.

he was shocked as his eyes met large blood-red orbs floating behind a gigantic black spiked gate, with a piece of paper mid way up with the word 'seal' written on it.

"Admiring your fathers work, whelp"a deep, bloodcurdling voice boomed

"what!"was narutos 'well' thought out reply

"that's right, no one has told you. would you happen to have any ideas who i could be?"the dark voice asked

"should i?"naruto's question made the giant eyes laugh, it was a sound naruto could have lived his entire life without hearing

meanwhile on the ground in training grounds 44

anko had watched as the blonde boy began seizing again, she grabbed his hand hoping it would help, she'd never seen some of the things she was witness to that night.

she began to shake violently as she his hand fell from her hand and as everything began to blur, she noticed four masked figures dressed in black drop from the trees. they began walking toward her and the thrashing blond as darkness claimed her.

she woke in a strange place

she woke and jumped to her feet as quickly as she could, hoping to surprise the men in black,only to see the blonde boy screaming at a pair of giant red eyes

anko may be young but she feared very few things, but the large red eyes before her, felt as though they belonged to the devil himself and his voice as he spoke didn't exactly fill her with confidence, she paled as the eyes turned their gaze on her

"why have you come here"the voice boomed, almost knocking her over"how did you get here?"asked the voice as naruto turned around to who it was, he remembered her, it was the angel he saw before kurama dragged him inside his mind to yell at him for almost killing them both with his 'hero complex' or what ever the 'stupid fox' called it, he ran to her and began asking questions, completely forgetting where he was, naruto maybe smart but he could get caught up in every situation when it came to a girl.

he turned back to the fox and asked"hey kurama i thought you said we were inside my mind, how can someone else be here?"before anko could answer any of the things he asked her, she wouldn't be able to voice her answers anyway she was still a little 'freaked the fuck out'.

"we are in your mind, but i never said you were the only one who could come here. under the right circumstances, some may be permitted access to our seal, such as, and i hate to admit it, uchiha scum or someone with there accursed eyes."said kurama, near foaming at the mouth when she'd mention the uchiha

"um...kurama...i'm not of the uchiha am i hear?"anko asked now more confused then scared

"I don't know, but i intend to find out" karuma said as naruto went back to talking with the purple haired girl ignoring the giant demonic fox

"who... are you" anko said regaing more composure by the second

"I've been kind enough for one day, if the boy would like to explain that's fine, but I've talked with the kit for too long he needs rest. begone"kurama said in an emotionless tone

anko turned to naruto and ask but the large started to go black and without warning anko and naruto were thrust back to reality

with the anbu

"what do we do captain?"said cat in an emotionless tone, but on the inside she was terrified for her blonde friend

"i don't know this has never happened before" said the dog masked captain, kakashi was as scared as cat, the blonde boy was his adopted son. he didn't want to have to kill naruto, they had watched him all night, untill he lost them.

they only found him because of the kyuubi's chakra flared, when they caught up to him he had been on the ground seizing like he was going into shock, and one anko mitirashi not doing any better, subiu her companion had made a bee line towards kakashi, and almost begged him to help her mistress, he said he would and told her, he'd take her and to dispel, she did, but not untill she had made it clear, 'if anko dies so does the boy'. they both lay there eyes open deathly still.

two of the anbu walked over to the duo, both anbu gasped and withdrew kunai ready to end both of the comatose children, that is until kakashi appeared behind them, and with too quick movements, bird and wasp, were on the ground unconscious. cat looked questioningly at her commanding officer, but you couldn't see it because of her mask."sir you could have told them to stand down" cat stated

kakashi nearly fell over, he had been so protective of naruto he completely forgot that the men about to end him where his subordinates, he could have called them off, but it was too late now, the were already asleep.

"whoops, eh at least we could... have some well needed...'alone time'"said kakashi cooly with some extra emphasis on alone time

"captain!...not whille to children are here"said cat blushing under her mask

kakashi looked over naruto, to see what had bird and wasp so spooked, then he saw them, two orange ears on top of his head. his heart nearly stopped, 'had the fox taken over' he thought

"yu- cat, come here" he said with fear leaking from every pore looking away from naruto, a tear threatening to fall, as he pulled out a single kunai.

"captain, is something the matter?"yugao was busy thinking about what could be wrong as she noticed the kunai in his hand "OH, YOU BETTER BE PICKING YOUR NAILS!. CAUSE I KNOW YOU WOULDN"T DRAW A BLADE TOWARDS CHILDREN"she hissed with enough venom to put subiu to shame

"yugao, look at th-" kakashi's heart skipped several beats when he finally noticed anko, more importantly her ears, he thought to himself "how could anko have acquired part of the kyuubi's chakra?,"he was abruptly brought from him thought as naruto's head made contact with his chin, kakashi saw stars, so did naruto as he lay on the ground holding his head in pain. his head ache wore off and he saw it was kakashi he had head butted, knocking him and his mask to the ground, he started to apologise when he saw the kunai in his hand and realised what kakashi was gonna do, then he did what any hyperactive, untrusting of anyone, super crazy blonde would do.(beat the fuck out of him while he was out cold)

while kakashi went down yugao could not help but laugh at her commanding officer and secret lover being hit in the chin at an alarmingly fast rate by naruto.

she could not decide whether to stop the little blonde boy or applaud him, she loved kakashi and all but she thought he deserved alitte pain after he considered to kill him for reasons she did not yet understand.

once she saw blood leaking from kakashi's face did she decide to scoop up the blonde in a hug to stop him from hurting her man to bad, she silently walked up behind him and brought him into a hug.

of course naruto was still on edge about his adoptive father about to kill him if kurama hadn't sent him back to the real world in time, so when he felt yugaos arms close around him, he instinctively threw his head back in to hers, cracking her mask into and braking her nose.

yugao howled in pain and surprise as she released him, naruto jumped forward grabbing the kunai out of kakashi's hand and whirling around with great speed he made a downward arc with kunai in hand, all he saw next was a tiny splatter of blood shoot across his face

Naruto began to cry as he looked up and saw his favorite anbu and mother figure, bleeding, bleeding a dark crimson, the crimson you only bleed if you Nic an artery

"c-cat, I'm sorry cat, CAT!?"he cried as yugaos' eyes began to close

"save her brat if she dies the council will execute your ass for treason!" yelled the huge ball of fur locked inside his head

"w-what how, tell me!"naruto shouted aloud

"Give me control, for a moment, i'll heal her" kurama stated calmer than before, normally naruto would have refused and told her to fuck off, but something about seeing your friend on the ground pale and bleeding makes you a little more trusting when told by the demon inside your head, that it can help her

"DO IT!, NOW KURAMA!"naruto roared not questioning the fox's motives

"AAAAAHHHHH"he screamed as the red chakra all but swallowed him, covering his body in burns that began healing as soon as they appeared,

when the chakra finally calmed, five tails where flowing and whipping about behind him

kurama was now in control

"I know it hurts, just grit your teeth, I will heal her" said the fox in an uncommonly caring voice

kurama nealed down next to yugao and apologized for what she was about to do, then quickly put her hands on the ground and began channaling chakra into her tails, when she deemed it was enough she closed her eyes so naruto would not see what happened next, kurama's five tail's were poised at five points of yugaos body, the first was directly above her heart, the others were above each limb, in an instant her tails were plunged deep into the points the were hovering and were pumping chakra into them at an alarming rate

"BLONDIE, WHAT THE FUCK!" anko screamed finally waking from her 'weird dream'

"SILENCE, ANKO!" growled kurama as she continued her task, anko obeyed quietly, she looked around her to see there were three other anbu

downed, she looked at the girl on the ground, 'what the fuck is he doing to yugao' she thought

anko was terrified, she felt its presence again but all she saw was naruto with five orange tails deep inside yugao's body (not like that)

she watched silently as naruto started to grow fangs and what looked like another tail, but just as they appeared he was coverd in, what felt like hate and anguish in the physical form as red chakra began flowing from him to yugao, naruto began roaring, screaming to the heavens above when the chakra and four of his tails disappeared as he collapsed on top of yugao in an inappropriate way, naruto's he head falling sideways landing on her crotch and as his body hit her she screamed in both pleasure and pain, as she came to

yugaos' screams continued, her body felt strange, like a living fire had possessed her and to her shock the mixture of pleasure and pain made feel somewhat good, before the pain intensified again causing her to scream more

anko watched in horror as her best friend screaming in pain

to be continued

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