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fool, ya fool

Weeks have passed since Naruto killed...and resurrected yugao uzuki, and its been a weird couple of weeks to say the least, first off: the villagers were not happy to see three people with furry red/yellow/purple ears atop their heads or the one of them with six plush, purple tails flowing softly as her hips moved

they each had new problems to go with their day-to-day routines, and for some even a solution to other problems they had.

but they all had the same hindrances, they became more susceptible to sounds in general, yugao was the only one aware of the next weakness, and probably most dangerous of the trios' weakness's, their lust.

Naruto: could now hear the villagers and leave long before they tore his apartment to shambles

(anko and narutos' most shocking development was the link between them, and karama.

it was the weirdest thing, anko could speak inside his head and read his thoughts, speak with karama and enter the seal.

but naruto couldn't read anko's mind, he could talk with her if he focused hard enough.

naruto could alter anko's dreams, which he only did when she was having a nightmare or he was wondering how she would react to something more happy(XD)

the worst thing by far, was the chakra tether, it split naruto's chakra three ways, it gave equal thirds to each involved, naruto, anko, and karama.

the link provided a flow of chakra to each, so each gained an affinity, and more of karama's influential chakra.)

(Karama: nothing really changed for the angry chakra beast, but she did talk more, especially to anko)

Anko: her problems ceased, nobody fucked with her, for fear of yugao's wrath(and/or her new sword techniques)

Yugao: became a force to be reckoned with, she gained a new kenjutsu style not unlike killer bees', she could channel chakra in each tail giving them the shape of arms, she now carries two ninjato, wakizashi, tanto, and one katana.

they became ghosts to konoha's civilian population, and most people in general.

everything was picking up, anko had a mother figure, naruto had a family finally, but what he really cared about was anko, he couldn't explain it but when he was with her he could forget the world around him was there, and he did most of the time

chapter 2: not at the dinner table hana!

naruto and anko were just finishing their shopping at the market and were about to make their usual stop behind the dango shop and pick their favorite stress reliever or as naruto called it 'ganja', they planted it behind it and covered it with a genjutsu to keep people away

they loved the stuff ever since naruto found it in kakashi's dresser when he was looking for one of his face masks so he could look more like him, when they found a little wooden box with a green nine-pointed leaf painted on it, curious could not describe the blonde boy when he saw it, naturally he grabbed the box, closed the dresser and ran to find his partner in crime, they were baffled when they opened it to find many tiny seeds, and more so when naruto picked one up and it grew almost instanley in to a small 'bud' of some kind, anko picked one up and nothing happened, she handed it to naruto and it grew into a nother bud, they decided to go to the smartest person they knew, shukaku nara, but upon getting to the nara compound they saw shika and decided to ask him what these seed were and why they reacted to naruto and not anko

the three would never be the same


"yo, shika" yelled the blonde, running to the pineapple haired clan heir

"naruto, sup-"he stopped when he saw anko, shika had a crush on her since he met her

" to shika" naruto said as he waved his hand in the hazy ninjas face, snapping him out of his little world

"sorry i-i was trying to sleep with my eyes open" shika blurted out hoping anko didn't notice him starring, she didn't she was off in her own little world thinking about the girl with puppy, she thought she was gourgeous

naruto however saw shika gawking

"Oooh shika likes an- UGH!" naruto was stripped of his fun when shikamaru punched him in the stomach hard enough to knock the wind out of his lungs, shika was not counting on anko thinking he was hurting him and open a can of whoop-ass, beging with a swift round house over a slouching naruto, throwing shika into the gate to the nara compound, anko was on him before he fell to the ground, but caught off guard by a bear hug from naruto, she struggled until she saw who it was and went limp in his hug, naruto held her until he realised his arms were crossed on her chest and his hands were cupping her breasts, he dropped her right after he gave them a few experimental squeezes, anko wasent complaining till her but hit the ground

"WHAT THE FUCK" anko said after a few seconds of being on the ground, she then looked at shika and realised why he stopped her, he was laying on the ground blood pooling aroud his twisted limb he called an arm, she almost fainted, she couldn't believe she could do somthing to her freind

naruto put his hand on her shoulder and said"he'll be okay he's just unconcious, I'll get him patched up and meet you at home,ok"

she was going to speak but stoped and ran home as fast as her legs would carry her

naruto picked shika up and theyy both exploded in a ball of red and black flames only to appear in front of the hospital, scaring the shit out of nurse who started screaming something about the 'demon' returning, naruto was in hurry, he had many questions for shika so he just cut the nurse in half with his ninjato as he said "i"m the only one not bound by the law of silence", in one swift motion naruto had brought his blade down, all you could see was a quick flash of light from the polished silver blade and she was in pieces, dead at his feet, he returned his ninjato to his back and walked away like nothing happened and no one said a word as he went in the hospital

(he loved gutting or torturing, hell just plain killing the villagers)

ever since naruto began living with kakashi and yugao, they trained him morning and night, if he wanted a break he earned it, anko too and now the villagers would only attack them when they were separate, and only if they had a big group with atleast 2 chunin

and when they'd attack they would almost never injure them, but if they did kakashi would use pakkun to take in every scent of blood he could find on naruto's blade and track each one and kill them, kakashi never had to worry about and being hurt inside the village, she had subiu and she was always hungry for blood...and if she was hungry god have mercy on her food because she sure wouldn't

after 2 hours shikamaru was dicharged from the hospital, he had woken up after a half hour of being there and the one thing that naruto heard from shika's room while he went to get a snack from the vending machine was shika scream at the top of his lungs "I FUCKING LOVE THAT WOMAN!", naruto teased shika till he was discharged and he even apologized for anko, shika wouldn't have it he loved the anko would stand up for her friend with intent to kill, call him masochistic, but he liked it and in the way to meet up with anko, naruto remembered why he went to shika first


"oh, i almost forgot" naruto began as he took the box of seeds out his pack, opened and showed the contents to the pineapple headed ninja walking with him"what are these, they do weird stuff when i-"he was interrupted when shika put his hand over his mouth and used the other to close the box, he looked around to make sure none saw, when he was satisfied he whispered "naruto where did you get those... nevermind let's get to anko, i have an idea" after he finished speaking he cracked a wicked grin took the box and they both took off

once they got there shikamaru face-palmed when naruto asked him why they didn't shunshin, when he recovered he told naruto it was all part of his plan and not to question things he didn't understand, they got to the door and anko tackled shika who yelled "YES" causing naruto and anko to look at him like he was nuts, shika just coughed into his fist and said " about the seeds"

"oh,riiight"anko had completely forgot about the box and its contents, she was just glad she didn't ruin shika's ninja career

"ok, these are ganja seeds, you plant them and they grow into plants, like any other plant, but...

two hours later

shika had explained everything he knew about the magic plant, anko had almost exploded with joy when shika had told her that ganja could be used as a stress reliever, he asked her why that was important, she blushed and kept silent

naruto had a plan forming inside his head, but kept silent the entire time shika was explaining the potential goldmine, he finally spoke up when he asked shika why the seeds reacted to him when touched them

"WHAT!, SHOW ME!" the nara practically screamed it

naruto reached in to the box and picked up a single seed, as he pulled his hand from the box the seed had already changed into a tiny budding leaf

"N-naruto, th-thats-" he was cut off as an emotionless voice finished his sentence "mokuton" the three young ninja froze and cursed to themselves for letting someone sneak up on them so easily, they turned to see there favorite cycloptic ninja, they all stayed silent letting the copycat's statement sink in.

naruto was the one to break the silence.

"this is reported to nobody who doesn't already know!" as naruto spoke the air grew cold.

nobody said anything as naruto walked off to gather his thoughts on recent developments.

later that night, with anko and naruto

naruto walked for hours, he traveled the entire village.

When finally stopped walking when he got a familiar ping in his head.

"I will never get used to that" sighed naruto aloud, as he smiled knowingly at the mental page.

He focused on her chakra signature and shunshined to it.

As the world blurred into view, naruto started to think back on the day he's had.

"na-ruto, earth to Blondie" anko laughed at his expressionless face.

"oh sorry scales, I was just thinking' " naruto muttered as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

(naruto although he was smart and quite perceptive, he was clueless when women were near, and he was brain dead when anko was involved, be it good or trouble, he would do anything she asked.)

"wanna join me, nari" giggled anko.

Naruto was about to tell her how much he hated that nickname, when he started to feel hot, curious he opened his eyes, as soon as he did blood shot from his nose.

He was in a suana

"Anko, I thought I asked you to stop fucking with my head" he said as he stared at a busty bodied, purple haired, anko.

Naruto began circling her slowly to take in every glimpse of his obsession, he was pushing himself.

She was laying on her stomach, naked. she knew he was looking at every inch of her body, she loved it, watching him squirm while he was nearing his breaking point.

He didn't care he got t see more of her ,He might have to worry this time, the pain of not acting on his urges was getting to him, he needed release.

"oh, nari, I promised I would stop teasing you" she got to her feet and began walking towards him" and I am"

"thats not funny anko, your always teasing me, one of these days you'll take it to far and i'll be the one to blame"

meanwhile at the yamanaka flower shop

Ino had just finished watering the plants in the back as the number one unpredictable ninja had just materilized in the middle of the store.

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