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She woke up to darkness and sighed. No matter what she dreamed wether it be of grassy fields or even just a book by a candle light nothing had changed. She sighed and leaned up from what she thought was her usual spot on the floor in her white room and something fell from her shoulders. Afraid she had lost her cloak she felt around for the fabric and came in contact with a surface much too soft to be the cold tile floor.

This couldn't be her white room it was way too comfortable, the temperature was just right and the room smelled of a pleasant tea and the forest she had to be somewhere else. She remembered how she would wake up in the white room, at least that's what slade called it she wouldn't know, she would often find the smell of rotten food and mold to greet her along with a chill that felt like winter. How strange that she didn't feel frightened of this new room.

She got up slowly and followed the soft surface until it dropped off. She twisted herself around and hung her legs off to reach the ground, it must have been a bed that she was on. She stood and walked straight until she found a wall, upon finding it she let her hand graze the wall as she walked along it.

Something stopped her hand and she paused feeling her way around it trying to figure out what it was, a few minutes later she concluded it was a bookshelf. smiling she trailed the many books it contained and pulled one out at flipped open in her hand and she felt a few pages sighing sadly.

She put the book back where she found it continued along her path following the bookshelf. An item the size of her palm stopped her and she pulled it off the shelf. She ran her fingers over the strangely shaped item and figured it had wings, talons and a beak. At the bottom there was a flat surface and a word engraved...

The letters were intricate and hard to decipher...


Got that.



Rav? That doesnt make sence.



Raven? Her name? Oh in her was a raven bird. She traced its outline again and smiled it seemed to be standing and cawing proudly.

She turned it over in her hand and stroked its feathers.

A boy's voice called her attention to her left 'We bought that for you for your birthday one year, and i bought you a necklace afterward to match.'

She tried to rack her memory, he was failure. How did she know him? Why didnt his voice frighten her?

She decided to humor him. 'Really now?'

She heard him chuckle. 'Yeah you even hugged me and told me thank you'

'Hhmmm' She carefully placed the trinket back on the shelf and continued her original path walking away from him.

'There must be a lot of books here' She murmured to herself but he seemed to hear and answered her.

'You always did love to read.'

She laughed dryly. 'I cant even remember what its like to read, I only remember flashes of paper and hard cover bindings.'

'Im sorry'

She sighed. 'Its alright you can't miss what you can't remember'

His voice didn't respond to her and she turned to his direction again. 'Who are you?'

His response was a shark intake of breath. 'Why do I know your voice?'

She waited for an answer but heard none. She turned her back and began to walk again with a sigh. A few steps later she ran into something warm and it wrapped around her. For some strange reason she didn't feel the need to pull away or panic. His voice re-appeared around her shoulder area apparently he was hugging her.

'Im so sorry Rae'

She repeated the name he called her. 'Rae?'

A voice in her head spoke then but seemed far away.
'...And im not gonna quit until I get you to smile..'

Then it was gone. She shook her head to clear her thoughts and lifted her hand to pat him on his head. A moment later she pulled him away from her and held him at arm's length. Her hands traveled up his neck and onto his cheeks where she felt his skin and he let her. Her hands weaved through his shaggy hair and brushed over his closed eyelids.

She brushed his nose and felt him breathe on her hands as she felt his mouth and found a small fang that poked out to cover a bit of his top lip. She smiled as she pictured him in her head and her hands went back to his cheeks before going back to his ears. She noted that they were pointed and a thought crossed her mind. He must resemble an animal, so what is his name?

Wolf? Wolf kid? No. Were? Were beast? Beast..lad? No. Beast boy... that's it!

The name rolled off her tongue before she realized it. 'Beast boy.'

'Sence her hands were still on his face she felt him nod and she smiled.

'I remembered' She felt him grin under her fingertips. 'I cant belive it, I remembered something!'

She heard him take a sharp breath. 'Rae your crying.'

'What?' Her hands fell from his face and traveled to her own. Sure enough when she touched her own cheek it was wet. She put her hands down and hung her head with a sigh.

His hand slid under her chin and lifted her face up to wipe away her tears.

She sighed again, took a deep breath and prayed before she opened her eyes again. Black.

She felt her heart lurch, blind. That's what she was. She would never be able to see beast boy.

She buried her face into her hands and sobbed sliding down to her knees on the ground. Something wrapped around her shoulders and pull her to her side and she sniffed.

'Beast boy?'

'Yeah its me.'

His voice came from just above her own head and she felt it vibrate in his chest. He took a deep breath and rested his head on hers and held her closer. She pulled her own arms upward towards his chest and wrapped them around his torso as she buried her face into his chest to cry.

He rubbed soothing circles into her back.

'Sshhh Rae its ok'

'I-I want to remember, I want to see something other than darkness, I don't want to be alone, im so scared beast boy.'

'Its alright Rae, you'll get your memory back and well do everything we can to get your sight back. Dont worry well protect you and your never alone.'


'The team.' He clarified. 'Me, Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg'

She paused. 'They wont try to hurt me will they?'

'No Rae they wont, common we need to get you checked out.'


'Cyborg and Robin are going to run some tests to see what we can do to help you.'

'Will it be painful?'

He pulled her to her feet and began to lead her down a hallway. 'No Rae I wont let them do anything painful, I promise.'

She nodded. 'Alright'

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