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The screams grew louder each time she tried to dwell back into her memories. It always started calm but when the scream began the pictures beat her, the colors burned and the emotions left her drowning in confusion. It was so strange, once she started to remember anything important it's like she hit a wall inside her head, put there by someone else. A barrier she couldn't cross.

She sat with an ice pack to her head on the cot cyborg prepared for her with only one thought in mind- "I need more-why can't I remember anything of value"

Cyborg was typing away at the computer just a few feet in front of her and when she heard a sigh from him she turned in his direction.

'What's wrong Cyborg?'

'Huh? Oh I'm just frustrated because I still can't figure out what Slade injected you with; I've never had this much trouble identifying anything.'


He paused and the room was silent until his chair made a loud scrapping noise and then his footsteps neared her. A cold hand placed itself on her forehead and she flinched out of reflex.

'Sorry Raven I think you're done for a while'


'You're a little warm I think you need to go to bed.'

'Cyborg please one more time, I have to try.'

'He was quiet for another endless few seconds and then sighed. 'Alright fine but then you're going to bed.'

She nodded. 'Alright'

He placed the sensors back to her temples and she set her ice pack down before lying on the cot and closing her eyes preparing herself for the pictures. Then they came…

An ocean view, a moonless night, a floating city in the distance, and a woman's voice whispering her name.

Just as quickly as her happiness had come it vanished with hideous laughter, and the ear piercing scream echoing through her ears along with Slade's voice…..

'You think your so brave don't you?'

He laughed at her. 'We'll just see how long it takes to break you'

A sudden pain all over her body like fire and the scream returned again, it was hers.

'No one can withstand my torture device, not even you the great and powerful daughter of trigon'

A pinch in her wrist and she looks to see a needle leave her body just as Slade grabs another one filled with black liquid. She tried to struggle away but she was chained to the wall.

'Oh raven you should've taken my deal when you had the chance.'

'What is that?!'

'This, my dear girl, is an experimental tonic I took it from some mercenaries a while back. It started as an attempt to cure memory loss but it backfired and killed several subjects, and the ones who survived remembered nothing about their lives. It mixes well with the toxin I injected you with moments ago, that substance blocks blood flow to your eyes so you slowly and painfully become blind.'

He laughed whole heartedly. 'You know most of the civilians I tested this on died within minutes there is no telling how long you'll survive with demon blood.'

He took several large steps forward and grabbed her hair with his left hand using it to pull her head to the side so he could inject the tonic into her neck.

It made her feel heavy instantly and she sagged towards the ground.

He laughed at her again. 'If only the titans could see you now, even your precious Beast Boy would be appalled.'

Her vision blurred and blinking was useless and her thoughts suddenly became hollow.

'Who is Beast boy?'

She saw him grin at her before everything in her vision succumbed to darkness.

She sat up suddenly gasping for breath and a cold hand landed on her shoulder.

'Raven its ok it's me Cyborg your fine.'

She nodded at him and took a few cleansing deep breaths.

'That was different than before.'

'What do you mean?'

'Everything was so clear, so vibrant, and so real.'

'So you remember?'

'Yes I know what he did to me.'

She told Cyborg of the two needles and their affects. She told him everything she had seen and everything that happened.

He listened and let her finish before speaking again.

'Ok that at least explains why I couldn't find a black liquid with those affects.'

She nodded slowly and a thought occurred to her.

'Cyborg do you see any restraint marks on my wrists?'

She offered her hands out to him and he grabbed them softly turning them over in his own hands.

'No there is nothing there at all.'

She frowned. 'That's strange in the memory I just had I was chained to a wall and my wrists were bleeding.'

'Well maybe your healing powers kicked in?'

She turned her head in his direction. 'I have healing powers? Slade told me all I could do with my magic was destroy things.'

'I'm not surprised you don't remember.'

'What else do I not know about myself? I can't stand the darkness.'

She put her face in her hands and sighed.

'I know raven and I'll do everything I can to try and help you see again.'

She smiled in his direction. 'Thank you Cyborg.'

'No problem, now you told me you would go to bed. Beast boy is asleep on the floor in the hall way he'll take you to your room while I try to come up with an antidote. He walked her to what she assumed was a door according to the swish sound it made and took a step out.

'Beast boy wake up'

She heard grumbling. 'Five more minutes'

'Beast boy come on get up!'

She heard shuffling and assumed he rolled over. 'Comfy.'


She covered her ears at the sudden scream and was just as quickly knocked to the floor. Her head hit the ground and left a loud buzzing in her ears. Hands appeared trying to help her up.

'Beast boy you idiot you hurt her.'

'I didn't mean to! Raven are you ok?'

Once standing she put a head to her throbbing skull and nodded.

'Will someone just please take me to my room so I can go to sleep?'

'I will. It's this way raven.'

She felt the gloved hand slip into hers and let him drag her up and down hallways until they came to another sliding door. Once inside he guided her to the bed and showed her where the covers were.

'Do you need anything else raven?'

She closed her eyes and curled into a ball inside the thick cotton sheets with a smile. 'No I have everything I want right here.'

She heard him chuckle and a piece of hair was brushed from her face by a gloved hand. 'Goodnight Raven.'

Then she felt a small weight appear by her feet on the bed and allowed her smile to grow. 'Goodnight Beast Boy'

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