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MAY 2012 Nine Months Later

The atmosphere is insanely hot as Santana stumbles past her bedroom door, Brittany's arms wrapped around her waist and Brittany's lips pushed against her own. Santana has Brittany's face cupped firmly between her hands as their tongues swipe and lick and caress each other's mouths, teeth nipping at every inch they can reach.

Santana groans into Brittany's mouth as her girlfriend runs her tongue over her top lip just the way Santana absolutely likes it. The way that makes her knees jelly, her heart roundoff backhandspring, and her mind go haywire with pleasure.

Brittany definitely knows how to turn Santana into mush. Almost a year together will give that advantage to a person.

Not to say that Santana doesn't know how to give it right back, because she definitely does.

Santana adjusts the momentum between her and Brittany, pushing her girlfriend back until she's pressed firmly against her bedroom door. Santana's hands glide down Brittany's side and around the curve of her hips until she's palming her girlfriend's incredibly toned ass under her skirt and through her panties.

It's Brittany's turn to groan into Santana's mouth at the touch, her teeth immediately sinking into a full bottom lip at the pleasure that courses through her body. There's a moment where Santana tries to pull back from Brittany to talk to her.

"Britt." She mumbles against the blonde's lips before getting yanked back into the kiss.

She tries a little harder, "Brittany." Santana gasps and successfully detaches their lips from each other, only to find Brittany's lips reattach themselves to her jaw line.

"Britt, baby." Santana words finally manage to get Brittany's attention as the other girl pulls back and smiles fondly down at her girlfriend.

"Yeah babe?" She inquires her voice a sexy rasp, her eyes a dark lust filled blue that make Santana swallow a lump in her throat and her mind temporarily blank on what she had intended to say. When Santana doesn't immediately respond, Brittany's lips return to sucking at the ledge of her jaw.

Santana groans and tries again, "Baby, as hot as this is, we really need to get going."

Brittany simply grins, "Sex first, and then we can go." She replies wickedly and Santana holds back the groan bubbling up from the back of her throat, again being distracted by her girlfriend's talented talented lips and tongue.

"Wait, wait, wait," Santana says, pushing Brittany back gently, "Britt, the ceremony starts in forty-five minutes, and we were supposed to be there fifteen minutes ago."

Instead of a reply Brittany simply shoves Santana away from her until the other girl backs up into her inviting looking queen size bed, her knees buckling and tripping her to lie on her back on the mattress. Long arms cross in front of Brittany's torso and slender fingers grip at the hem of the tank top that was supposed to be covered by a blouse but that is now being removed in favor of exposing a black bra to Santana darkened eyes.

Brittany takes her time as she walks towards the bed until she sits herself down on Santana's lap, straddling her thighs and smirking at the way brown eyes follow the hem of her skirt as it inches up Brittany's pale toned thighs. Santana swallows thickly and glances back up into her girlfriend's twinkling blue eyes, receiving the look she knows oh so well.

It's the look that says 'Gotcha' and Brittany sure as hell knows it.

Santana caves.

"Good lord Brittany Susan Pierce, I love you so much."

The smirk covering Brittany's face broadens, "Yeah? Well Santana Elmira Lopez, why don't you prove it then."

And even though they'll be narrowly avoiding missing their own graduation commencement, Santana will be damned if she doesn't do just that.

It feels so surreal to Santana to be standing in front of her high school for the last time in her near future, and for something as significant as her very own graduation. It seems like the last year has been some sort of dream. Not to say everything was exactly perfect, but things definitely went better than Santana could have ever imagined.

"I'm so proud of you baby," Brittany's voice trickles softly into her ear as Santana feels the fingers of her girlfriend's soft and caring hand ghost across first the outside of first her own hand and then her palm where their fingers are then intertwined and held together firmly.

Santana's eyes glance in Brittany's direction and see nothing but love, devotion, and happiness looking back at her. Brittany's blue eyes are brighter than the clear sky that welcomes them today, her smile wider than the light stretching across the sky. Santana turns fully to face the girl and reaches out to take her other hand and tug her closer.

"I'm so proud of you Brittany, you are so amazing." She murmurs, brown eyes shining with the truest sincerities. She lifts Brittany's arms and wraps them around her neck as her own hands fall to rest on slim hips covered by her favorite black pencil skirt. Her thumbs dip under the white blouse that Brittany's finally wearing and brush against the curves of her hipbones before she carefully tilts up on the front of her heels to bring their lips together.

Santana smirks a little when she thinks of what happened just before Brittany pulled her outfit on.

Brittany smiles into the kiss, her arms pulling tighter around Santana's neck as the tips of her fingers tangle delicately in the long dark locks that fall on her girlfriend's dress covered shoulders. Of course Santana had to wear a form fitting, leave nothing to the imagination little black dress that positively accentuates her incredible curves, which if possible have gotten even more appealing in the last year than Brittany ever thought was imaginable.

But if Brittany thinks about it, there are a lot of things that have occurred in the last year that she never would have imagined happening.

"Seriously, is there ever a day where the two of you aren't sucking face?"

To say that Jordan's snark has dissipated at all in the last year would be grossly inaccurate statement. In fact it's possible she's gotten worse. Her snark now being laced with a sardonic edge that rivals even Santana. Which naturally means that Santana is the most qualified to handle and diffuse Jordan's attitude.

"Alright listen up you miniature version of the perpetually pessimistic Christina Yang, today your squatness and sass will not affect me."

Well, most of the time it works.

Jordan merely smirks at Santana's delivery, "Really? Calling me small is what you're going with? I'm almost as tall as you! Besides, aren't you supposed to have this 'impressive' vocabulary? And they let you into NYU? I am shocked and appalled."

Santana's eyes slant in a glare, "Why you…"

She doesn't get much further than saying that before Brittany gently tugs her girlfriend back and places a calming kiss to the corner of her mouth, rubbing her hands soothingly up and down Santana's arms.

"Babe, seriously, she's eleven."

"Almost twelve." Jordan is quick to interject and Santana just throws another glare her way.

Thankfully, before any other kind of insults or banter can occur, Mrs. Pierce and Dr. and Mrs. Lopez step up to the curb with a newly branded seven year old Tanner bouncing happily by Mrs. Pierce's side.

"Well don't the two of you look so mature and fashionably dressed. Oh look Jorge, the girls are all grown up." Maribel declares as she steps up to Brittany's side first and gives her a hug before engulfing her own daughter in her arms.

"Thanks mami, papi."

"Thank you Maribel and Dr. Lopez."

Each girl simultaneously chirps back before Mrs. Pierce steps up and congratulates them in the same manner.

"Mom, the office let you off today?" Brittany inquires curiously. Ever since her mother obtained a high paying accountant job at the Lima Hospital, courtesy of Dr. Lopez' shinning recommendations, she's been working extensive day hours. Granted she now has far more time to spend with her children, as she is not dividing her time between three jobs, but often her skills are in such demand that it's hard for her to step away from the office even for the most important things.

"Of course sweetheart, you think I'd miss my beautiful, intelligent daughter graduating from high school?" Laura responds and Brittany's heart swells, she probably should have known her mom would be most unlikely to miss something this big.

"And Santana, I am so proud of you as well." Santana smiles at the compliment and bows her head humbly. It feels really nice to have the support of Mrs. Pierce since she has, after all, become like a second mom to her.

"Hey Santana, Brittany! What are you waiting for? Ms. Holliday is gathering us up for our performance soon. Hurry up!" Mike suddenly shouts from the entrance to the school auditorium while waving his hands about. Santana gives him a wave of acknowledgement before turning back to her and Brittany's families. She reaches out and tangles her fingers with that of her girlfriend's, her heart still skipping a beat when Brittany squeezes back. Blue eyes glance her way with a certain sparkle, and then Brittany offers her that beautiful pearly white smile Santana loves so much.

"Ready to go babe?" Brittany nods and turns back to face the adults, and her two little siblings. Tanner's been hanging back but as soon as Brittany squats down and opens her arms, the little boy jumps into them. Brittany lifts him up and hugs him close, whispering 'I love you too T-man' before turning and passing him off to Santana.

"You's really pretty too Tan. I love you." Tanner whispers in the smaller girl's ear and she hugs him back tightly whispering the sentiment in return until she sets him on the ground and ruffles his short blonde spiky hair. At that Brittany tugs on her hand and they both make a beeline towards the auditorium where they will meet up with their rather misfit Glee club in preparation for their graduation performance.

"Okay so everyone understands what they have to do?" Mr. Shuester poses the completely unnecessary question to the singing club, ending by looking directly at Brittany and Santana, who have a particular duet together towards the end of the song. Santana's fingers trickle down Brittany's forearm until their hands clasp together and she shoots her girlfriend an admiring look and warm smile, one that Brittany easily returns.

"Yeah Mr. Shue, we've got this."

And with that, the McKinley High 'Glee' club that was created through the efforts of Santana and Brittany take the auditorium stage to sing a song for the graduating seniors of 2012 and the large audience that has come to witness the occasion.

Stepping out onto that stage reminds Santana of that very first time that she and Brittany performed in any kind of competition with the rest of the kids, how in that moment she felt more like she had a group of friends she could trust and stand to be around then she had in her previous three years at McKinley. All because of a simple performance with a ragtag group of misfits and of course, the love of one Brittany S. Pierce.

October 2011

After their first actual competition came in the form of the large ensemble choir known as Singsation from Wapakoneta High School in Wapakoneta, Ohio. It was obvious that even though the McKinley group of singers were exceptionally talented, the allowing of Mr. Shuester to pick their first few performance songs did not go over that well. So when they regrouped in the backroom before their final song, Santana made a suggestion to use a different approach.

With the help of her vocals on a brilliant Adele/Amy Winehouse mash-up, that she will to this day deny ever practicing with Brittany outside of their usual practices, and some phenomenal dance moves laid down by Brittany herself, they actually took the first place trophy that night and advanced onto the Ohio state sectionals.

But that part, as cool as it was, is not what Santana would enjoy most about the evening.

When she and Brittany got back to her house, after a long and tiring bus trip where Brittany initially fell asleep in Santana's arms, and then the short drive from the school back to the Lopez residence, Santana assisted her girlfriend up to her room where she assumed they would crash for the evening. She was very pleasantly surprised when upon lying Brittany on the bed; the other girl was quick to pull Santana down with her.

"You're really sexy when you sing San." Brittany husks in Santana's ear, her lips pressing gently to the lobe sending shivers down Santana's spine.

"Britt, baby, my parents are home." Santana whispers, not at all wanting to stop where this situation is leading, but at the same time she knows Brittany is deliriously exhausted and sometimes when that happens, her girl kind of forgets everything that's going on.

Brittany giggles, "So? Like that's ever stopped you before."

Well, that's true.

With a lopsided smile, Santana anchors her arms to the bed and wraps her legs around Brittany's waist. With one quick heave, she spins them around so Brittany's back hits the mattress with an 'Oomph!' and Santana is hovering over her with a smug grin stretched across her lips.

"Someone's eager I see." Brittany flirts, her fingers scraping against the base of Santana's skull as she glides them through those long, impossibly soft wavy dark locks. Santana releases a quiet whimper at the action, her body shuddering slightly at Brittany's delicate, but extremely affective touch. She leans down and captures Brittany's supple pink lips between her own with a bruising kiss before pulling back and swiping her tongue across Brittany's pout.

Darkened brown eyes stare desirably into blue as Santana husks "I'm always eager for you." In a warm breath that blankets the pale skin of Brittany's cheek. The taller girl squirms beneath Santana, every single undertaking that her girlfriend is partaking in completely driving her absolutely mad with want and need.

"God, San, please." Brittany chokes out, her inhibitions long gone and way past caring whether or not she begs in this moment. She's far too worked up to let the thought bother her. Santana smirks triumphantly and leans down to place wet kisses meticulously across the ledge of Brittany's jaw and the other girl's hands grow more incessant, tugging and scratching down the material that covers Santana's back.

Luckily, they'd managed to change from their performance dresses into leggings and loose tank tops before getting on the bus home, even if, in all honesty, that is currently doing not a thing to quell that fire that's scorching in Brittany's lower abdomen.

Santana's lips make their way down the slope of Brittany's neck, and when long slender fingers wrap around Santana's neck, the smaller girl reaches up with her own hands to grasp Brittany's by the wrists and carefully, but commandingly, lay those wandering hands immobile on the pillow by Brittany's head.

"You won't need these baby." Santana orders into Brittany's skin, nipping gently at the erratic pulse point she finds there. Brittany whimpers again, her legs thrashing further down the bed where Santana straddles her, just above her covered center.

Without even being aware of Santana's hand traveling anywhere near the source, Brittany suddenly feels a warm palm glide under the hem of her tank top and travel up the contours and twitching definition of her abs. Santana's fingers continue to trail higher until they ghost across the underside of soft milky white curves and arc around the swell of Brittany's supple breasts. Brittany's back arches off the bed, her hips cant upwards in desperate craving of any kind of relief.

As Santana's agile fingers swirl around the sensitive peaks of Brittany's nipples, her tank top gets pushed further up her body. Santana's lips blaze a path of seduction across the hollow of Brittany's collarbone, until she angles upwards and kisses up the smooth column of a pale neck.

Soon enough, Santana's lips and fingers disappear for a disagreeable second until Brittany's top is pulled up and off of her body with a "You won't need this either." From the girl still straddling her hips.

Santana lowers Brittany back to the mattress, taking a moment to admire the perfection before her. Brittany's chest rises and falls with deep breaths as her blue eyes darken with lust at that way Santana marvels at everything before her. The kisses begin again at the pulse point of Brittany's neck, as Santana's hands and fingers venture to Brittany's sides, stroking slowly, softly, gently as if tracing every inch of skin to memory.

The tips of Santana's fingers get closer to the junction of Brittany's arm and shoulder and cause the taller girl to release an airy giggle of delight, one that instantly shots a spark of arousal straight to Santana's core. Brown eyes glance up from their concentrated stare of Brittany's skin and a small smirk tugs at full lips. Santana pecks Brittany's lips chastely before she returns to pressing kisses against that soft skin she's completely addicted to.

Her lips reach Brittany's breasts and her tongue pokes out to graze across the swell until those same lips and tongue wrap around a pert pink nipple and suck gently until it hardens and peaks. As Santana's mouth moves to Brittany's other breast, her fingers hook under the band of tight leggings and tug with purpose.

Brittany's hips rise off the bed to expedite the process of removing the rest of her clothes and Santana's lips kiss a trail down the rest of her body as she deftly removes Brittany's leggings and panties all in one swift motion. When Brittany lies fully naked, Santana crawls back up her body and settles between long pale legs. She's only there a second, placing a kiss to Brittany's parched lips when her girlfriend pushes against her shoulders.

"I want to feel you too." Brittany husks and Santana is quick to climb from the bed and rip her own clothes from her body, gingerly climbing back on top of Brittany and settling down with a moan as bare breasts and wet centers press together. Santana's kisses return to Brittany's chest as her left hand ghosts down Brittany's side and skims over her hip, causing the girl beneath her to jerk slightly and release a mixed whimpered moan.

"Oh…ugh…San." Escapes Brittany breathlessly as her hold tightens around Santana's shoulders. Santana's hips rise slightly from their position as her hand dips between her and Brittany's body and skims through wet heat. She groans at what she finds, Brittany's arousal stoking her own fire as she bites into a pale skin tenderly.

"Shit, baby you're dripping."

Brittany nods furiously at Santana's deduction and cants her hips in search of her girlfriend's teasing fingers. Groaning in frustration when Santana quickly pulls them just out of reach.

She grips firmly at Santana's shoulders and her blue eyes burn with determination as she looks sternly into her girlfriend's eyes, "No teasing." Santana chuckles softly at Brittany's words and leans down to urge their lips together before the tips of her fingers lower to the hard nub that's begging for attention between Brittany's legs. Brittany sighs into the kiss at the touch and sinks back into the mattress.

The kiss deepens as Brittany pushes her tongue past Santana's lips but falters briefly a moment later when she feels Santana's fingers circle her bundle of nerves and then slide to her entrance. Santana shifts her position a little to hover over one of Brittany's legs before she presses forward and enters her, moaning at the tightness that immediately encompasses her fingers. Brittany's lips rip away from the kiss as her head flies back into the pillow at the feeling of Santana inside of her. Almost instantly her hips thrust up in an attempt to create the friction she craves.

Santana doesn't wait long before she matches Brittany's movements with thrusts of her own, pumping in and out of Brittany as her lips find the pulse point of a pale neck, the moans that slip from Brittany's mouth working up the tension in her own abdomen.

Lifting her head up as Brittany releases a cry of her name, Santana watches in fascination as the girl unravels beneath her. She lines her knee up behind her hand continues to rock her hips with the thrusting of her fingers, pushing deeper into Brittany with every motion. Santana gasps as Brittany lifts her leg up and presses between Santana's aching center but when she adds a third finger, Brittany's mouth falls open in a silent gasp of pleasure and her own efforts falter as she tightens around Santana's fingers again.

Tender kisses are peppered across Brittany's cheek, Santana not missing a single precious freckle. The crinkle between Brittany's brow from the way her eyes are squeezed shut, the way her bottom lip is pulled between her teeth, the pink flush across her cheeks tells Santana that Brittany is approaching her climax. She twists her fingers on her next inward thrust and curls them along the upper inside of Brittany's walls, dragging them out slowly along that spot that makes Brittany scream.

A cry of "Fuck!" leaves Brittany's mouth and it sounds like music to Santana's ears. She's accustomed to Brittany swearing like that only when she knows her girlfriend is feeling really really good.

Santana repeats the motion, dragging her finger across Brittany's sweet spot as she shifts around to prop her body up on her other arm and stare down at the beautiful sight of her girlfriend falling apart.

She places a wet kiss to the edge of Brittany's jaw, "Like that Britt. Come for me baby." She husks as her fingers thrust into Brittany again and her thumb comes down to swipe across Brittany's clit.

"Oh fuck San-tana!" Leaves Brittany's mouth as her hips cant upwards to meet Santana's thrust and the combination sparks Brittany into her release. Her hands return to Santana's shoulders and her fingernails dig into the skin and her body rolls in waves as her orgasm washes through her. Santana's fingers slow inside of Brittany but don't stop, thrusting gently to draw Brittany's orgasm out as long as possible.

Brittany's hands frantically drop to frame Santana's cheeks and pull the smaller girl's lips to her own, crashing them together in an eager lip lock. Brittany moans into Santana's mouth as the aftershocks of her release tingle through her body and filter down to her toes. When Santana slips her fingers out of Brittany, the other girl is still desperately kissing her, and offers only a small whimper of dissatisfaction upon the loss, but is soon getting past that as she shifts to the side and flips them over so she is now the one hovering over Santana.

"I love you, I love you so much." Brittany gasps against Santana's lips on one minor break for air and Santana smiles into the kiss her hands tangling in blonde locks that fall down past Brittany's face and curtain the two of them in their own little world. Santana's eyes open and gaze into Brittany's as they pull back from the kiss; she smiles widely and tilts up to peck her girlfriend's lips.

"I love you too Britt-Britt, like never before." She tells her sincerely before her arms wrap around Brittany's waist and tug her down, recognizing the faint sign of tiredness that lingers in Brittany's hazy blue eyes. Santana places a kiss on Brittany's temple as the girl rests her cheek on her chest. She feels Brittany's fingers absentmindedly trace patterns near her hipbone and glides her own fingers down a pale forearm until their fingers can interlock.

Santana pulls the hand to her lips and presses a kiss to the tips of those long slender fingers. "Sleep baby, I'll be here when you wake up." Brittany simply smiles her gratitude and nods, settling back down on the warmth and comfort of Santana's chest, letting the sound of her rhythmic heart lull her to sleep.

All of their performances from then on out are followed by a very similar act.

After a smashing performance, Santana, Brittany and the rest of their classmates wait until their names are called and a diploma is slapped into their hand. Santana knows she is beaming, but the look on Brittany's face is something she knows she wants to cherish forever.

She takes a glance out into the audience and spots her and Brittany's family sat in the front row, and not surprisingly Mrs. Pierce has a camera aimed their way. Santana pulls Brittany into her side and wraps an arm around her girlfriend's waist.

"We did it baby!" She exclaims and plants a kiss on one of Brittany's rosy cheeks. Brittany grins back and then looks into the crowd and makes a motion to her mother to make sure that something is working properly on the camera before she sends a wink her way. It makes Santana's heart flutter as she thinks about how far Brittany's skills and knowledge of filming have come, and where it really all began.

December 2011

When December came around for them, Santana and Brittany had fallen into quite the routine. With the holiday's fast approaching, and them being the first they would spend together, Santana began to panic a little. Sure things were going well, and she had never been surer about her feelings and love for Brittany, but typically this was the time where things started to go wrong. Right?

Well, apparently Brittany, as her ever-observant self, picked up on Santana's nervousness and confronted her about it, even if it took a little coaxing on the blonde's part.

They were lounging at Brittany's apartment, boxes scattered about in the Pierce families preparation to move into a four bedroom, two and a half bath house about ten minutes from their current location, closer to both Santana's house and L.I.F.A.A. Ever since Mrs. Pierce had taken the very generously paying accountant job at the hospital, she had been able to set enough money aside to afford a down payment. She'd closed on the house at the beginning of December, and here it was edging close to the start of school breaks and they were finally almost all ready to move.

Santana is lying sprawled out in Brittany's lap on the last piece of furniture that hasn't already been moved to the new house, Brittany's busy messing with her out of date camera she recently took up an interest for with one hand as her other hand runs soothingly through the stray locks of Santana's hair.

"How old is that camera babe? It looks like it could take someone out." Santana comments as she watches Brittany struggle to lift and tilt the camera with one hand. Suddenly the camera slips from Brittany's hand and falls awfully close to Santana's head.

"Jesus!" Santana exclaims, shifting to further safety in Brittany's lap as her girlfriend glances down at her with a sheepish look.

"Sorry San, it's a lot heavier than it looks."

Santana rolls her eyes at the innocence in Brittany's voice, but smiles nonetheless. Sitting up, she brushes her lips softly across her girlfriend's adorably pouted pink ones and sighs, "It's okay. I just don't want to get a black eye or anything." She teases and it's Brittany's turn to roll her eyes, "You should really get a new one though. Especially if you're serious about this filming production stuff."

Brittany looks at her with an uncharacteristic frown and her shoulders slump slightly, "I know…it's just…it was my dad's." She murmurs softly and Santana wants to kick herself for not remembering that. Of course Brittany would be so desperate to hold onto the camera, it's one of the few solid things she has left of her father. Santana shifts around to sit up and swings her leg over Brittany's thigh so she's successfully straddling her girlfriend's lap.

Ghosting just the tips of her fingers over the slightly flushed skin of Brittany's cheeks, Santana brushes the loose hair dangling from Brittany's messy bun behind her ears and tangles her fingers in those blonde locks. Brown eyes gaze adorningly into blue for several seconds before Santana leans in and attaches their lips, Brittany's hands automatically dropping to run over the curve of her girlfriend's still ridiculously shaped ass. (Like if she thought it was hot from Cheerios practice, since Santana quit the squad it's gotten even hotter.)

Santana's tongue traces across the seam of Brittany's lips; begging for entrance and the other girl is quick to part her lips and welcome that very skilled tongue into her mouth. There's no rush to the kiss, just pure unreserved love. When Santana pulls back, Brittany is left with a blissful look on her face and her eyes closed as she leans back into the couch and basks in her happiness.

"Then don't get rid of it." Santana whispers after a few seconds and Brittany blinks her eyes open and smiles up at Santana, ever grateful for her girlfriend's exceptional understanding and support. Thinking about how much Santana does for her, Brittany suddenly thinks about how much she really needs to start doing for her. Like getting to the bottom of why her normally extremely affectionate girlfriend has been, with the exception of today, rather closed off as of late.

"San?" Brittany quietly inquires and Santana's eyes are quick to lock with her own again, curiosity swirling in their depths, "Is everything okay with you?"

A tan forehead wrinkles as Santana's brow furrows, "Uh, yeah Britt. Why do you ask?"

Brittany's thumbs have absentmindedly moved to Santana's hipbones and are rubbing circles on them. She shrugs, "Well, I just kind of feel like you're a little more down than usual lately. Like yeah I know you're there and you're my girlfriend, but you seem a little distant sometimes."

A full bottom lip is pulled between a set of straight pearly white teeth, and if Brittany didn't know any better she'd say Santana looks about ready to start gnawing on the inside of her cheek. Her telltale sign that, as of late, Brittany has not seen but is still aware indicates that her girlfriend is particularly nervous about something.

Stretching her neck up to place a kiss to the underside of Santana's jaw, Brittany murmurs out "You can tell me love, you know you can" against Santana's skin.

Santana sighs but finally relents, "I'm worried about the holiday's and our families and making sure that I get you a really good gift because it's our first Christmas together and I don't want it to be our last." She informs in one long-winded breath that leaves Brittany slightly speechless. But then a second ticks by and Brittany starts giggling and then Santana flashes Brittany a look of disdain, which causes Brittany to laugh harder until her head falls to her girlfriend's shoulder and her body shakes.

When Brittany settles down a little she pulls back with laugh tearstains to look at a not entertained at all Santana whose bottom lip is now in a very prominent, and incredibly sexy, pout.

"Aww babe, I'm not laughing at you," Brittany coos, stretching forward to try to kiss that pout away and being denied when Santana folds her arms across her chest and turns her head to the side. Brittany can't help but chuckle a little at that either. She lifts her arms to tenderly cup Santana's cheeks and draws those big brown eyes back to her, offering an adoring smile to the other girl that she knows Santana can't refuse.

"I love you and how much you care Santana." Brittany tells her, her eyes never glancing away, "And I'm laughing because you have nothing to worry about but it's absolutely adorable that you are." This time when Santana pouts Brittany doesn't let her pull away, planting a sweet kiss to her lips that makes both their hearts race. She brushes a strand of hair out of Santana's eye and tilts to nuzzle her nose into a tan cheek, pecking a few kisses to it in between.

"The only thing I want for Christmas is for us to have a wonderful time with our families. There's no better gift you could give me than that."

And just like that Santana gets sucked into Brittany's cheese river and melts in her girlfriend's arms. She lets Brittany wrap those long strong arms around her and rests her head on her shoulder.

"Sometimes I hate how easily you do that to me."

Brittany looks at Santana curiously, "Do what?"

"Make me fall in love with you more."

Any reply that Brittany plans to respond to Santana with is suddenly cut off by as a pair of deliciously pillow-like lips, connect with her own.

Of course, no matter what Brittany tells Santana, that's never really the end of it and two weeks later she gifts Brittany with a brand new camera and editing set that Brittany instantly falls in love with and when New Years rolls around, Brittany returns the gift favor to Santana by getting her studio time in that same booth they first bonded in and naturally a New Years Eve midnight lip lock (that quickly escalates to more.)

"Hey come on you lovebirds! Quick celebration in the choir room and then we're all meeting up at my house!" Mike yells from Santana and Brittany's right after they've all picked up and gathered their hats.

Brittany squeezes Santana's hand, smiling softly at the fact that out of every couple in the school, she and Santana are considered the most 'in love'. Granted they didn't win 'Cutest Couple' for senior superlatives, but they definitely got everyone's vote from their group of misfit performers. It kind of makes everything seem like a million bucks to Brittany.

It also, not so strangely, reminds her of a time when it was Santana that was having such a hard time really expressing her love. It didn't take her long to get over that though, and she definitely did it in the best way possible.

February 2012

Santana had gotten pretty good at showering Brittany with affection, and she certainly wasn't apprehensive about doing so in public. After all, this was her last year in high school and nothing mattered more to her than Brittany. But then the prospect of going above and beyond in the romance department for a certain ridiculously cheesy, but beloved of Brittany, holiday sent Santana right back into her shell of nervousness.

Because yeah she knew that she loved Brittany and really it was just another day for her to shower the girl with love and affection, but there were always so many expectations that come with the over-commercialized holiday, and sometimes Santana's really scared of those expectations. But still, she figured it was worth it to Brittany to at least attempt some form of romanticism.

She is, after all, incredibly in love with Brittany.

If Brittany thought that Santana had been aloof and distant during Christmas, when the second week of February rolled around, Santana was down right nonexistent, and that was a very terrifying thing for Brittany. Every single day after, and sometimes during, school that Brittany made an effort to drag Santana off somewhere they could 'be alone' together, Santana randomly made up an excuse that kept her from doing so.

It was very much starting to worry Brittany; she'd never seen Santana shy away from sex so rapidly and consistently.

So when Valentine's day rolls around, despite the fact that Santana wakes Brittany up with breakfast in bed (Santana's bed, but still), has a dozen roses for her, and tells her she loves her, she is still really fidgety and when Brittany attempts to sex things up a little Santana nearly runs from the room. And that's all for Brittany, who cannot take it any more.

"Are you breaking up with me?" She finally asks, tears pricking at the corners of her eyes as Santana stands a few feet away from her, twitching nervously and looking as though she can't wait for everything to be over. But then, she sputters and her jaw drops open in shock.

"Wha-what?" Escapes Santana's mouth and Brittany's head falls as the tears break free and roll down her cheeks. She sniffs a little, the sob that's bubbling up in her throat threatening to explode. But then Santana is kneeling on the ground in front of her and desperately clutching her hands.

"Brittany, what? Why would you think that?" She asks and Brittany just sobs again. Oh God this feels like December to Santana only in reverse. She's quick to cup Brittany's chin and tilt her girlfriend's face towards hers, finding those eyes she loves so much closed.

"Baby, are you going to open those beautiful baby blues I love so much?" She murmurs and when her question is met with a furious shake of Brittany's head, Santana simply leans in and presses her lips to Brittany's in a feelings packed punch that thankfully finally gets Brittany to open her eyes.

"Britt, I'm not breaking up with you. I don't know what I'd do without you," Santana admits, drawing a happier sounded but still choked sob from Brittany, "I was trying to be sneaky while I was planning this ridiculous day for you that was supposed to be romantic, but I find now was probably a really silly idea."

Brittany perks up at the mention of 'romantic' and 'day', "You were planning something for me on Valentine's Day?" She inquires and Santana gives a slow but affirmative nod and turns her eyes back to Brittany, a sheepish look covering her features.

"I guess I kind of suck at multi tasking, but I was afraid I'd blurt something out to you if we spent too much time together." Brittany can't help the laugh that pops out of her own mouth at that and she finally leans in to properly kiss her girlfriend.

"What if I said that the only thing I want to do today is stay here and be with you?"

Santana's quirks an eyebrow, "Oh yeah? And do what?"

Brittany smiles devilishly, "Well we could start with a bath and then see what happens from there…" She trails off but can already see the distracted haze clouding Santana's eyes as she undoubtedly imagines just what could 'happen' from there. She swallows but gives Brittany a nod.

"I think I like the sound of that, and then afterwards I can make my sexy girlfriend dinner to show her how much I never want to leave her side."

It doesn't take much to guess where that evening goes, but one very important thing came to light that night; Santana is more than willing to do anything for Brittany.

Santana leads Brittany out of the auditorium by the hand, intent on walking a little ways into the parking lot to wait for their respective family members before heading off to Mike's house for their after graduation party.

She swings their hands between them, her grip gentle but never failing until Brittany leans into her side and pecks Santana's cheek with a sloppy kiss. A dopey smile crosses Santana's face as she glances towards her girlfriend.

"What was that for?"

Brittany merely shrugs her shoulders, "Don't need a reason to show you I love you and I'm proud of you and the fact I get to call you mine."

The words really get to Santana and she halts her and Brittany's progress, turning to face the other girl, "We're going to make it through this Britt." She tells her earnestly and Brittany smiles, it doesn't quite reach her eyes but it's there. She nods and leans in to kiss Santana.

"I know."

When their parents join them a few moments later, more congratulations abound, but the only thing on Brittany and Santana's minds is a particular situation that occurred a little over a month ago.

April 2012

April of course brought on the mounting stress that all high school seniors face; graduation fast approaching, and their need to decide what it is they wish to do with their futures knocking incessantly at their door. It was certainly a trying matter for Brittany and Santana.

In October of the previous year, Santana and Brittany had both done what many high school seniors do and had taken their ACT and SAT (they took both just to be safe.) And when they received their scores some three weeks later they were both absolutely ecstatic to have received very high marks. (An achievement that Santana was not at all surprised Brittany had accomplished, but one she was nonetheless exponentially proud of.)

This meant, of course, that they ultimately had a very good choice on colleges seeing as how in their last year of high school, they were already both on a firm track to graduate with impressive marks. With many options laid out before them, they narrowed their top choices to three main cities, two schools from each, for a total of six colleges to choose from. Based off the fact that Brittany's hobby of filming, editing and producing things had grown into an notable skill, and desired career, and Santana's never ceasing dream of being a singer, they narrowed their school choices down to those that could artistically provide for each of their chosen paths.

In Los Angeles, their choices were the University of Southern California and Loyola Marymount University for their focused music schools, but still broad offering of other majors and areas of interest as Santana had insisted that they don't put all of their eggs in one basket (which Brittany had questioned for several days after until Santana had successfully distracted her from with a lot of sex. A LOT of sex.)

In Boston, their choices fell between the Berklee College of Music and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which had personally contacted Brittany. Finally, their last two choices were in New York, between New York University and the Julliard School.

Naturally, there were several other auditions, interviews, and portfolios required for admissions to each school, but in the end, Santana and Brittany were both accepted to USC, Berklee, and Julliard. Santana had also been accepted to NYU and Brittany to LMU and MIT. And naturally, with several different options came many different decisions and an eventual string of arguments.

Santana was certain that NYU was best suited for both her and Brittany's incredible talents and desires. Besides, they had an optimal chance of finding work directly out of college in such a robust and boundless city of life. Brittany on the other hand, thought that exposure in the actual film Mecca of the world would be best suited for her career choices. Never mind the fact that there are over 5,000 students that graduate with Film Production degrees every year from some school in Los Angeles, Brittany was bound and determined to make it.

And so the dilemma presented itself; does Santana choose to go to USC, though while still an exceptional school one with less musical resources in terms of what she hoped to pursue, and give up her dreams of New York? Or does Brittany set aside her stubborn view and attend a film school that's actually very well renowned. (Santana tried to explain that Tisch was an outstanding school, but Brittany had her heart set on beaches and sunny Los Angeles.)

The last thing Santana or Brittany wanted to do was argue or fight over what they were facing, but sometimes even the best of intentions go astray.

In the end, they decided that they would both attempt at least a year at their desired school, and even with the distance, they promised their love would prevail. It was a tall order for two eighteen year olds to even consider a long distance relationship, but as much as Santana was persistent that she would stay for Brittany, the other girl was even more persistent that Santana had to go to New York because it was a bigger, better city for her, and probably the only one that could actually support her burning flame of talent.

It didn't take long for them to settle back into their routines, and for a few moments put out the less than desirable thoughts of the future from their minds.

Santana makes sure to spend every second she can with Brittany, and when her blonde girlfriend isn't doing the same they are constantly keeping in contact. It's good practice they say, but even despite their preparations, no one can predict what could happen in the future.

"Do the two of you have big plans for the evening?" Dr. Lopez inquires, successfully drawing Santana out of her thoughts. The younger Latina looks up at her father's dashing smile and warmth filled eyes. She feels Brittany brush the fingers of her other hand, the one not currently tangled with Santana's, down her forearm as she leans into her side.

Santana smiles at her father, "Actually papi, Mike was hosting a party at his house tonight that Britts and I were planning on attending. If that's okay with you and mami."

Dr. Lopez can't contain the proud smile that pulls at his lips. His daughter, once a selfish, rude, inconsiderate little spoilt girl is now a caring, loving, shinning example of the daughter he always hoped to raise. He reaches out and pulls his baby girl into his arms and places a proud kiss to the crown of her head.

When he pulls back, Santana is looking at him in surprise, with a hint of shock. Dr. Lopez glances to his daughters left and smiles at the girl whom is undoubtedly most responsible for Santana's change in character. He knows Santana was always like that deep down inside, but it was Brittany who really helped her bring it out and show the rest of the world.

Jorge steps forward and engulfs Brittany in his arms as well.

"We really are so proud of you both." He says and Maribel echoes the sentiment as she steps up to hug the two now young women only to step aside and allow Laura to do the same.

"Just promise us that you will make good choices." Laura says.

"And if you're going to drink, don't drive home." Maribel adds.

"Either way, have fun girls."

With the final declaration from Dr. Lopez, and a couple hugs from a reluctant (but not really) Jordan and an excited Tanner, the Lopez and Pierce families leave their girls to be. Santana spends the moments after their families departure simply holding Brittany in her arms. Because they have the summer together, and they most certainly have tonight.

The party is long underway at Mike's house as Santana sits on a spare couch in the living room and watches Brittany dance the night away. It doesn't take long for her rather tipsy girlfriend to re-spot her (as she's done several times tonight already, despite Santana never really being very far from her side) and drag Santana out onto the 'dance floor' to join her.

Brittany's arms wrap around Santana's neck and pull her close as Santana's hands fall automatically to Brittany's hips.

"I'm glad I'm not dancing on my own tonight San!" Brittany exclaims, referring to the Robyn song that is blasting over the speakers. Santana rolls her eyes playfully.

With a nod she leans in, "Me too Britt. But I'd never let you dance alone, even if I'm not your dance partner, I'll always be there to watch you." She tells her before capturing Brittany's lips in her own.

As they kiss, most of the rest of the surrounding sounds and actions and people disappear. They live in the blissfulness of each other.

"Hey Lopez!" Mike's voice interrupts the kiss, his tone coming out in an obviously intoxicated slur, he looks between his two friends and frowns slightly having realized what he interrupted but a smile crosses his face seconds later as his drunken state allows him to quickly forget, "Body shots!" He then shouts and stumbles off in the direction of the kitchen leaving Santana and Brittany to watch him go and laugh at his misfortune as he trips into a wall.

For someone so normally coordinated on the dance floor, Mike sure is a shit drunk.

"You wanna go lick some salt off my body?" Brittany suddenly husks in Santana's ear, sending a shiver down her spine. She knows that Brittany's drunk, and that it would be pointless to attempt to deny her something like that, besides it's not like Santana doesn't actually not want to lick something off Brittany's body. She just kind of, you know, wants to do that in private.

Still she indulges her girlfriend, "Yeah babe, lets go have a couple tequila shots and show these sad excuses for drinkers how it's really done." She tells her, pecking Brittany's lips chastely before tugging her steadily off to the kitchen. Santana realizes as she goes that this is one of the few times that she's not overly intoxicated, and she finds she actually rather enjoys it. She gets to make sure her girlfriend is safe and that she has tons of fun.

Not to mention, watching a drunk Berry as sober as Santana is, well that's just the most priceless form of entertainment.

When they reach the kitchen Santana is not at all surprised that Brittany quickly pulls her loose tank top from her body to expose her toned stomach and ample breasts, that are barely being contained in Santana's favorite neon pink bra. There's a wolf whistle that filters through the mixed crowd of McKinley students, most of which have apparently decided that since high school is over, reputations don't matter anymore. Santana immediately flashes a glare in the direction of where the whistle came from.

"Keeps your eyes off my girlfriend's goods you animals." She calls into the crowd and is then surprised by a sloppy kiss from Brittany that instills a catcall from the crowd this time. Even though Santana uses one hand to flip her inconsiderate peers off, the other one remains firmly tangled in blonde locks, holding Brittany's mouth close.

When they pull back, Brittany pops her lips and smiles "You taste like cinnamon." Santana giggles and nods before helping Brittany up onto the counter where she lies down on her back.

Santana places a lime wedge between Brittany's lips before licking a line up the center of Brittany's abs. She sprinkles the salt on the path and reaches for her shot of Tequila. Dipping down, Santana traces that same salt path with her tongue, only this time backwards so she can dip lightly into Brittany's navel before straightening up and pounding back the shot. As the burn hits her throat, Santana leans back down and takes the lime from Brittany's mouth sucking on it and flicking at her girlfriend's lip.

Cheers abound until Santana helps Brittany up and off the counter, steadying her as she tries to stand up straight and sways slightly.

"Wanna go somewhere quieter?" Santana asks as the crowd around them pushes in so other people can start doing body shots. Brittany smiles gratefully at Santana and nods, allowing her girlfriend to practically carry her out of the house and into the patio/backyard area of Mike's parents house.

They find a quiet area, away from the stray face suckers in the area, and Santana takes a seat on the grass, Brittany instantly falling next to her and curling into her side. A few wet kisses are placed on Santana's neck before she turns to look into blue eyes.

"You having fun Britt?"

Brittany nods happily and leans up to kiss Santana, moaning a little at the taste she finds. The kiss cools down a little but Santana's hand stays on Brittany's waist as she leans back a little to take in her beauty.

"You're beautiful Brittany."

A lazy smile covers Brittany's lips before she leans back in slowly, and suddenly a lot more coherent, and kisses Santana again, "And you are amazing." She says and Santana's eyebrows shoot to her hairline.

"You were faking it all along?" She asks and a soft giggle escapes Brittany's lips as she shrugs noncommittally.

"I may or may not have exaggerated a little because I knew you wouldn't have done the body shots otherwise."

Santana mouth drops open in disbelief, "You little minx!" She exclaims, shoving lightly at Brittany's shoulder then laughing with her girlfriend. They giggle for a little while until brown eyes lock on blue again, this time much more serious and focused. "You know I would have done it if you'd asked. I'm so in love with you Brittany, I'd do anything."

"I know, but you don't have to do anything for me Santana but be happy. If you're happy then I'm happy."

"I'm happiest with you."

Brittany's smile pulls wider, "Good because I'm happiest with you."

They lean in for another soft kiss.

"Speaking of," Santana begins to say as her hand comes up to brush softly again Brittany's cheek, "There's kind of something I want to talk to you about."

Brittany's head tilts in curiosity, "Okay." And Santana takes a deep breath and opens her mouth to say something when a very drunken and looking like he's going to puke Stan stumbles out of the house very close to them.

And then he pukes.

"Oh god, that's disgusting!" Santana exclaims quickly helping Brittany up and away from the nastiness she just witnessed. Brittany giggles a little as they get a few feet away and Santana frowns as she watches Stan slump to the ground.

"Someone should probably help him." She says dryly, clearly not enthused with the notion that that someone will most likely be her. Brittany's lips press against her cheek.

"You're such a good person baby." She says and the beaming smile Santana gets from Brittany is enough to make her want to do right, even if it's with an asshole that's been a pain to her for the last year. She rolls her eyes.

"Fine, I'll help him out, but then can we talk?"

Brittany nods, "Yeah, why don't you meet me in 'our' room." She says while emphasizing the word 'room' so Santana will know which one she's talking about. Mike's house is big, with several guest rooms and what not, and it's not the first Chang party they've been to. Over time, they have kind of dedicated one room in particular to be 'there's' and no one ever interrupts them when they're in it.

Santana smiles broadly and nods, "Okay." She says and leans in for one more kiss before she watches her girlfriend walk away, an extra sway in those short shorts covered hips. Once Brittany is out of sight Santana makes her way over to Stan.

"I'll be damned if you ruin my night tonight trouty face." She mumbles as she flips the boy onto his back and drags him out of the trampling path. She catches some mousey-faced little sophomore walking back into the house.

"Hey you!" When the girl turns to face her, Santana motions to Stan at her feet, "Stay with him to make sure he doesn't drown in his own vomit." The girl, too scared to even think about disobeying the once very terrifying and still intimidating Cheerios captain, nods and takes her place next to Stan.

Finally Santana heads into the house and towards where she knows Brittany will be waiting for her.

When she arrives at the door, she takes a deep breath and pats her denim shorts for the item that has been burning a hole in her pocket since this afternoon. Feeling it's small but significant presence still there, Santana runs over things in her head.

She knows that Brittany has reaffirmed time and time again that their love is strong enough to handle distance and time, and if they work together then Brittany can be successful at film school in Los Angeles and Santana can do what she loves best and sing her way to a recording contract in New York.

They will talk every day and visit as often as possible and will eventually pursue their careers with each other by their side, even if they have to wait a year or more to get there.

But the thing is that Santana doesn't want to wait a year or more. She doesn't want to be apart at all. She loves Brittany too much to leave her like that. Santana doesn't want long distance, because she doesn't plan on leaving.

Which is why, right now in this moment, tonight is not just any night for Santana.

Tonight will be the night that Santana gives the ultimate promise to Brittany, when she promises she'll be true to her and she's not about to live away from Brittany for any duration of time because she's going to love her like there's nothing else more important in this world.

For Santana, there's not.

At that thought, Santana smiles and turns to doorknob into the room where Brittany waits for her.

Tonight will be the first night of the rest of their lives because they're always going to be in the same place. Together.


And that is truly the end of this story. I don't know if it was what you were expecting, obviously if you know me at all you had to know there were going to be insane amounts of fluff (I did warn you). But I want to thank you again for taking this journey with me and making it worth it!

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