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This will be taking place after Galixia and Darien coming back. So if you haven't seen the very last season there will be spoilers.

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Now on with the fic…..

I, Serena Tuskino, needless to say am upset again. Darien had just up and went to Harvard without even thinking about talking to me about it first close to a year ago. Oh yea he told me after the fact and yes he gave me a promise ring. The ring was beautiful that baby pink stone in a heart shape set in a princess cut. He put it on my finger before leaving and not ever sending even one note or phone call.

The girls thought that I had been ignorant of Seiya's advances on me. That was a joke of course I recognized Seiya's advances. I'm not stupid in the least. I choose to ignore them for the most part, because I had faith in Darien. I had loved Darien even before I found out he was Endy and that I was the moon princess. Even when I was starting to doubt myself when I received not even a word from Darien I remained faithful to him.

Then we had the whole thing with Galixia go down and I lost everybody. Thankfully though in the end I won the fight and got everybody back including Darien. So at least I finally knew what had happened to him and that he hadn't completely forgotten my existence. Without him around I had started doing better in school. I was trying to prove to myself that I wasn't a complete dunce, and that I could actually be smart. I wanted to be worthy of my prince. Of course that was a joke.

Seiya and the rest of the Starlight's left with their own princess back to their own planet. I started to feel lonely. Yes, I had the girls and Darien, but something just didn't feel right. In one of the moments I had alone with him I asked him straight out. "Do you love me?"

He answered with a "Yes." That was it. We kissed and then he walked me home. I didn't invite him in and just closed the door to go to bed. Luna was with Artemis at Mina's house. And my parents had yet to come back from their trip to South America with Sammy. So yea, I was living on my own. I was surviving. They had been for the whole year that Darien was away. Did the girls know? No. I hadn't told them and wasn't going to. I was surviving on my own. I had to. It's not like I could have gone with my parents. Of course I had put up a fight because I didn't want to leave my friends behind. That was partially true. In truth it was because of Scout business. And I was glad I hadn't left because if not what would have happened with the whole Galixia business.

So needless to say I was lonely but I knew I'd be fine. There were worst things I had been through. And I just knew that Darien wasn't going to leave again. Not after everything we had been through. He could become a doctor just as easily here as in America. And just looked what happened when he left. We were attacked. Of course we are attacked when he's here to…. So I guess it doesn't really matter. But I figure he'll stay this time. I hope so. I feel less lonely with him here.

The whole first week Darien was back we went to school I aced my test. Why I had yet to show anybody my good grades was a mystery to me to. I just could never bring myself to do it. With Darien back though I figured now would be the time to do it with everybody back.

When I got to the shrine after receiving the test scores I was ready to show off. I was early for a change not having detention or anything. Mina had detention though. She hadn't started improving her grades yet, but I figured she would soon without me there she would be the only one with really poor grades. I looked forward to surprising everyone. Even Trista, Michelle, Hotaru, and Amara were going to be at this meeting. I walked up the steps before Amy and Lita had even gotten close. I got to the top and looked around waiting to see Raye who hadn't gotten there yet. Wow, for a change I really was early. It felt nice. It felt good. Mr. Hino left me alone while I sat on the steps waiting for everyone to show up.

Raye was the first up the steps. She stopped when she saw me and her jaw dropped open in shock. She came over to me and said, "Well about time Serena."

I smiled at her and said, "I know right."

"You ok?" she asked me quietly.

"Yea, just thought it was time for a change."

"Well I'm glad."

"Me too."

She sat down beside me as we waited for the rest of the girls to show up. Amy came over the steps first followed closely by Lita. Both reacted the same way as Raye. Then Amara, Michelle, Trista, and Hotaru came next and they both smiled in a pleasant surprise. Everybody was happy. To not repeat myself to much it felt good. Mina was last of the girls to show up. I was starting to get nervous I figured that Darian would have been there before her, but maybe something held him up. I was starting to feel like only good things were going to come from here on now until Cristal Tokyo time.

I sat there with the girls just talking and enjoying the sun when I saw his black hair starting to come over the top of the stairs. I stayed sitting where I was and started to pull out my test paper from my backpack. He made it up to us and stood beside Amara and Michelle.

"Alright, let's get started with business." Raye said.

I held up my test paper and said, "I got an A."

Everybody was shocked needless to say. And then they all started to congratulate me. It was so wonderful. All my hard work had paid off and Darien got to see that I was trying to be more mature to. After everybody had settled down Darien looked at everybody and smiled then said, "Well I have some more great news."

"What is it?" I asked him thinking that he was going to say something about getting back into Tokyo University and taking his courses.

"Harvard agreed to take me back. That's what made me so late. I leave in two days to start the next semester."

Everybody was silent. I sat there shocked. He did it again. He decided on something without talking to me again. His girlfriend and the girl he gave the promise ring to. I started to doubt myself again. Then I thought about that show on Disney Channel the other night. Good Luck Charlie and Teddy's boyfriend had the same thing happen. Although they were only a few states away from each other he came home and asked her before he accepted. Giving her the chance to say something about his going. To help make the decision. It wasn't made for her but she got to help in his decision.

I looked at everybody as they slowly started congratulating him one by one. I looked at him and realized. What he was doing wasn't right. He never asked me about anything. I got left behind at Amara's dirt bike race and instead of pulling on the cord to get the bus to stop he just goes, "Oh she'll catch the next bus. She'll be fine." I was lucky Amara came up behind me when she did or I would have been over an hour late getting home. Of course we got attacked later but that wasn't the point.

Then my thoughts turned to how every time something happened he was quick to leave. When he lost his memories after Beryl he hated me. When he remembered I was the princess then he loved me again. Just to dump me over dreams. Which come to think of it he didn't ask me about it either. He just decided for me. He should have asked or said something instead of breaking my heart. Then the whole pure heart crystal thing happened. And he was sweet somewhat with my birthday defending me and being captured in my place and the glass slippers. But was that really for me or was it because I am the princess and to keep the peace for Renee? We went to that Greenhouse and he called me his friend to his good friend and only called me his future wife when he was trying to get rid of Mimette's attentions. The whole Dark Moon Circus and Nehellenia and getting recaptured again by her., and my having to defend him over and over again. Our connection wasn't even as strong as it used to be. He doesn't even notice when I'm in danger and need help any more. He didn't try to fight it off Nehellenia's control or Beryl's really, unless you count when I pulled out the locket and he remembered. He never tries to fight back for me.

I am Sailor Moon and as Sailor Moon he protected me. But when he didn't know I was Sailor Moon he bullied me. He bullied me when he lost his memories. As a matter of fact the only times he was nice to me was after he remembered I was the princess. All of this took a few moments for me to realize that I didn't need that. I didn't need him. I didn't need this rollercoaster of emotions. I didn't need him treating me like an annoying child he has to put up with. I thought about how Trista had let it slip that Renee was an only child. Could it be because we stuck it out long enough to keep the timeline on track and then broke up? Renee didn't really say anything when she came back. But could it be that they sent her back for training because they didn't want her around until the divorce was settled? Could I do that to? Could I sacrifice my happiness just for Crystal Tokyo and Renee? No, I couldn't do that. I deserve respect. I deserve happiness. I deserve to live my life the way I want not because it's predestined. The future can change with every decision that is made. And from the look on Trista's face she wasn't too happy with Darien's decision either.

I looked at her and she shrugged her shoulders at me. I frowned towards her and as the congratulations calmed down everybody looked to me to say something. I looked at each of the girl's one by one. Amara was flexing her hands like she wanted to hit something. Michelle was frowning and keeping a hand on Amara. Hotaru looked sad. Amy nodded her head at me in understanding. Raye and Lita looked torn. And Mina looked sadder than everybody else. I finally looked at Darien and he was smiling at me like he figured I smile and cheer with everybody else. His smile started to falter as I stood up.

I looked at him and said, "I loved you before I knew you were Tuxedo Mask or Endymion. I stood by you and fought for you. I have never given up on us. You only hold my hand, hug me, or even kiss me when you know we are alone. You blow me off a lot. I understand studying, but even when I have come to surprise you at work you blow me off without even a smile of hello. You don't ever discuss anything with me even when it concerns me. Yea those dreams were scary but you could have asked me what I thought. You could have said something. You have never really fought for me. You only ever defended me when I am Sailor Moon or Serenity. But as Serena you ignore me and push me away. At moments I actually have fooled myself into believing you love me just for you to go and change and push me away again. I have always fought for our "love". But have you ever fought for it? No!"

He started to speak, but I said, "No don't you dare interrupt me Darien. You left for Harvard the first time without talking to me at all about it. You applied for it without saying a word. You left for a year. Yes, I know Galixia and Chaos were behind that but damn it Darien. I'm tired. I remained faithful to you even though I wrote to you every day and called at least twice a day. Not one word but when Seiya flirted with me I let him know I was taken. I made it clear to every guy who approached me that I was taken. I wore your stupid ring…"I reached up and pulled it off in my hand breaking the chain from around my neck "I wore it every day. It was too big for my hand so I kept it on a string so I could have it with me all the time. Thinking that it was a promise from you that we would be together. Now I know it was a shallow symbol. You didn't want to compete in the love competition in the park. Not because of Molly and Melvin and making sure that they won. You did it because you didn't want to lose. Which you would have. I know that now. I realize now that you have never really loved me like I loved you. I sincerely hope that you have a good time at Harvard and find somebody really nice, because I will not wait around for a shallow one sided love. I will not give up my happiness to secure an uncertain future. I will not be disrespected by you any more Darien."

I had started crying towards the end because it was hurting to break up with him. But I knew what I was doing was right. I stood up and handed the ring to him and said, "Give it to a girl who you really love Darien. Because we both deserve to be happy and even though it's not together I'm fine with us continuing being friends. That is if you even want that." I looked at everybody wiped my eyes and said, "Now I'm sorry I can't stay for the meeting but I am going to be late for work. I'll call you girls tonight." And with that I left to go to work at the arcade.

Andrew had been happy to give me the afternoon off but right now all I wanted to do was work and I knew that he needed the help. Especially when Elizabeth had texted me before Mina had gotten there asking me to cover her shift. I walked to the arcade with my head held high and felling light for the first time in a long time. I realized that everything with Darien had been pulling me down for a while now and that I really had needed to do it. I doubted he would do anything. He'd probably cheer once he was away from everybody who would be upset with him. I got to say I'm not happy but I'm not going to throw a tantrum like a child would.

I waited tables for the rest of the afternoon and Andrew thanked me profusely when my shift was over. Of course I had no problem with it. Money was running out and my family hadn't come back yet so I had to find a job to eat and get supplies. There wasn't much I could do by myself but at sixteen I could work a decent job and be able to take care of myself just fine.

I left to go home and got there just as the girls arrived. They carried pizza, ice cream, soda, and overnight bags. Even the Michelle, Amara, Trista, and Hotaru were there. Mina smiled and said, "I think tonight would make a great girls night in don't you?"

I smiled at them and pulled out my key and said, "Yea, sure would and at least this one isn't completely impromptu as last time." Raye, Michelle, Amara, and I all laughed at that remembering that evening not but a few weeks ago. The girls came in and looked around and Raye asked, "Will your parent's mind to much?"

"Oh no they are still in South America. But hopefully they will be back in a few months."

They all looked at me with shocked expressions on their faces but they smiled and we started to enjoy our girl's night in.

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