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Trista's P.O.V.

The future is always changing and never certain. Every line is different with every single minute decision that is made. Every decision can have multiple outcomes depending on decisions coming from the original choice. Some things are set no matter what. Some things are not. There are multiple worlds for every thread of time that there is. I guard the gate for a reason. Crystal Tokyo might happen and it might not. There is not always a small lady. Sometimes there is. The possibilities are endless and I have to watch it happen. I cannot interfere I cannot say a word. I wish that I could help Serena more so with everything that is going on but I cannot. I hate being inactive when the future can be at jeopardy but what happens will happen. I am proud of Serena because Darien has become unbearably big headed. I don't blame her and the least. I can take some consolation that I can peer into this future and watch what will happen. As I look at Hotaru, Amara, and Michelle I see how worried they look. I cannot say anything to them either. But who knows maybe they will figure it out themselves nothing rules that out.

Serena's P.O.V.

That jerk. That absolute jerk. He didn't believe me when I broke up with him. He didn't even say anything besides an empty appeasement. I cannot believe that I actually thought that I loved him. I…I…grrr I'm speechless what else is there for me to say. I arrived at work and Andrew's mouth dropped open.

"Serena your hair!"

"Yea Drew I got it cut. Do you like it?"

"I love it. Has Darien seen it yet?"

"Yes and he completely ignored it. You know I know he's a friend of yours so I'll keep you out of it. I don't want to put you in the middle of it."

"That's fine Serena. You do what you need to do. I'm here for you. I'm an open ear and mind. It's not like I have any girlfriends to worry about."

"WHAT?! You and Rita broke up? When did that happen?"

"Oh a not to long after Darien left for America. Long distance relationships don't really work out. I just didn't want to say anything to you because of Darien being so far off. If anything I thought you two would make it work. Just because of your determination if not his."

"Oh wow I'm sorry Drew you know you could have said something to me. I feel like I'm not much of a friend to you because of this."

"Don't you dare start blaming yourself Serena. You always take on the blame for anything and everything. You need to stop doing that Serena. You are brave, strong, smart, young woman and Darien is an idiot if he's going to let you go."

I sniffed a little bit as I put on my apron. "Thank you Drew you don't know how much that helps hearing that coming from you."

"No problem Serena. I'm glad to help you anyway I can. Now let's get ready for the lunch rush. That should help get your mind off of everything."

At that moment crowds of kids, teenagers, and adults came in to get food and play the games. I started taking orders from all the tables and like Drew said the lunch rush was helping my mind get off of Darien. It was still early into the lunch rush when I heard the bell ring over the door and saw Darien come in. He hadn't seen me yet and went towards the counter to talk to Drew. I was proud of myself when I realized I really didn't care what Darien had to say about anything. I continued working when all of a sudden I heard something I have never really heard before Drew shouting.

The whole arcade went quiet as everybody turned to watch the scene. Darien yelled back something I really couldn't understand and then next thing I knew Drew's fist was flying and Darien was on the ground. "You are not allowed in here anymore Darien. I'm glad she broke up with you. You don't deserve her now get out of here."

I saw Darien holding his already blacked eye get up and storm out of the arcade. I rushed up to Drew and said, "Elizabeth you take over for a bit." I took Drew by the hand and lead him into the back.

"Drew what in the world happened?"

"He really is oblivious. He walked right past you and up to me to ask if I'd seen you. I told him yea of course I have she works here. He didn't believe that saying something along the lines of yea right now where is she really. He didn't believe me. I asked him when he got back from Harvard. He said 'Oh I never made it. I was in a coma. But I'm going back tomorrow thankfully they took me back.' I asked him about leaving things like they are with you. He said, 'Yea she broke up with me. But it's probably for the best so she could grow up more. Besides she'll come back.' I can't believe it. I just saw red and then I punched him."

"Yea well now you've hurt your knuckles. Here let me bandage them up for you." I pulled down the first aid kit and started taking care of his bruised up knuckles. They had started to swell. I almost felt sorry for Darien that was the second time he had been hit in the past couple of days. Even poor Drew got mad at him.

"Thanks Serena. Now let's get back to work."

We walked out of the back room and everybody had gotten back to their food and games. I finished taking care of my tables and the rest of the work day remained uneventful.

I went home thinking about how much had happened in the past few days. I couldn't believe how Darien was acting. He finally believes that it's over with and he thinks I'm still acting like a child. He hasn't even acted upset. It's taking a lot out of me not to break down crying at any moment. He'll be leaving tomorrow to go to Harvard. In some ways I'm thinking about going to the airport just to see if he really does leave tomorrow. But then again I might not because I might be to tempted to ask him to stay.

I called up Raye on my cell phone and said, "I need the voice of reason."

"What's up Serena?"

I quickly told her about what had happened in the arcade and she burst out laughing.

"Drew actually punched Darien."

"Yea" I finished telling her about what Darien had said.

"I really can't believe him. That jerk."

"Yea I know what you mean. But I need help in deciding if I should go tomorrow or not."

"Well it's up to you. I mean if he sees you he might think that you're doing what he wants. If you don't go it might drive it home to him that it is over with. You know we will back you no matter what your decision. I mean you'll find out no matter what if you don't see him for a few days."

"Thanks Raye I needed to hear."

"No problem Serena. You know you can call at any time if you need to."

"Ok bye Raye."

"Bye Serena."

I hung up the phone just as I got to the front door and saw the dozen red roses on the front porch. I reached down and picked up the flowers and pulled out the note on the inside. These weren't Darien's lasting but just as beautiful.

I read the note and it said,

"Your hair though short is as beautiful as long. Your eyes are bright and shine like the ocean when the sun hits it. You are Beautiful and Wonderful. I hope to someday get up the courage to say these things to your face.


Your Secret Admirer

What in the world? Who did these come from? Why are they here and now? It's obviously for me from the hair comment. I went inside locked the door and put the flowers into a vase my mind now on the puzzle of who my secret admirer could be.

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