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Serena P.O.V.

I got up early in the morning and got ready to meet the girls. Luna was still asleep in bed as I slipped out the door. I wanted to take an early morning walk around the park to just relax a bit before the long shopping trip. I looked down as I stepped out the door and saw an envelope on my doorstep. I opened it up and found two tickets for the winter formal and a note.

Dear Serena,

You seem to grow more beautiful every day. I hope that you will meet me in the middle of the dance floor at the winter formal next Saturday night at 9. You will know me when you see me. I have provided a ticket for you and a friend so that you will feel more comfortable meeting me.

With Great Hope,

Your Secret Admirer

I read the note over again and went and side and set the envelope on the table and went for a walk. I wanted to think about everything. It really was quiet vague of a description. How will I know him on site if I don't know who he is yet? It has to be somebody I know but who? I continued to walk through the park when I heard screaming coming from the playground. You have got to be kidding me. I ran through the park as quickly as possible and called the girls. I got to the playground and saw a giant creature chasing after the children. I went behind a tree and quickly transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon.

As soon as the creature saw me step from behind the tree it changed course and came right at me. I dodged quickly to the side so that I wouldn't get hurt. It turned and kept coming at me. All I could do at this point was keep it away from the children and wait for the scouts to arrive. I had lost my tiara in this transformation so I didn't even have that to rely on anymore. Thankfully I heard what I was hoping for when I heard, "World Shaking." I dodged out of the way as I felt the blast rocket right past me.

"About time Uranus."

"Where are the others?'

"They aren't here yet." I ran back to her looking for Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto. They were nowhere to be seen. "Where are the rest of the outers Uranus?"

"They are on their way."

"Ok so it's just the two of us let's get this over with."

"Ok Sailor Moon. World Shaking." She yelled out as she sent another attack towards the monster that had just started to get reoriented.

It collapsed to the ground again and I quickly finished it off with my wand. As it disappeared into dust we waited to see if anybody was going to come claim it, or insult us, or something. But nobody came. So we both left quickly detransforming as soon as we were clear. I called up the girls and told them that we would meet at the temple instead of the mall to talk about the new development.

A short time later everybody was at the temple sitting around the great fire as Raye did a reading. She sat reading the fire for over an hour with no results.

"Maybe it was just a left over from the last time. That's happened before you know." Mina said.

"I don't trust it," I said, "It's been way to quiet for the past month we've never been this lucky before. Unfortunately none of us saw how it showed up. So I think we need to make sure to keep our communicators on us at all times. And if possible staying together in at least groups of two. This demon didn't really do anything this time, and was easy to defeat but I don't trust the others to be so easy."

I looked around at everybody as they nodded their heads in agreement. It would be annoying but it was a necessity I was getting a bad feeling even if Raye hadn't read anything yet. I wasn't willing to believe it because it would be nice for some peace once in a while. I looked around at the girls and smiled and said, "Let's go get our dresses." And with that they all smiled and got up as one to head to the mall with Mina in the lead.

We got to the mall and to the dress shop and quickly started going through the racks picking out dresses to try on. Raye got a red strapless dress in a trumpet style. Amy's was blue in a mermaid style with thin straps. Mina's was orange and in a ball gown style. Lita's was forest green with red roses that held the straps on and was in an A-line style. I looked around as the girls checked out their dresses when I noticed a dress cut with an empire waist and had straps that draped off the shoulder and it was an ivory color with a lace overlay. I walked up to it and went into the dressing room with it. It fit perfectly and I took it out to the counter and bought it. It was right in my budget and everything. Next we all went and got masks that matched our dresses. Oh yes a masquerade how perfect to meet a secret admirer yet. I'd be able to see everything but his face.

We all went to our respective homes to put our dresses up before going back to the Crown to have shakes and burgers. I got there first and saw Andrew standing at the counter. He wasn't busy at the moment so I went up to say hi to him. He looked up and smiled in greeting at me.

"Hey Serena what's up?"

"Oh nothing much the girl's and I just got our dresses for the winter formal."

"Oh yea that's coming up next Saturday. Elizabeth's going with somebody from your school."

"That's cool can't wait to see her there. By the way Drew I've got a question for you."

"What is it Serena?"

"Well I happen to have an extra ticket and I was wondering if you would go… with me?"

He looked surprised for a moment and then sad, "Oh Serena I'm so sorry. I wish I could but I've got to work that night. We are staying open later because of the formal. Dad just decided it."

"Oh well…I guess… I'm sorry."

"Oh no I'm sorry Serena. Well I've got to get back to work you have fun now."

"Ok Drew. I'll talk to you in a bit." I said as I walked off to the booths as the girls arrived. We got into the booth and settled down as Elizabeth came up to us to take our orders.

"You are so lucky Serena. I wish I could have had the day off. So what do you girls want?"

Elizabeth walked off to go give Andrew our orders and the girls and I talked about our dresses and next Saturday night. I looked towards the counter and saw Elizabeth picking up our orders and coming back to us.

"Hey Elizabeth sorry to hear that Drew's having to stay so late next Saturday night because of the formal." I said.

"What are you talking about Serena," she asked as she passed out the food to all of us, "Drew's going to be a chaperone at the formal."

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