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Darien's P.O.V.

I sat in the jail cell looking across at Alan who was staring back at me. I glowered at him and said, "Why?"

"Why what Darien?"

"Why are you back I thought you were healed and gone with Ann?!"

"We got into a fight and I came back here. I remembered Serena. Her kindness and her strength were big in my thoughts. Also she might have been a little clumsy but you could just tell that she is smarter then she appears. Although nobody seems to have given her the chance. I remembered how she doesn't give up in what she believes in. She didn't give up on you not once while you could not remember her. You were a very lucky man. But I wanted to see her again and see if I had a chance if it weren't for you. But now that you are out of the way well maybe…Just maybe I do stand a chance."

I sat there speechless thinking about what he just said. Reviewing it through my mind. "But she was so immature then how could that not make an impression?"

"You remember Ann right Darien? She wasn't the most mature person in the universe and extremely jealous. I can't count the number of times she tried to kill Serena to get to you. And she almost succeeded. I saw Serena's jealousy, but it was nothing compared to that. You can tell that Serena has low self-esteem. She easily gives up on herself even if she doesn't give up on others. I think that's what makes her so strong and courageous."

I looked at Alan and said, "I want to win her back. I love her. Drew started doing those secret admirer notes and then I told him that I had seen the error of my ways. He told me there was so much to learn about Serena that I hadn't learned about her. He started helping me with the secret admirer notes and presents. Even Melvin was helping out. Telling me about how it wasn't until she moved back her from… well they wouldn't tell me that… that her grades went down. Now you're here telling me about this."

Alan looked at me with some surprise on his face. "Are you really that self -conceited that you hadn't even taken time to learn anything about her before you broke up?"

"What? No. I know a lot about her."

"Oh really Darien? I don't think so. I know more about her then you do. And I was only in her life for a few months. You have known her for years. Even I know her father was transferred to work for the Daily Planet in Gotham (bonus cookies to those who name both of these tributes in their reviews). She was a straight A student but her dad divorced her mom and got remarried and she and her sister were separated. Her father got custody of her and Sammy. Her mom got custody of her sister and her other little brother. A 50/50 split."

"How do you know that?"

"We were talking about siblings one day when Ann was so busy chasing after you. She was tired that day. Not quite ready to give up on you but getting tired of trying to make you remember. She and I became good friends. Towards the end I really wasn't that interested in her. It was really Ann that I loved. I just guess I needed a reminder of that. Maybe you need to remember to. Maybe you need to learn about her and talk to her. Think about it. What do you really know about Serena?"

"I know a lot. I didn't know that, but I know a lot."

"Like what?"

"Well her name is Serena Tuskino and her birthday is June 30th and…."

"And… what? That's basic info Shields."

"Well I know that she loves chocolate and gets a milkshake from the arcade every day. She used to have a crush on Andrew. Melvin and you used to have crushes on her but I couldn't understand it. She spends a lot of her allowance on toys and magna. Although I never know how such a small house can hold so many stuffed animals?"

"Do you know why she gets so many stuffed animals?"

"She collects them I guess. She squeals and can't decide which one she wants then buys them both anyway. I've been there a few times that's why I never get her anything like that. I mean how childish is that?"

"She gives them to charity."


"I went with her once. First to a children's hospital then to an orphanage. She's been doing it for years. Since she was old enough to donate. Has a lot of money trouble. Sometimes she can't decide which one would be more popular. She doesn't want people to know. But I was lonely and I think she sensed that I needed to see such kindness in this world. I started changing then for the better. Shields to me it seems like you don't really know her at all. I wonder how many other out there knows more then you."

"Ok so I didn't know those things. But I mean I'm in a jail cell I can't honestly remember so much."

"Shields I knew her a year and a half ago, and only for a few months and you barely know more about her then an acquaintance would. I hate repeating myself but you really are hard headed. Look I'm going to give you some advice because I want to apologize to Ann before it's too late. Learn about Serena don't try to get back together right away. Just try to be friends first so that way she might talk to you. Don't try to pick things back up the way they were because sounds to me like it was a broken and fractured relationship before. A one way kind of love. Ann and I were like that. She even more so than me. I kept holding on and she kept trying to get away, but kept coming back. She loved me but wasn't ready to commit. I tried to make her jealous. I tried to make her care more. After we met Serena and you and for a brief moment saw the love that passed between the two of you it helped us change and grow. Ann didn't really know love. Neither did I. But now I do and so does she. We care about each other. It was just a little fight and a compulsion to come back. Now I think I know why?"


"Well I think that you should learn on your own Darien."

At that moment Andrew and a guard showed up. The guard looked at us both and said, "You're free to go. No charges unless of course you two want to do so."

"No thank you officer."

We left the jail together. Once we got outside Alan went one way and Andrew and I the other.

"Did you know that Serena gives all those stuffed animals and toys she buys to charity and that her parents were divorced?" I asked Andrew.

"Of course I did. They divorced shortly after moving to Gotham. Serena, Katherine, Sammy, Kyle were all very close but the judge split them in half. Katherine was Sammy's best friend and Serena was Kyle's. Why do you ask?"

"Alan just told me all of that."

"You mean you didn't really know?"

"No I didn't."

"Maybe I shouldn't be helping you two get back together. She knows twice as much about you then you know about her."

"Right now Drew I don't want to win her back…"

"What?!" Drew cut in.

"I want to be her friend like you and Melvin. I want to learn about her more so than I do now. I mean I want to get back together but maybe Alan was right. She and I need to start out as friends not just start back where we left off."

"Good for you Darien. Maybe you actually are learning something?"

"What?" I asked shoving him a little.

He shoved back and said, "You know what I mean dude. Now let's go get some milkshakes my treat."

"Ha ha very funny Drew." I said as we walked to the arcade.

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