"I'm going ghost," I shout at the top of my lungs.

"Cut!" great just great. "Danny I don't think you have got the right emotions yet," the director. Says coming on to the set.

"Right emotions, come on Butch, it's just a stupid catch phrase, I mean how hard is it to scream 'I'm going ghost?" I question him, while receiving a bottle of water from one of the unpaid interns.

"come on Daniel, remember this is the scene while your beautiful girlfriend is kidnapped by your arch rival Vlad and you are frustrated enraged that he would ever stoop down to this level of kidnapping someone so close to you?" Butch replies. "Uh, you know what, it is okay. That's a wrap people, we will pick up where we left off yesterday. Please Danny be on top of your game tomorrow."

"Hey man. No worries I will try," I reply making me way off stage and heading out of the studio. I reach my trailer and step inside. "Hello, Mr. Fenton, you have twelve voice calls from a Miss Pickles. I took the liberty of listening to them," my assistant. Michelle summers says. Nice girl, not the prettiest but she got the job done.

"Oh man, really, what did Angelica want now?" I ask. I swear that chick was stalking me.

"Nothing important just wondering if you were ever going to keep those dinner plans you promised her," Michelle replies.

"Hmm, how is my schedule then?" I ask changing clothes, into something a bit more my style. A pair of grey slim jeans, with a black and lime green t-shirt and a pair of grey and lime green high tops.

"Apart from work and a couple of parties, you are free for the next month," she replies.

"Fuck, hmm, lie to her that I'm pretty busy right now, but yeah I will defiantly keep it," I reply. Heading for the door, when suddenly it swings open and my little sister Danielle comes bombarding into my RV.

"I need to borrow your car," she says jumping onto my couch and leaning back.

"Let me think about that no!" I shout back at her.

"Come on, please do you realize how embarrassing it is to be picked up from the set by mum?" she asks, grabbing a chocolate bar that was on the table.

"First off I was going to eat that and second why can't you wait two years to get your own car," I reply snatching the chocolate out of her hand. "Oh here is a crazy idea, why don't you ride the bus like a normal fourteen year old girl."

"Come on a celebrate like me, can't be seen on the bus, that's just a no no," she replies. Getting up and moving towards my fridge to yet again raid it of more food.

"Celebrate? You? You have only been in two Danny Phantom episodes, and that is because they couldn't find anyone who looks close enough to me, to play Danielle Phantom," I reply, starting to get annoyed by my sister actions.

"It may have been only two but they were enough for me to get enough fans for them to actually write fan fictions about, and on top of that they were thinking of giving me a spinoff series," she says eventually pulling out a kit Kat.

"Just because they wrote a couple of stories about you on does not make you famous," I reply rolling my eyes.

"I never said which website, hmm looks like someone loves reading fan fictions too," she says.

My face goes red at the comment, "Danielle can please get out of my RV," I say pointing towards the door.

"Fine, I will but I will just get a ride home with Jasmine, at least she is nice unlike some people," Danielle says, pouting and stomping out of my RV. Great I groan in annoyance, Michelle had been sitting in the corner listening to the whole conversation.

"Don't say anything," I say while rubbing my hair. She simply nods her head. "good, okay Michelle I'm see you tomorrow and remember you can just call me Danny," I say pushing open the door to the RV when I suddenly hear,

"Fenton!" I quickly step out and close the door to see my co-star Samantha Manson, standing there rubbing her forehead. "You did that one purpose!" she screams. I and she never get along despite our on screen characters apparently falling in love with each other.

"Maybe you should be a bit more careful, when you are stalking me," I reply, with a cheesy grin.

"You better watch it, Fenton or else," she replies, walking away from me.

"Nice Ass!" I shout to her back. She stops and stares at me giving me a glare before walking away.

"Dude, she looks annoyed," I hear someone say. I turn to my left to see my best friend Dash walk up to me.

"Hey man, you good?" I reply to him. "Yeah she always seems like that, so what's the plan?" I ask him.

"There is a party down at angel beach, you in?" he asks.

"Yeah why not," I reply.

"Was up, ugly losers," I hear someone shout. Turning I reply,

"Was up stupid motherfucker." I fist bump my other co-star Tucker Foley, unlike me and Sam we actually got along, "there is a party over at angel beach me and Dash about to head that side, you want in?"

"Nah guys, that sounds insane but unfortunately I got plans tonight, so maybe another time," he replies.

"Which chick is it now?" Dash asks.

"You know the brunette from the series icarly, yeah I'm tapping that shit," he replies.

"No way nice!" dash exclaims, putting out his fist which Tucker fist bumps.

"Hey I got to go met her for dinner and hopefully I will be having desert early," he says turning on his heels and heading off. "See you bitches tomorrow," he says.

"Come on Dash, I'm follow you down to the party in my car," I say heading towards, my prized all white Lamborghini avantador.

Okay so this is a behind the looks at how the make Danny Phantoms. If you get what I mean. No, Danny doesn't have any powers, it's all just special effects. But yeah if you guys like it and want to read some more please review this story. If I get enough I will continue, if not I'm just change it into a one-shot.