"Sam?" I mutter, "What are you doing here?" I ask.

"I'm here to give my respects," she replies gesturing to the large bouquet of flowers in her hand. "Danny," she says reaching her hand out to grab me.

"Look Sam… I just got to go," I reply, pushing my way past her.

"Danny please wait!" I hear her call out behind me. But I ignore her, I couldn't not today anyway. I walk back to the car forcefully wiping tears from my face. Getting into the car I punch the steering wheel out of anger. The glove compartment falls open and an old photo falls out. I pick it up. Blowing the dust off it, I see it's a picture of me and Sam, taken the day before my Dad passed away. I stare at it. Why? Why did he have to go so early? I wipe away another tear, wow I was getting pretty emotional. I look out the window to see Sam staring at the car. I can't talk to her not now, not with my guard down. I start the car and drive out of the car lot and onto the highway, I need to get back home.

I arrive back home I couple of hours later. Stepping out of the car and heading to the door. Opening it slowly I walk inside the house. Instantly I smelt the amazing aroma escaping from the kitchen. Walking into the room, I see mum busy away behind the stove and Danielle typing away on her phone. All was pretty peaceful then. It's not like they forgot the importance of this day, it's just their way of dealing with it. Every year, mum would make Dad's favorite meal, Vension steak with stroganoff sauce and fries. She even managed to do it when we were poor. Danielle on the other hand preferred a method similar to mine, ignoring the world.

"Hey sweetie," my mum says still cooking away on the cooker. She grabs some salt and gently sprinkles it into the pot. I sit on the island next to Danielle. She stops texting and looks at me.

"You are home early, what happened?" she asks.

"I met someone, when I was there and I didn't feel like talking so," I reply.

"Was it, that annoying girl with black hair and purple eyes?" Danielle asks picking up her phone to continue texting.

"Yeah it was her," I reply. My mum suddenly drops the lid on the pot.

"Hey don't say that about your friend," she snaps.

"You mean ex-friends, mum we haven't had a decent conversation in like twelve years," I reply.

"What happened then?" my mum asks, "Why did you stop?"

"We became poor," Danielle mutters.

"Danielle!" I hear my mum shout.

"What it's true, as soon as we lost everything, everyone left. Sam stopped talking to you because you became poor."

"That's not true…" I stammer.

"Bullshit! Sam is just another shallow bitch!" Danielle screams.

"Fuck this, I'm out," I mutter. Getting off the bar stool and walking out the kitchen

"Danny where are you going?" I hear my mother shout out from the kitchen.

"To see someone who actually cares!" I shout back. I grab the keys to my car and head out the front door, getting into the car. I drive out and take the quick thirty minute drive up the road to see my friend who I pretty much consider as my big sister. I pull out my phone and send her a quick text to come outside. I barely wait a minute before I see the tall red head come out of the house. She is watching a baby blue tee with black skinny jeans and slippers.

"Hey jasmine," I say.

"Hey Danny, so was up?" she asks.

"My mum and sister are fighting again," I reply learning against the side of my car. "It is about Sam this time."

"Wait Sam how?" she asks with a puzzled face.

"so when we were growing up Sam, Danielle and I used to hang out all the time, but after my Dad passed away we sort of stopped, Danielle and I moved to the other side of town and we sort of stopped hanging out, well until the show started."

"I honestly think Danielle is suffering from abandonment issues, you father pass away and then someone she pretty much considers as her sister leaves. I understand why she is acting out."

"Wow you're good, you know you should have been a physiologist instead of an actress."

"I know that was my plan B and my plan C was to become a stripper," she replies with a grin.

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