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Chapter 4

Harry was reading a book in the new library that he had when the floo system activated.

Harry was used to the floos activating at odd or regular times. Snape and his sisters loved visiting him through them.

It had been about a year since they had found the trunks and taken to living in them.

It had taken a week or two to settle in, but given that conditions in the new trunk were better than the home they had used to live in, they were fine with that.

Harry was currently studying the thrid year potions texts. Most of his studies were going extremely slow as he had to divide up time between the subjects that he wanted, but his potions was progressing extremely fast.

It might have had something to do with the fact that Harry and his sisters had convinced Sev, as they liked to call him, to look over the potions that Harry was making.

Of course, Snape went harder on him due to his lineage and Gryffindor tendencies as well as the fact that he was younger than any of his other students.

That just meant that the potions that he was creating were extremely close to perfection. About as close as you can get with just textbooks and a young potions master teaching him.

Harry was on the potion known as boil maker for obvious reasons. It was a variation for a first year potion, but it was still a great potion to learn.

He was about halfway through his third year potions text and he was only in second year with everything else, not surpirsing due to the information that he had to take in.

"Open," Harry hissed to the fireplace.

Harry had learned how to lock the floo down from his sisters and Sev in case something happened to any of them.

He had decided to lock it with Parseltongue since there was only one known speaker in recent times, and he was supposedly dead.

"Good day, Harry, do you mind if I come through?" Snape asked.

"Of course you can, Sev," Harry replied.

Sev stepped through the floo and looked around the place. It hadn't changed since he had last been there a week ago, but it was always good to make sure.

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"I just wanted your blessing to date your sister. I really like her." Sev said.

Now, there was one thing that Harry needed to make sure of never happened, his sister never dated a bad guy.

He was overprotective like that.

"Why do you want to date her?" Harry questioned as he leaned back in the chair and started subtly waving a gun around in his hand like it was second nature.

"I want to date her because she is sarcastic, smart, kind, caring, and clever. She is one of the only girls that I would ever consider dating." Sev replied, eying the gun in Harry's hand.

He knew what a gun did, he wasn't ignorant like most wizards.

Harry pondered it for a second and unconsciously clicked the safety off of the gun before flipping it back on.

Sev gulped down his fears as he eyed the gun. He knew Harry well enough to know that no wizards were safe from his wrath if they hurt his sisters.

It went the opposite ways with his sisters, so that was one of the reasons that Sev was asking his permission.

He would never date Rosie without his permission, mainly because both Rosie and Harry would hex Snape into oblivion.

"Fine, you can date her, but, if you break her heart," Harry then pulled the safety off of the gun and shot a vase near the wall. He muttered a reparo spell under his breath in order to repair it.

"That is what will happen to you, again and again." Harry said with a smirk.

Snape gulped before he quickly agreed that he would not hurt Harry's sister. That included going back to Voldemort in the next war.

Severus was kind of scared of Voldemort, but Harry was a thousand times more scary whenever he wanted to be.

Besides that, with the trunks not even registered at the ministry, they had a perfect hiding spot for whatever they wanted to do.

The only thing that the four really needed to go outside for was food and their jobs or school careers.

Harry didn't even have to go outside at all until Hogwarts started for him.

Sev inwardly pouted, he really didn't want to go back to work with all of the dunderheads he usually had to work with, but he really didn't have a choice thanks to Dumbledore and his hold on Snape.

That didn't mean that he wasn't going to be able to get out from under his influence when the time was right, however.

Their plan was to get Sev away from Dumbledore before Dumbledore got the idea to find a way to chain Severus to him other than the fear of the law.

Surpirsingly enough, it was Dana that thought up the plan and not Rosie or him.

For a Gryffindor, she was really a lot like a Slytherin.

Speaking of Dana and Rosie, they were both ostracized from their houses for consorting with the house rivals, it didn't matter whether or not they were family, in fact, most people liked to overlook that fact.

Harry could honestly say that he hated the house system as much as he hated anyone that attacked Rosie or Dana.

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