Year 749

He is smirking, because the little Koribian's tits felt as good as they looked. She's the third girl he's fucked since turning seventeen some six months before, and for the first time in a long time he has something to look forward to. He'll see her again after this year-long solitary mission, and he'll fuck her long and hard and enjoy every minute of it.

He is halfway to the pod station when he first hears the screams. As he gets closer to his destination he begins to make out words: 'Fuck you' and 'Fuck Frieza' seem to be the most common, and he finds himself admiring the courage, if not the stupidity, of whoever owns the feminine voice that echoes down the halls.

They've clearly just dragged whoever-she-is in. As he reaches his pod he gets a glimpse of them all two bays over- four uniformed soldiers all working to restrain the single thrashing weakling in the middle of the group. Zarbon is overseeing it all, yelling "Do not break her!" over and over again, and the word 'mastertech' is thrown about by one or two bystanders. He catches a glimpse of bright blue hair and is tempted to go over to get a better look, but thinks twice about it. He is the Prince of Saiyans and some weak crying female is not worthy of his attention.

He climbs into his ship and tells himself that he is not avoiding another run-in with Zarbon.