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The giggles and the pre-assumed gossip began to cease, as the soft tone of the music seeped onto the dance floor. The guests all ushered to the corner of the room with smiles on their faces, leaving the middle of the ballroom empty, and the chandelier cheerfully glistening overhead.

It was time, and she didn't even know it was happening.

The grip she had on the wine glass tightened as a heavy blush made way to her cheeks. She couldn't believe that he had chosen to play this song.

The crowd parted dramatically, as the groom made way to his bride, outstretching his hand and one knee placed on the ground.

"Could I please have the pleasure of this dance, [Last Name]?"

His voice resonated within the silence, instantly causing a smile to form on her lips. The guitar strums echoed, while she nodded slowly.

Basil's cheeks were tinted with a light shade of pink, and from the looks of it, he was trembling, almost as if she would reject him then and there. Normally, he would have never had the courage to ask someone such as beautiful as her to dance, but he felt brave today.

The butterflies in his stomach fluttered endlessly.

He held her in his arms, leading her to the middle of the ballroom, right under the chandelier. He took a deep breath, placing his hand on her waist, holding her close to him. She could feel his palm stuttering against her back, causing her to giggle.

She wrapped her hand in his a little tighter, reassuring him that he had nothing to be scared of. They swayed in time to the music, the song they called theirs, the song they had chosen to play at their first dance to their wedding.

It was a pretty cheesy thing to do, Basil was red at the idea being suggested but had more readily accepted it than she had.

They never had time to practice, and he had never held her this close. Amidst the missions, he barely made it to the wedding in time, rushing in with the rest of the Vongola family, but he made it.

He made it this far.

He held her closer, more closer than he had held her all this time, if it was possible. Twirling her lightly, she gracefully fell into his arms like she always did.

The guests applauded loudly, and not once did he let her go. He placed his lips on her forehead, kissing her softly.

She always thought that Basil looked like a prince, and today, clad in a white suit, leading their first dance, and an extravagant wedding that was all hers; she was never sure of anything this much in her life.

Basil was her prince, and this was the start of their happily ever after.