Past Encounters, a new story I've been meaning to get out of my head. I've noticed the rareness of time travel fics and how different they are from what I expected, so this popped in my head and hey! Why not let the Avengers get to know Loki and Thor in a whole new "Fresh" perspective.

And this baby was born! Mwahaha!

Summary: Loki tries a spell that sends him and Thor into the future right after the events of New York. Shield and the Avengers figure out a way to deal with two gods that barely even know them, a whole new side of Loki and Thor that they've never seen before and Better yet, they get to know the real story on how these two brothers end up falling apart. Time Travel.


(Asgard: Past)

Loki sat on one of the benches facing the training grounds. He was trying to avoid anyone who was trying to make him join the battle because he was too focused on the spell book he was holding and reading. From time to time, Loki would glance at Thor, who was winning every battle thrown at him. Loki would secretly smile, hiding it behind the book.

In his thoughts, he was already plotting tricks, mischief and numerous possibilities that could happen today.

The spell book he was reading didn't really have anything to do with his tricks and plans. His plan was in his room and he was secretly waiting for the right moment to do it, but in order to do it, it needs Thor's strength.

The lightning from Mjolnir.

Until Thor finishes with his training, Loki would have to wait.

"This could be fun." Loki felt a smile tugging on his lips.

Thor notices Loki sitting there alone, reading a book and so, he shakes his head and grins, strolling over to Loki despite the protests his friends made. With all arrogance and confidence, holding onto Mjolnir with his right hand, Thor stopped in front of Loki.

Loki peaks through the book.

"Brother, do you not wish to do battle and win?" Thor grins and boldly says. "You've been invested in that book for days now, surely it is getting tiresome."

"Magic is never boring, brother." Loki smiles. "Though I would have to decline. I do not wish to fight Sif and the others right now."

"Who said you would battle them?" Thor raised his chin in a smug way, his teeth showing with full cockiness.

"I would never be able to defeat you Thor."


"You and that hammer of yours are too far off my league." Loki pressed his lips into a thin line. "Perhaps another time?"

"That is probably because you do not practice enough. If you simple drop magic completely then you would be a better warrior. Maybe then, the others would stop mocking you in jest."

"They aren't jests, brother." Loki mumbles. "Besides, you know very well that Sif and the others do not like my company."

"That is what you think, Loki!" Thor looks at his friends waving at him. "They do wish to battle you, to test strengths and they are but jest. Learn to join in and be merry!"

"Fandral and Sif are waiting Thor." Loki tries to distract them. "You know very well that Sif does not like waiting. And if you dally any longer, Volstagg would eat the remaining food in service by the maids and Hogun would eventually cower to a corner to sulk."

"My priorities are of my own and it is now with you." Thor points.

"I fear for the inevitable."

"They would be fine without me for a while Loki. I often disappear just as much as you do when you cower to your room."

"I do not cower."

"Yes you do and besides, I am up for battle or anything to put my mind at ease. Even I am willing to partake in your mischief if you would again allow me. I remember the maids running from the snake you put in the kitchen before. Now what do you say, brother?"

"If you say so."

Loki pretends to agree, unsure of what Thor was talking about exactly. He knew that Thor was willing enough to join in with his mischief, that was a rare occasion now that they've grown up but today, today just seemed peaceful.

A great day to do something, extravagant. Just when Loki would frown, he had an idea.

"I have better plans for today brother, though, I am up for an adventure!"

"What kind of adventure?"

Thor curiously asks just as Loki drops the book onto his lap and grins.

"It is a secret." He says. "You must not tell, or we will not have it."

"We." Thor grins.

"Yes, we." Loki smiles.

"Can we bring the others?"

"No." Loki says, thinking. "Do you not want an adventure with just the two of us? And your coronation is only moments away! It would be fun!"

"Father has not decided that yet." Thor drops Mjolnir onto the bench next to Loki. "It would take a few more years before he decides."

"Before he decides." Loki snots. "Father has already made the decision."

"Has not."

"Has too." Loki pokes Thor's side. "Do you not recall that Father was planning about your coronation? He is already calling out for possible ideas for it. It is soon! I can tell!"

"Then, a coronation it is but who will Father pick? Perhaps you, you are good with diplomacy."

"But not good in battle." Loki leans back. "A king needs to be fit for anything the nine realms throw at us."

"Then, we have much learning to do."

"I will help you in the art of seducing with words, how does that sound?"

"Seduce-" Thor shoves Loki playfully. "Brother!"

"I jest!" He laughs.

"I still wonder who it will be."

"Maybe we are unsure, but we all know who the next king will be." Loki smiles. "You will make a great king, someday. So what do you say?"

Thor thinks for a moment, an adventure did sound nice.

He and Loki have been locked in the palace walls for months now and he did long for something grand and new, maybe this time, it was something good.

Despite the mischief Loki causes, it was fun nonetheless. Loki made Asgard enjoyable for Thor and Thor may not realize it but he would definitely not let an opportunity like this get past him.

"How would we do this then?" He asks.

"Simple." Loki grins.

"I'm listening."

"I've been practicing for a while and I've been meaning to show you." Loki reconsiders. "If you are willing?"

"Of course I am!" Thor beams. "When have I ever turned a challenge or an adventure down?"

"Well keep your voice down brother or we will not have it."

Thor stays silent.

"Have you heard of the tales mother would tell us when we were younger, about going to the past, the present or the future? The ones that the Norns hold clear in their hands? For them to idly see, predict or change as they please."

"Yes." Thor knots his eyebrows. "What of it?"

"I have found some ancient scrolls in the library and have been learning it. There are ways to do that and I may have had a breakthrough last night."

"Then, that is marvelous!" Thor thinks.

"It is." Loki smiles at his accomplishment.

"Why did you not tell Father of this?"

"What do you mean?" Loki blinks. "Father doesn't need to know."

"If we are capable of changing time then maybe we could-"

"It is not safe." Loki places the book down next to him.

"There is nothing the Odinson's cannot handle!" Thor grins and Loki shakes his head.

"What I meant is, that it is not safe. We cannot change anything, this spell I would use to activate the magic to travel would require more strength, and it is a gamble on whether or not it will work but we still cannot touch the fabric of time, it would break our world and countless others."

"It is only legend." Thor snorts.

"Legends are very known to be true in the past. We're legends ourselves."

"If we are then when has legends ever scared us? We are Aesir, nothing bothers us, brother. We fight, we battle, we wage into war. That is our nature."

"It does not hurt to be careful."

"You are always careful." Thor laughs. "So what do you say then brother? Shall we do it? I am willing to lend a hand."

"Truly?" Loki's eyes widened. "You'd help?"

"Why not? I wish to travel! Besides, we are only taking a peak, yes?"

Loki's lips tugged into a smirk.

"Yes, just a peak."

"So it is strength you need. I have it." Thor laughs. "I would use brute force for this to work? I am perplexed about the idea of me, hitting magic, it does not seem accurate."

"No brother, you do not need brute strength." Loki giggles, covering his mouth. "But we will have to use Mjolnir."

"Then let us try it."

Thor stands and grabs Mjolnir, heading away from the training grounds.

"Wait Thor!"

Loki lunges to follow Thor, leaving the spell book on the bench.

"I am no patient man brother."

Just as Thor and Loki were leaving, Sif and the warriors three stopped what they were doing to look at the two brothers leave the training grounds. They saw Loki running to catch up to Thor, like always. They wondered what was so important that made Thor leave the battle field, or rather training field.

"What do you think they are up to?" Fandral asks.

"Possibly another one of Loki's mischief." Sif rolls her eyes, swinging her swords. "Or he wishes to show Thor his magic tricks."

"Loki was always good with words." Volstagg prims. "And magic, though it's for maidens and all."

"He must've bribed Thor to do one of his dirty works again." Sif mumbles.

"Thor always manages to get bribed by Loki, it's not uncommon anymore." Fandral shrugs. "And Thor loves Loki, despite his, how do you say... weirdness, in a sense?"

"Brothers will be brothers." Hogun speaks from the corner.

"Let's just hope that whatever it is, it's not dangerous." Volstagg pipes in. "You never know, when those two join forces-"

"Chaos reigns in Asgard." Sif finishes. "Let the Norns give us mercy."

"Aye." Volstagg and Hogun said.

"Milady." Fandral swishes his sword. "Shall we dance?"

Sif smirks and lunges forward.

Loki follows Thor, who was headed straight for Loki's room. Loki frowned a little, this was too easy. Thor was going along with this plan without a second thought. He shrugged it off, maybe traveling to another time would be fun.

Who knows?

Certainly not him.

Thor barged into Loki's room with no warning, slamming the door open and striding forward leaving Loki to lock the door. The room was clean and neatly organized, with a large bed in the middle covered with green sheets and a few books scattered on top, a terrace outside with a beautiful view of the bifrost, green curtains rounding the sides and Books neatly stacked on the shelves near the wall.

Thor dropped Mjolnir next to him and sat on Loki's bed, waiting and enthralled by Loki's room which he hadn't been in for quite some time.

Loki stood there in the middle, playing with the hem of his sleeves, staring into Thor's eyes, unsure of what to do.

"What are you doing standing there Loki?" Thor grunts impatiently.

"Pardon?" Loki innocently asks, unsure.

"I seek an adventure, when will you begin?"

"You truly want to start now?" Loki thinks it's a bad idea. "I have this sudden feeling that I will not like the outcome of this. Right now, brother?"

"You were the one who enticed me to do this, don't tell me you are backing out." Thor teased.

"I know but-"

"Are you a coward brother? Surely a son of Odin-"

"Okay!" Loki pouted. "I'll do it. You don't need to tease me."

"I am simply encouraging you." Thor scoffs and questions. "So, all you do is cast the spell and it would be done with, yes?"

"I think so. I've been tampering with the spell for over a week now. I believe it somewhat works."


"I am not truly sure." Loki feels a pain in his heart when Thor shrugs, uncaring. "I am barely a master in magic and I teach myself, alone, so the least you could do is trust me, brother. I can make this work."

"I do trust you, but do you think we will see ourselves in this, other time, the past? The future?"

Loki stops, thinking.

Thor waits and eventually stopped uncaring of what Loki's answer would be.

Still, Loki thinks of an answer anyway.

Thor looked at the ceiling as Loki began to prepare the spell, casting candle lights in the middle of the room, circling it around him and papers were flying everywhere. It took Loki a while to answer Thor's question and he barely even gave a thought to it when he did.

"It is just a peak, as you said." Loki pondered and added. "And we cannot interact with them, that might change our time, so to speak. We act as shadows."

"Sneaking is not what I would expect on this adventure. I do not like it."

"Sneaking is never your forte brother." Loki grins.

"What time do we venture to?"

Thor starts to play with the books scattered on Loki's bed.


Loki snatches them from Thor and neatly piles them in a corner, crossing his arms in front of his brother, who in jest, stuck his tongue out. Loki was taken by surprise, leaving his spot in the middle of the room and standing straight in front of Thor, pouting away.

"Coward." Thor grins.

"You're being ridiculous!" Loki plays along.

"I am ridiculous? You are the ridiculous one." Thor laughs. "And I am asking you a question! Answer it."

"Not until you swear to be on your best behavior."

"Why would I-"

Loki gives Thor a do it or you'll regret it look and Thor sighs, smiling and picking up Mjolnir, standing up and patting one of Loki's shoulders, causing the younger one to raise his eyebrows questioningly.

"I swear. Now do it before I change my mind."

Loki grins. "Then let us begin!"


(Stark Tower: present)

Tony, standing on the Starkpad (Helipad) of his tower with an annoyed look, crossed his arms. Just when he was on a small vacation with pepper, it had to be postponed because of a clear Avengers Emergency that needed his attention.

Pepper was more than understanding, wanting to take a small break, to relax and think for herself, so she gives Tony the signal that she'd come back once the matter was disclosed. Tony, as stubborn as he is, hesitantly agreed and wished her the best and promising her a spectacular welcoming soon once the Emergency was done.

He stood there along with the other Avengers that were taken out of their small break as well. It had only been three months since Loki and the Chitauri attacked New York. Miraculously, the city was slowly rising up again from the damage that was dealt.

Countless lives lost in the balance, but at least, many others lived to see the light of tomorrow.

Three months wasn't enough for a break.

Steve Rogers was taken out of commission from his small travel trip to get to know the world better, everyone knew the soldier was struggling to fit in but Tony thinks that a few more hits from the real world would really get the Captain kicking.

Natasha Romanov and Clint Barton, were never on a break, at least, that's what everyone else thinks. From what they know, Natasha and Clint were still working for Shield, trying to rid the world of all other small villains out there that would most likely cause a catastrophic incident or any impending doom.

They have their jobs cut out for them, they look like they mean business with their trip to Stark tower and Tony, was not liking it one bit.

Bruce Banner, didn't seem to mind, he'd been kept calm and collected just by staying in New York for a while. Helping Tony with a few chemicals and trying to be friendly and get along with everybody else. Tony's offer for him to stay was tempting and he was glad he didn't leave.

Three months of seclusion from people tend to do things to you. He was just glad that Shield didn't have to go looking for him with guns again.

He was willing to help, as an Avenger, as they call themselves.

Only one Avenger was missing.

The god of Thunder.


They haven't heard from Asgard in three months. Thor left Earth without a protest or any means to bring contact back to them and to see how they fare or not. He just left, with the war criminal Loki and the tesseract, which the directors (councils) of Shield, openly disagreed to.

It was too late though, three months too late.

Thor was gone, leaving New York in ruins but at least they gained great favors from the gods. Someone was looking down upon them and if something goes wrong, they knew that Thor would do everything to keep the world safe, especially if it meant keeping Jane Foster safe from harms way.


Loki was a mystery to them.

This god was crazy.

Crazy enough to try and subjugate the Earth with an army of machine reptiles, as Tony calls them.

Eventually, the answer, would remain unknown to them.

The Avengers often wondered, secretly of course, none would dare question the other, be it of pride and vanity or what not. They often thought of how Thor and Loki were as brothers, because Loki openly hates Thor with a passion. Trying to kill him without any single thought, as if he was destined to do it.

And Thor, they knew less than what they think, Thor was also a mystery. They wondered how stupid Thor was or why he would even think of relations with Loki instead of Earth itself.

They saw at one point that Thor might choose Loki over Earth, even if the god didn't do it, it was clear in his eyes that if he was given a second chance, he would. They question how ridiculous it was for Thor and Loki to have that relationship, they just couldn't see it. They see Thor and Loki and as the Myths say, they were fighting, and fighting.

How do you see something that once was there?

They couldn't see Thor's point. He rambles about Loki and vengeance and that he would not stand for it, Asgardian justice, taking Loki back home and something about adoption. All in all, they knew nothing more about the god, and now that Thor's gone, well, they didn't really ask so they put it past them.

Right now, the world needed saving.


Or at least needed a check-up.

The Avengers were all gathered on the Starkpad, to each their own spot. Fury was standing near the edge of the building while the rest were in the middle. Natasha and Clint followed by Tony, Bruce and Steve. All of them, focused on the eerie weird feeling in the middle.

"Could you skip to the end?" Tony chews on bubble gum. "Because I kinda have better stuff to do in the lab."

"If you would let me finish, Mr. Stark." Fury irritatingly shot a glare his way.

"We can see the problem Director Fury." Steve points.

In the middle from where they were all circled at, there was this green spark dancing around the middle slowly fading away and rippling around. It fades and comes back to life, like watching a magic act but less, fun. The spark was merging, separating into two and quickly dancing back together.

Like a rhythm.

"It appeared a week ago in the middle of the night." Tony supplies. "Then the day after that, and so on."

"Yes, just as Mr. Stark said." Fury continued. "He and Dr. Banner were kind enough to inform us. Even if they didn't, we would have still known, judging by the spikes of gamma radiation this thing seems to be emitting and it looks like, today's gonna be a big one."

"How can you tell?" Bruce asks. "Tony and I have been taking readings of this thing, it's like the same readings the tesseract was emitting."

"The data I got from Shield three months ago." Tony slurs. "We've kinda been tampering with getting to know it, we've discovered that it's almost the same, just like that door opening thing."

"Doors open from both sides." Clint frowns. "Don't tell me something's gonna come out of that thing because I won't hesitate to shoot on sight."

"I couldn't agree more." Fury states. "We're not sure what this thing is yet, for all we know, it could be another pain in our ass when something does happen."

"What are we going to do then?" Steve wondered.

"Easy." Natasha says. "Director Fury said that the spikes are rising higher than it has been for days now. Today's the day that the spike is getting more and more active."

"The more active it is, the more power it emits." Fury said. "I don't want to cause a ruckus in New York anymore. People are already talking about the late night fire work displays in the tower."

"I haven't heard of that yet." Tony grins. "Fireworks."

"They said that since it was your building, you were probably celebrating late or working on something. So far the cover story for you is already good in the media, because apparently, they love a good show."

"That works. Now how do we stop this baby from blowing?"

"I'm asking you." Fury stares. "You and Dr. Banner have been testing this for over a week now. What says you?"

"We don't know much about it." Bruce speaks up. "Just the usual stuff. Gamma radiation. Spikes. Energy."

"We've already had Shield scientist take in the info." Natasha piped.

"Same old story." Clint says.

"That's bad." Steve rethinks his words. "We don't know what this is, it started a week ago, been going haywire every night but now, what's the difference?"

"It happens in the morning today?" Tony raises an eyebrow. "What?! I was being honest here. Besides, the difference for the past week is the time this baby sparks up. Sometime in the middle of the night, before it dawns, or whatever. It's not the same time. And it's never sparked this strong before."

"Do you think someone's coming again?" Clint raised his voice, getting the attention.

"What makes you think that?" Steve wondered.

"Oh, just a gut feeling."

"His gut feeling is right." Natasha said. "It doesn't feel right. This thing hovering above us."

"It's pretty cool." Tony looks up. "It has the same glow my arc reactors emitting and it's green. I wonder why."

"Reminds me of a certain green thing." Clint mumbles.

"Oh, Bruce!" Tony points. "Legolas just insulted you."

"What? You little son of a-"

"Agent Barton." Fury interferes. "I suggest for-"

Before he could finish the sparks disappeared, leaving them all staring at nothing and then it burst like a super nova and passes through them, causing a bright light, blinding them. They shielded their eyes to prevent them from going blind.

When the light passed, they saw the green sparks racing into a circle, getting faster and faster. It looks more like a portal now, but with nothing in it.

"We're officially screwed." Tony says.


Thor tapped his foot on the floor and groaned in annoyance, he sat there on the bed staring at Loki who was murmuring spells and waving his arms. The room was bursting with wind as it gathered in the middle, almost disrupting the candle lights.

Loki motioned his hand in a circle.

Green energy appeared in Loki's hands as he waved it around, casting the spell. Green sparks appeared in the room and it was barely even doing anything, just circling each other.

"This is boring." Thor yawns and lays on the bed staring at the ceiling.

"No it isn't."

"I would have expected it to be, entertaining, Loki. This is, different from what I imagined. Can it not go faster so we may already venture?"

"If you don't stop complaining brother, I will shove you in the mud pits of Alfheim." Loki continues to wave his hands. "Patience is needed and this is the first time I've actually tried the spell in full."

"I've waited for a while. I expected this to be done a while ago." Thor frowned. "Not this long."

"Then why did you agree on this if you keep complaining?"

"Because you said it was an adventure!"

"Ugh. It is useless arguing with you."

"You are the expert in magic, not I." Thor stares at the ceiling.


Loki grins when the green sparks circled faster.

"Brother! I did it!"

Blinding light erupted from the room and Loki covered his eyes with his sleeves. Thor was too busy staring at the ceiling to be blinded by it.

It did catch his attention though when it stopped.

Thor jolts from the bed, his teeth visible and his grin immense. The spell was finished! But when he saw the circling sparks stayed circling each other, his smile faded and he stared at Loki, who was grinning like he accomplished one of the best things.

"Is this one of your tricks again?" Thor huffed.

"What?" Loki blinked. "No. This is it. Do you not see it?"

"No. What am I suppose to see?"

Loki turns to the green spark, they were circling each other faster and faster and the idea popped into Loki's head so suddenly causing him to burst in a fit of laughter. He held his stomach and bent an odd way trying to suppress it. It made Thor frown even more, not sure if his brother was growing mad, or something.

"What is so funny?" Thor tilts his head trying to see it.

"Do you truly not understand?" Loki giggles. "I have seemed to forget earlier. The other reason you are here."

"What? What are you talking about?"

Loki points at Thor which his brother only stared even more.


Loki rolls his eyes.

"Brother, I told you I needed help. Strike the magic in the middle of the circle, with your lightning from Mjolnir."

"Will it power it?" Thor grabbed Mjolnir, standing next to Loki.

"Yes it will. It slipped my mind." Loki rubs his cheek embarrassingly. "You are too much of a distraction to these things. I certainly blame you for it."

"And I am to blame now?" Thor raises his eyebrows and Loki keeps grinning. "So I strike it. Simple as that?"

"Yes, with all you've got."

Loki steps a little behind Thor, using him as a Shield, like they used to when they were until now, Loki still hasn't grown out of the habit of following Thor from behind and staying there because even as they grew older, Loki still seemed to like the idea of using Thor as a barrier.

Thor was okay with it, he had his younger brother, that's what matters and Loki means the world to him even if he may not often show it.

"Is there anything I should know?" Thor asks. "Where do you think we will end up?"

"I'm sure the scrolls said something about a light." Loki shrugs. "I don't know. It won't hurt to find out."

"A mysterious Adventure!" Thor laughs. "I like it!"

Thor raises Mjolnir and gathers it's energy, striking in the middle of the circling sparks with all his might. The lightning attached itself to the sparks and it continued to devour the lightning, making an blurry image appear, the gap grew wider, opening it like a portal.

The lightning kept going as the portal took more energy, scattering it across the room. One stray lightning hit one of the vases in Loki's room, causing Loki to protest, telling Thor to stop.

Thor didn't seem to be listening.

Another stray lightning hit straight towards Loki and he quickly ducked down, sending the lightning towards the head board of his bed.

"Odin's beard, what have I put myself into?"


Tony was already in his suit and so was Captain America. Bruce was at the sidelines, if they ever needed the Hulk. The Black Widow had her guns up and Hawkeye had his Bow and arrow ready and pointed. Fury was at the side, they all gathered near the tower, far from the edges of the building.

"Why the hell is it spitting out lightning?!" Tony yelled.

"Why are you asking us?" Clint yelled. "You're the one who experimented on it!"

"Stop fighting you two!" Natasha shouted.

"I blame Thor for this!" Tony dodges a stray lightning. "Why does it have to be lightning?"

"Be lucky that nothings coming out yet." Fury says. "If it's Thor, then we're at luck. If it's someone else..."

"That would be bad for us." Steve said. "Sir. Do you have any commands?"

Fury relayed the commands, keep whatever it is that might come, away from people. Attack it, subdue it, collect it. That was it. Make it fast and make it less attention seeking and Tony's name was mentioned. A little protesting happened and an argument ensued.

Stray lightnings were flying out everywhere and they could see it like a blurred mirror. A bright blinding light appeared, and they once again covered their eyes.

They heard voices.


A familiar voice.

"How was I suppose to know that would happen?"

A very familiar voice.

They all opened their eyes and soon, weapons were raised up high. Those voices were clear and visible. Standing there was Thor, gripping Mjolnir tightly, lecturing and complaining to Loki, not noticing the Avengers.

Loki looked like he was shrinking out of sheer disappointment and fear.

Wait, they look... younger?

A few years at best.

Maybe 4 or 5 years?

Tony cleared his throat, not really wanting to destroy the moment, actually, he didn't care. He wants the attention and by all means, he will get it.

Thor and Loki turned to the Avengers, blinking, unsure.

"Welcome back to Earth." Fury glares, his voice dripping with venom.



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