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The Avengers had all gathered outside Tony's tower, on the Stark(Heli)pad. The machine was centering in the middle, where Thor and Loki had first appeared from; supported by two large circular metals connecting to each other.

The base was attached to the floor, leaving no room for it to topple over.

A safety measurement, just in case something goes horribly wrong, Tony and Bruce also made a fail safe where they could shut the machine down, or literally destroy it. Fury made it clear that once, Thor and Loki get back to their world, their time, the machine would have to go.

Nobody made any comment.

Fury and Coulson along with the other Avengers stood at the side, watching and waiting. Tony and Bruce were making their last few fix-ups and check-ups before they begin.

"Glad to see they're talking again." Steve sighs. "It's been a tough few days."

"Indeed it has been." Don breathes. "It is good to see myself and Loki speaking again, whatever has happened I don't doubt that it will not help."

"What are you saying Don?"

"I am saying Captain, whatever they have spoken of, it will help. I am sure of it, my brother is not without reason. He is smart and he will do something that will help. I know of his mischief, now that he knows, he will do his best to change it without causing damage."

"How does that work?" Coulson questioned.

"He ain't gonna do shit, because it'll cost something." Fury turns to him.

"Man of Fury, know that Loki is intelligent, far more than you and others in this realm. I do not know but I have a feeling he will find his way."

"It better not cause anything because shit is going down if that happens, and we're not letting that happen."

"Got that right, Sir." Clint says, staring at the others. "But I'm just happy Stark and Banner managed to finish this thing at short notice."

"They haven't even tested it yet." Natasha speaks up. "Don't get your hopes up."

Don watched the two gods carefully, he knew those eyes, his brother's eyes were twinkling with mischief, Loki was planning something.

He means to find out what.

Loki and Thor were standing near it, eying the contraption, the strangeness of it doesn't seem comforting at all. Loki however, hovered by Tony and Bruce, curious as to how this machine will work in order to send them back home.

"Are you sure this is safe?" Loki looks at the odd contraption, tapping it with his fingers.

"Yeah, perfectly stable." Tony grins at him, watching Loki stare at the contraption again. "Do you doubt my genius on this piece of work? Not only that, but do you doubt the green guy?"

Loki looked at Tony, rather annoyed at the man but he doesn't comment any further.

"Ignore him." Bruce speaks up. "He's too proud."

"Bruce!" Tony whined. "That's my baby! Of course I'm proud, and you may have helped too."

"See what I mean?"

"I could tell." Loki muttered. "How does it work?"

"I'd like to know the same thing." Fury spoke up, causing the others to turn to the man. "Care to share, Mr. Stark? Dr. Banner?"

"Hold your horses, Fury."

Tony walked to the side, tapping a few things in place, pulling the remote out of Bruce's hand as he opens the machine with one press of a button.

"Doesn't work yet." He says as the machine lights up. "It'll do that, but it won't do anything."

"How so?" Natasha wondered. "It's on, isn't it?"

"It is." Bruce said. "But the magic isn't put in yet, so it won't officially work."

"And how does it work?" Loki asks again.

"Remember how you said that this magic of yours has a spell to bring you and Thor back, but you just didn't know what?" Tony points out as Loki nods.

"Yes, the spell is not complete and I did not know we would go this far."

"Yeah, well, from the data we gathered together, magic and science can combine but on a certain degree and level because it's not the same. Some atoms and molecules are different, even the calculations are different, are you getting what I'm saying? You're not, aren't you?"

"I am sorry, you lost me when you spoke about the combination of it." Loki inclined his head. "I am not familiar with your earth science and nor have I tried combining the two, myself."

"You used magic on Jarvis." Clint points out.

"It was an accident." Loki admits.

"Not before." Fury says, eyes piercing. "Coulson here says you hacked into Stark's database in mere seconds until Coulson put a stop to it when he found you."

"They have you cornered Loki." Don chuckles.

"Mortals." Loki mutters in annoyance, countering them with his silver-tongue. "It was but a small effort, I had only used magic to run through your Jarvis, but that is it, not truly combining the two. It is different."

"He has a point you know." Natasha huffs. "How are you holding up on this, Steve?"

"I think I can follow." Steve answers.

"Didn't know it was this complicated." Coulson chuckled.

"Anyways!" Tony claps his hands. "Getting back, your magic is way off the charts from normal science. Like this high and ours is this high, because you're not from Earth and we can only handle so much."

"Your point is, what, Tony?" Loki blinks.

"Your magic is different from our science." Bruce simplifies it to Loki. "You use spells to produce things, using gestures of your hands are also considered as different in a sense. This machine will help you concentrate your magic better, like a support of some sort to help keep your magic stable enough to return you and Thor home."

"But the spell that I will cast, is an entrance, not an exit."

"That's where the combination settles in." Tony grins, truly proud of his work. "We've modified a few things on the design, helping it keep Thor's lightning at bay. So nobody gets hurt, and it'll act as a sort of stabilizing agent, something that will glue it together."

"Will it reverse the effects for us to go home?"

"From our calculations, hopefully." Bruce nods.

"That's wonderful then." Loki smiles, jabbing Thor at the side. "Right, brother?"

"Ah, yes." Thor looks away, saying hesitantly flushing his face. "Thank you, for doing this."

"That was unexpected." Clint laughs, turning to the others. "At least we have a few things down, don't you think?"

"And that is?" Fury turns to him questioningly.

"We have enough proof that Loki isn't the Loki that came here." He answered quietly. "And Don said that they can't linger here any longer, the more they stay the more time messes up."

"Which brings us to another thing." Natasha walks forward. "Loki."

Loki turns to her, watching her walk towards him as she crossed her arms over her chest. The others would think they were having a staring contest, but Natasha eases her way a few feet in front of him.

"That spell, that we talked about before, you're going to use it." She said without a trace of stuttering in her voice. "Are we clear in that?"

"I understand Agent Romanov." Loki nods, shifting on his feet. "Everything is in order. My brother and I will not remember anything from this world and time."

"Is it truly necessary?" Thor asked. "Can we not change things? Surely it's not too late."

"No." Don approached them. "Tis better it stay this way than have it changed, you know not what the future holds if you do so."

"He's right, Thor." Loki smiles. "It will be fine, we will go back to normal, as if this never happened before. All will be well."

"Until that very event." Thor mutters, cursing in Asgardian, earning a playful nudge from Loki.

"It will be fine."

"Yeah, guys." Tony looks up, seeing the sky darken. "I forgot about the news, heavy rain in New York today. We best get a move on people."

"Stark is right, the faster this ends, the better." Fury speaks up, turning to Coulson to talk about a few things. "Say your frickin' goodbyes, make it quick."

"May we speak alone?" Loki whispered to Don, who was startled by the fact that Loki managed to creep towards him.

"We may."

"Brother." Thor says warningly, clearly not happy.

"It would just be a moment, I need to know something." Loki gives him a smile. "It'll be quick, brother, I promise."

"If it will ease your mind, we will only just speak." Don says as he turns away, Loki looked at Thor apologetically as he turned as well.

Don walked to the other side, far from the other Avengers while the others watched as Loki follows him. Thor crossed his arms, the jealousy was swelling up on him again.

"Jealous bro?" Clint smirks to the side, getting himself elbowed by Natasha.

"Don't pick fights, Clint." She said.

"Guess this is goodbye. How are you taking this, big guy?"

"I care not." Thor admits. "This is all strange and not being able to remember this when we return is unnerving."

"You'd wish you'd be able to keep a memory, don't you?" Tony pipes in. "Tell you what, things will go back to normal soon anyways, you've done your part in this mess. You've proven Loki's somewhat innocent."

"Whatever you are about to face, mortals, know that my brother will always be my brother." Thor speaks up. "I know not how this happened but I give you strength to follow through it. I know not if I understand completely of this world but for my brother, I would do anything."

"We know." Natasha says. "You're a good person Thor, arrogant and stubborn and full of confidence but there's good in you."

"Yeah, points for you." Clint whooped.

"You guys coming here has been a help." Bruce says. "Not only did you give us insight on Loki and yourself but a new discovery in magic."

"Thank my brother, not I."

"We're thanking you both." Steve says. "Despite our, previous encounters and bad moments, I'm sure we all got something in this."

Thor grins.

"You mortals aren't half as bad as I once thought. You are clever creatures, but petty all the same."

"I think that was a compliment." Tony huffs. "But I don't like it."

"You got any last words before you go bye bye?" Fury walks up to them with Coulson, not far behind. "Storms coming, best be on your way."

"Don and Loki are still talking." Steve says. "We should give them a few more minutes, it seems really important."

"Then they best speed it up." Fury glared.

"Don said that Loki's trial is in a few days, yes?" Thor asks and the Avengers nod. "Defend my brother, for Don cannot do it alone, there is only so much that a Prince of Asgard can do. Knowing Asgardian Justice, they will not take kindly to such actions."

"We'll deal with it." Natasha smirked. "We got the information we want to present."

"Not only that." Clint adds. "The Avengers have a say in this, we each get to present our story."

"Our take on the invasion." Tony says. "And who's behind it."

"The people who we cared about." Steve spoke up. "And the lives lost in it."

"And the knowledge and investigation." Bruce tells them. "To go along."

"And we have a lot." Coulson smiles. "I think we can take it from here. You're looking at the Avengers, they stopped this War, this invasion. They can handle a trial."

"The truth and nothing but the truth." Thor gives to them. "Don will explain further for my knowledge on justice is as far as I can throw something."

"We'll handle it." Fury nods. "You've done your job, let us do ours."


Don stopped at the edge of the Stark(Heli)pad as he turned to face Loki, who only stopped behind him. Loki was silent and staring and Don knew it meant something was troubling and plaguing Loki's mind. At times, those were the real explanations to why Loki was the way he was.

"Something troubles you." Don speaks up.

"Many things trouble me." Loki breathes. "You care not about my Jotun heritage, do you?"

"No." Don turns away. "At first, I could not accept it, hearing it from Father and Mother but it did not really matter because I love my brother and I know that he is still Loki, the one who I grew up with."

"I see."

"And what of you? How are you adapting to this knowledge?"

"I am scared and curious, much like I always am. And I question everything, more so than before and it plagues my mind that I know not of the real answers but your answers help ease it a bit. There are still many questions but I dare not think about them."

"You will be fine, Loki."

"Will I really?" Loki looks away. "And what of the other me? When he fell off the Bifrost and came here to Midgard? What of your thoughts?"

"I thought him dead-"

"Do you still wish him dead than let this happen to him? To be trapped in prison, as a criminal?"

"No. I was glad when I found out that he was alive but also broken knowing that Loki is doing something he never truly does. It shocked me, but I had to do the right thing, as much as it pains me."

"You brought him back to Asgard, to face trial." Loki fiddled with his sleeves, there was silence but Loki continued, asking innocently.

"Does it hurt?"

"You must be more specific, Loki." Don sadly smiles, his voice soft and easy.

"Does it hurt, to let him go like that? To leave him alone where he is now? In prison? Does it hurt? For you, that is, does it?"

"It pains my heart greatly, which is why I came back to Earth, to Midgard, to seek help from my fellow friends."

"And the warriors three and Sif?" Loki looked at him questioningly. "What about them? Why these mortals who you only just met? You trust them despite only meeting for a while."

"I know not why, this seemed a better option." Don admits. "Mortals think differently than that of Aesir's and you have seen first hand how, strange they may be. And it helps."

"You must be talking about Tony." Loki chuckles a bit.

"You question me these things, randomly, Loki. Something plagues your mind and I cannot grasp at it. Is it because you fear when you return, this is the life and the future you will be returning to?"

"Perhaps." He admits. "Perhaps I am afraid that this will happen. I don't want to change time, because the future is too fragile and unstable, but I also want to change it, so none of this would happen because I don't want us to end this way."

"You do not want this life."

"No, that's not it. I just-"

"All will be well Loki, you have nothing to fear. You will gain friends, just like you have done so now."

"Though I won't remember it."

"There is a reason for it." Don pushes. "Everything will be fine, once you forget, it will go back to normal."

"It is not that easy, yet you say it so casually."

"Perhaps it is because I convince myself the same thing." He presses on. "Perhaps I wish for things to go back the way they were, for my brother to come back to me."

"He will, if you help."

"Which I will not stop doing." Don looks at the other Avengers, then back at Loki. "Fear not little one, for you and myself have many more tales and adventures to go through."

"You're right." Loki lowers his gaze. "I guess this is goodbye."

"It is never a goodbye, only just the beginning."

"I have one more question though." Loki awkwardly shifts his position, letting his hands fall behind him, tangling it together as he leaned back.

"If it eases your heart, ask away," Don smiled. "And I will listen and answer as best as I can."

"Have you ever had that feeling of making an Oath that you don't remember doing?" Loki asked innocently. "You can not answer if you wish. I was merely wondering and-"

"Many times before, yes." Don nods, answering truthfully.

Don wasn't sure where this was going, but it was becoming interesting.

"What was it and to whom was it addressed to?" Loki quickly questions, putting on that innocent expression again. "Do you remember?"




"Why do you ask and why is it important for you to know?" Don wondered. "It had been years ago, perhaps a decade or less, it is past. I don't remember."

"It is important, try to recall." Loki pressed. "Anything at all. An Oath or a saying. Anything?!"

"The very moment you and I had tried that spell, to create that adventure." Don explained. "We thought that the moment it began, it had already been a failure and we had been punished for it afterwards, nothing too drastic. But there was always this nagging feeling at the back of my mind."

"A saying, something telling you something is not right?"

"Exactly and it had something to do with you."

"I see." Loki presses his lips into a thin line. "Anything else."

"Nothing. I don't seem to recall an Oath or a saying." Don says, as he watches Loki pout disappointingly.

"Shame." Loki murmurs. "And here I thought, it might work."

"Oh brother. My Little brother." Don laughed as he raised his hand, patting Loki's head and smiling. "Whatever you are planning, Loki. Make sure you are doing the right thing, and I am sure it will work."

Loki kept thinking, there was a riddle in Don's words, that's when Loki caught it and his expression brightened.

He smiled happily.

Eyes twinkling with mirth.

"When have I not?" He answered back with a grin.

Loki walked back to Thor with a grin plastered on his face, he had gotten what he wanted. Loki laughed when the others questioned why he seemed so happy, questioning him if it was because he was about to leave, but Loki left the question unanswered.

They said their goodbyes already and it was time that the machine did its wonders.

Loki casts the spell, his eyes glowing green and his hands doing the same, he shoots the middle of the circle of the machine and it brightens up.

"That's how it works." Clint whistled.

"Awesome." Tony said. "You getting this Bruce."

"All of it." Bruce watched in amazement.

Loki casts a few more, as he looks over to Thor, for the signal. Thor lights his hammer, shooting through the machine. It glows, sparks were emitting from the side as it mixed with blue and green colors. Loki stopped and so did Thor as they watched the machine, circle the energy around.

Then it reverses counter-clockwise.

The machine works!

Loki frowned, breathing in as he walks forward to the machine with Thor following him. He casts the spell to erase their memory, but not before looking at Don, who smiled there at the side lines.

Loki grinned, touching his brother's hand with his as he closes his eyes.

He casts the spell.

They won't remember this but they will remember something.

Don tried to act dumb, but he knew Loki saw right through it when he spoke that twisted little sentence. Loki knew that Don already knew what he was talking about.

They just spoke in riddles.

"I will promise to try and change for the better, and I will always care for you."Don remembers his own voice, but not really recalling the memory itself.

He made that Oath for a reason and now, he knew why he had done it.

To mend things and for the sake of his brother.

"To look after you always, despite circumstances, I will always consider you my brother."

"And you will always be my brother." Don whispers, as he watches Thor and Loki leave.

The bright blinding light disappearing into nothing.


(The Past)

Thor raises Mjolnir and gathers its energy, striking in the middle of the circling sparks with all his might. The lightning attached itself to the sparks and it continued to devour the lightning, making a blurry image appear, the gap grew wider, opening it like a portal.

The lightning kept going as the portal took more energy, scattering it across the room. One stray lightning hit one of the vases in Loki's room, causing Loki to protest, telling Thor to stop.

Thor didn't seem to be listening.

Another stray lightning hit straight towards Loki and he quickly ducked down, sending the lightning towards the head board of his bed.

"Odin's beard, what have I put myself into?"

(Minutes later)

Odin had continued to break the door down with no such luck. Powerful magic surrounding the door like a barrier. Frigga had tried dispelling the magic but with no such luck as well. She stood there, staring at the door.

"What are we to do Odin?" Frigga worriedly asks. "Our sons are in there!"

"This is dark magic." Odin pounds at the door. "I do not know how to break it."

"Thor! Loki!" Frigga shouts. "My sons!"

Thor and Loki had covered their eyes from the bright blinding light the came from the portal. They heard their mother shouting from behind but before they could answer, they were pulled into the unknown. The pulling felt like the Bifrost but much faster and more nauseating.


Thor and Loki were propelled across the room, just the same time as Odin breaks the door. The dark magic surrounding the room has disappeared almost immediately as they returned. He and his wife Frigga came crashing inside, watching their sons recover from the blast.

"My head." Thor moaned, as he lay still on the ground next to Loki. "Remind me never to do that again."

"It didn't work." Loki frowned as he watched his mother run to them with teary eyes.

"You made us worried!" She cried as she pulls Thor and Loki into a hug. "Don't ever do that again!"

"I'm sorry mother." Loki mutters.

"Sorry mother." Thor follows after.

"Who has done this?" Odin shouts from the side, angry and Loki felt himself shrink at the thought of punishment. "Answer me, who among you decided to do this?"

"Father it was-"

Thor was supposed to say me but was interrupted.

"It was my idea, father!" Loki half-shouts. "I wanted to try the spell to travel into another time, but it didn't work. I did not mean to-"

"Do you know that it is Dark Magic?!" His father shouts. "You are tampering with dark magic and a world unknown! Time is fragile Loki, it is not something to be tampered with, do you understand? An energy that you don't know or have no grasp of yet will-"

"Odin." Frigga tells him. "I think they both understand what the consequences are. Nothing happened, we shall be thankful for that. Yell at them later my dear, they both look worn out."

"I am forbidding you both from the Bifrost for a while until you have both proven yourself again." Odin says to them. "You will be kept watch and Loki, I am forbidding your use of magic until I see it fit again, am I understood? The two of you are not allowed to venture away for a while."

"Y-yes Father." Both Loki and Thor said.

Odin palms his face as he walks out. "I will see to the guards and alert them that all is well." He says as he leaves, walking out Loki's busted doors.

"Too bad brother." Thor whispers to Loki. "It would have been a great adventure."

"Yes." Loki looks away disappointed. "It would have been."

"No more stunts like these you two." Frigga points out to them. "You had the whole palace in distress, thinking it was an invasion! And you would have put your Father into Odin sleep had you continued to do so! I expected better from you Loki."

"I know mother." Loki says. "I was merely curious."

"And curiosity leads to dangers of the unknown." Frigga sighs, watching his sons sad expression. "Come on, we will have the maids clear your room, Loki."

"Sorry Loki." Thor whispers, clearly disappointed at the lack of adventure.

"Did I hear right?" Loki blinked turning away from him. "Why does it feel like I am missing something?"

Loki kept thinking as his mother lead him out of his room followed by Thor. The silence was strange to him, yet accepting. Loki couldn't help but feel there was a missing piece somewhere and suddenly something pops into his head.

Loki stops, staring straight ahead.

"Loki?" His mother said, but Loki failed to notice. "Dear? Are you well?"


Thor says and Loki recalls hearing his own voice say something very unfamiliar.

I promise that I will always love you, and will always try and help even if it costs me everything.

"Loki, are you alright?" Thor shakes him along with his distressed mother.

"I.." Loki blinks. "I'm okay."

"You must be tired with all that energy you used." Frigga commented. "Come on, Loki. Let's go. Let us see the healers."


That's a lie, promises are meant to be broken.

I will always love you.

When has he not? But to whom was this addressed to? He couldn't recall.

Always try and help... even if it costs me everything.

Would he truly go through such lengths for someone.

Just because of a mere promise.

It was too much.

"When have I said such a thing?" Loki kept thinking, but there was no use. The memory of saying it wasn't there, but the saying itself was.

"Loki, let's go to the healers." His mother pushed.

"O-of course."


They watched as past Thor and Loki disappeared, and the silence fell apart when the skies thundered and the darkness continued. Each and everyone of them turned to each other, Fury gave a nod and Tony pressed a button. The machine destroyed itself, exploding itself like a worm hole.

Nothing was left and Tony thanked that he didn't have to do cleanup.

"What now?" Clint asked. "They're gone."

"Don't you guys think it's getting late?" Tony yawned. "Okay, I just want to get inside because it's going to rain."

"It's up to Thor." Fury says. "What's your call? Make it quick."

"I think I will return to Asgard, using the tesseract." He says as he recalls using it to get here. "May I have it back?"

"Oh yeah, I think-" Tony turns around as he felt Dummy push him. "Dummy, hey, oh! You have it. Dummy carried the tesseract."

"That's weird." Steve states. "What about us, you'll leave us?"

"I will return for all of you, I suppose." Thor wasn't really sure as Dummy handed him the tesseract. "Thank you strange moving object."

"Crap, the rain." Clint cursed.

They all looked up, feeling the droplets beginning to fall.

"Dummy!" Tony shouted. "Inside, now. Chop Chop! I don't want you getting wet."

The machine beeped as it wheeled off inside.

"Inside." Natasha told them. "Now."

"Thor what about-"

Before Fury could finish and the others could continue their growing conversation, a bright blinding light appeared over New York and shot through the Stark(heli)pad. At this point, The Avengers were already getting drenched by the water.

"Oh god!" Tony shouts, complaining again. "This isn't another one of yours is it? Can't we do it inside?"

"Tony's right." Steve said. "Rain is bad."

"Nay friends. This could be important." Thor blinked at the light.

The blinding light stops and they all blink, adjusting to the light, looking at a woman with a sword already getting wet by the rain. Coulson immediately told Fury that it was a familiar face.

She had black hair, red armor and a sword by her hips, as she had a shield behind her. Her posture meant she was ready for any battle. She turned to Thor immediately.

"Oh wow, she's.. something." Tony shakes his head as the rain drenched his face.

"Asgardian." Natasha glares as they stood outside.

"Sif." Thor steps forward. "What are you doing here? And how-"

"There is no time Thor!" Sif says quickly. "The All-father and Council are enraged with your attitude in taking the tesseract and leaving without permission, we understand your actions to return the past selves back but they don't."

"Heimdall told you."

"Indeed." Sif looks at the Avengers, whispering. "Thor, they have already proceeded to start the trial by tomorrow."

"Why!?" Thor half-shouts. "It was my actions, not Loki's. The trial is days from now."

"That is just it they are using your time away to take action against Loki! The warriors three are doing their best to help the All-mother distract the others until you get back and give reason. It may be tomorrow but Loki is getting worst, day by day! I have visited him already and-"

"How is he? How is my brother?"

"Not good, Thor. He is wasting away."

"I hate to interrupt but we'd like to be filled in. How did you get here?" Fury asks, uncaring about the rain. "I know you're in a hurry but without the tesseract and your bifrost, how did you end up here?"

"Have care on how you speak, Man of Fury." Thor says. "This is Lady Sif of Asgard, a fine warrior-"

"It's alright Thor." She says turning to them. "We cannot wait any longer."

"Can't we do this inside?" Clint shakes his hair free from the cold rain.

"No time. I came here because of Loki." Sif said.

"But he's in prison." Bruce wondered. "Isn't he?"

"He is." Sif says, confirming it again. "Loki brought me here. As I've said, the warriors three and the Queen are distracting the others. Given enough time, I asked Loki to use some of his magic to bring me here to warn you."

"But he had magical wards placed on him."

"He fought against it Thor, just enough to get you through. I managed to convince him but he is lost Thor, his mind is far." Sif breathed out. "I don't like Loki that much, but I care. And not only that but the Council isn't playing as fair as we hoped them to be. They are playing a dangerous game."

"You knew I had the tesseract to be able to return here." Thor thought. "What of Heimdall?"

"He has sided with us and the council also questions his loyalty."

"There is no time." Thor says as he points the tesseract in the middle. "We must go, Man of Fury, with your permission I would take the Avengers with me for Loki's trial and I would bring them back once it is finished. You have no use of them here, and I need their help."

"We must hurry, Thor."

Fury looks at the others.

"You know we're going to go through with this." Tony shrugs. "Whether you want us to or not."

"Thor's helped us a lot, and we've been preparing for this day." Steve said. "We're not abandoning Thor, or Loki."

"The decisions been made." Natasha crosses her arms.

"We're going." Bruce says.

"So am I sir." Coulson said. "I want to help out."

"That leaves one person." Fury turns to Agent Barton. "Agent, what's your call?"

"Why the hell not?" Clint smirks, he wanted to say a few things. "Thor? Do the honors will you."

Thor nods as he brings his friends close, everyone holding the others hand while Fury was left at the side. Watching with his one eye, the rain poured over them but the moment Thor twists the tesseract to activate it, the water droplets seemed to stop and explode, as they were lifted by a bright blinding light once more.

"Bring the Avengers back when you're done." Fury says.

And they leave... for Asgard!


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