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Chapter 1 The Past Always Comes Back

"Upon defeating Knight Commander Merideth the Champion and the rest of us stayed together for a while. That is until certain….circumstances caused us all to go our separate ways. Well except Isabella she stayed with the Champion and for all I know she's still with the Champion where ever they might be right now." Was the response that a very small individual sitting in a stone arm chair. The individual paused to take a breath winded from telling such a long story. Not that he minded telling the story, after it was a good story that seemed to get better with every telling, at least that was his opinion. "And there you have it Seeker, that's the truth about how things really happened with the Champion. So…Can I go now?" The man asked the Seeker. Who else would he have asked as the only people in the room aside form himself happened to be the two men guarding the door. Well that and the very frustrated, possibly sleep deprived, armored woman who looked ready to stab him with that sword she was now holding to his throat.

"We have been here for almost three days and its only today that I find out you've been lying to me this whole time Varric!" Varric opened his mouth to speak only to have the edge of that ever so sharp blade pressed a little bit harder to his throat almost as if daring him to try and spout off the lie he had been about to tell. Varric just wisely decided that it would probably be within his best interests to just close his mouth and let things play out. Though he was just barely able to contain his laughter at the uncontrolled rage that was clearly evident, (if the Seekers ranting was anything to go by) he still had to hide his amused grin behind his hand. It was that or do nothing and see if the Seeker tried to have him become involved in a more intimate relationship with him. A relationship that no doubt involved a kiss between the tender flesh of his neck and the steel edge of the Seeker's ever so sharp blade.

'That's a good description. I'll have to use that in a story someday' Varric thought to himself. By now the Seeker had calmed herself….that is if one can be considered calm but ready to violently explode at the slightest irritation. At least that was what Varric gathered from the pulsing veins on the Seekers forehead and the almost violent twitch in her eye. "I'll admit that you would have had even me fooled, if it weren't for the stories my men had gathered regarding the exploits of the Champion and the exploits of the Champion's companions today. You provided me with just enough truth about everyone and filtered out certain details here and there to escape my notice but not anymore." Varric's face took on an expression of mock surprise. "Me! Lie! Preposterous! I was there after all…"

His speech was cut off mid-way by the Seeker violently slamming her hands down on his chair's arm rests. "Bullshit Varric! I already know you were there and involved. The events in your story leave out certain details about what happened in Kirkwall. An while I have little doubt that your story would have turned out the way you portrayed it to, that's only if my new information isn't true!" The Seeker pushed off the chair to retrieve a pouch of some sort from one of the guards before she continued. "You have told me almost the whole story. Told me almost everything about the Champion and almost everything about the Champion's companions."

"If that's the case then what have I missed? Please do enlighten me Seeker." Varric interrupted with an amused grin on his face. That grin disappeared almost as quickly when Varric saw the look on the woman's face. He had been expecting the woman to go off on another angry rant. But she looked like the cat that caught the canary. Varric's eyes narrowed his face a mask of grim seriousness as he tried to determine what the Seeker had found out. The Seeker meanwhile had started up her monologue once more as she circled around Varric's chair.

"Your story has mentioned the Champion and that serves most of my purpose. However, right now I'm more interested in the Champion's companions." Varric attempted to shift the verbal battleground back into his favor as he asked with a tone of sarcasm "And what would you like to know about me then? Surely you must be asking about me as I don't know all that much about them." The Seeker paused looking at Varric briefly before smiling, giving Varric some brief glimmer of hope….."No Varric I already know more than enough about you. Or should I call you 'The Marksman' like people do in the stories?"….only to snatch said hope away.

Varric wasn't deterred however, as he tried once again to throw the Seeker off her game. "Well I don't know anything else that I can tell you. I didn't know anyone aside from the Champion all that well." The Seeker just smiled as she started circling Varric once more. "Oh I already know more than enough about them even though you're lying. Isabella 'The Pirate', Anders 'The Warden', Aveline 'The Guardswoman', 'The Champion's Sibling', Fenris 'The Runaway Slave', and Merrill 'The Dalish Pariah'." The Seeker stopped abruptly in front of Varric once more, fixing him with a knowing stare. By now Varric had broken into a nervous sweat though you couldn't see it.

"If that's the case then why would need me to tell you about them Seeker? It would seem that you already know enough about everyone." The Seeker just gave Varric a glare that showed how tired she was of his dancing around the obvious answer and so decided to put an end to their verbal 'battle' as it were.

"You and I both know that the Champion had one more companion. One who was a very skilled fighter. An individual who used some of the most unusual and bizarre weapons anyone has ever seen. And from some of the stories I've heard, used them with enough skill to take on three Revenants single handedly among other things." Varric just looked at the Seeker blankly before he burst out laughing. After Varric had managed to catch his breath and was wiping the tears from his eyes did he respond to the Seeker.

"Oh Seeker, your very funny but you do realize that people tell this story and add things as they please? Did you not think that it may also have just been a mage or even a spell? You seem so sure of yourself but the tale changes with every different telling. What makes you think there was another member among the Champion's Companions?" The Seeker just gave Varric a blank stare before tossing the pouch she had retrieved earlier into Varric's lap. Varric picked up the pouch, giving the Seeker a puzzled look. The woman's only response was a sharp shake of her head, motioning for him to open it.

Shrugging to himself Varric did so looking inside. Due to the little light in the room however, Varric wasn't able to make out the object inside. Reaching into the pouch with an amused grin, he looked at the Seeker when he felt a cloth wrapped object. As he started to pull the item out he asked "You honestly think there's truth in the tales that you've heard today based on a piece of cloth…" Varric had planned on saying more but he found himself unable to speak. The reason being that he had just taken a look at the cloth and the item which it was wrapped in it.

Before he could open his mouth to speak the Seeker had taken the objects in question, letting the cloth fall to the wood floor and holding the other in her hand. "Yes Varric, I do believe that there's truth in these tales I've heard today, after all I managed to acquire one of those strange weapons." The Seeker said to Varric before she promptly threw said weapon at the cloth on the floor piercing it with a dull wooden thunk.

Varric just stared at the cloth and the weapon, his face on the verge of turning white as snow from the shock. 'How did she find out? I made sure there was no trace of him left anywhere aside from rumors. It's just not possible!' He thought to himself. The dwarf was brought out of his shock by the Seeker's next statement which made him feel like he'd just been stabbed in the gut. For as he just continued to stare at the cloth and the weapon the Seeker just looked at him and said one thing.

"I want you to tell me the whole story without any missing details this time Varric. I want you tell me about the Champion's final companion." Varric just looked up at the Seeker before he let out a prolonged sigh as he attempted to reacquire some measure of his former composure. Leaning back in his chair to make himself comfortable Varric told the Seeker that the true story, the whole story as she wanted it was a rather long story. The Seeker just smirked at him, replying that so long as he was stuck here with her that she had nothing but time. Varric sighed as his gaze fell back to the items on the floor. He stared for a time at them as if trying to remember details that were hazy at best. The Seeker understood the truth of that far off look in Varric's eyes. He was remembering a time filled with glorious adventures, of times spent with the greatest of friends. While she did have technically need the information the dwarf possessed she gave him a few minutes to reminisce over treasured memories. Just as she was about to order him to tell her what she wanted however, the dwarf startled her by asking her if she really wanted to know the true story.

The Seeker hadn't expected such a statement to come from Varric, especially in such a bone chilling solemn tone. It did make her pause however, making her wonder, if given Varric's tone did she really want to hear the true story. Shaking off her doubts she scoughed at Varric. "I need to know what happened Varric." Varric just nodded as he turned his gaze back to the cloth and the weapon on the ground. After almost a minute of silence Varric finally spoke. "Alright then Seeker. I'll tell you the whole story, but don't say I didn't warn you. It's not going to be a pretty story all the time. There are times that it will be very dark." He paused after that to stare at the cloth on the floor with the orange spiral on the floor that the single kunai had pierced. "This is the true story about what happened in Kirkwall. The story with the details about Naruto Uzumaki, or as we grew to call him 'The Chained Fox'."

Varric looked up to see that the Seeker had a small grin on her face and a raised questioning eye brow. Varric immiediately understanding that this was due to his comment about Naruto's name was ever quick to respond with his razor sharp wit. "What?"…..Alright so razor sharp wit (at this moment) perhaps might have been a slight stretch. The Seeker just looked at Varric and asked "Am I to presume then that there is more to the name 'The Chained Fox' than shear ridiculousness?" Varric just chuckled to himself, after all it wasn't the first time someone had mistaken a warning as humor.

"Oh yes Seeker. There is far more meaning in that name than one would presume, and absolutely none it has to do with humor. At any rate unless you have any further questions, then perhaps you might allow me to get on with the story." The amusement on the woman's face disappeared faster than gold coins offered to a beggar. 'Looks like its back to business then' the dwarf thought to himself with a small sigh. Looking up at the Seeker Varric decided to impart one last piece of information before starting his story. "I feel that I should tell you one thing before I begin Seeker." The woman looked at him waiting. "You should understand that Naruto isn't like the rest of us and with good reason too. You see, Naruto didn't come from this world. He actually came from a world that if I had to guess I would say was beyond the fade."

The Seeker had a look on her face as if the Maker himself had just popped out of a box and slapped her. Before she could begin to voice any (coherent) questions, Varric quited her by promising everything would be explained in due time. "Well then I suppose I should start from the beginning, when we first met Naruto."

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