Beca sat counting the rings of the phone until the voice on the other end interrupted without so much as a hello,

'Beca where the hell are you?! Practice started 10 minutes ago! Aubrey was anything but calm

'Aubrey…' Beca started

'Don't you Aubrey me! I don't want you excuses Beca! Just be here in 5 minutes!' and with that Aubrey hung up on her.

rolling her eyes and huffing as she pulled herself from bed Beca decided to attend practice, she knew it would be easier than going up against Aubrey again. After she was dressed she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror

'uughh' she groaned 'I look as bad as I feel!' her mumbles causing a pointed look from Kimmy Jin as the silence was broken for the second time in less than 15 minutes.


Beca stood outside the door to where the Bellas were rehearsing- she took several deep breaths trying to prepare herself to look like she didn't feel like death, or that she was bothered about being so late.

'Well its about time! Im sure you have a…' Aubrey turned to look at Beca and stopped mid sentence- 'you look terrible'

Beca couldnt help but scoff -

'thanks… I tried to tell you on the phone but you hung up on me' Beca watched as all of the Bellas took this chance to relax whilst Aubrey was completely focused on Beca.

Cynthia- Rose was hitting on Stacie- big shock there! Lilly was saying….something, some soundless sentence and fat amy was sneaking in a twinkie. Chloe was the only Bella paying attention to Aubrey and Beca

'fine well follow my lead but stay in the corner, I cant risk you infecting anyone else' and with that Aubrey turned away, calling everyone back to their positions.

Concern washed over Chloe's expressions

'Aubrey, Beca doesn't look like shes up for rehearsal, maybe she should sit this one out' Chloe was already across the room now checking Beca over.

'Chloe, she will be fine!' Aubrey's voice was about the highest Beca had ever heard it, even Aubrey could tell that her irritation was noticeable. But Beca's attention was pulled straight back to Chloe as the redhead's surprisingly cold yet soft hand was placed on Beca's forehead

'Aub- shes really burning up' Beca assumed most of the flushed heat was from the unexpected contact. But it was when Chloe tenderly placed both hands on Beca's neck that she actually flinched away, 'her glands are swollen too' Chloe of course not noticing her lack of personal space

'Chloe!' Aubrey exclaimed before Chloe decided to take a stance

'Aubrey! Beca is ill and we need her in perfect condition. So we… I mean I… am sending her home to rest!' and with her usual beaming smile she turned back to Beca 'feel better sweetie' and with a wink, the conversation was over and Chloe had won.


it had been about 3 hours since Beca had been sent home, honestly she still couldn't believe that Chloe had been the one to send her home, and against Aubrey's word too. A tiny chuckle escaped the brunette, causing her to wince, damn her glands really were swollen! Beca was so rarely ill but now she was achey with swollen glands, sore eyes, a headache and a constantly changing temperature. All in all she felt like death! And truth be told she had no idea how to look after herself when she was ill.

It was with that thought that there was a knock at the door. Beca knew it was mean but the first thought she has was to hope it wasn't Jesse. Cause although he was sweet she wouldn't be able to cope with him trying to 'help', and she knew that would only bring a movie anyway!

But it wasn't Jesse standing there when she opened the door, it was Chloe vibrantly smiling.

'hey I was wondering how you were feeling so I thought id drop by, I hope that's ok….. I bought grapes' again her smile appeared as she held up the punnet of mixed grapes.

'oh of course, come on in' Beca nodded and smiled as Chloe entered, it was only after she entered that beca realised just how messy her room was, and just how awful she must look.

'ummm can I get you a drink or something?' Beca knew she didn't have much in but she really wanted to be a good host for her friend.

'don't you dare! Im not here as your guest im here to look after you and make sure you're ok, so just sit down and let me' Chloe was wandering round the dorm cleaning up, forcing Beca to smile at how quickly Chloe had made herself at home.

'oh and nice panda's' Chloe winked. Beca was completely lost with that comment until she looked down and realised that she was wearing the baggiest most unflattering hoody going and a pair of cartoon panda pj bottoms, and there was the hot flush again! Just when she wanted to ground to swallow her whole Chloe's phone rang interrupting her embarrassment.

'oh damn!' Chloe was clearly panicked by whoevers name was on her caller ID, she gestured to Beca to stay completely silent as she answered 'ohhh hi Aubrey, ummmmm no im just off to the gym for a bit I think, ill umm…probably be back late ive got a few things to do, ok Aub… yep…. Ok….catch you later byeee' Chloe hung up and as if nothing had happened she carried on moving clothes from the Beca's couch.

'ummm what just happened there?' Beca had never seen Chloe lie to Aubrey before

'oh its nothing really, just none of us are meant to have contact with you, you've been placed under quarantine, Aubrey's orders' Chloe looked almost embarrassed at Aubrey's harshness

'wow so you stood up to Aubrey this morning and you're going against her orders now?' Beca chuckled, which in hindsight was an awful idea as it brought on a coughing fit. She coughed uncontrollably making her eyes water and her head pound. Chloe ran straight over with a small cup of water in one hand while she ran her other hand up and down Beca's back trying to calm down her breathing. 'its ok, you're ok, just breath slowly bec'. Thankfully Beca managed to catch her breath again and stopped coughing.

'there you go sweetie, now take a sip of water' Chloe was still rubbing her back as she passed over the water, and gently lowered her down so she was sitting on the sofa. Beca couldn't believe just how wonderful it felt to have someone looking after her, it was a feeling that she hadn't experienced much growing up.

'thank you Chloe' Beca spoke softly between sips of water, but Beca knew that she was probably contagious and that if Aubrey ever found out that that chloe was here against the quarantine rule that she would be in a world of trouble, and Beca would never forgive herself if she got Chloe into trouble. 'ummm Chloe I don't want to sound ungrateful because I love that you came to see if I was ok, but I think its best you leave' Beca couldn't believe just how awful she felt saying it, but she knew it was for the best. Both to keep Chloe out of trouble and also because its what she was good at, pushing people away who were just trying to help her.

'Beca Mitchell, im not going anywhere, its clear that you need someone!' Chloe knew that she wasn't going to let Beca push her away when she was trying to help


'no Beca im not leaving you, and not because I want to see the vulnerable side of you but because you're my friend and I need to know that you're ok' although Chloe was being forceful she still had her usual smile, although part of her was worried that Beca would snap back at her to get her to leave, what if she was being too forceful? Had she over stepped the line? Chloe's mind was racing with worries from her decision to stay. But much to her delight the reply she received was a simple

'thank you' from Beca.

'now I know you hate movies so I thought id bring cartoons instead, because well, no one hates cartoons' Chloe beamed as she pulled out some dvds and her laptop. Beca watched her as she set up the cartoons, as she wasn't allowed to help, Chloe then placed a blanket over both her and Beca and added the finish touches, the bag of grapes between them. Perfection.

This was the first time Beca had ever had a friend like this, it was her first ever time of curling up under a blanket with someone to watch cartoons, because she was ill. Although the biggest shocker to Beca was how natural it felt, even when Chloe slid her legs ever so slightly under Beca's legs without any awkwardness. She remember how Chloe had said that they would be 'fast friends', causing her to remember her reply of:

'well you have seen each other naked' causing her to chuckle

'see I knew that you'd like cartoons if you gave them a chance' Chloe stated looking rather proud of herself as she playfully nudged Beca.


when Beca opened her eyes she was greeted by a completely dark room, no lights were on, the tv had gone onto standby ,the curtains were closed. And Chloe was… Chloe was asleep leaning on her shoulder, lightly breathing with a slight smile.

'Chloe… umm Chloe, its time to wake up, I think we fell asleep love' Beca awkwardly used her free hand to slowly rub Chloe's arm until she ever so slightly jolted awake.

'huh?! Oh Beca…oh god did we fall asleep? What time is it?' she checked the clock on Beca's counter: 21:24!

'oh shit! Its gone 9! Aubrey will have locked the door!' Chloe wasn't angry with the situation but it was obvious that she was worried about how to explain her absence to Aubrey

'locked the door? Don't you have a key to your dorm?' Beca questioned

'I do have a key but by rule neither of us…well I'm, not allowed to enter after 9 else I interfere with Aubrey's sleep pattern' Chloe broke eye contact with Beca and look down at her feet her eyes filled with embarrassment at how whipped Beca must think her to be.

'jesus! She really does crack the whip' Beca joked, but very quickly regretted it as she saw the embarrassment grow in Chloe's features, oh well done Beca she thought to herself as she mentally face palmed. 'ummm well if you want to, I mean id be happy for you to stay here for the night if you wanted' all embarrassment was erased from Chloe instantly as her vibrant smile returned

'really? Thank you so much'

'yeah sure you can have my bed and ill crash in here, im feeling loads better than I did this morning, and well you've been looking after me so its only fair'

'don't be silly Bec, im more than ok on the couch, I mean ive been here for a few hours now anyway' again with her smile

Beca looked up at her double bed, really not wanting to force Chloe to stay in the couch when she was only here to make sure that she was being looked after.

'well…umm… if you wanted to… or were happy to… we could always… share the bed' and as quickly as the words had left her mouth Beca felt the need to explain and back peddle out of her offer, 'I mean I get that im ill! So if you don't want to I understand, I just thought…well you know' oh god there it was again that fevered flush! Why was she panicking so much at her offer?

'if you're fine with that, id happily share with you' Chloe was aware that the sentence could be taken as flirting and to be honest Chloe didn't mind if it was taken that way, and it didn't seem to matter how many hints Chloe dropped Beca was always oblivious to the redheads advances. And as usual Beca let it slip, instead she simply slid under the duvet and shuffled across to the far side, as close to the wall as she could, she then nodded at Chloe as an invitation. Chloe smoothly slid under the duvet with her and much to Beca's surprise she didn't stick to her half, in fact she was so close the two women could have shared the same pillow.

'sweet dreams' Chloe whispered, sending a shiver across Beca's body.


Chloe had been sleeping for a while now, her breathing was light as her chest rose and fell ever so slightly, Beca couldn't believe how much of a perfect sleeper she was. Her hair fell perfectly, her eyelids lightly danced making it clear that she was dreaming, and a small smile was present.

'stop watching her Beca' she thought 'if she catches you she'll think you're a right weirdo' but Beca couldn't stop, which confused her at first, but the more she watched Chloe the more that she thought over all their little interactions. The second time they interacted was in the shower, when Chloe had barged in unexpectedly and made her sing for her, and much to Beca's surprise she had done it when most people would have physically removed another person from their shower, but not Beca. She allowed her to stay, she sung for her and when Chloe had stated how proud she was of her body Beca had simply replied 'you should be'. it had been an unusual experience which is why Beca hadn't though much about the rest of the intense encounters, until now. She remembered how Chloe had taken her hands that night at the Aca- party night, she had pulled her in close enough to kiss her and then had whispered how she knew that they were going to be 'fast friends' and she hadn't been wrong. since then it was always Chloe who had taught Beca the dance routines by leaning round her and actually guiding her movements, even if Beca was sure that she had the routine nailed. After rehearsals they would always go down to the showers together and although Beca made it clear that cubical sharing was out of the question since the first time, they would still sing with one another from their shower. And when Chloe had found out that Beca was ill she had dropped everything, and even lied to Aubrey o come look after her.

But Beca had to stop focusing on all these little times, she was driving herself mad, was she misreading the acts of a close friendship, which was possible considering she had never had many close friends, or was Chloe giving her signals of affection.

Even if she was thought, Beca had to wonder, why she was putting so much thought into it, why was it Chloe that she spent the rehearsals watching, and why when Jesse had leant in to kiss her had she pulled away because it was the redhead in her thoughts. And that's when it hit he, she hadn't kissed Jesse that time because she knew that she wouldn't stay with him, she knew that if Chloe had whistled she would have dropped him in a second. Which seems harsh because he was a lovely guy but he wasn't her, he wasn't Chloe. And that's when it dawned on Beca that she had a crush on her best friend, it was the first time she had ever experienced this feeling. And she began to panic she knew if Aubrey found out she would hate it! And of course Jesse would be devastated Although beca knew that none of the other Bellas would have an issue with it. Then her thoughts paused as she returned back to the soft features of her sleeping friend, how would she feel about it if she found out? Would Chloe feel the same way and reciprocate the feelings or would she freak?

Chloe fidgeted a little in her sleep causing Beca to roll over slightly just in case Chloe woke up, so that she wasn't caught watching her sleep, and through them both moving to resettle Beca let out a sigh of relief as an arm very gently wrapped around her waist. And with a smile Beca finally drifted off to sleep.


when Beca woke up in the morning she slid her hand down to her waist to take hold of Chloe's arm, but much to her disappointment it was no longer there, and as she rolled over all that greeted her was an empty bed. Her face dropped and she couldn't help but be disappointed, until she heard:

'morning Bec, good timing, breakfast is nearly ready sweetie' the familiar voice came from the kitchen.

Beca jumped out of the bed running her fingers through her hair to tidy it up, before she walked through to the kitchen where she found Chloe, and as if that wasn perfect enough Chloe was dishing up pancakes.

'how are you feeling this morning sweetie?' Chloe asked while passing over a plate of pancakes

'yeah, im feeling really good thanks, thanks for looking after me, and you really didn't have to do all this, but cant complain at pancakes before rehearsal' Beca smiled while tucking into the pancakes

'oh no im sorry you cant rehearse today, its against the rules' Chloe sat down at the table joining Beca with her plate of pancakes, she slowly poured syrup onto her tower, Beca watched mesmerized as the golden syrup dripped down from pancake to pancake, and then to top it all off she ran her index finger up the spout of the jug and licked the syrup from her finger. Beca couldn't help but shudder with excitement. As she licked her finger, Chloe's gaze met Beca's. forcing Beca to panic and try to escape those bright blue eyes

'rules? Against what rules?' Beca knew that she sounded excited and forced.

'well if anyone is sent home for being ill then they aren't allowed to attend for 24 hours so they don't risk infection, that's why Aubrey was so against sending you home'

'but I feel better, completely in fact, which is surprising for how ill I felt' Beca had to stop herself from talking, because she knew she only felt better because of Chloe, and as much as she wanted to tell her friend that she wasn't great at letting people in, and so she stopped

'I know sweet but rules are rules'

'just like the quarantine rule against contact with me' Beca caught Chloe's gaze again and winked.

'touche' Chloe knew that she had no reply against Beca's comment, and to be honest she quite liked that

'so what were you hoping to do today? Chloe asked beca as the pair finished off their pancakes

'just generally kicking back, maybe working on some mixes' and Beca was back to being her usual non specific self.

'ooo id love to hear some, if you didn't mind' Beca knew that if she was going to play her mixes for anyone she would want it to be Chloe, but she also knew that she was too scared to play any of the mixes for Chloe, she wouldn't be able to handle it if Chloe didn't enjoy them or worse mocked them.

'maybe' Beca blushed, 'any other ideas?' hoping that Chloe would have a back up plan

'how about getting to know you better, you know your past, likes, other than music of course, dislikes, you know' Chloe assumed that Beca would rather do anything than talk about herself. Although before Beca could answer Chloe's ringtone went off as her phone vibrated in her pocket, as Chloe pulled it out, she gestured to Beca for silence, just like she had done yesterday.

'morning Aub how are-... yeah im sorry I should have text…well I was with…umm Tom!... I know… I said I would be home but-… im sorry I worried you…yep…ok….sorry again Aub…see you in a bit… byeee' Chloe hung up, guilt evident all over her face, she felt awful lying to Aubrey but she knew that she would be fuming if she found out that Chloe had gone against her word and then lied about it. But if she found out that she had done this to be with Beca of all people she would be beyond fuming.

Noticing the guilt that Chloe felt, and feeling herself disappointed at the mention of Tom's name, Beca decided to change the atmosphere

'how about I show you some of my mixes?' she smiled


Both women were now dressed, Beca felt far more comfortable out of her panda pj's and the always prepared Chloe had managed to bring a spare change of clothes in her handbag, apparently she believed it to be a necessity which of course lead Beca to wonder how often she didn't make it home before 9.

Beca sat Chloe down at her office chair as she leant around her choosing which of her mixes on her laptop she should play for Chloe. Shockingly to Beca she decided to be brave and play the mix that she created after the shower experience with Chloe, it was a mix using Titanium as the main track.

Beca set it all up ready to play, she plugged in her favourite headphones and handed them to the redhead

'wow being handed a DJ's headphones, I feel honoured' Chloe winked as she joked, but she made it clear that she understood that Beca didn't hand these out to just anyone

she gently slid them on, as Beca hit play and the music filled Chloe's world. Beca was forced to sit and watch in absolute silence, her nerves growing as Chloe gave away very little away through her expressions about her opinion on the chosen track. Beca was now regretting choosing this track, what if Chloe took thee choice of song the wrong way? Then Beca realised that wasn't what she was nervous about, she was nervous that Chloe would actually take it in the way she intended it.

The music faded out into silence as the track finished, Chloe took the headphones off and looked across to Beca who was sat on the couch next to the desk, her nerves were so beyond evident, which Chloe thought was rather cute

'Beca this is truly amazing! When did you do this one?' Chloe asked, even though she already knew the answer.

'you really think so? And umm… well it was stuck in my head after… well after the time we sung it in the shower together' Beca blushed which in turn caused Chloe to blush as well.

'umm ive got another mix id like you to hear as well, if you're up for it' Beca added trying to change the subject, and gain some control over her colour and temperature again. She leant around Chloe yet again to choose another track to play her, however this time Chloe didn't watch the actions on the screen, instead she kept her eyes fixed on the smaller woman. Chloe's heart began to race as she watched Beca's concentration; the brunette hadn't even noticed that a small section of hair had fallen down until Chloe very slowly swept it back behind her ear. Beca turned to face Chloe whose gaze caught her immediately, her hand moved its way down the brunettes cheek where it stayed, her fingers lightly teasing the back of Beca's neck. Beca could feel her heart pounding, she watched as Chloe's eyes moved from hers down to her lips, causing her to involuntarily lick them. Chloe began to lean in but forced herself to stop in fear that Beca wouldn't feel the same or that she would pull away, however, much to her pleasure, Beca moved in to close the rest of the distance. Chloe closed her eyes first, the sight of her being completely committed to this kiss made Beca's heart jolt, Beca began to close her eyes when the girls were just about to meet the other's lips, and just at that moment


'Shit!' Chloe jumped away, her movements causing Beca to jump back as well, embarrassment completely filled her as she watched the very flustered Chloe try to grab her still vibrating phone. Chloe's face dropped as she saw her phone

'its…umm, it's a reminder for rehearsal' Chloe stood up and grabbed her jacket from the couch

'ummm well im glad you're feeling better and if you want I can return after rehearsal, if its not too late' even Chloe could hear just how awkward she sounded, and wasn't surprised when Beca only nodded and thanked her. Chloe grabbed her bag and said good-bye before leaving.

Beca couldn't believe how awful that had ended, just a few more seconds and both of them would have been lost in a kiss, the phone would have gone off but at least they would have known how the other felt. Chloe stood outside Beca's door thinking the same, she huffed as she mentally kicked herself for how awkward she was when she left. Chloe knew that Beca had moved in to kiss her, but now that it hadn't happened she was left confused about the whole situation, and she knew that she had to truly know, she knew that she couldn't spend the whole of the rehearsal thinking about the moment that they shared. So she pulled her phone back out her pocket and speed dialled her best friend.

'hey Aub… actually that's why im phoning, im not feeling so good…yeah I think im coming down with something…um yeah maybe I did catch it from Beca at rehearsal…yep… thank you for understanding, love to you as well Aub' she sighed as she hung up, hating herself for how many times she had lied to her best friend. She also knew that now she had to knock on Beca's door again to try and recover from her awkward goodbye. However what Chloe didn't know was that Beca herself had slumped against the door after Chloe had left and so had heard the phone call, causing her mind to race yet again, she couldn't decide whether Chloe had cancelled to come back and apologise for the awkwardness or whether she wanted to explain that it had been a mistake.

And just as Beca had expected there was a quiet and sheepish knock at her door, and so Beca composed herself and opened the door, to find Chloe stood looking slightly nervous.

'hey you' Beca smiled 'you not going to rehearsal?' Beca asked, already knowing the answer

'umm… no im not needed today' Chloe felt awful lying but she couldn't admit that she just really needed to stay, 'so I wondered if you'd mind if I stayed here for a bit longer?' Chloe watched as Beca smiled excitedly and moved to the side of the doorway allowing her to enter.

Beca closed the door and turned to find Chloe stood there obviously wanting to say something but not being able to word whatever it was.

'Beca…i..umm' she started, but out of fear she stopped and looked down at her feet. It was now that Beca decided that she wanted to act before Chloe said anything because she was so worried that Chloe was going to say that what had nearly happened was wrong, and so as she built up all the courage she could, she stepped in closer and placed her hand on the side of Chloe's neck and gently tilted her head up so that the slightly taller woman was now looking at her, it was then that Beca leant in and captured Chloe's lips with her own.

Much to Beca's pleasure, she felt Chloe's hands slide up onto her hips as she kissed her back. It started off as a soft, innocent slightly nervous kiss, but it was when Chloe pulled Beca closer by her hips that the kiss gained passion, Beca ran her tongue along Chloe's bottom lip until her lips parted ever so slightly allowing it to enter. The two women were now completely lost in a passionate kiss, one of Chloe's hands staying on Beca's hips and the other sliding up her back and tangling within the brunette hair as the kiss continued to deepen.

Both women knew that they wanted this, and it was clear that any worries or fears were now gone, because everything felt so right. It was because of how natural it felt that Chloe lead beca whilst still kissing to the bedroom door. Beca had barely noticed until she met the closed door allowing Chloe to press up against her. Beca could feel a throbbing throughout her body, she knew that she had been attracted to her friend, and she had realised that she fancied her but it was only now that she realised just how much she needed her and just how much she wanted her.

Beca used her free hand to turn the door handle and with the force of the two women being pressed up against it, it pushed open, allowing them to enter the bedroom. Surprisingly to Beca it was Chloe who was taking control of the situation, she continued to lead her towards the bed, and gently pushed her down onto the sheets. Chloe also got on to the bed, straddling Beca's hips, she broke the kiss now, for the the first time in what seemed like forever.

'are you sue you want this?' Chloe asked quietly, worrying that in taking control she was being too forward for Beca

'I want you' Beca replied as she pulled the redhead back in for another kiss, she could feel Chloe smiling as she kissed her.

(not sure wether to continue this and turn it into several chapters- probably with an M rating, so some feedback would be lovely on wether to keep it or to continue with it :) thanks)