Chloe made it back to her dorm, still feeling completely humiliated and hurt by what had happened. She started to put her key in the door but almost immediately it flew open with Aubrey on the other side, she looked far from impressed.

"Where the hell have you been?" Aubrey demanded to know, as Chloe sheepishly entered their dorm, heading in the direction of her bedroom. But Aubrey wasn't going to let her get to her room without answering

"I've phoned you 12 times today Chloe! 12!"

"Sorry, my phone was in my jeans" Chloe instantly hated herself for giving this answer, she had wanted to give a minimal answer so she could leave and instead stupidly she made it obvious that at some point she hadn't been in her jeans.

"In your jeans?! Where the hell were your jeans and why weren't you with them?" Aubrey's anger was increased when she had an idea of where her best friend had been,

"Did you miss practice to be with Tom?!" Aubrey had become flushed with frustration now.

"No Aub, of course not, I ended it with him ages ago"

"you were with him last night!" Aubrey exclaimed assuming that Chloe had then decided to spend the morning after with him

At this comment Chloe burst into tears, uncontrollable waves of tears flowed from her eyes, she had lied to her best friend, only to be abandoned by a woman that she . Aubrey knew she had been harsh shouting at her friend, and now as she watched the redhead sob she knew that she had to be the caring friend

"Chloe, oh my god what's happened?" Aubrey helped her down to the couch and passed a tissue to her.

Chloe taking the tissue used it to dry her eyes, she knew that Aubrey wouldn't let her drop it but she didn't want to tell her that she had lied to her as well as broken her rule against seeing Beca.

"Chloe please tell me what's happened? Who has upset you?" Aubrey began to stroke Chloe's arm reassuringly, the way Aubrey smiled at her let her know that no mater what she would be accepting of everything because they were best friends.

"I never went to Tom's, I'm so sorry Aub- but I lied to you" Aubrey couldn't help but look hurt, but she knew that she couldn't get mad because right at the moment her friend needed her.

Chloe broke eye contact unable to watch as she broke it to Aubrey

"I stayed at Beca's" a moment of silence followed, until Aubrey decided to hell with being supportive

"Aca-cuse me?! Beca! Beca Mitchell?! What the hell Chloe, she was under quarantine!"

"I know, but Aub…"

"don't you dare 'Aub' me! why would you risk the rest of the Bella's for someone like her!" anger was burning within Aubrey, her best friend had lied to her to spend time with some moody fresher!

"Aubrey its not like that… I mean it wasn't like that" more tears flowed from Chloe as she changed the sentence to the past tense knowing that whatever her and Beca shared was beyond over. Then the harsh realization hit her, her friendship with Beca could be over, she had no idea how much the brunette was freaking out, but considering she had abandoned her, Chloe assumed that she wouldn't be seeing Beca for a while!

"Then what was it like Chloe? wait, did she lie about being ill? Did you two plan this just so you could bunk off together, whilst laughing at me the whole time!" Aubrey knew that Chloe wasn't like that but she was so angry, she had known that Beca would be trouble from the beginning.

"No, its not like that Aub- Beca was ill so I went to make sure that she was ok" Aubrey tried to cut in but Chloe held her position and continued to explain,

"But we fell asleep and so she said I could stay the night. I don't know why I lied to you but truth be told I didn't want anyone knowing what was happening because I didn't know myself at the time. Because when my alarm for rehearsal went off, Beca had lea... I had leant…. We both kind of leant in to kiss each other" Chloe began to trail off as remembered the moment she had shared with Beca.

"kiss each other?! Chloe…" Chloe knew that she had to gain control again else Aubrey would never let her explain everything

"Yes we nearly kissed but, then we were interrupted, so I told her that you didn't need me, I thought it would give me the chance to see how she truly felt. And I did, well I thought I did" as Chloe spoke she had to look down at her feet, with the pain that she was already feeling she couldn't take Aubrey being disappointed in her too

"Chlo, what do you mean you 'thought you did'?" Aubrey spoke softly as she took Chloe's hand in her own

"Well she kissed me, and everything seemed perfect, and so we…you know…we…"

"I know" Aubrey nodded understanding what it is they had done, allowing Chloe to continue explaining without having to actually say it out right

"so then why are you crying?" Aubrey lightly squeezed Chloe's hand for support with what ever had caused her to cry

"When I woke up this morning Beca was…Beca was gone, she left a note saying that she was sorry, and then she just left" Chloe's voice was but a whisper

"She just left you? That's awful! I always knew that she was trouble!" Chloe knew that Aubrey was just trying to help her feel better by putting Beca down, but Chloe couldn't hate Beca, no matter how hard she tried.

"Aub, she's not trouble, she may not be perfect but she's not trouble"

"You like her don't you Chlo?" Aubrey had seen her friend date a few people, she had seen Chloe kiss dozens of people when they had gone on nights our, but she had never seen her best friend genuinely upset because of an 'encounter'

Chloe nodded slowly before looking her best friend straight in the eyes

"Aub- I think I'm falling for her, I've been thinking it for some time now" Chloe had never looked more vulnerable than she did right now, and so Aubrey placed her arms round her, pulling her in to an embrace.

"Do you hate me?" Chloe quietly questioned whilst in Aubrey's arms

"Chloe I could never hate you, don't be silly, I'm just surprised that its Beca, but if its her that you want, then I'm happy with it, as long as you're sure she is the one you want" Chloe couldn't believe how caring her usually stubborn friend was being, but she loved that she had such support.

"thanks Aub, you're wonderful, but I don't think that its something you'll have to worry about, like I said Beca left, I think she's made it clear that she doesn't want me"

"I may not be her biggest fan, but it's clear that she isn't a complete idiot, and she would have to be to let you go willingly" Aubrey meant every word as she lightly squeezed Chloe, hoping that Beca knew what was best for her.