Beca stood in the corridor outside of Chloe's dorm, she had been stood out there for about 15 minutes, unable to knock on the door, several times she had told herself that she couldn't do it and that she should just go back to her dorm because it was already too late and she had lost Chloe as a friend let alone anything more. Twice she had actually left the corridor only to turn around instantly and take her place outside of the door again.

Her mind was racing with things that she wanted to say, but in senseless streams of thought, her heart began to race every time she considered knocking. That's when she decided to take control! She had to, she knew that if she wanted to keep Chloe as a friend then this was something that she had to do.

And so she closed her eyes and knocked on the door. Her breathing was forced as she tried to control her feeling of nausea.

Beca hoped that the door would open and she would be greeted by Chloe, however it was Aubrey that stood there in the doorway. Beca felt sick to her stomach, Aubrey didn't like her anyway and she knew that Chloe would have told her what had happened so Beca could only imagine just how hated she was.

"I assumed it would be you" Aubrey stated harshly, not moving aside to let Beca enter

"Hi Aubrey" Beca's voice broke with nerves as she spoke, "is Chloe in please?" Beca's mouth had never been so dry before,

"She is, but what makes you think that she that she will talk to you?" Aubrey knew that she was being harsh and she in no way hated Beca but she couldn't help but be harsh to the woman that had hurt her best friend.

"Please Aubrey, can I please just try to talk to her, if she asks me to leave I promise I will, but I have to try, please" Beca's voice was but a whisper as she tried to get her words out without bursting into tears.

Aubrey couldn't help but feel sorry for the brunette as she stood in front of her it was obvious how scared she was and how vulnerable she felt because of this fear

"ok, but if she asks to you leave then you leave" Aubrey had to give her the chance to talk to Chloe, she looked like she would break down if Aubrey didn't let her in. Plus Aubrey couldnt forget how Chloe had said that she was falling for Beca, and so in the interest of her best friends happiness she wanted this whole situation to be sorted out.

"Thank you" Beca stepped inside the dorm room her stomach twisting and turning as she did.

"She's in her room" Aubrey gestured in the direction, before standing with her arms folded, making it clear that she wouldn't be leaving Beca and Chloe alone.

Beca walked towards Chloe's room and lightly tapped on the door, she inhaled deeply to prepare herself for what she had to say

"Chloe, it' me…. it's Beca, can I talk to you please?" her voice continued to break as she spoke

Chloe leant against the inside of her door, but made no effort to open it,

"Beca… I cant see you at the moment, I'm still to hurt" Chloe partially hated herself for not opening the door and taking the other women in her arms, telling her everything was fine and kissing her. But as much as Chloe wanted to, she didn't know if she could put herself back in a position in which Beca could hurt her again. She hated to admit it but her trust was shaken.

Aubrey stepped forward slightly as she assumed that Chloe meant she wanted Beca to leave if she didn't want to see her.

"Do you want me to leave?" Beca asked not knowing if she could take the answer that followed. but thankfully all she heard was a tiny

"No please don't" from Chloe, Beca smiled as she realised that she may actually be able to save this, if Chloe didn't want her to leave then maybe she would be able to secure their friendship if nothing else.

Aubrey stood back again, hoping that her friend knew what she was doing, because she didn't want her to get hurt though all of this, not again.

"Chloe… I… I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have left like that….I shouldn't have left at all… I just panicked… I got so scared that I'd end up hurting you that I freaked out. I screwed it all up… but only because I got scared…not because I don't want this" Beca could feel her voice weakening as she spoke, she knew that she was rambling, because she had so much that she needed to say but no idea how to express herself truly.

"I'm not the best at opening up, you know that… but I just… well its because…" Beca sighed as she realised that she had no idea how to finish any of her sentences, this was one of the most importance conversations she had ever had, because she could lose her friend if she didn't do it right, and typically it was now that her brain decided to stop forming sentences.

Aubrey had to admit that she felt sorry for Beca, she was trying so hard and yet it was going so horribly wrong for her, she wished that Chloe could see the brunettes efforts to express herself and the feelings that she so clearly had. Aubrey found it hard to admit to herself but she secretly had her fingers crossed for Beca.

It was as Beca looked across at Aubrey and saw her flicker of hope and support as she smiled back and gently nodded, letting Beca know that she could do this, that Beca remembered what Benji had said:

"If you cant tell her how you feel then show her" Beca whispered the sentence back to herself.

She closed her eyes inhaling and exhaling deeply as she tried to compose herself, her mind calmed as she did so, she forgot all of her worries and just tried to focus on her emotions. She knew the perfect way to express herself. She began to hum the tune to David Guetta's Titanium, the song that had brought Chloe and her together, all be it in an unconventional way, Beca couldn't help but smile as she thought back on the experience the pair had shared in the shower. She should have known that moment that her and Chloe would have a special relationship. She tried to capture the emotion from that experience as well as how she had felt when her and Chloe had shared their first kiss, these emotions in complete comparison to the fear and dread that she felt at the moment not knowing if Chloe would accept her apology.

All of these feelings and emotions were apparent as she continued to hum to their tune. However, effortlessly Beca managed to change some of the words as she began to sing, making the some even more relevant than it already was:

I want to shout it out

But you cant hear a word I say

I'm Trying hard, but not saying much

I'm not Bulletproof, I've so much to lose

Fire away, Fire away

So please, Take your aim

Shoot me down, I always fall.

Im not Titanium

You're my Titanium

When Beca opened her teary eyes Chloe was stood in front of her, the door wide open as tears made their way down her cheek, her smile beamed as she looked into the shorter brunettes eyes. She couldn't believe that Beca who preferred the image of the 'badass DJ' had just serenaded her with an adapted version of their song. Chloe had never experienced anything as truly romantic as this.

"Chole I am so sorry, and I promise…" Beca wiped her watery eyes as she began to talk, however after she began to make her promise Chloe leant in stealing her attention away from the sentence that would have followed by capturing her lips. Chloe's hands came up to hold Beca's cheek and neck, as they did she could feel the moist tracks that Beca's tears had formed, as well as feeling as fresh tears fell while they kissed. Beca couldn't help but cry, not only had Chloe been willing to forgive her but the two were now lost in what was the most perfect kiss she had ever shared. It was Beca that broke the kiss because as beautiful as it was she had to say what it was she felt because she feared that if she didn't get it out now then she wouldn't be able to say it for a long while.

"Chloe, I'm falling for you" she knew it wasn't quite 'I love you' but it was the truth, and she wanted Chloe to know that she was serious about this, and that to her it wasn't just a fling or a bit of fun for her.

Chloe pulled Beca into her arms, and as she held her she kissed her lightly on the top of the head, Beca couldn't believe that she was lost within the sweet smell of the redhead yet again

It was then the Chloe began to chuckle

"Aub- are you crying?" Beca turned round to see if Chloe was right, and much to her surprise Aubrey was in fact drying her eyes.

"No! I'm not crying, it's just, well that was beautiful" If anyone had told Aubrey when she had first met Beca that she would be responsible for making her tearful by doing something that was truly romantic as well as being completely vulnerable, she would have bet her vocal chords that they were lying!

"Well I shall leave you two alone" Aubrey smiled assuming that the pair would want some alone time after such an emotion rollercoaster of a day.

"Thank you, but you don't have to Aubrey, I should leave you two" Beca truly loved that Aubrey had offered to leave but she knew that she couldn't expect the woman to leave her home in fear of feeling in the way.

"Couldn't, maybe… you both stay please?" Chloe spoke up, she would love it if in time her best friend and her girlfriend could get along, and she knew that they would both be willing to try, because both had proved that tonight.

Beca and Aubrey smiled and nodded, both women being happy that Chloe still wanted them there. Beca sat down on the sofa, next to Aubrey while Chloe headed into the kitchen area.

"Beca, I'm so glad that you make her happy, but I wouldn't be a good best friend if I didn't warn you, that if you ever upset her then you'll have to deal with me" the seriousness of Aubrey was something that Beca couldn't help but admire at this moment, because she loved that Chloe had a best friend that cared so much. And it was because of this admiration that Beca didn't mock Aubrey or make a witty come back. Instead she simply nodded

"I promise I wont hurt her again, but its nice to know that she has a friend like you" Beca smiled as she put her hand out, Aubrey was impressed at how Beca had handled everything and so she took her hand with her own as they shared a hand shake of respect.

It was at this moment that Chloe walked back into the room

"awww look at my favourite two girls getting along" Chloe couldn't have been happier, today could have been the worst day of her life so far, and it so very nearly was, however instead it was going to end perfectly.

Chloe passed Beca and Aubrey a beer from the fridge keeping one for herself. She knew that Aubrey wouldn't approve of drinking on a weekday but hey tonight was her night, and so they each popped the lids from their beers,

"Cheers" Chloe beamed as she tapped the neck of her bottle against the other two.

She sat down beside Beca, proudly taking her hand and intertwining her fingers with Beca's as the conversation began to flow.

All three of them were amazed at how natural it felt having Beca around, Aubrey would never have imagined it going this smoothly between them. But when Beca was around Chloe she had no need to have attitude of be stand off-ish about everything, instead she was a very gentle and at times shy woman.

After the beer had been finished off, and Aubrey had excused herself for bed, hugging both Chloe and Beca before she did, Chloe turned to Beca,

"It's getting late" she spoke softly. Beca assumed that she meant it was time for her to go home, and Beca wasn't surprised that she wasn't ready to let her stay around yet after what had happened, and so she kissed her on the lips before standing up and grabbing her coat, but before she could say bye, Chloe jumped in

"Where do you think you're going?" Chloe smiled playfully

"Oh I thought…"

"Well you thought wrong" Chloe continued to smile as walked over to Beca taking her coat from her and throwing it onto the sofa before leaning into kiss her. The kiss started off sweet and chaste, but when Chloe's tongue slipped inside Beca's mouth, it gained passion and excitement. Chloe guided Beca into her bedroom, kissing her the whole way, causing little moans to escape.

Beca could feel Chloe smiling while she kissed her, as she pushed the bedroom door shut behind them, and with the click of the lock, Beca smiled back.




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