Axel and Lioness after Programmed

"Lioness get over that crush you have on Axel it is obvious he doesn't care about you!" yelled Hawk.

"No I know he cares about me since he rescued me from danger loads of times." Argued Lioness.

Then Axel stopped the Slammer.

"Be quiet both of you." He ordered. "First Hawk just because I almost kissed Madison doesn't mean I don't care about Lioness and second Lioness what I had for Madison was a long time ago I have moved on."

"Is everyone ok?" asked Shark.

"Not really." Replied Axel. "Hawk and Lioness are still arguing. Lioness a word in private please."

"Ok." Replied Lioness.

"I'll take Hawk and Shark back to Landmark City." Said King and Axel nodded.

"Li I'm sorry I didn't mention about Madison it's just-just that my Dad is more important to me than Madison…" started Axel.

"And I don't exist." Interrupted Lioness getting all tear-like.

"Li listen to me for six more minutes my Dad is important but then again you are as important to me as my Dad is." Axel continued. "What I'm saying is can you forgive me?"

Lioness was even more in tears but she hugged Axel.

"It will take time but yeah I forgive you." She replied.

"I never ever meant to hurt you." Replied Axel.

"I know Axel Madison is only a friend and me you saved me more than once in my life and I thank you for doing that." Replied Lioness. "We better get to the Hydrulix before we get cold."

Soon Axel and Lioness drove back to Landmark City and repair their friendship.

"Axel?" asked Lioness.

"Yes Lioness?" asked Axel.

"When I'm with you I feel most proud of all and most special of all." Lioness told Axel.

"That's strange Lioness because that's how I feel when I'm with you." Smiled Axel.

And the two friends smiled happily together.

The End