After Three Months

A teacher with straight brown hair, look down his class, grinning after his eyes landed on a certain sleeping student in the back. He took out an alarm clock and left it on the student's desk. It rang, waking the student up.

"Good morning, Yoshimori. Can you please answer the question on board?" Mino asked in a cheery voice. The teen simply walk up to the broad and solve the math problem in a minute before going back to sleep on his desk.

The class was shocked; the guy who uses to have failing grades, rough and angry personality and skipping classes is now a popular, kind male in the school since two months ago.

"Yoshimori, its lunch time," said Tomonori, turning around to face his napping friend. "Just leave him, he's always asleep," said Hiromu, walking to his two friends.

"No, I'm not sleeping," muttered the subject in question. "He's awake!" reacted the 'information wizard', his hands away from Yoshimori. "Zzzz…" "Or maybe he's not."

Yoshimori suddenly stood up, "Hah! I almost forgot!" before bolting out of the door. The two friends stood there in shock. "What was that about?" asked Kyoko, with her friends Ayano and Yurina at one side of the classroom.

"Tokine!" Yoshimori practically yelled as he ran out the door on the rooftop. A green, box-shaped barrier hanging in the air meet his face, causing him to land on the floor. "You're late again," said a girl with long bunette hair standing against the wall.

"Shut up, Tokine. It's not like I wanted to be late," the younger of the two retorted. "Sleeping in class again?"

"Stop predicting me so easily!" Yoshimori said while pointing at her. "Oh? And I thought you like it?"

"Ah-h, I kinda do… NO I DON'T! NO WAY I DO-"

"Ahahaha! You should look at your face Yoshimori!" teased Tokine while laughing at his antics.

The freshman scowled before laughing with her. Even though his girlfriend sometimes teases him, he loves it when she smiles after the teasing.

Three months had passed since the day Karasumori was sealed by his mom. It was also the day both families stopped the 400 year old rivalry and when he and Tokine started going out together-for some reason-secretly.

The Urakai(shadow organization) is almost rebuilt with its system. Tatsuki, Kidoin and Shiromi remained in the order while Shichirou's elder brother, Rokurou, rejoined it. Masamori is still being used to attract recruits.

Shichirou himself stopped playing around ever since he became the head, according to the reports that is. The gazer, one of the protectors of the Arashizaki Shrine, started to disappear from time-to-time recently, but Mahora said she is only hiding.

Yoshimori is still baking cakes and is now taught by Tokine not only in mathematics, but also in all the subjects he doesn't do well. Basically, all the subjects at school except for art, and PE.

Tokine hangs out with her friends now after school, otherwise she's still the same.

As for the ayakashi that were under Tokimori, they're now at either the Yukimura and Sumimura households. Kumon tends to be on the branches and argues or eats Madarao every night. Kokuyou is always in his orb unless it is the new moon, when he just comes out and circles the town for the whole night. All the ayakashi living in both compounds don't or stop wearing the collar.

After the two had their greeting, Tokine took out her lunch box while Yoshimori took his out. They both talk about school, their family, the Urakai, what was left of the school to build, and themselves.

A bit more of what happen after Karasumori was sealed, Tokiko and Shigemori still fight with each other early in the morning. The school, which was completely destroyed seven months ago and now remodeled a bit, had the senior section rebuild. Now, the main building was just started.

Julia Roppongi, is a senior student in Karasumori Academy and is in the same classroom as the nightingale. "Ah, he was so cute!" she asked herself, putting her head on her desk.

Everybody had already backed away from her, except her friends. They questioned her about the mysterious boy.

"Yuri, what is wrong with Yoshimori? He's always goes out the door during lunch and have almost perfect grades these days. Don't you know, Yuri?" exclaim Kyoko, waving her arms in angst. Yurina was in total confusion as well, but she does need to make an excuse for him.

"Ah, he's just going to the roof top to sleep. Yes, he's just going to the rooftop to sleep," sputter Yurina desperately. Thankfully, her friends are used to her sputtering so they left it at that. Hopefully, they won't ask her again why he goes out to the rooftop.

"Hey, Tokine…what do you think is going to happen from now on?" asked Yoshimori, lying on the floor. He had this question the whole three months, but never asked, afraid it might hurt Tokine. Tokine look at him before looking at the sky. "Who knows. Even with Karasumori sealed, this world is still here."

"This world, huh. We still have our abilities and there are still ayakashi that want to eat humans. At least they are not as difficult as before…and I get to enjoy a quiet life. I wonder about Tokine though…"

The bell rung, signaling the end of lunch. Yoshimori stood up almost immediately, and left while saying 'see you later' to Tokine. He ran down the stairs to his next class, surprisingly the same English teacher he had for all three years in back in middle school, Kurosu-sensei.

Tokine returned to her classroom, thinking about past events before shaking her head. She concentrated in class, writing down notes and doing classwork. For Yoshimori, he just sleep in all the classes unless he had classwork.

Life protecting Karasumori was over, but living in a life as someone who can see spirits would never disappear.

You can see this as a one-shot if you want.