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Meeting Her

A ray of sunlight shone through the broad window, causing the room to brighten up. The man rolled over on his large bed, and slowly opened his eyes, still unaware of what time it was, or where exactly he was sleeping.

He ran his hands through his messy blond hair, and reached for his phone. He slowly rubbed his eyes, but immediately freaked out when he saw the time.

"10 AM" he mumbled. "God, I have to go!". He quickly ran to his bathroom, and washed his face. After choosing the right clothes and cologne, he was ready to go.

As he was getting into his car, the phone rang. "Kenny, it's mommy" he heard the familiar, sweet voice. "How are you? I've missed you. When are you coming back to Minnesota?"

Suddenly, another voice chimed in. "Big Brother, I hope you still haven't forgotten about us now that you're famous and stuff!". He chuckled, but tried to end the conversation because of the hurry he was in.

"Mom, Katie, I am really in a rush right now, but I promise I am gonna talk to you when I get to the airport, right before I leave. OK, I love you, bye!"

He sighed, as he hung up. Those months had been really hard for him. He was touring all over the US, and barely had time for social interactions. He was currently one of the most famous male pop stars in the world, and most of his critics called him a "Justin Bieber wannabe", because of his charm and melodic, sweet voice that had girls swoon all over him, pretty much like the Canadian.

However, he would always say that he was not Justin. He was "Kendall Knight, a young boy from Minnesota that wanted to make his dreams reality, not compete against other artists". This was pretty much the truth. He had started out by writing songs or covering other artists' tracks, and putting them up on the internet, and got discovered at the age of 15. After finishing school at 17, he signed with Rocque Records, and released his first CD "Break the Borders", which became an instant hit.

Most of his songs talked about love, heartbreak and passion, and this led people to believe that he was just a shallow mainstream artist, whose music was targeted to 12-year-old girls. The truth though, was completely different. In the beginning of his career, he had written a couple of more 'profound' songs, but he was advised not to release them. He could still remember the little lecture he was given by his manager, Gustavo:

"What do you want, boy? Fame, or respect? Well, I know you'll settle for the latter, but let me tell you something. You'll get to sell more if your songs are what little girls want: songs about partyin' and chillin' and whatnot. If you write mellow songs about darker stuff, less young people will buy it. And this means that we, the company, will lose a big source of our profits, and you will gain less money"

"But it's not about the money! When I started putting my songs up on the internet, I wanted to let people hear my voice and see that I am not like all of these crappy artists out there! I never wanted fame in the first place!" he had retorted.

"Fine, then you might as well leave! And you might remember that we pay you really well. And, if you are fired, then how on earth are you and your little family gonna pay your mommy's medical bills?"

Those words had been cleverly used to make him realize that it would be preferable to pay the price of fame, than let his mother die. She had been suffering from a rare heart disease, and had to pay thousands of dollars every year. Plus, his father and his mother had been divorced for almost ten years, and he barely supported them.

"Fine" he had said "I am gonna do what you want. Just promise me that whatever I am paid goes to my mom. She was the reason I got in this. From now on, I will be executing your every command!"

Gustavo had nodded happily, having convinced the teenager. Almost five years later, Kendall was selling like hot cakes, making millions of dollars every year. He had everything he wanted: money, recognition, millions of fans chasing after him, everything. But he had changed. He wasn't the same person he was in the old Youtube covers, he was turned into a selling machine that barely cared about anything else.

Even though he hated to admit it, he was just a different person. Gustavo's small lecture had turned into bigger ones, filled with the right arguments to get him to do everything 'the Boss' wanted. Eventually, those pep talks turned Kendall into a product of management, exactly what his old self resented.

The same thing had happened to his relationships. When he wasn't famous, he would be committed to that special one. Her name was Jo, his beautiful blond princess. However, as he got more and more absorbed into Gustavo's new views being preached on him, Jo began to feel neglected, and broke up with him. Gustavo was thrilled to find out, as Kendall could now date(or fake date) any celebrity was 'fashionable' at the moment.

His little plan had worked: Kendall was now the ultimate teen heart throb, and the company's profits were unfathomably high at the moment. He didn't care about whether Kendall liked it or not. He only viewed him as a way of promoting his record company.

His mother had realized that her child had changed, but she knew that he wouldn't listen to her, or his sister Katie. He would never be the same again, no matter what they did.

At that point, the young man shook his head, snapping himself out of his trance. "Why am I thinking of the past?" he asked himself. "I've moved on, and honestly I don't care about what the others think of me. And besides, I have to go!"

He broke every speed limit to get to the L.A airport, only to receive a call from his manager which informed him that the flight had been delayed. The young man groaned. "Great, now I have to wait for a century until the next flight!" he mumbled, as he walked back to his car. He went to a nearby café, and ordered a coffee. He was lucky that there weren't any crazed fans in there. He sat on a table, and sipped his cappuccino slowly, as he wondered what he would do until the next flight, in about three hours.

At some point though, a young woman tripped next to him, and fell in front of him, some drops of her drink staining his blue jeans. "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" she mumbled, as she tried to clean herself and the man's pants up.

"No, no, it's okay" he said, leaning down to get a better view of her face, Suddenly, he recognized her. She was the star of a show called 'Gina 300', which was most popular back in the day. Even though she was 14 then, and now almost 22 like him, she barely had changed. She had long dirty blond hair, huge brown eyes, and rosy lips.

"Oh my god! You're Jamie Brooks!" he said. The woman placed a hand on his mouth to shush him. "Don't say that stuff out loud!" she whispered. "Unless you want people to know that THE Kendall Knight is here!" she smirked. He shook his head, making her put her hand down.

"Hey, I haven't seen you in any photos ever since you got…preg" he started, but stopped once he realized the mistake he had made. Jamie had gotten pregnant once the show ended, making all those girls who looked up to her, resent her, since she was barely 18. After that, she decided to settle down and focus on her family.

"How's your little boy?" he asked, with the casualty of a friend.

Jamie smiled. "Oh, he's fine. But why are you here?"

"Let's say that my flight has been delayed for three hours, and I have nowhere to stay without crazy fans and paparazzi around!"

Jamie remembered how this had felt. The tabloids had made sure to cover every second of her pregnancy, and this was one of the basic reasons why she had decided to draw away from fame after her little boy was born. She placed a hand on his shoulder. "I know how you feel. I dealt with the same stuff when I was pregnant. That's why I wear disguises" she said as she put her hood and glasses on. "See? Now, put a hat and your glasses on!"

Kendall looked at her surprised, but did what she said. "OK!" he exclaimed, as she chuckled. "You look weird, but at least you aren't recognizable"

Kendall smiled. "So, I am gonna go order a new coffee" Jamie said. "Maybe we can hang out together afterwards!" Kendall suggested. The young woman was surprised. "That's…fine!" she replied, and went to get her coffee.

The two sat on Kendall's table. "So, since you have no place to stay, why not stay at mine?" Jamie suggested. Kendall's eyes widened. She seemed to be really chill and laid back, no matter what she went through. "Cool, is that okay with your little man?" he smiled.

"Oh, I am sure he is fine with that!" she chuckled. Some moments of silence followed, as they kept staring into each other's eyes.

"You seem to be a really cool girl." Kendall commented.

"Thanks" Jamie replied. "You are one of the few people to give me a compliment after the whole situation. I keep on being called names and a wrong role model for 'ruining my life', but I do believe that my family, especially my little Brandon" she smiled at the name of her son "are the best things that have ever happened to me"

Kendall looked down. Even though this woman had gone through much more pressure and hate than him, she was still loyal to her family, and kept a low profile. While he had forgotten about his.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Jamie said. "Why are you pouting?"

"Ugh, nothing, I am just a little tired" he lied. Great. Not even two minutes of being with her and he is already being dishonest!

"OK" she said. "Wanna go out now?"

He nodded, looking up into her eyes. Jamie smiled, as she called for the waiter. They both paid for their drinks, and got out, looking out for any paparazzi.

They got into Kendall's car, as Jamie showed him how exactly to go to her place.

Kendall was sure that those three hours would go by really pleasantly with Jamie's company.

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