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Getting To Know Her

Kendall and Jamie finally arrived at the young woman's house. Kendall looked at it: even though it belonged to a woman who was probably profusely rich, it seemed relatively small. Pretty much like all the houses in the area.

Jamie noticed the way Kendall was staring, and chuckled. "I didn't want to spoil Brandon" she said. "That's also the reason why I never bought him anything fancy, and kept him away from the spotlight. I wanted to make him feel like a normal child"

Kendall remained silent. "So," Jamie began, trying to break the awkward silence "Wanna come in?" Kendall turned around, and nodded. He had already gained so much respect for that woman. I mean, she sacrificed a successful career to raise her child, while she could have aborted him or given him up. That took a lot of courage.

Jamie got lost in his stunning green eyes. However, she tried to fight back the inevitable. He really was a charming young man, and it was no wonder why so many girls were head over heels in love with him! She pouted, as she fumbled in her pocket, trying to find her key. After a couple of minutes, they were into the house.

Kendall looked around: the interior was pretty much like the exterior; small and simple. There were a couple of paintings and photo frames on the white and light orange walls, some toys on the floor, which obviously belonged to Brandon, a newspaper folded on the wooden table…

"Like what you see?" Jamie asked.

"Yep" Kendall nodded, as they both chuckled. Suddenly, a woman in her forties walked in. She closely resembled Jamie, but only her eyes had a pale shade of blue. She was accompanied by a little boy, about five years old. He had his mother's hair and cheekbones, and hazel colored eyes.

"Who is this young man, Jamie?" the older woman asked. Jamie ran her hand through her hair. "Oh, this is Kendall Knight mom" she replied. "He is one of the most popular singers around. His flight got delayed, so we agreed to stay a couple of hours there"

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Brooks" Kendall said and extended his hand.

"You too, Kendall" she replied coldly, shaking hands with him. "So, I hope you haven't attracted any paparazzi around there Kendall"

"No, I hope!" Kendall replied, chuckling. Mrs. Brooks though, remained serious. There was an awkward silence in the room for a while. Finally, Jamie spoke to her mother. "Mom, I can take it from there. Thanks for watching Brandon. You might as well leave"

Her mother said nothing, but dragged her to the door. "OK Jamie, I know you are an adult, but don't let this man ruin your life like Jake did"

Jamie flinched at the sound of her ex's name. "Mom, as you said, I am an adult, and I can take care of myself. Kendall is a great guy. And besides, he is gonna leave in a couple of hours. I will cook him something, watch some TV with him, and then he'll leave!"

"Fine!" her mother replied. "Just be careful. Love you" she whispered and they hugged. Jamie's mother left, as the young woman got back to Kendall, who was playing with her son.

"So, Kendall" Brandon said "are you mom's new friend?"

Kendall chuckled softly and smiled at Jamie. "Kind of. We met at the airport, and my flight got delayed, so I will spend a couple of hours there and then leave"

"You seem to be a really cool guy" Brandon commented. "Do you have a brother or sister?"

"Yes, actually. I have a 16-year-old sister, Katie, whom I really love".

"Wow, she must be really pretty. Do you have a photo of hers on your phone?"

"Actually, I do!" Kendall lied. "But my phone battery is dead, so you can't see it. But yeah, she actually is pretty". His face fell the moment he said that. He had no photos of hers or her mom on his phone. Only photos of him and fans or Gustavo. He had erased them, when his manager told him that he should cut off any bond with the past. He had done it. At some point, he even stopped skyping with his mom and sister. Always obeying Gustavo's commands.

A million questions roamed through his mind. When was the last time he had actually spoken to his 'beloved' family? When exactly was the last time he had told Katie how much he loved her? When was the last time he had spoken to his mom? Was she still alive or not? All this time, he only received news of hers from Gustavo, only knowing that everything was "OK. She is alive and kicking. Now back to work!". He couldn't even remember how many times he had heard that phrase. He always believed it. But was it really the truth?

"Hey, Kendall, you OK?" Brandon's voice snapped him out of his trance.

Kendall rolled his eyes. "Dude, stop dwelling on your past! Everything is OK, remember? Gustavo is the one who got you where you are, and you have no right to question his motives!" he said to himself, not feeling in the least bit guilty about it.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just a little tired." He blurted out a second lie.

"Can I ask you something, Kendall?" the toddler said to him. The young man nodded.

"Will you promise me that you won't hurt my mommy like my old dad did?"

Kendall cocked an eyebrow. He knew that Jamie and her boyfriend, who also happened to be Brandon's father, had divorced. But what exactly had he done to her?

"What did he do to your mom, Brandon?" he asked. Jamie, who had barely participated in the conversation, decided to end this.

"Nothing. He did nothing. We broke up because we couldn't agree on how to raise Brandon. Other than that, we still remain good friends, and want what's best for our son…."

"That's a lie!" Brandon cut her off. "He would always make you cry, and hit you…"

"Stop it, Brandon James Matthews!" Jamie yelled. "Go to your room, now. And you won't come out until I say so!". Brandon's eyes filled up a bit. "I hate you, mom!" he spat out the last word, as he ran away from them.

Jamie was hurt by those last words, since Brandon had never said them before. She ran her hand through her hair, and looked at Kendall apologetically.

"I'm sorry for this, I just lost it. I mean, I don't know…I have tried to forget my past, and this just made me lose control…"

"Your past? What do you mean?"

"Look, I don't want to talk about it right now, OK? How about we have some pizza?"

"Oh, I see" Kendall replied, surprised at her effort to change the subject. "A pizza would be great!" he added and they chuckled. "But, go and get Brandon as well. Have a few words with him, and then we can all eat together!". A huge dimpled smile formed on his face.

"Yeah, but, what if he doesn't want to speak to me? I mean, he has never said those words to me before, and…"

"It'll be okay, I promise." Kendall said and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Now, go and get them!"

Jamie smiled, and went to get her son. She was surprised at how Kendall handled every issue. He had all those paparazzi after him and still was okay with that, never complaining. She could tell that he was a person that would never lose his cheerfulness and smile, no matter what the circumstances might be. She had lost all hope in life when all her fans went raging on her about her decision to quit acting and raise her son. At those times, she felt thankful for her family's support.

When she reached Brandon's door, she knocked, saying that she was sorry about her yelling at him. Having gotten no reply, she walked in. Her son was lying on the bed, curled up in the fetal position, his eyes puffy and a huge pout on his face.

Jamie bent down, and stroked his arm. "Brandon, I'm sorry for being harsh on you before. It's just…There is some stuff about your dad that people don't have to know about"

Brandon looked at her. "Mommy, I'm just scared that this man will do what papa Jake did to you!". Jamie's heart was literally torn apart. "Honey, Kendall will never do anything to you or me. He is not papa Jake."

"You promise?" said the little boy, his hazel eyes lit up.

"I promise" she replied smiling. "Now, let's have some pizza!"

"Yay!" Brandon exclaimed, as they both walked to Kendall. The young man was happy to see the little family's reunion.

After helping themselves to homemade pizza, Brandon was off to sleep. Kendall and Jamie sat on the couch, as she reached out for the remote control. Kendall stopped her.

"Come on, Jamie" he said. "I will be there for half an hour more. Why not chat a bit?". She agreed, as Kendall's eyes pointed to a hot pink photo album.

"What's this?" he asked. "Oh, uh, some photos from the show. Wanna see them?"

"I'd love to!" Kendall replied. Jamie got the album in her hands and opened it. She was instantly flooded with memories of the fun she had had with the cast. She then sat next to Kendall, and placed the photo album on his and her knees.

"We used to take a lot of photos with the cast during filming or during breaks" she recalled. "And I would go and print them. Nowadays, people barely do that"

"Yeah, I see" Kendall commented. His eyes suddenly fell on a photo that Jamie and another guy had taken. He had slightly curly hair, and his hand was wrapped around Jamie's waist. He could barely recognize him, as his whole face was covered in makeup, and he was wearing a green alien-like costume.

"Who is this?" Kendall asked. Jamie chuckled. "Oh, this is Matt Reese" she replied. "You know, he played Tyler Jones, Gina's crush. This is the Halloween episode. I took this photo before I put on my costume."

Kendall remembered how his 'pretty boy' friend James always boasted about his hair being a lot better than Matt's. When was the last time he and James had talked though? He had forgotten about him as well. Even though he was his brother-like friend.

"How has Matt been after the show?" he asked, trying to kick the feeling of guilt away.

"Ugh, we have barely talked ever since he came out."

Matt had announced the previous year that he was homosexual and he had pretty much shocked the public, since everyone had believed that he was dating a famous actress.

"This one" she pointed to the photo of another young man and a girl, smiling along with Jamie "is Nicole Evans. She would play Gina's sister, Corinne"

"Oh, I remember her!" Kendall exclaimed. "One of my best friends, Carlos, used to have a huge crush on her!" he added and chuckled. His face fell again though. His feelings of guilt returned. He really should have kept contact with his buddies, because right now, he missed them. He really did.

"And the guy next to him, is Chase Massey" Jamie said, snapping him out of his trance. "He played Sean Murray, the boy who had a crush on Gina, and eventually dated her!"

"Yeah, I see" Kendall said. Another memory came to his mind. His best friend Logan, the 'scientist guy' as they would mockingly call him, would watch the show just for Chase's inventions. Chase was the nerdy boy, pretty much like Logan, and the brunette boy had him as his 'role model'.

After looking at more of the photos, he realized that those people, despite having been just put together for a show, had eventually had a bond that lasted. With the exception of Matt, Jamie and the others had kept in touch, even after the show ended. This was true friendship. He had erased his friends, because he thought (or maybe he was taught) that they would distract him from work. Jamie instead, had stayed close with her cast mates, even though she had got tons on hate for getting pregnant. The show was connected to that period in her life, yet she didn't discard it.

"Jamie, you deserve a lot more respect" he said, making Jamie stop talking about her memories. The young woman looked at him. "Why?"

"Because, you got through so much hate, scorn, and difficulties in your life, yet you kept a straight face and never gave up. Someone else would have decided not to keep the baby, but you never did. Plus, you never forgot about the rest of the guys from the show, while I forgot about mine, and I've never had to face nearly half as much as you did."

Jamie remained speechless. The two kept staring at each other, when suddenly Kendall's phone alarm went off, signaling that it was time for him to go. Kendall got up, and looked at her.

"I gotta go" he said.

Jamie stood up as well."When are you coming back to LA?" she asked. "Wow, you sounded way too desperate" she thought, instantly regretting the question.

"In two weeks" he replied. "I'll perform at my hometown in Minnesota, and then I'll come back here to start writing songs for my new album"

"Cool" she replied. "It was nice talking to you and Brandon. Maybe we could exchange phone numbers?" he suggested. Jamie smiled, as they switched phones. After finishing the number exchange, Jamie accompanied Kendall to the door.

"I'm gonna miss you" Kendall blurted out, as Jamie smiled.

"If you ever happen to have a flight delayed" she said "you know where to come"

They both chuckled. Kendall then walked out and headed to his car. After two hours, he had certainly had a lot of fun. And a lot of thinking to do.

She had made him see the person he had buried underneath so many years of fame. It was clear in his mind now that he would have to change. Not only because of her, but because of everyone he loved.

He just had to.

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