Chapter 1: New Faces and New Dangers

AN: UPDATE! June 22nd, 2014

Hello all, seeing as that I began this story a year ago and have only now just started writing it whole heartedly, I have gone back and re-edited the first chapter. The beginning is still the same but the changes I have made will affect the future chapters. I have also added new dialogue to fit the theme of the story. Without further ado, I give you Kingdom Hearts: Fading Light.

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Being stuck inside somebody else's heart sucked, that much Vanitas knew. Walking in unending darkness with nothing to do but let his hate fester and grow, his anger boil into a volcano of rage. Every so often, an image would flash in his head, a memory, a name, a feeling. None which were his. For eleven years he stayed inside this person, this Sora. And nothing like this had ever happened. Sure, he saw memories and caught glimpses of what was going on in the outside worlds but seeing another person in the prison of Sora's heart was new. One moment he was walking, the next he was looking at a mirror image of himself.

"No, Sora",he corrected.

Sora looked very much like him except Sora had a pair of stunning ocean blue eyes, darker skin and spiky brown hair, totally contrasting his yellow eyes, pale skin and black hair.

"Well, this is unexpected…Sora." Vanitas said, smirking. Sora responded with a glare that made it seem like someone stole his goldfish.

"Who are you? My darkness?" questioned Sora.

Vanitas laughed and shook his head.

"No, not yours. But someone else's."

Sora gave him a confused look. "Huh? I don't get it"

Vanitas simply smirked and replied.

"An idiot such as yourself wouldn't get it even if I told you."

Sora clenched his fists.

"Shut up!"

The keyblade wielder summoned Kingdom Key into outstretched hand as he spoke.

"I don't care who you are, just get out of my heart!"

Sora ran at Vanitas, his keyblade wrapped in red flame. He threw it at his opponent, only to have Vanitas catch it by the keychain.

"Is that the best you can do? Man, your pathetic."

He then jumped high into the air and summoned Void Gear. "Whats yours is mine Sora!" Vanitas yelled out as he dived into the ground, disapearing from sight.

Sora's head swerved in every possible angle, his eyes darting left and right.

"Who is this guy?" he said out loud.

Vanitas rushed at Sora from behind, Void Gear and Kingdom Key in his grasp.

Sora heard the approaching footfalls and turned just in time to see the tip of his own keyblade coming towards to stab his face.

He moved his head to the right and ducked underneath the blade, but was unaware of the overhead slash. Due to Sora moving his head, the attack missed its target.

Void Gear bounced off the metal shoulder guard, giving Sora the opportunity to attack.


A superheated ball of fire hit Vanitas in the chest at point blank range , sending him backwards into the air. Sora moved like a rocket, speeding through the air to catch up to Vanitas. The raven haired teen recovered quickly, steadying himself in the air as he fell. He pushed off the ground once he landed, going for another attack.

Sora cast Reflect, shielding himself as Vanitas landed a flurry of strikes against the hexagonal dome.

The after effects knocked Kingdom Key out of the hand of Vanitas.

Sora sumoned Kingdom Key, swiftly blocking a blow to his head.

"Well this is going to be fun" stated Vanitas, smirking as a dark aura crept over his body. In retaliation, the brunette surrounded himself with an aura of blue light. The two pushed away from one another. Sora flew at Vanitas, who stood patiently as the boy came closer and closer.

Seconds before their keyblades met, Vanitas felt a stir in his own heart, one he hadn't felt in some time.

"He is hear." he thought, recognizing the presence he sensed. Though, the presence was not in there with them but out in the world itself. In Destiny Islands.


"Come on dang it! Flush!"

Aj turned the toilet handle for a second time. "Stupid toilet just had to clog after I take a dump!" he said out loud, kicking the side of it.

The sixteen year old took a few steps over to the sink, his barefeet muffled by the light blue carpet. After washing his hands, Aj looked into the mirror, poking at the dark circles under his leaf green colored eyes. Lifting his eyes slightly further, he noticed his spikey brown hair was a bit messyer than usual. Well, I look crappy enough to be a zombie. Then again, staying up up till three last night talking to Rose was worth it.

Aj smiled, thinking of his best friend. She was the first person to find him at Destiny Island's shoreline.

He was dazed and confused when she found him. She took him to the hospital after he collapsed in her arms. Once coherent,the doctors had asked him if he remembered anything. He only remembered one thing: his name. Once out of the hospital, he was taken in by Roses relatives. From then on he had been best friends with Rose, hanging out with her constantly. Reason being was because, well, she was the only friend he had.

Who would want to friends with an amnesiac kid anyway?

That was only a few months ago and he STILL can't remember anything! Sure, waking up seeing her beautifull hazel eyes wasn't so bad and her soft hands holding his, asking if he was alright.

Ajs smile spread a bit wider at the memory. Ever since he met her he liked everything about Rose. Her smile, her long chocolate brown hair, and her personality. She's always so happy and caring. Except when Aj did something utterly stupid. Like stealing her food when she wasn't looking or saying she was fat when she was eating too much. Just being a normal average irritating teenage guy was something he excelled at.

With a slight smirk on his lightly tanned face, Aj walked out of the bathroom, walking down the dark hallway. After passing a couple closed doors, he stopped at one that was slightly open and a noise could be heard coming from it. Aj put his ear closer to the door, listening. He heard loud, almost obnoxious snoring coming from the room.

Riku is still freaking snoring. he thought to himself as he quietly and slowly pushed open the door, leaving a small gap for him to squeeze through. Peering around the room quickly, he spied the items he was searching for. His clothes and his car keys, all in a neat pile across the room by his black and red sleeping bag. Aj stealthily crept over the two sleeping teens on the bedroom floor. Riku was still snoring loudly, his silver bangs covering his face. Sora however, was tossing and turning fitfully in his sleep making it hard for Aj to move around him. Finally getting over to his stuff, he looked over to the occupied bed against the corner wall.

In it were Rose and Kairi, both girls sleeping peacefully. According to Rose, Sora, Riku and Kairi had dissapeared a few weeks during in a storm near the play island around two years before she found him. Kairi had came back but didn't speak to anyone of what had happend. Then a year after her first disappearance, she vanished yet again. Rose was worried the whole time. During that time, Aj It was only a month ago that the trio showed back up

again. They all became fast friends but it seemed to Aj that that friendship would be leaving. Two days ago, the three had recieved a letter and they had told him and Rose they would be leaving once again and that their 'friend' was coming to pick them up this very morning.

Aj thought it was all very strange but there was nothing he could do about it now. Aj quickly rushed into the bathroom to change. He walked out, wearing a black leather jacket with a black hood outlined in red. Under the jacket, he wore a dark blue v-neck. He was also wearing dark blue jeans, fingerless gloves and black and white shoes adorning his feet. In his butt pockets were his car keys and his curved retractible knife, a gift from Rose.

The brunette strided into the kitchen and grabbed an apple off the table. This oughta fill me up till school lunch. Taking a bite, he started walking towards the front door. He stopped at the Opening the door, he heard a slight humming noise, slowly getting louder and louder. Aj stopped and listened as the humming quickly died down.

Huh, what the heck was that?. he thought as he walked to his black truck.

"Probably just some electrical stuff or something."he said once he stood at the trucks side. He reached with is hand to open the drivers side door. Pulling the door handle, he realized it was locked. Aj reached into his pockets, pulling out both his keys and knife in the same hand. Putting his knife in his jeans front pocket, he moved to unlock the truck. The key was in the lock but Aj let go of the key as a ear pearcing screech forced him to place his hands over his ears. Seconds later, multiple explosions around the island went off adding to the painful noise. His eyes went wide in terror as he looked around. The sky was filled with rising black smoke, darkening the morning sky. Fire crept about on the beach houses, screaming and yelling of citizens reached his ears.

"Holy shit!" he yelled, turning back towards the house. He barely took a single step when a small dark blur flew out of the ground towards his face. Acting instinctively, he quickly reached out as it missed him and gripped tight onto what seemed to be antenaes. He then threw whatever was attached to them at the driveways pavement, causing the creature to let out a cry of pain. Aj took out his knife in a reversed grip.

He knelt down to the creature as it backed away from him. In the pale smokey sunrise, he could see its features clearly. It looked like a big black ant human hybrid. The body had a pair of arms and legs but its hands had three deadly looking claws. Lifting it up by its antenaes, it struggled to get out of his grasp. Lifting his knife to the side of its head, he looked into its lifeless glowing yellow eyes; he then stabbed it in the side of the head. Black inky fluid poured out of the wound for a second before it disolved into a cloud of black dust, along with the rest of its body.

A word rang in his head. HEARTLESS

"What the heck is going on?!" Aj looked around in bewilderment. Twice in the same day, his eyes popped out of his skull. Fire was everywhere, hundreds of those 'demon-ants' were roaming the streets, invading homes and plowing through everything like a raging river. "Oh no...What in the world is happening." Right after the words left his mouth, a voice echoed in his head.


Aj sudenly felt a sharp pain at the back of his head, then every thing faded into black.

Out of the shadows of the house walking towards Aj's motionless form was a figure clothed in a pure white Organization coat. Stopping right at the brunettes body, the figure kneeled down, and touched Aj's forehead.

"Well this is quite fortunate indeed. Here I was thinking you were elsewhere, when you were here the whole time, old friend." The figure stood back up as a group of Neoshadows approached. Pointing to the house Aj and the gang were living at the figure gave them an order. "Wipe them out. All of them." They all nodded and melded into the ground. The figure turned back to Aj and placed a white gloved hand on Ajs' heart. A green aura surrounded Aj as a red one flowed over the mysterious figure. In a flash of light, the mysterious figure vanished as the sounds of breaking glass and screams added to the terror of the night. Once again, Destiny Islands was under siege.