Okay, So.. Hi! I've wanted to do a story about this series for a while now, and thought, why not? I absolutely LOVE Monroe and thought it would be fun to write about him and a OC. Hopefully i didn't butcher their characters too bad.

I know there are some miss spellings, and i'm really sorry for that. English is not my native language, and errors happen. Plus i'm writing with this stupid WordPad...

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"For fucks sake!"

A young woman groaned as she kicked the tire of her black and teal colored Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 bike. A flat tire. Just what she needed. Throwing her hands in to the air she huffed. "This is what i get for visiting family?! Fuck! Next year i'll just stay home!"

But she knew that there was little she could do now, but make a call.

Pulling out her iPhone she quickly searched for the right number and pressed 'call'.

As she waited for the person to pick up their damn phone, she ran her pale hand through her light butterschotch brown hair that had natural blonde highlights and cascaded down just below her breasts.

She looked over to her bike, her eery clear grey eyes that began dark grey and faded to almost to silver towards the pupil, were narrowed in frustration.

Finally, a familiar voice called through the phone and she allowed a smirk to fall upon her lips.

"Hi there bro, guess who's in town...?"

She laughed when the person on the other end groaned.

"Well hello to yourself, buddy. Listen, i was coming over for a visit, but the front tire on my baby went flat. Do you think you could help a girl out..?"

She listened for a response and a smile broke on her face.

"Excellent! Now, don't tell her anything yet! I want this to be a surprise! I'm just by the Morrison Bridge... Yeah, i can wait. Bye."

She hung up and pocketed her phone before mounting her bike and leaning back.

"Guess i'll just take a nap until he gets here..."

The sound of a car stopping woke her up. Momentarily, as her eyes opened they flashed yellow before returning to their usual grey and she looked over to see a familiar man, carrying a tire for her bike.

She got up from her position on the bike and jogged over to the man, giving him a small one-armed hug. "Hiya there Nicky, how you been?"

The man groaned and rolled his blue eyes at her. "It's Nick, Evie! How many times do i have to tell you?"

'Evie' or Eveline Philomena Ebony Silverton had known Nick Burkhardt for quite sometime, granted she only knew him through her sister, who was living with the man and apparently very much in love with him.

None the less, Eveline liked the guy just fine, he was definately upgrade from the usual bunch her sister had dated so she was happy for them.

That didn't stop her from giving the guy hard time, however.

Eveline gave him a sly look. "Oh come on, Nicky! Where's the love!? I haven't seen you in, like, what? half a year..?"

Nick gave her a annoyed look for the nickname and sighed. "Thank god, Juliette isn't anything like you..."

She in return snorted. "Sweetie, if she was anything like me, you should be worried."

In truth, the possibility of Juliette being anything like her was nonexistent, as she and Juliette had no blood bond. Eveline was indeed adpoted.

Nick grunted in acknowledgement and heads towards her bike with the tire he brought. "Let's get cracking then, Juliette probably wonders where i am." Eveline follows after him, grinning. "Well, you can always say that you picked up a stray on the way." She let out a small laugh. "She's love that!"

The detective agreed with a nod and leaned down to take a look at her flat tire. "It looks like you hit piece of something sharp, went right through it. You better be glad you weren't driving like the madwoman you usually are, or i'd have to have collected you from the morgue."

"Shut up and do your job Nicky!"

The man gave her a mocking smile. "Can't. No dead bodies around. Not yet at least..."

Eveline gave him a mock offended look, watching as he fetched few tools and worked on getting a new tire on her bike. "how have the two of you been?"

Nick glanced at the 'madwoman' as he liked to dub her as and then returned to work. "We've been good, actually, i'm planning on proposing to her..."

When he took yet another look behind him, he couldn't help but to smile.

the excited, overjoyed look upon the young woman's yellow eyes-

Nick blinked. Yellow? Weren't they supposed to be grey? He halted in his work and stared at Eveline.

They were. Her eyes were really yellow... And her normally straight, white teeth had taken on a sharper look.

He pounced up, starteling Eveline in progress.

"What... What are you?"

Eveline, in return, seemed to realise something and looked at Nick in whole new light. Of course, how could i have missed it... You're a Grimm! It all makes sense now!" But she didn't look the least intimidated by the fact that he was one, she actually seemed... Curious? This threw Nick off. Normally, Wesen(If she was one, how should he know?) got more aggressive or scared when they realised who he was.

But Eveline seemed completely at ease, as if she had almost expected something like this.

"You didn't answer me, what are you?!" Inside, Nick felt a little guilty for treating the sister of his girlfriend and one of his good friends(Well, more or less) like this.

She blinked her now yellow eyes lazily at him, before allwoing the familiar feeling to fall upon her, as she woged. Sharp, knife like theeth replaced her human ones, along with two, enormous fangs. Her features became more feline like, white fur and black stripes covered her face, her ears grew bigger and more like that of a tigers, her nose turned more like ones as well.

Nick took a step back.

"You're a Rißfleisch?!" He yelled at her.

Eveline woged back and deadpanned at him. "Seriously? You're a Grimm and you don't know?! NO! i'm not a Rißfleisch! I'm a Mauvais dentes! Much, much more deadly than a pussy cat like a Rißfleisch! I'm offended Nick!"

"But, but... How could you have lived with humans? And what is a Mauva dintes anyway?" Nick wasn't sure what to think. His future sister-in-law was a Wesen. And she looked ike a deadly one at that...

Eveline sighed. "Look. Living with humans wasn't easy, and i had to improvise constantly." She spared him a glare. "And it's Mauvais dentes! Idiot!" She took two steps closer to him. "The bottom line is, that you don't have to worry about me coming after you or harming any humans. I don't care if you are a Grimm, i know you personally and that makes the difference, you are also the man who has my sisters affections. That makes you family."

Slowly, she walked closer and closer to him, small smile on her lips. "So how about we discuss this another time, when we don't have an anxious Juliette waiting, hm?"

Nick was unsure, but after he thought about it, he agreed. He had known Eveline for some time and never had she hurt her family members, him or any innocent... With the exception of the punks who threathened said innocent or her family. Heck, she had even defended him once.

For now, he would give her the benefit of doubt... At least untill he could talk to Monroe about what a Mauvais dentes was...

When Juliette opened the door, she had been ready to yell at her man for being so late, but instead she found herself pressed firmly against someone, as they embraced her tightly against their bosom.


Only one person would call her so childishly with that nickname...

True enough, the person gently pulled away, so she could get a good look at them. Those familiar grey eyes that reminded Juliette of silvery water, light butterscotch colored, long hair, paleish silk-like skin, standing at 5'9, slim body with nice curves and long legs. It could only be one person.

"Oh my gosh! Evie!" Juliette's lips fell in to a full blown grin, as she looked her 'little' sister over.

"I haven't seen you in six months!" The younger Silverton grinned back. "I know right?! I've been dying to come and see you for so long!"

The two girls embraced once more and Nick groaned from behind Eveline. "It's chilly out here! Hurry uuppp.." The girls gave a laugh and finally allowed the detective to enter his house.

"Dinner is ready, i hope there's enough. I didn't know someone was coming over, after all..." Eveline gave a mock flinch when Juliette shed her a light glare. "Don't worry about it, Julie. I've eaten resently anyway so i'm not that hungry."

And yes, she did notice the suspicious look Nick had send her. It was going to be long night...

"So how long are you staying?"

Eveline looked up from her plate of the delicious pasta and her eyes landed on Juliette, who was focused on her. "I actually don't really know. I want to see around for a while and i was hoping..."

Now the couple both stared at her. "Hoping for..?" Nick leaned forward.

"Well.." Eveline glanced at the ceiling in thought. "You know how i'm usually always on the road, right? I was actually offered a job here, at the hospital. One with a very nice pay. And... I'm hoping that if i find a nice place here, that i would move all of my stuff from my old place here."

For a moment the three were silent, but Juliette broke the silence with an overjoyed squeal. "Your moving here?! In Portland?!"

Eveline smiled. "That's the idea, yes."

"That's great! We can go to the movies, shop together... Just like old times!"

Nick even gave a small smile. "What kind of a job they offered you?"

"place as a psychiatrist, of course. They also told me, that i would be the section head. How could i turn that down?"

The three of them talked a while longer, before Juliette and Eveline decided to take the converstation to the living room and catch up on each others lifes, mean while Nick decided that it was time to pay Monroe a visit and slipped out of the house after he told the two that he would be visiting a friend of his.

He drove over to the house of the Blutbad and knocked on the door. Few seconds later, the Wesen opened the door. "Murder or someone missing..?" The clockmaker asks in a bored manner, staring the Grimm dead in the eye.

Nick stares back. "What do you know about Wesen called Mauvais dentes?"

Monroe's eyes widen and he gapes at Nick. "How the hell did you come agross one of those?!"

He quickly ushered the Grimm inside and closed the door.

"Mauvais dentes are these cruel, heartless killing machines. If there's something i do not want to come agross, it's them."

Nick leaned on the wall and watched as Monroe poured himself cup of coffee(He had declines when the Blutbad offered him some). "In other words, don't mess with them, right? What if one was raised by humans?"

The Clockmaker looked over to him, curiousity burning in his eyes. "Depends. How old were they when separated from their biological parents?"

Trying to recall what Juliette had told him about Eveline he looked up at the ceiling. "Between 7 to 9 years, i think..."

"So they'd be old enough to know what they are, who they are and enough time for the parents to already have given them taste of human flesh... But also young enough to adapt to the new life with humans... I'd say it could go either way, become protective over the weaker species or hate them for said weakness... Who are we talking about by the way?"

"My future sister-in-law."

Monroe choked on his coffee and began coughing violently. "W-Wh-What?!"

Nick continued, ignoring the look from the Blutbad completely. "I just saw her woge today. She revealed what she was to me and said that she should have known that i'm a Grimm, that it explained a lot. She's currently 28 years old, so she was adopted around when she was 7 to 9, so she has lived with humans at least 19 years. She's also a Psychiatrist, a good one at that."

Monroe stared at him. "Dude, don't piss her off, she'll kill you just like that."

Nick glanced back. "That's just it, if what you say is true, then i have no idea what to think. Evie has always been really protective over her family, especially about Juliette. I know she has no qualms about harming someone who threathens them. Other than that, i'd say she is the most trustworthy person you can find. Scary, sadistic and mean at times, but still."

The clockmaker rose a brow. "Evie?"

"Eveline Philomena Ebony Silverton Is her whole name."

"Anyway... These guys are seriously vicious. From what i've heard, they like to bait their prey before killing, and it's means to no end when they want something. I can not press more about this, Nick! They are smart, swift and deadly. Never turn your back to one."

Nick frowned. "But i've known her for some time. She's never came agross hostile towards me... Well, she did when Juliette and i first began dating, but she calmed down after she quizzed me for hours to no end. "

"What ever you say dude, let's just hope you're right..."