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Rage, out!


There was a lot of things Nick expected out of his, hopefully, future-sister-in-law. Flirty behaviour, was not one of them.

In the time he had known Eveline, not once had she... acted so flirty with someone. Sure, he had seen her with one of her boyfriends(Calvin... Was it?) but never had she, openly at least, showed affection to anyone but her adopted family, and even then she rarely hugged them.

Now that Nick thought about it, that might be because of what she is. Maybe she was afraid she would hurt them? Or that someone else would if they wanted to really hurt Eveline. She was distancing herself from them, so they wouldn't become targets.

That, was probably it.

So, when he had seen her flirting with Monroe, about a week ago, had made his eyebrows shot up and his eyes to widen.

Monroe hadn't been expecting it either.

The two of them stood there for a moment as she left, both gaping and exchanging looks, before Nick couldn't help but to lower one of his eyebrows and smirk suggestively at the Blutbad, who flushed and muttered something about 'not understanding the female race'.

Nick had to admit, teasing the wolf-like Wesen was too much fun.

But, he didn't exactly agree with what he saw. Eveline was like a sister to him, so of course he felt the need to protect her like one. He would have to keep an eye on them...

And while he was a Grimm, he didn't exactly fancy giving a Blutbad the 'brotherly talk'.

What had been interesting, however, was the reaction of Holly. The girl had started to sniff at Monroe inside the car, when her head had cleared up a little from the fever and had remarked on how Monroe had a 'mate' of sorts.

Monroe, of course, had gaped at her, making Holly tell him that he had been 'marked'. That he had the scent of an another female hanging off from him that warned her to stay away.

Of course, those weren't her EXACT words, as her time in the woods had limited her speech, but they got the gist of it.

Nick sighed and focused back to his work when his partner gave him a raised brow in a silent question.

Oh yes, he would be keeping an eye on the two Wesens.

Meanwhile, Eveline had no idea of what was happening inside her dear Nick's head(And let's be honest, for his sake, that she never will). Instead she was at her own work place, writing down some instructions to the nurses on how to treat a very misfortunate person who had lost the sight of reality after the death of his wife and two small daughters.

Anyone would lose it after something like that.

Heck, she'd probably go on a wild killing spree if something happened to her family.

And yes, that included Nick, Roddy, Riley and of course, Monroe.

Speaking of her loved ones, Riley walked through the door, a goofy smile on his lips.

Eveline raised a brow as she watched her gay best friend literally twirl around the room, humming 'gere comes the bride' which freaked her out inwardly.

"I'm going to take a wild guess and say that something... 'romantic' has happened with your boy toy." She drawled, leaning back to her chair.

Riley shot her a wide smile, so sweet that it almost made her teeth ache, and skipped to her. "Toby is taking me on a weekend trip to London!" The man squealed so loudly that Eveline winced.

And here she thought girls had a shrill voice.

While Riley wasn't that.. 'open' about being gay(Frankly, unless he told you, you couldn't spot it) he did have his moments. He didn't hide being gay, the guy was too proud of being who he was, he also didn't announce it to the world, which Eveline thought was good.

There were far too many assholes in the world that didn't think gay people should have the same rights and Eveline knew what the worse-case-scenario would be.

Riley beaten to pulp.

And she'd be damned if she let that happen.

While she didn't fully trust Toby yet, she knew that if foxy was serious about Riley then he'd do all he could to keep him safe.

Fuchsbau, while not praised for it, were loyal once they got attached. Actually, most thought the foxes were dishonest(And to a point it was true) as they came, but towards family and friends?

Well, you'd be surprised how far they were willing to go to keep them safe and happy.

Her kind, however, didn't 'grow attached'. They were just plain killing machines. Even family members tended to avoid one another and if it came down to saving your own life. Mothers were protective of their young, yes, but until they could fend for themselves.

After that, they were on their own.

Eveline was an exception to this. While she had lived with her biological family her toddler years, the rest of her childhood she had spend in the protective arms of her adoptive family. Because of that she devolved a possessive and protective nature that shine through every single time someone even looked at her family in a certain way.

No doubt she would rip apart anyone who threatened her future children.

An image flashed in her mind and Eveline halted all movement. A flush appeared on her cheeks and her eyes widened.

Did she... Did she really just...

Why the heck was she thinking of Monroe and a small bundle in her arms?!

Oh for the love of-! Was she seriously getting so delusional that she imagined her having his kid?!

That poor kid... He or she would be so fucked up... half Blutbad, half Mauvais Dentes... There was many things wrong with that picture...

But if it was wrong... Then why was she getting so hot and bothered by it?!

Eveline sighed and returned back to Riley, trying to desperately make the mental image to disappear.

She really, REALLY did not need to think about that at the moment...

Riley, whom she had almost forgotten was there, observed his friends changing expressions as her mind was sucked somewhere else. He couldn't help but to raise a brow when her eyes widened and the red hue appeared upon her cheeks.

Riley smirked to himself, could it be that poor Dr. Silverton actually did have someone in mind...? Oh ho... This could be interesting...

So he stored that piece of information somewhere safe for another day. He would be watching Eveline a little closer from now on.

Oh, so much closer...

Eveline yawned as she sat down to drink her morning tea. Sipping absentmindly as she readied herself for another day at work. She was somewhat aware of the noises in her neighborhood that she could hear from her open window.

Hell, she could see Monroe buzzing around his kitchen... Without pants...

She watched as he answered his phone as it rang and was talking to someone. She couldn't hear exactly what was going on, but by his tone he was a little annoyed.

That's when he looked up and froze at the sight of her. Eveline raised an amused brow and smirked, giving him a small, teasing wave with the fingers.

The poor wolf gawked at her, eyes flashing red, which her eyes returned with a flash of their own.

Monroe ended the call and almost sprinted away from the window, causing Eveline to burst in to loud, almost obnoxious laughter.

She KNEW he was a boxers kind of a guy!

Eveline was almost out of the door, when she saw Nick's car stop in front of Monroe's and her curiosity won out. Was there another case with a Wesen causing havoc?

Stupid question, of course there was!

So she called out to him as he stepped out of the car, along with his partner.

"Nick! What are you doing here?"

The man in question snapped his head towards her and walked closer with his partner, Hank Griffin, if she remembered correctly.

"Evie, why aren't you at work already..?" He asked.

Eveline shrugged. "I was about to leave right now, but i don't have to be in until an hour away. I just thought i could do some paperwork in before sessions. So, what are you doing here..?"

Hank butted in. "We're hear about a case that we need help with." Then he gave a 'charming' smile to her. "It's great to see you again Dr. Silverton."

Eveline nodded. "Likewise. But what does Monroe have anything to do with this? He works with clocks!"

"Our case has something to do with a clock. I can't tell you anything else. Sorry Evie." Nick told her.

She blinked. "Oh, okey. Guess i'll head to work then."

The guys nodded and headed for the door, which opened before they had to knock. Monroe had more than likely either caught their scent or heard them. Which ever came first.

"Good morning. Well, not that good if somebody died, i guess but um... Yeah, come in!" He then noticed Eveline and a flush appeared on his face.

"Oh! Eveline! U-umm... Good... Morning...?" He gave a embarrassed smile with she returned with a sly, flirty look.

"Well good morning! Good to see you found yourself some pants! Gotta go now, see you boys later!" She smiled and turned to go to her bike, leaving a blushing Blutbad, amused Grimm and a confused detective in her wake.

That same day, when the sky was already dark, Eveline got a call from Nick.

"What do you know about Siegbarste?"

"Well hello to you two Nick, how have you been?" She asked, sarcasm heavy on her tongue.

"Please Eveline, what do you know about them?"

"What, Monroe wasn't available? Then again, i think he went to repair some big clock at the city hall..."

"Evie, focus."

"Yeah, yeah... Siegbarste, basically an Ogre-like Wesen are pretty damn awful things to have a face-off with. For one they're pretty damn strong. They can easily overpower just about anything. Human, Wesen and Grimm alike. They aren't too fast tho. They have a really thick skin, so no normal weapon is good against them. My fangs could probably pierce through their flesh but i'd get a major toothache..."

"Okay, anything else?"

"They have a high pain tolerance so they that's not good... They're also really big on the 'vengeance' thing. they give the word 'vendetta' a how different meaning. seriously, dude, if you're up against one of them, you'd better run."

"... Is there anything that i can use against them?"

"Nick, i don't know everything! Haven't you read any of your books? I know that you Grimm's have some kind of poison that weakens them enough for you to kill them easier. I would probably be able to really harm them, but kill them? I might be able to pull it off, but i wouldn't be able to get out without some serious injuries."

"Alright. Thanks Evie."

"No problem, just don't do anything too stupid, okay?"

"Yeah, bye."


The call ended, and Eveline couldn't help but to shudder. She really hoped Nick would heed her advice and not confront the Siegbarste...

It wasn't even two hours later, than she got another call, this time from Juliette.

"Evie!" The woman sobbed from the other side of the phone and Eveline's mind immediately went to the worst-case-scenario.

"Julie? What's wrong?"

"So-Somebody broke in a-and hurt Nick!" The heart-wrenching sound of her sobs echoed inside Eveline's mind, awakening the beast within and she woged completely, unaware of the two dark brown eyes on her.

She knew instantly, that is was about the Siegbarste.

"Julie? Where are you?" Her voice had changed slightly, but it went unnoticed to the distressed woman.

"A-At the hospi-hospital!"

"I'm on my way."

She ended the call and quickly pulled on her jacket and grasped her keys and helmet, not bothering to change out of her black pyjama pants she had put on just before the call.

She put on her shoes and raced outside, Monroe coming out of his own house.

"Eveline? What's going on?" The blutbad asked, observing the feline features of the Mauvais dentes in front of him.

"A Siegbarste broke in to Nick's, he's at the hospital." She growled out and started her bike.

Monroe's eyes flashed red and he told her to wait. He quickly ran inside and came back out with a jacket and keys. "I'm coming with you."

Eveline nodded and scooted slightly forward so Monroe could fit behind her.

The second he was comfortable she kicked off and drove like the devil was chasing her, Monroe clutching on to her like he was afraid for his life.

The again, they were going really fast.

Poor wolf.

At the hospital Eveline quickly parked her bike and hopped off, not waiting for the disoriented Blutbad at all. She ran to the nurse's desk and told them Nick's name.

The poor nurse was so afraid of the murderous look on her face(Thank god she had reverted back to her human features) that she didn't even think about denying her.

Monroe tried so hard to keep up with her, and without his Blutbad stamina and speed he more than likely had lost her a long ago, as she hurried along the hallways until she saw Juliette.

Not wasting anytime she basically jumped, wrapping herself tightly around her sister, who immediately clutched on to her.

Nick's boss, Sean Renard was there as well and couldn't help but to give a questioning look to Monroe, who stopped next to them and tried to breathe in.

"I-I'm with h-her.." He gasped, pointing to the grey eyed woman hugging the life out of her sister.

Sean thought it was best not to comment and mearly nodded.

Eveline pulled back and looked at her adoptive sister with concern. "How is he?"

"Three bruised ribs, dislocated arm and a mild concussion.." She whispered back, tears gathering in her eyes.

Eveline knew she shouldn't be relieved, but she was. It could have been worse. Much worse.

Sean came a little closer. "I'll get units posted here at the hospital and at your house around the clock. I'll have an escort take you home. This guy won't bet anywhere near you, i promise."

"That won't be necessary." Eveline spoke, the others turning to look at her. "Julie can come to my house. Whoever attacked Nick won't know about me, so they won't find her and Monroe lives next door to me. She'll be safe with me."

Monroe agreed by putting his hand on Eveline's shoulder and giving a firm nod to Sean.

Juliette nodded to her and then turned back to Sean. "You know who did this?"

"Yeah. Every cop in the city is looking for him. Trust me." Sean glanced at Nick and the looked back to the sisters. "He'll pay for what he's done."

'Oh yes, he will..' The darker part of Eveline hissed within her. Her eyes flashed yellow, unaware of the eyes of Sean upon her.

"Alright, we'll give you a handheld transceiver , miss Silverton, so you can contact us if anything happens. I'll make it so some units will be patrolling near by just in case." He spoke to Eveline who nodded in agreement. No way in hell was some bastard of a Siegbarste going to touch her sister.

Then the man walked away, leaving the three there in the hall.

"Juliette." Nick's voice called and the two Wesen hung back to give the couple some privacy.

The two talked for a while before Juliette walked back to Eveline, whom gave Monroe a look and took Juliette's keys, giving them to Monroe.

The Blutbad nodded and went to Nick as the two sisters walked out of the hospital and in to the cool air of the night.

Juliette had been more exhausted than she lad let on, and had fallen asleep in Eveline's bed right after they had gotten in and eaten little something.

Eveline had also slipped a sleeping pill in her drink where it had dissolved and went unnoticed.

Eveline didn't mind her sister sleeping in her bed instead of the guest room. She'd feel much more safer having Eveline's scent wrapped around her than in the cool, empty feel of the other room.

Eveline checked her phone where a single text message blinked on the screen. She opened it and read it quickly, before snatching her jacket and keys, heading for the door.

Besides, she had a lot to do. She didn't have time to sleep.

Eveline leaned against her bike, as she waited for Monroe, who had gone back and taken his car instead of Juliette's.

When the familiar Volkswagen drove next to the trailer, she straightened and headed for the Blutbad who had gotten out of the car and turned on his flashlight.

Monroe glanced at her and nodded.

"Let's do this."

Monroe opened the door to the trailer and they stepped inside. immediately the smell of old books, herbs, chemicals and old wood assaulted her nose.

The door closed behind them when they were in and Monroe looked over the trailer with the help of his flashlight.

"Oh man.."

'Oh man indeed...' Eveline couldn't help but to think. She turned on the lights, and right after Monroe exhaled and shook his head.

"Dad... I swear to god i'm doing the right thing." He murmured, looking up towards the ceiling.

Eveline couldn't help but to snort. "My biological parents would be proud that i'm about to take on a Ogre."

Monroe glanced at her. "You have some whack-jobs of parents."

She shrugged. "Mauvais dentes you know, we kind of live to kill."

Monroe considered for a moment and then nodded. "Okay. let's get working then."

The two of them looked for the poison Nick had told them about, Monroe looking at one shelve with bottles and Eveline at another. And oh god did they smell.

Monroe was murmuring to himself behind her, until he found it. "Ah, there you are. Evie, i found it."

She quickly came to his side and they stared at the bottle as Monroe took it in his hand. He opened it and they both sniffed at it curiously, only to grimace at the strong smell.

"Yeah.." Monroe rubbed his nose. "That's gonna stay with me for a while."

"Tell me about it." Eveline grumbled when she sneezed.

He placed the bottle on a empty table. "Okay, then the big cabinet."

The two of them walked up to the dark cabinet and Monroe opened the doors, only for their eyes to nearly bug out of their sockets.

The thing was full of weapons from different time zones, not to mention the Grimm weapons.

"This is.." Monroe whispered and Eveline glanced at him curiously.

He grinned. "Awesome!"

Eveline rolled her eyes.

He touched few of the weapons before he grasped a leather case and placed it on the table. "This is a complete freak show..." He told her.

Eveline gave a sarcastic smile. "No, really? How many Wesen do you know that would help a Grimm to this extend?"

Monroe paused. "I think we're the only ones stupid enough."

She scoffed. "Maybe you, but he's gonna be my brother-in-law some day. I'm obligated to help the moron."

Monroe hung his head. "True..."

His attention went back to the weapon and Eveline silently watched as he worked with it.

"That is a big rifle." Monroe commented, before lifting a bullet out from the case.

"Big rifle, big bullets." Eveline smirked and when Monroe glanced at her, instead of watching the gun, she was staring at him. The blutbad felt the heat creep upon his cheeks and cleared his throat, continuing to work with the rifle

When everything was ready, the two headed out, Monroe first with his car and Eveline following on her bike.

The two drive to the hospital and just as Monroe got out of the car, he received a call.

"Hey, Nick... Woah woah slow down!... Yeah i'm bringing you the gun right now...What do you mean 'Hanks leaving the hospital'..."

The two saw Hank walk outside.

"Oh. Hanks leaving the hospital.. Looks like he's going to his car. You want me to give him the gun? Does he even know about the gun? If he doesn't know about the gun, how-"

The man in question drove off.

"He's already leaving, how am i supposed to give him the gun now?.. Okay, alright, okay i'll do my best." He ended the call and looked at Eveline. "Hop in."

Without asking, she parked her bike and quickly got inside Monroe's car and they took off after the detective.

After following him for a while, they stopped just little ways away from Hank so neither him or the Siegbarste would notice them.

"What are we supposed to do now..?" Monroe asked.

Eveline looked at him, some of her Mauvais dentes features coming out. "We bring down a ogre."

The two stared at each other, before Monroe nodded and they got out, Monroe taking the rifle, as they followed after Hank.

Jumping around within the darkness of the night, they listened Hank shouting at the Siegbarste, both knowing it was for nothing.

The damn thing would not stop unless it was killed.

Monroe stopped and glanced at the scene.

"Aw man.."

He quickly opened the case with the rifle and began putting it together. Eveline observed the confrontation between the human and Wesen. If it got bad enough, she would have to make the decision to interfere and expose herself, or let the man die and keep her secret.

Tough call, really. either way, she was screwed. If she let the man die, Nick would have her head(More than likely literally) or get in trouble with the council who would stop at nothing(even if she was a Mauvais dentes) to kill her.

Neither sounded too pleasant

The Siegbarste suddenly got in to his car and began driving towards Hank, with no intention of stopping. Hank kept shooting, but he wouldn't stop, resulting in Hank having to dodge by jumping away.

The car crashed in to the other car. And the Siegbarste was getting back out.

"Monroe hurry up!" Eveline nearly shouted.

"I'm trying!" He called back.

Hank was being thrown around and beaten. Just as Eveline was about to jump between, Hank was down on the ground with the Siegbarste over him and holding on to a huge piece of rock, ready to crush his skull, Monroe shot.

The rebound of the rifle was so big, that poor Monroe almost flew back.

Eveline looked at the ogre. It was dead. No doubt about it. The two of them shared a look, before they snapped out of it.

"Okay, time to go, time to go." Monroe gathered everything up and the two made a quick get-away.

They stopped by the trailer, dropping the rifle there after they had gotten back Eveline's bike and locked the trailer up.

Then Monroe gave a quick call to Nick and they went back home.

The two of them parked their car and bike, but just before they went inside their homes, Eveline stopped Monroe.

"Monroe.." The Blutbad turned to look at the younger wesen and was met with a kiss to the corner of his mouth and a pretty smile.

"Thanks. For you know, everything.."

He couldn't speak, and only stared as the woman walked inside her house, killing the lights and going to bed.

Monroe touched the spot she had kissed and couldn't help but to allow a dreamy smile fall on his lips and for his eyes to glaze over slightly.

"It's nothing... It's definitely no trouble.." He whispered to no-one before going in his own home and heading to bed. No doubt going to dream about beautiful grey eyes that would occasionally turn to a mesmerizing yellow.