Written for the Noble And Most Ancient House of Black! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Draco Malfoy scowled. He was back from his first year at Hogwarts. While he was happy to be home, a small part of him wished he was still at school. Sure, the manor was large and there were plenty of places to explore, but it just wasn't filled with the same magic as Hogwarts. The Manor was filled with darkness and it frightened him.

Not that he'd admit that out loud to anyone else.

The moment he had stepped in the door his mother started coddling him, bringing him cookies and all sorts of sweets. He was her little baby, and would always remain so, despite their protests.

His father wasn't too happy about Draco's marks. Draco was rather proud of himself, for getting brilliant grades. He had worked really hard and it had paid off. His father, however, was angry because Draco was second in his class… behind that Granger girl! A girl, who was supposed to be lower than him in society, got better marks than he did.

Lucius had "disciplined" Draco the moment Narcissa was out of site. Draco took it all in stride, as he was used to the neglect his father often pushed on him.

Draco loved his parents very much, but still, he couldn't help but feel his family was dysfunctional. He wished he had two parents who loved him equally, and cared about him. Not… whatever he had now.

He usually only saw his parents at meal times, but that was all. He never saw anyone else. Draco wasn't allowed to have any friends over, so he was a lonely boy.

Draco sighed deeply, looking up and down the corridor. Where was he going to explore today? Turning left, he decided he'd make his way towards the attic. Maybe there would be something interesting up there?