I just want to say that I've received many comments saying how my story is "breaking the rules"

I don't care.

So just stop. Any comments like that will be ignored, and I also want to say that all the haters are really getting on my nerves. Does it bring you joy to comment like that? Does it give you some kind of disturbed happiness?

Well, if you have hated on this story, just know that YOU HAVE NO IMPACT ANY MORE.

Ella's POV

I woke to the sound of Taylor, singing again. I knew she'd sing, but she hadn't stopped singing since the sky grew dark and images of Edward haunted our minds.

"You took a swing, I took it hard, and down here from the ground I see who you are."

The strange collection of lyrics seemed to make sense, if they were sung from the point of view of Edward.

Images of Edward and Gabriel flashed through my mind in a kaleidoscope of memories. I wanted this to end.

Taylor didn't notice when I touched her shoulder. She was distant, and had a far-away look in her eyes, as if she just saw through me.

"Taylor," I said, concerned

She shook herself out of the daydream, and looked up at me, squinting from the sunlight "Yeah?" she said

"Are you- I mean- are you okay, Taylor?" I asked

"I want to die." She said, and looked down at her shining guitar for which I was very jealous.

I wished I was talented like she was.

We collected our few belongings together and set off on a walk to find food and water.

Taylor obviously wasn't okay. She was quiet and pale; the glisten in her eyes had clouded over as if she was already dead. She had dark shadows under her eyes from lack of sleep and lagged behind me while we walked.

She didn't say a word through the entire time we searched. I collected berries and skewered birds with my arrows while she stood, as motionless as a statue.

We came to a hill, where we had to travel down a steep slope. We clung to trees and skidded on the heels of our worn out and tired shoes.

"Taylor," I said "If you don't say something, I'll leave."

She turned to face me, but her mouth stayed shut. I saw tears form in her eyes and slide down her rosy red cheeks.

"I loved him" She walked towards me "you don't understand. I loved him."

I stretched my arms out to her, about to embrace her. I wanted to comfort her, but she just pushed past me and walked off. She didn't even know where she was going.

"Taylor," I called to her.

She turned around and looked to me "You don't get it, Ella."

She darted around, and I instantly knew something was wrong. I silently ran towards her, and grabbed her shoulder. I tried to pull her away before something happened, but before I could move her away, I giant, black dog lunged at me.

I only had a bow and arrow; my knife was in my backpack. My bow was no use to me when I had a giant mutt on top of me.

The dog sunk its claws into me, piercing my pale skin. I screamed in pain, and in fear. The feeling sparked and sent pain shooting through my arm until it went numb. I struggled under the weight of the mutt, while Taylor searched through her backpack for a weapon.

The mutt's claws scratched at my face and arms, leaving my writhing in seizing pain.

Taylor had her axe, which she must have taken from Gabriel.

She lifted it above her head and took a deep breath while the angry mutt opened its jaw. It was only centimetres from my neck; I could smell its warm, stinky breath.

Taylor swung the axe down and planted it in the mutts' body. The dog howled in agony, and too one last swing at me, before lunging, now seizing with hot, furious anger.

It sunk its sharp canines into my hip.

I screamed, paralyzed by the terrible agony that the mutt left me in, before slumping on the ground next to me.

"ELLA!" Taylor screamed and ran to me

I looked at my hip, and nearly fainted. Muscle had been torn off and blood spewed out onto the grass below me. I clutched at my eaten hip, and groaned, before immediately rolling over and vomiting.

Taylor took hold of my face "Ella," she cried to me "Ella, no!"

"Taylor, you can do it without me" I struggled, and gasped for air. My lungs were failing me, and my heart was quickening.

"no, no Ella. I'm not going to do this without you" her salty tears dripped onto my face "Everyone I've trusted has died, not you, no not you Ella!"

I was close to fading. White light grew bigger in my vision. Taylor's screams faded to a gentle drone and I was losing my breath.

"I love you, Taylor" I managed to tell her, before being completely covered by white light.

I only managed to hear one word in everything that Taylor was saying


I was gone. I felt the light slowly disappear