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The Darkness Rises...

The pickpocket scanned the crowd with pitch black eyes. His young, nine-year-old mind was working on overdrive, trying to decide his next victim. He brushed some of his long black hair that was greasy and unkempt from his face, the rags he was wearing waving lightly in the sea breeze that ran over Canlave Town.

Rift Night was an orphan who's parents had died from a mysterious fire, one that had spared him. Rift had grown up on the streets as a result, and he had a certain tendency to dislike pokemon, fire-types in particular. He always went unnoticed by people, even though his condition would make him stick out like a zit on the smoothest of faces.

Rift scowled as he watched all of the trainers walking through the market area, their pokemon partners at their sides. He was disgusted by the trainers for partnering up with such, monsters, as he viewed them. He saw them as abominations, and hated, no, loathed, the beasts. All they did was destroy, and hurt others. He had been against them since he'd been orphaned.

A cry of pain, not pokemon, but human, caught his attention. He knew that it was a pokemon attacking, and one that was always haunting the town, and him in particular; the legendary nightmare, Darkrai. He had seen Darkrai in person once, the day before he was orphaned. Darkrai had been his least favorite pokemon, as it had shown him the fire and his parents, burned to a crisp, all in a nightmare he saw with his own two open eyes.

He despised that legendary, and whenever it caused trouble, he always stopped it. Not directly, as he refused to use pokemon, but he always found a way. He stood from his spot on the bench and ran, following the pained shout.

What he found was the opposite of what he had expected. A few people, all in space suits of a sort, were moaning in pain, but more had trapped Darkrai. The legend was trapped in a cage of sorts, which sparked with electricity whenever it was touched. Darkrai was in pain obviously, but seemed weak. Rift, for a fleeting moment, actually felt sorry for the pokemon, but tossed it aside, approaching one of the people.

"I see you caught Darkrai," he said, scaring the people, who all turned to him. "Nice job. I thought I'd be stuck against it for the rest of my days."

"What are you doing here, kid? You're messing with team Galactic," a male said, sending out a golbat. "Get lost, or you'll be sorry!"

"Why? I'm just congratulating you all. I thought I'd be saving you all. Guess I was wrong." Rift approached the cage, his arms crossed. He looked in, right into the blue eyes of the pokemon inside. "I have to say, good riddance, Darkrai. You always were my least favorite." He turned to leave, but then Darkrai shifted weakly.

"Rift." The single word got the boy to stop, but not for long. He shrugged and continued, even as Darkrai tried to call out to him. He ignored the cries of pain as the legend tried to escape, and even ignored the shouts as the people of team Galactic had their pokemon attack.

Something did make him stop, though. Rift blinked, and rather than the city, he saw his home, burning once more. He did see fire-type pokemon attacking the small home, and heard cries from inside, his own voice crying, as he watched the flames engulf his parents. But now, he saw something new.

Outside, there were people, one of them dressed in the same suit as those of team Galactic all of them laughing as the house burned. Behind them, there were caged pokemon, being tortured as more people attacked them mercilessly.

The sight was gone in an instant, but it was enough to make Rift seethe in anger at not just Darkrai for showing him, but the people around him. He turned, his face red from pure anger, and glared hard at the people.

"You killed my parents," he muttered, grabbing the attention of a few people. "I'll make you pay. I'll make you all pay!"

"It has begun," Darkrai said, collapsing in the cage. Rift felt a strange feeling build up in his mind, and the people around him all started to freak out, swinging at the air like they were being attacked by invisible adversaries. Rift glared as the people screamed and began to collapse, feeling pleasure knowing that he was forcing them to live their worst nightmares.

The pickpocket stole a key card from the pocket of one of the people and unlocked the cage, dragging out the gasping dark-type. He stood and watched it, not caring about its pain, or even about the screams around him. He just watched the pokemon, not knowing what to do.

"Why did you show me that image," he asked the unresponsive pokemon, who continued to gasp as it tried to keep conscious. "I've stopped you from doing bad things, yet for me, you do good. Why? How am I different from anyone else?"

Darkrai looked to Rift, losing consciousness quickly. The two looked each other dead in the eyes, and Darkrai lost the fight to remain awake, its eyes closing. Rift knelt by the legend, and knew the answer to his question just from the look the pokemon had given him.

"Thank you for everything. I guess I really shouldn't hate you for what you did." Rift stood, and began to walk away, leaving the Galactic people squirming, never to leave their nightmares. "I'll see you again someday, Darkrai."

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