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Chapter Nine

Rift and Drake left Jubilife City the next morning, heading east to Oreborgh City. Surprisingly, N waited for them with Zoroark at the east gate. The green haired man smiled when he saw them approaching. He seemed to have been waiting for them for a while.

"So the two of you finally arrived."

Drake crossed his arms, an eyebrow rising. "Is there a reason as to why you are here?" N shrugged, standing up straight. Zoroark let out a yip as a Murkrow flew off in fright.

"You two are on your way to Oreborgh City. I'm heading that way to do some research, so we may as well travel together."

Rift held up a hand as Drake readied a response. "It's fine. Besides, I might find some interest in this research after I battle the gym leader. And, I need someone who will actually be able to possibly beat me." Drake steamed in anger at the statement.

"It's decided then." N smiled and stepped closer to the duo. Rift noticed that the man seemed different from the previous day. It was as though N had been acting during their time battling together. "We'll travel together until we no longer share a similar destination."

A number of zubat and golbat flew overhead, making way for a cave as the group began to move. Drake kept glaring at N, but looked away whenever he was looked at. An abra let out a shriek and teleported away as Zoroark snarled, passing by. No trainers were on the route, though that made sense, as dawn was just occurring.

A small explosion took place up ahead. Every hair on Rift's arms stood on end, though hidden by his clothes. He pulled the rim of his hat further over his eyes, the faintest scowl apparent.

"Of all the people that are out at this time, it had to be them…" Before either of the other two trainers could ask what he had muttered, the boy was racing off, calling out both Ignus and Fang as he did.

A line of smoke remained from where the explosion had taken place. Staying in a line of trees, Rift's scowl deepened. A small crater was apparent, with what looked like girl on the opposite side, teeth gritted as she recalled whatever pokemon she had, backing away. Directly across from her, mere feet from the boy, was a woman with short blue hair, a man in a similar look at her side. Both wore silver jumpsuits, with a large G on their chests.

"You lost the battle, girlie," the man laughed. "Now hand over those pokemon."

"And resisting is futile," the woman added, smirking. "We'll just take them if you refuse." A pair of blurs rushed up and in front of the duo; a Nuzleaf and a Joltik. Both pokemon began to move towards the girl, but Rift whistled, drawing the attention of the people.

"Kid, get out of here," the girl shouted as Rift stepped into the open. "These people are dangerous."

"Exactly. And that is why I'm going to battle." Rift glared daggers at the duo, who had recovered from their initial shock.

"Don't meddle with the affairs of Team Galactic, you little brat! Nuzleaf, use faint attack!"

"Joltik, pin him down with electroweb!"

Both attacks were stopped in an instant. Rift couldn't help but grin malevolently as his pokemon stepped into the open on either side of him. "Ignus, Fang, take care of this. Use ominous wind and draco meteor." The pokemon nodded, and the attacks went flying.

Before they knew what hit them, the Galactic grunts were sent sky high with their pokemon, screaming as they crashed a good mile or two away. The girl gawked, unable to believe the sight of what had just occurred. Despite possibly being an older trainer than the boy, she hadn't left a scratch on the pokemon, but it only took one hit from the newcomer.

Exactly who was the strange trainer, Rift?

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