"It's not like what you seemed" he said looking straight at the road

"Really not's not what it seemed" "I saw you with that other girl holding her and making out with her"

"Just hear me out" he finally looks at me. Well I didn't give him a chance did I "I'm listening"

"I have a friend that is under cover seeing what Jared is doing. And she knew that i was involved with a human. She found out about the plane and she knew who you were so she tells me that you were just in a plane crash and the plain just exploded finding no existing life and-"he hesitated for a moment and he without showing anything his was filled with sadness, hurt, but also relief. "– knowing that you were gone. I panic I thought I was going crazy hearing things. I was in a motel that was abandon and she met me there I was not expecting the news that she told me. I was going crazy and she told me to get over it – "

"She told you that" he closed his eyes sighed like he was ashamed "yes, before you I was with her but noticed it was a mistake anyways she kept telling me to get over it but I couldn't I couldn't even if I wanted to and all of a sudden I was see you right in front of me and I couldn't help myself I missed you, couldn't stop looking for you for 3 years. But later I found out that I was in a tricked I looked for you and I didn't find you instead I found her." He turns away. Now I feel guilty not telling him who the father is.

"You're telling the truth" he told the truth the last time maybe he telling the truth now she was prettier than me why lie

"Yes" without hesitating looking at me dead in the eye.

"I – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww wwwwwwwwwwww" a pain came to my stomach but when I look down excitement came to my face. The baby's coming. I turned my head but by the time patch was already driving.

"Where are you taking me" I asked in a painful voice

"To where I am staying it's the closest to a shelter".

(16 minutes later)

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wwwwwwwwwwwwwww" I cried in pained while patch preparing to deliver the baby, This baby was a good kicker I could probably see its foot stick out of my stomach. Patch came out of the kitchen; I was in the living room. Patch sat everything down there was a pot with boiled water, scissors, two towels. "Patch hurry it's coming" I said, he bringing a seat between my legs and hold a towel. "Ok at the count to three" I nodded "one-""two-""three push" I push so hard I can't breathe I was so sweaty and hot. "Again I see the head" oh god "one"" two"" three push" and again I push and I can hear a baby crying after fainting.

(I hour later)

I woke up seeing patch sitting on the side of couch holding the baby in his arms; he looked at it like if he can see what the baby is thinking.

"What are you thinking" I asked

Without looking at my direction he said "telling who the fathers side he had black hair" oh no, he out the baby in the crib that was next to him then walking toward me I was on a couch too but larger. "Whose is the father" he looked at me as he leaned toward me "you want to know who it is" "yes" without hesitating. "Remember the night we met" "never can forget it" he said "why" I stared at him longer trying to tell him that he is the father it's you and suddenly he shocked he turns to the baby's direction then quickly to me "wait how did you do that"

"Do what"

"You spoke in my head"

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