Stubborn Confessions

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. . . . . .

Groans were ripped from both boys' throats as the frantic slapping of skin slowed to almost gentle thrusts, each riding out the aftershocks of their orgasms. Over sensitized and still high from the euphoria, Aomine slowly pulled his spent member from Kagami's still pulsing heat and molded his chest to his tiger's back, pressing light kisses to the patch of skin in front of him. The redhead let out a small whimper as the length brushed against his abused prostate, sending lazy shivers down his spine. The two leaned against the door, panting from their activities as their heart rates gradually calmed. Finally opening his eyes and coming to his senses, Kagami looked down at the mess he had created all over the bathroom door and thought about how he had gotten himself into this situation…

The two basketball players had sort of fallen into a routine since they made that bet a month ago. They would play one-on-one basketball until the sun went down and then head to Aomine's to shower and go a few rounds of a whole other version of one-on-one. This time, neither male could wait very long and ended up attacking each other as soon as the blue-haired teen had unlocked his front door. They had barely managed to drag themselves into the bathroom for some semblance of privacy since they had no way of knowing, or caring, if anyone else was home at that moment. Before the door had even been fully closed, shorts were shredded and cheeks were spread eagerly.

"Alright," Kagami said, his voice a little rough from trying to suppress any sounds Aomine wrung from him. "Now I really need a shower."

"Go for it," the Touou player purred, wrapping his long arms around the redhead's bruised waist. Oops… Aomine was definitely going to be getting an earful for that later. It was not his fault the stupid power jumper growled deliciously every time he held on tighter. "Showers are always fun," he chuckled, nibbling on the tender skin below Kagami's earlobe.

"I mean it, Ahomine. I just wanna shower. Coach tried to kill us at practice today and one-on-one with you didn't help any," Kagami replied, firmly removing the arms of his… what was Aomine to him?

He refused to call him a friend, as they were entirely too physically involved for that word. They were definitely still rivals on the court, but this was most definitely not a basketball court. 'Fuck-buddy' just seemed too crude. Then again, everything about Aomine was crude, but the redhead still shied away from the term. 'Boyfriend' seemed inappropriate because there was no emotional connection, at least not that Kagami could sense from the blue haired teen. He sure as hell was not going to refer to the other male as his… lover…?

Tingles went down his spine at the thought of the embarrassing word. He shook his head to clear it while he turned the water on for the shower, stepping away from Aomine. Kagami absolutely refused to admit any sort of feelings for the arrogant prick that were above the physical kind. That was all the Touou ace had for him, anyways, so why should he waste his time and energy pining over something that would never happen?

The deep resounding chuckle vibrated through the power jumper's back as Aomine gathered him into his superbly muscled arms again, thumbs brushing over sensitive nipples. "You say that, but your body is telling me otherwise," he murmured, causing Kagami's tired manhood to begin twitching back to life. How that baritone voice always managed to light a fire within the Seirin power forward, the world would never know. In response to the low spoken words, the redhead could only groan and shift backwards into the welcoming warmth behind him instinctually, before being saved –or cursed- by the water finally being ready.

The two males stepped into the shower and all but ignored the warm spray. Aomine was once more nibbling and sucking his way hungrily down Kagami's throat, making the latter sigh at the sweet sensations. A droplet of water slid down between the tiger's shoulder blades and the Touou forward was more than eager to lick it up with a light, teasing flick of his tongue. Shuddering under the ministrations, Kagami mentally cursed his over-responsive body.

Damn it, we're just supposed to be showering! In an act of defiance, -whether he was defying Aomine or his own traitorous reactions, Kagami had no idea- the redhead abruptly grabbed the hot water nozzle and turned it off, spraying the teens with ice cold water in an attempt to kill the impending hard ons.

"Gah!" Aomine exclaimed. "What the hell?!" He reached around the other male to turn the hot water back on and grumbled, "All right, all right. I get it already." Looking satisfied that his point was made, Kagami grabbed the shampoo and hid his smirk when he thought he heard a murmured, "Bakagami."

The sensation of something sliding across his back made the Seirin power forward jump slightly in surprise. "What the hell are you doing back there?" Kagami barked.

"I'm just washing your back. Jeez, calm down, Taiga." Kagami swore he could hear the smirk in Aomine's voice as he said his first name. Aomine had been calling him by his given name since that first night. Kagami gave up trying to yell at him for it, knowing he would just keep doing it anyways to annoy him.

Thankfully, the blue haired idiot had enough tact not to use it in front of any of the other Seirin players. Neither of the forwards wanted to deal with them if they ever found out, especially Kuroko. The phantom player would likely stare the both of them down with those expressionless eyes until they told him everything. That was just what their mutual friend was like and neither Kagami nor Aomine could avoid it forever, but they would damn well try.

Kagami shoved away those thoughts, forcing himself to relax under the spray of warm water. The gentle brush of the washcloth at his back turned into a more insistent kneading of the redhead's shoulders and back muscles, coaxing them to unwind. He was actually starting to feel… good. Usually, when Aomine had his hands on the other teen it was all about the sex, but right now it felt as though he were actually trying to help Kagami loosen up. As if he actually… cared.

One by one, the power jumper's muscles relaxed under Aomine's ministrations. The warm water and heavenly fingers at his back created a fog of contentment in Kagami's mind. He did not bother to resist when those marvelous hands turned him around by the waist to begin washing his front. Kagami had long since closed his eyes to enjoy the massage to his back, and they remained closed as the washcloth glided over the broad expanse of his chest. If he was expecting the blue haired idiot to play with his nipples, Kagami was disappointed. Hands that could expertly maneuver a basketball moved past the pert nubs to the washboard abs.

That was when the redhead started to tense up again. Aomine knew how sensitive he was across the stomach and ribs, and Kagami could swear the pressure decreased to just above teasing. One red eye cracked open in warning to remind the tanned player that they were only meant to be showering, only to falter at the gaze Aomine was leveling him with. Sapphire eyes looked so serious, but the scowl was gone from his brow, making him look twice as attractive. There was something else behind the look that could not be identified by either of them, but it was gone in a moment.

The washcloth danced across Kagami's hips as both boys continued to look into each other's eyes. When it reached around to the redhead's backside, he growled in warning. Not so much as because of the whole 'only showering' aspect, but because the bastard fucking knew how sensitive his skin was and just how to tease him as he was doing at that moment. Just his luck that Kagami had little to no self control, and the teasing cloth cupping his ass was pushing it.

And Aomine fucking knew it.

There was a satisfied gleam to the tanned boy's eyes right as he pressed the washcloth between Kagami's cheeks. "What?" Aomine replied innocently to the narrowing of the other's eyes. "You and Satsuki always yell at me for not cleaning up my messes," he continued, gently pressing and massaging the hidden entrance.

Goddamnit, if he keeps this up, I'm going to lose it…

Kagami's downfall was when the erection he was trying to suppress finally touched Aomine's and completely shattered whatever shred of self control he had left. A feral growl rolled out of the tiger's throat as he gripped the back of the bluenette's head and smashed their mouths together hungrily. The washcloth was dropped and forgotten in the corner of the shower, freeing Aomine's hands to wander the slick skin he could never get enough of. The water rinsed away every bit of soap and lubricated the two bodies as they ground together.

One would think that having sex not even ten minutes ago would satisfy an average teenage libido, but Aomine Daiki was anything but average and Kagami Taiga's body seemed to understand and reciprocate it all. Cold tile touched his back, making the redhead hiss at the temperature change, but he was quickly distracted by a pair of talented lips attaching themselves to his collarbone.

Aomine sucked, nibbled, and kissed every bit of skin he could reach. Anything he could not get with his mouth was explored with his hands, mapping out the familiar territory as if to memorize it all over again. He roughly pressed their groins together, earning a groan from Kagami as he rolled his hips rhythmically. He was driving the red haired teen wild, and that was exactly how he liked it. Their earlier round of sex had kept Kagami stretched, so Aomine skipped the fingering and teasing that he usually did. They were both desperate for the same thing at this point, but Aomine was still mildly surprised through his arousal when Kagami hooked his leg up and over a tanned hip to press them harder together. Usually, Kagami was the one to turn away when they fucked. Having the two males facing each other was a new experience for both of them and not one that either was willing to forgo at the moment.

Having nothing to grip to keep themselves upright, Aomine pressed them harder into the shower wall and lifted his partner easily as Kagami's arms wound around his neck. The redhead's other leg automatically curved around and locked with his other, giving Aomine the access he needed.

He could hear Aomine's ragged breathing in his ear as fingers spread firm ass cheeks and a thick erection was once again pressed inside his awaiting heat. Both growled low in their throats at the sensation and needed no time for adjustment. A fast pace was quickly found between Aomine's brutal thrusts and Kagami's fervent grinding. Kagami barely changed the angle of his hips, but suddenly he was seeing stars all over again as Aomine finally hit his prostate.

"Oh, god… right there…" he ground out.

Teeth found their way to Kagami's earlobe, making him dig his nails involuntarily into broad, tanned shoulders as he was brought closer and closer to the brink. More, more, he still needed more…

Aomine seemed to sense exactly what he needed. He pressed their stomachs closer together, trapping Kagami's leaking member between their bodies and giving him the friction he needed as he rocked in and out of him. The outright moan that the redhead had been desperately forcing back down his throat finally tore out as the Touou forward somehow kicked it into overtime and started pounding Kagami completely senseless. He could feel his lower back smacking against the tile of the shower, but he could not bring himself to care because it all just felt so goddamned good.

Opening his eyes for just a moment showed Kagami the most erotic thing he had ever seen. If he had thought the way Aomine looked during a match was sexy, the look of pure lust and animalistic need was what it took to send him right over the edge. Even though they had just done this, Kagami came harder than he ever had before. His vision went completely white and, for just a moment, time stopped and all he could feel was that sweet bliss shooting through his body. Before he could manage to call out anything embarrassing, Kagami bit into Aomine's shoulder with a cry of complete ecstasy, right where he knew the blue haired ace liked it the most.

The contracting muscles caused by Kagami's release was what made Aomine come undone. The orgasm hit him like a freight train, ripping his control from him as he returned the favor and bit into the redhead's favourite spot at the crook of his neck. Both had learned a lesson to not leave marks where they could be seen, but something inside the blue haired ace demanded that he stake his claim once again.

Despite being known for his reputation as a player on and off the court, this had been the longest time he had ever slept with the same person. Even the girls that had thrown themselves at him after that first night with the redhead could not seem to satisfy him the way Kagami could, so he just stopped accepting their advances.

They both pulled back at the same time, their breath mingling as their faces were only barely inches away. Before he had realized what he was doing, Aomine closed that distance and kissed his redheaded tiger. Where all of their other kisses were filled with a hunger and passion, a fight for dominance, this kiss was actually somewhat… gentle. Instead of brutally prying Kagami's lips apart to demand entrance, he waited for the tentative permission from his partner before sliding his tongue against every pleasurable spot for Kagami slowly, but with no less passion than he normally would.

To say that Kagami was confused would be an understatement. One moment he has Aomine pounding his ass without any sense of control as usual, and now he was actually kissing him rather than dominating him. It almost worried the power jumper, making him pull back and look at Aomine questioningly.

Whatever spell Aomine had been under broke with the kiss as he seemed to register what he was doing. Arrogance once more became the bluenette's expression as he pulled out of Kagami slowly and set him back on the ground. As if nothing had ever happened, Aomine changed their positions and washed himself quickly. When he was done, the blue haired ace simply stepped from the shower and grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist before exiting the bathroom without a second glance.

Kagami could do nothing but watch in astonished confusion. What the hell had that been about? As if that behavior was not confusing enough, the look on Aomine's face when he realized how he had been kissing Kagami was still rolling around in his brain. It was just for a moment, but before the idiot could put on his mask of superiority, Aomine had looked as surprised and bewildered as Kagami felt. As if he could not believe what he had done.

Deciding to ignore it for now, Kagami rewashed himself under the rapidly cooling spray and dressed in the extra clothes he had actually remembered to pack into his bag. He stuffed his dirty laundry into the bag unceremoniously, trying to convince himself that his sudden frustration towards the bag was not because of Aomine's odd behavior. Just as he left the bathroom, the front door opened and Momoi stepped into the house with bags of take out from Maji Burger hanging from her fingers.

"Kagamin!" she exclaimed with her usual perkiness. "I had a feeling you'd be here, so I ordered a lot of extra food for you! Tetsu-kun told me how much it takes to fill you up," the pinkette added with that supposedly cute smile that would make almost any other man start panting after her.

Now Kagami had a real problem, though. His pride was telling him to just leave and let Aomine figure out whatever he needed to, but his appetite was screaming at him for even thinking about passing up free food. Now that he thought about it, he had to skip his usual trip to Maji Burger when Aomine showed up with his challenge for one-on-one. Suddenly, the scent of the take out wafted through Kagami's nose, making his stomach growl loudly and he found himself grumbling, "I guess I could spare a few more minutes…"

They sat down at the table in the kitchen and tucked into their food quietly. Apparently, Momoi had not been exaggerating when she said 'a lot of extra food.' She plopped down two of the bags in front of him and set the other two aside for her and Aomine, taking the smallest one for herself.

Kagami promptly ploughed through his food, trying not to go too fast and seem rude. All he really wanted was to eat and be out of there before a certain tanned player came back downstairs. He was just opening the second bag before Aomine scared the crap out of him by showing up out of nowhere. The taller male whipped his chair around and straddled it backwards before sorting through the remaining food and whining in distaste. "We just had this junk a couple days ago! Honestly, Satsuki, do you have to get the cheapest food out there?"

"Hey!" she cried indignantly. "This wasn't cheap at all! Because of Kagamin, I had to buy almost triple our usual amount!"

Kagami nearly choked on the burger he just bit into. Triple?! Aomine just about fell backwards out of his chair from laughter as Kagami tried to regain the ability to breathe. "I can…" he gasped out between breaths. "I'll pay for my part, Momoi." So much for free food, he thought to himself.

"Oh no, no, no! I didn't mean it like that!" Momoi pleaded, frantically waving her hands back and forth. "I buy food for this lazy bum all the time, so buying food for his boyfriend is no problem at all!"

"He's not my boyfriend," the boys replied simultaneously. They looked at each other for a moment, shocked at their synchronized outburst. Kagami was the one to look away first with a slight blush to his cheeks. From that point on, the redhead kept his head down and ate just a little bit faster, planning just how he would be able to drop the money for his food into Momoi's purse.

Aomine was uncharacteristically quiet during the rest of the meal and was purposely avoiding looking at Kagami. Being the specialized information gatherer she was, Momoi simply nibbled on her food while she observed the boys' behavior. She paid special attention to the way neither would look at the other, not even when Kagami was saying goodbye. Pretending not to notice the money being stashed into her purse when Kagami thought she was not looking, Momoi just sat there demurely and wiped her mouth when she finished her meal.

This was certainly a development that her precious Tetsu-kun would like to know about…

. . . . . .

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