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Just like every other time they played, red and blue darted from one end of a basketball court to the other in a game of dominance. Both wanted to win, to prove who the better player was. Though, Kagami had a certain advantage that he did not normally have. Aomine may have stopped him in a face off of one-on-one, but he was completely forgetting about the shadow that was flitting in his peripheral. A triumphant smirk found its way on Kagami's face as he passed the ball to Kuroko, everyone else's weakness and his greatest ally.

Too little, too late, the Touou monster realized his mistake and made to correct it with the speed only he had. Alas, even Aomine's reaction speed was not acute enough to block Kuroko's phantom shots just yet. If there was ever a time the taller blue-haired teen was proud of losing, it was when his former shadow was the one to beat him.

"Yo, Tetsu," Aomine mused thoughtfully, grinning the way only a marvelous game could inspire from him. "You need to play against me more often. I've been getting bored beating this idiot all the time."

"O-oi! I've won at least as many times as you!" Kagami exclaimed, scowling at the other forward. "And you only ever win by one basket, you arrogant bastard!"

"Point being that I win, Bakagami," Aomine retorted, sticking a pinkie in his ear to show just how much interest he had in the subject. Though he would never admit it, he only did it to get a rise out of the tiger.

And a rise he got.

"Asshole…" the redhead growled, fists clenching tightly at his sides.

"Kagami-kun," Kuroko interrupted the oncoming explosion with one of his sudden appearances, effectively making both of the other teens almost jump out of their skins. "We should go soon. I have a curfew, and you need help studying for the test tomorrow," he reminded the fuming power-jumper.

"Tch…" Kagami knew his teammate was right.

It had been inconsiderate at best to accept the Touou bastard's challenge when he had just enlisted Kuroko's help not even ten minutes beforehand. Over a week had passed since that awkward dinner with Aomine and Momoi, and this had been the first time he had seen the blue-haired player since then. Kagami had spared no second thought before heading to the basketball court, oddly eager after their unspoken hiatus.

Red eyes lifted to glare at the damn idiot for distracting him this long, but he was completely sidetracked by thoughts of just how fuckable Aomine looked after a game. The sweat glistening off his perfectly sculpted muscles to the smirk that just oozed sexual prowess was making a very messy jumble of the tiger's thoughts.

Abruptly turning his back on his rival (and his libido), Kagami marched over and gathered his things to leave. "Right, let's get going, Kuroko."

The smaller male simply nodded and collected his own things. Not another word was spoken as they walked the short distance to Kagami's flat. He had actually requested that his parents let him stay at this particular building because of how close it was to the public basketball court.

When he started up the stairs to his door, Kagami nearly fell backwards when he heard Aomine's lazy whine behind him, "You mean you've lived this close to the court the entire time? Why the hell have we been going all the way to my place to wash up?"

"You never asked, moron! Besides that, who said you could come with us?" Kagami spat, a little irritated at being startled by the blue-haired ace, but not throwing him out either.

He stomped the rest of the way up the stairs and yanked the door open before he even pulled the key out of the lock. There was something strange about having Aomine in his personal living space. Sure, they fucked like rabbits on a semi-regular basis, (and there was nothing more personal than that in Kagami's opinion…) but having him in his own territory was just flat out weird.

Out of nowhere, Kagami heard a stomach growl and sighed in resignation, knowing it was his own. Once again, the blue-haired idiot had turned up before he could order his usual mountain of burgers at Maji Burger. Well, since he was having company over, albeit unwillingly, he might as well be a good host. Already heading to the kitchen, as was his habit when he got home, he called over his shoulder, "Go ahead and get comfortable, while I make some food."

It was while he was gathering all the ingredients he would need that he felt eyes on him. Kagami glanced around the room and instantly locked eyes with sapphire orbs that had a question sitting in them just waiting to be asked. "Where are the folks?" Aomine asked casually, plopping onto the only piece of furniture in the room and sprawling across it lazily.

Turning back to the task at hand, the redhead just shrugged and admitted simply, "I live alone."

"Tch… lucky bastard," he muttered under his breath.

Kagami's nerves seemed to disagree at that moment. While he had grown used to his limited funds and sparsely furnished apartment, having his rival there to scrutinize it had blush flaring across Kagami's cheeks. He was still trying to work out why he had not kicked the arrogant bastard out yet, but made enough food for the both of them nonetheless.

Scattering his books across his coffee table, Kagami set to studying as he ate, ignoring Aomine's comment about him being a 'good little housewife' completely. Unfortunately, that meant he was totally and utterly forgetting about his other visitor and nearly dumped his enormous pile of food into his lap when Kuroko popped up out of nowhere.

Honestly, he should be used to it by now, this was just ridiculous.

"You forgot to factor all the numbers in question three, Kagami-kun," his shadow pointed out in his usual dull tone.

Kagami choked down the bite be had just taken, coughing at the end of it to clear his esophagus. "You really need to quit doing that," he growled menacingly. He knew it was his own fault for forgetting Kuroko was there after asking for his help, so Kagami just shook his head and corrected his mistake on the paper. Just as he was about to continue on, he noticed Kuroko's lack of food and berated himself again for being so thoughtless.

Wordlessly, Kagami picked up his own plate and took it to the kitchen. Like the first day they had really started becoming friends, the bottomless pit of a teenager sacrificed some of his own food for the small phantom player. Kagami was trying his best to ignore the condescending stare of Aomine as he brought back the plates and sat one in front of Kuroko, who thanked him for the meal as polite as ever.

It went on like that for a couple of hours. Kagami and Kuroko doing their schoolwork, the latter correcting quite a few of the other's mistakes.

Aomine would gripe every so often about being bored and Kagami would tell him that he knew exactly where the door was. Then, oddly enough, he would just be quiet for another couple minutes with a sports magazine from the redhead's personal collection.

Kagami was in the middle of his final, yet equally frustrating problem when Kuroko spoke up about his curfew drawing near.

"But, you can't go yet!" the tiger panicked, jumping up from his spot on the floor to try to stop his friend from leaving. He was trying to figure out a way to word his plea without actually admitting his apprehension over being alone with Aomine. Why he would be so nervous was beyond him, though a voice that sounded suspiciously like Momoi's whispered the word 'boyfriend' in his memory. No, he refused to refer to that demon bastard as his… that damned word that refused to leave him alone.

"I'm sorry, Kagami-kun," Kuroko replied, not looking the least bit contrite. "Have Aomine-kun help you. He doesn't look like it, but he's actually smart in things other than basketball."

"Oi!" Aomine barked indignantly, glaring at his former shadow over the magazine he was reading.

"I don't want his help!" Kagami snapped, knowing that being alone with the blue-haired ace would lead anywhere but his homework. As did other parts of Kagami's anatomy, which tingled at the mere thought after being left untouched for just little over a week. There must be something wrong with him, he thought as anxiety and the beginnings of arousal battled in his head.

"I'm sorry," the phantom player repeated with a small bow as he hoisted his bag over his shoulder. Just before he stepped out the door, Kuroko paused and said as if to himself, "Kagami-kun never allows anyone he doesn't like into his apartment. If Aomine-kun isn't here to help with Kagami-kun's work after I leave, then why else would he let him stay?"

Kagami's throat closed from embarrassment and fear, rendering him unable to answer. Not that Kuroko was really expecting one. He sent a meaningful, though still predictably emotionless look over his shoulder to Aomine before finally stepping out and closing the door behind him with a small smile on his face.

"Tetsu-kuuun~!" Momoi's voice rang from the door of the shop they had agreed to meet at. As per usual of all of their reunions, the pinkette promptly flew over to the practically invisible boy and smothered him with a hug that was more breasts-in-the-face than an actual embrace.

"Hello, Momoi-san. Please let me go, I can't breathe," Kuroko stated expressionlessly, if a little strained due to lack of air supply. When she finally released him looking completely carefree as always, he reminded her, "You wanted to talk about something?"

She pretended to think deeply, putting a finger to her lips and swaying from side to side. Kuroko noticed the store clerk admiring her swaying rear and decided that that just would not do. He quickly stood in his path of sight, making himself purposefully more noticeable with ice creams in hand to be purchased. "I would like to buy these, please."

Obviously miffed that his view was interrupted, the cashier rang up the frozen treats and let his jaw drop as the busty female draped herself over Kuroko with a squeaky, "Thank you, Tetsu-kun~!"

They walked out of the shop before Momoi finally spilled what she had wanted to talk about. "Have you noticed Kagamin acting strangely at all lately?" she asked slyly, trying to get some sort of reading off of Kuroko's deadpan face. She gave the pale haired boy no time to respond as she continued conspiratorially, "I saw him just the other day at Dai-chan's and they were both acting really weird."

"Kagami-kun hasn't been acting any differently in school, though he does seem more fired up near the end of practices than normal," Kuroko observed, nibbling thoughtfully on his ice cream.

"That was exactly what has been happening with Dai-chan! He seems so much happier when he actually shows up for practice. I followed him after school one day and saw him grab Kagamin and drag him to a basketball court!" she exclaimed excitedly. "They play basketball together every chance they get and go to Dai-chan's for hours and hours afterwards. You should see how they act together, Tetsu-kun. Oh, and I brought them dinner one time and you should have seen their reactions to calling them boyfriends… instant denial and they got all awkward!" Momoi stated with an eye roll, nudging Kuroko to come up with the same conclusion that she did. "You don't think there could be anything going on there other than a mutual love for basketball, do you?" Her tone was heavily hinting at the contrary.

"It's none of our business, Momoi-san," Kuroko chided. Although, he was thinking the exact same thing she was. Truthfully, he could only be happy for the two basketball idiots if they did get together. Kuroko decided that he would need to observe his two friends on his own to understand just what was going on between them.

Kagami could only gape at the door after his shadow, frozen in place. Had he really just implied what he thought he did? No, it couldn't be, he thought to himself. I'm just being paranoid.

"Finally," rumbled a deep baritone behind him.

The startled tiger only had enough time to turn around before tanned lips claimed his own in a ferocious kiss. There was something exceptionally wild in the clashing of lips, teeth, and tongues, as if Aomine were trying to make up for lost time. Not that Kagami was really complaining. He reveled in the rough treatment the monster ace presented him with, and returned it with just as much vigor. When he felt his back slam against the front door though, the redhead's rationality finally caught up with him.

Kagami grabbed fistfuls of the shirt in front of him and firmly removed the other ace's mouth from his own before it could sidetrack him further. "Can't you think with something other than your dick for five seconds?" he hissed, screwing his eyes shut and fighting his own instincts. If he saw the lust that was positively radiating from Aomine, he knew he would be done for. "I have a test tomorrow and—"

"I have been holding myself back from jumping you since Maji Burger, thanks to Tetsu," Aomine confessed gruffly in his ear, which should not have been possible because he was supposed to be holding him away so he couldn't do that damn it there goes a little more self-control. "Do you really want to push me further, Taiga?" That damn baritone was doing very funny things to Kagami's groin that was making it extremely difficult to think.

"Bastard," Kagami mumbled, arousal laced heavily through his tone.

He opened his eyes then, and felt his dick twitch in his shorts just like he knew it would at the desire burning in those dark blue orbs. Who was he kidding? Having homework meant less than nothing when Aomine looked at him like that. Using his leverage on the jerk's t-shirt, Kagami renewed their oral battle eagerly. Their tongues danced and fought, sliding against one another fiercely to try and get the other to relent.

Decidedly feeling impatient, the Touou forward suddenly called it a tie and moved his sinfully talented mouth to Kagami's throat, scraping his teeth against the tender skin and pulling a reluctant gasp that threatened to become a moan from his rival. Oh how that simple noise could make Aomine want to strip the other boy right then and there.

"You know, I've been thinking lately," Aomine breathed in his ear roughly.

"Don't do that too often," the redhead could not help but interrupt with a smirk. "Might hurt yourself, Ahomine."

Sharp teeth nipped at his ear for that, making him hiss as the sensation ran straight to his nether regions. "I've been thinking," Aomine repeated smoothly, "That I want you inside me."


Kagami had no idea just how that one sentence alone could affect him, until the warm palm brushing over the growing tent in his shorts almost made him come undone ridiculously early. The groan that was stolen from deep in his gut would have embarrassed him if he were not so thoroughly turned on. To think he was such a prude before the blue haired asshole shoved his way into Kagami's life made him laugh internally.

"I take it you like the idea," the demon ace purred, pressing against the bulge with another teasingly light touch. Dark hands slid up the addictive body trapped against the door slowly, drawing out even the smallest of sounds until they came back down to grip Kagami's hips aggressively. The redhead growled in the most wonderfully deep rumble, sending yet another line of fire through the slightly younger boy's body to the heat nestled between his legs.

"You sure you'd be able to give up control for that long?" Kagami ground out through tight lips, trying to talk around the sounds of pleasure stuck in his chest.

"Who said anything about me giving up control at all?" Aomine grinned at him, challenge glinting dangerously in azure depths. A challenge that was met with a blazing red determination that he just could not get enough of since he first played the stupid power jumper. He did not give his tiger the chance to retort as he ripped his bloody redheaded ace's shirt up and off to attach his lips to a rosy bud on Kagami's chest.

Back bowed against the door to get more contact from that wicked tongue, Kagami's breath left him in a quick huff. There were times when he hated how sensitive his skin was, like when the damned bastard teased him across the ribs during a game to make him drop his pace for even a split second to get the ball. This was most definitely not one of those times. Kagami's hands came up to thread themselves through short, dark blue hair, anchoring Aomine's head exactly where he wanted it as he all but verbally expressed more of his approval.

Aomine came up momentarily, kissing the redhead breathless before murmuring in his ear, "Bed. Now."

Arousal was clearly fogging both of their minds pretty heavily if one could only speak in one word sentences while the other could only pant to catch their breath.

Kagami kissed him one more time, jerking the bluenette forward by the waistband of his shorts to grind their erections together crudely before leading the way to his room. He wasted no time in shedding his shorts and boxers, kneeling in the middle of his bed to wait for his idiot to catch up. Crimson eyes sparked hungrily as clothes slowly slid from the tanned frame of his rival, revealing inch after delicious inch of perfectly smooth skin that Kagami's fingers just itched to touch and his tongue longed to taste.

After seeing such a reaction in the other teen, how could the unstoppable player help but to tease him further? Ever so slowly, Aomine crawled onto the bed looking every bit like a predator stalking its prey. Starting with Kagami's thighs, tanned fingers teased and caressed every inch of that ridiculously sensitive skin as his mouth followed behind. He could feel every tremor to run through his tiger and it excited him all the more.

The Touou forward was thoroughly enjoying himself as he nibbled his way up Kagami's body from hips to collarbone; all the while driving them both nearly insane with excitement as he forced himself to draw out every moan from the other ace that he could before the real fun began.

Deciding that the torture had gone on long enough, Kagami took matters into his own hands. He traced a single finger down Aomine's spine, taking acute notice of the involuntary shiver that ran through the other teen. Without any warning whatsoever, Seirin's power forward grabbed the bluenette's ass and raked blunt nails across the firm muscles, pressing them even tighter together.

Aomine's head shot back with a surprised hiss, grip tightening around Kagami's shoulders harshly as his body bowed backwards at the pleasurable pain. He had not been expecting that, but there were no words that could describe just how much it elated him.

Now, this is exactly what Aomine had missed in the last week and a half; the burning passion that always encompassed the redhead and made Aomine feel the overwhelming joy at having found his rival, his equal, all over again. He wanted to revel in it endlessly, whether it was through basketball or sex, he did not care. Aomine just wanted this guy, this player, this… tiger.

And he wanted him right fucking now.

With lightning speed specific to his talents, Aomine shoved the other onto the bed. Straddling his hips deftly, he shifted back to let Kagami's arousal rub against his ass a little more than suggestively. He let out a deep chuckle as his redhead almost went cross-eyed trying not to make any noise at the stimulation. Having the upper hand seemed to clear his head for the moment, just long enough to demand, "Where's the goddamned lube?"

Kagami fought his way through the fog in his brain for enough brain cells to even acknowledge the bastard's question, but before he could, another roll of those goddamned hips made his mind go blank again. Growling deep in his chest, Kagami threw his hand over to point at his bedside table, seeing as he did not have the mental capacities to do anything else.

The blue haired teen leaned over to open the drawer, momentarily relieving the pressure on Kagami's lower half. When he saw the small bottle of clear liquid wrapped in Aomine's hand, Kagami felt his already thundering pulse kick it up another notch. He was just about to take the bottle to coat his own fingers so he could prepare the other male, but a hand pressed against his chest to keep him in place.

Aomine's arrogant smirk was the only clue he gave before he popped the cap open to slick up his own digits. He did say that he was not going to give up control easily. His hand disappeared behind him, but Kagami could see the exact moment he pushed a finger inside himself by the look on Aomine's face. Azure eyes screwed shut in concentration as the muscles all along his arms flexed with every motion of that wickedly skilled hand.

Kagami suddenly felt Aomine grab his hand from the sheets and lead it to the straining erection bobbing between them. Without a second thought he set to pumping it slowly, feeling the hot, velvety texture against his palm curiously.

It struck Kagami odd at that moment; this was the first time he had ever touched Aomine there. When they got together after a game, it was always the same routine of stripping and getting straight down to business with a few messy kisses in between. Though, for them the kissing was more of a fight for control than anything else… until that confusingly tender kiss in the shower last time.

"Oi," Aomine interrupted the redhead's thoughts. The predatory glint was still in his eyes, though now it was mixed with amusement. "It's a dick. You have one too, now shut your mouth before I give it something else to do."

White teeth snapped together in a snarl and Kagami squeezed his fist tighter around the hard flesh, drawing a satisfied grunt from his rival. Damn bastard…

A few unseen thrusts from Aomine's hand later, warm liquid was slathered on Kagami's erection as tan hips settled themselves directly over it. Both of them held their breaths for the span of a second, and then Aomine was lowering himself onto the other teen. If Kagami had been in control of the pace, he would have gone slowly to let the other adjust to having something of that size inside him.

Of course, the bluenette would have none of that. He slid down in one quick, fluid moment, biting his lip against the burn of the stretch. Lifting his hips to get used to it quicker, Aomine tried to move only to find strong hands digging into his sides to keep him still.

"For fuck's sake, wait a second!" Kagami blurted thoughtlessly in English. Having his dick suddenly engulfed in a burning heat was disorienting to say the least.

"Huh? What the hell are you sayin' down there?" Aomine's eyebrow ticked at the unfamiliar language. "Since when do you speak English?"

"Dumbass…" Kagami mumbled before switching back to Japanese. He let go of the stupid jerk's hips now that he was out of his danger zone. "I grew up in America until my second year of middle school."

"Heh, you'll have to teach me then. I like the sound of that one word, what was it…" the blue haired demon mused, rolling his hips experimentally now that the pain was dulled down to a vague ache. "Oh, yeah. Fuck."

Kagami had to suppress an eye-roll. Of course Aomine would latch on to the most vulgar word he had said. Though, hearing it punctuated with a hard grind was doing wonderful things to the fire burning in his lower belly.

Aomine lifted and lowered himself slowly at first, but impatience quickly overrode his general functioning as he sped up. Kagami's hands found the other ace's hips once more, guiding them as they shifted with every thrust. He knew what Aomine was looking for and knew by the appreciative groan that fell from his lips that he had found it. A moan of his own spilled over as the muscles around him contracted in pleasure.

They found a rhythm quickly, Aomine grinding from above while Kagami drove into him from below. Fingers wrapped around the Touou forward's neglected member again and pumped in time with their increasingly frantic thrusts, wringing a growl from the taller male. His orgasm was right fucking there, and yet he just could not reach it. Aomine was mindlessly desperate for that ever climbing peak at this point.

That was when Kagami saw his chance. Using the strength in his legs that gave him the ability to stand equal to the Generation of Miracles, he reversed their positions without breaking pace. A surprised grunt came from Aomine as his back hit the pillows, but Kagami was not about to give him time to recover the control he had just lost. Pounding into that heavenly tight passage, Kagami hit his sweet spot with more power, making Aomine actually gasp his newfound word in sync with every thrust.

It was not long after that, accompanied with the fist pumping his manhood, that Aomine finally reached that much desired climax. Rather, it ripped through him like a million shooting stars, aftershocks causing his entire body to twitch with every additional hit to his prostate. Kagami came with a hoarse cry not long after, the tight muscles milking his release from him mercilessly. They stayed like that for a few moments, each catching their breaths as they came down from the euphoria of orgasm.

Kagami pulled out slowly, almost wincing from the over-sensitivity, and flopped sideways to lie next to his panting rival. He did not need to look over to know that the same feral smile was spread across the other's lips as it always was after their intense activities. The red haired ace refused to admit it, but he actually missed the bastard's ferocity both on the court and in bed. Why they had not talked in the last week was beyond him at that moment.

Reality settled in his mind right about then, reminding him of Kuroko's parting question and making him actually think about the look he gave Aomine on his way out. Then, that damned word floated across the back of his eyelids again, and Kagami found none of the instant denial that usually flooded his brain. Instead, there was this weird feeling of satisfaction that he shook away after a moment, but the thought stuck with him.

Is this really just basketball and sex?

. . . . . .

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