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. . . . . .

The ball swished through the net flawlessly as always when the Great Aomine Daiki dunked his winning basket. Sweat dripped from his brow as his usual arrogant smirk spread across his features. All practices should be like this one, in his opinion. The entire team, including the benchwarmers, against him alone for a mini-game was nothing like facing Kagami, but it made for a decent warm-up.

Everyone packed up their stuff, most listening to the last minute instructions of the coach, but of course Aomine was not one of them. He had much more important things on his mind that included a fiery power jumper that had better clear his schedule for the entire weekend. Now that the damn redhead's exam week is over, Aomine is going to make him pay for all the days he could not meet him at the court… with interest. Completely ignoring Wakamatsu's outraged exclamations about him not paying proper respects to his elders, Touou's ace left the gym, already on the prowl to hunt down his tiger.

The entire walk was spent going over every detail of what he was going to do to the other ace as soon as he got his hands on him. Every teasing flick of his fingers, every dominating kiss, every punishing roll of his hips… everything was playing through Aomine's mind as his feet took him to where he needed to go. It was becoming increasingly difficult to walk normally with half an erection bumping against his thigh with every step, but it was worth it as he saw familiar crimson locks through the window of Kagami's favourite fast-food joint.

Two toned hair fell around Kagami's face messily as usual, but the thing that actually managed to make Aomine stop in his tracks, hand reaching for the door handle with his heart beating just a little bit harder, was the genuine smile that graced his lips. Not the triumphant smirk or ecstatic grin after a game, but an actual, eye-crinkling smile that lit up his entire face as he laughed. The bluenette searched his memory for any other time he had seen such a look on Kagami's face and came up empty.

What could be making him smile like that? All Aomine knew was, it was not him and that alone made something unpleasant stir in his chest.

Glancing at the figure that was sitting across the table, Aomine had to grit his teeth as the unfamiliar sensation in his chest intensified like icy claws digging into that annoying muscle that insisted on beating faster. Some guy about their age and size with black hair sat across from Kagami casually. He had a small tilt to his mouth in an almost smile, and Aomine despised it instantly. He recognized the boy from somewhere… Yosen, the voice in the back of his head supplied. Yeah, the guy that partnered up with Murasakibara.

What the hell is he doing with Kagami?

Then, in what felt like slow motion, the black haired bastard covered Kagami's hand with his own and the smile on the redhead's face dimmed slightly. Without really knowing what he was doing, he watched as a tanned hand jerked the door open and he strode directly to Kagami's table. He heard the Yosen guy speak one word, "…Taiga."

"Oi, Bakagami," Aomine interrupted, jolting his redhead from the conversation. He plopped his bag down next to the booth before nudging Kagami over with his hip to sit next to him. If the movement caused the Yosen guy to let go of Kagami's hand, it was a complete coincidence. As was the arm draped possessively across the back of the booth as Aomine sprawled out with his usual laziness.

Complete coincidence.

"What the hell do you want, Ahomine?" Seirin's Ace growled, the frustration and wariness evident in the set of his shoulders, much to a certain navy haired teen's satisfaction.

"It's Friday and I wanna play basketball," he replied simply, nudging Kagami's patience even farther over the edge with every bored lilt to his voice. He sometimes had to egg the stubborn ass onto a court when he was being particularly grouchy, but he always gave in when Aomine demanded a match from him.

Kagami scoffed at him in irritation, completely ignoring the body heat from the arm resting just behind his back as he returned his attention to his mountain of food. He was surprised he had actually managed to order it before the jerk showed up, but then again, this was exam week, so Riko had let them have the weekend to rest and recover from the mental (and emotional) drainage that was a week of non-stop testing. "You'll have to wait until I'm done eating, asshole," Kagami spoke around a mouthful of delicious cheeseburger.

Himuro stifled a chuckle from across the table before commenting, "Don't worry, Daiki, you won't be waiting long with the way Taiga eats."

Aomine could swear he felt a muscle behind his eye tic at hearing Kagami's and his given names spoken so casually by the emo-looking dude. He tried to search his brain for any semblance of the purple-haired man-child's partner's name, but came up with nothing. Instead he just scowled and grunted, "Who the hell're you?"

The guy's mouth tilted into an almost condescending smile that only served to irritate Aomine further. "Himuro Tatsuya. Shooting guard for Yosen," he offered coolly. "I'd try for a handshake, but none of you Miracles have been much for manners."

Midnight eyes narrowed at the obvious insult. Who the fuck does this guy think he is?

Kagami, sensing the outright hostility emanating from the blue-haired ace, tried to clear things up further. "Me and Tatsuya—"

"Grew up in America together." Himuro cut his little brother off, intentionally keeping their relationship hidden from the fuming teenager. He seemed to be hiding it particularly well, but Himuro knew what to look for when he was trying to rile someone up. By the way tanned knuckles were turning white from tension he would say things were going very much his way.

What the hell does he think he's doing? Kagami thought. If he did not know better, he would say that Tatsuya was intentionally trying to piss Aomine off. Suddenly, a bit of his conversation with Himuro popped into his head.

"You need to come to grips with your feelings, Taiga."

That was right before Aomine had shoved him over and effectively ended the conversation before Kagami could even try to think about what he could have meant. Tatsuya had just been telling him that he was going back to the States for an indefinite amount of time. What in the world was he talking about? What about his feelings? Was he referring to Kagami's feelings about their relationship? He had never once wavered in considering him his older brother, even fought tooth and nail to make the other continue to acknowledge it.

Could he think I feel… more towards him?

Feeling the tension around them increasing as the other two males continued to stare the other down; Kagami felt that he had to do something. "A-anyways, Tatsuya and I are…" Not being great with words, the redhead tried to think of something that would diffuse the situation and clear up Tatsuya's possible misunderstanding of his feelings. "Friends. Yeah, just friends."

Himuro let out a low snigger. "Honestly, Taiga. I would call us more than just friends," he said, his tone emphasizing the two words just enough to suggest a more… romantic implication.

The taunting black eyes lit every bit of Aomine's temper, with the only thing stopping him from decking Himuro in that damned poker face was the icy fire spreading throughout his ribcage. That was the last straw for whatever the fuck was going on inside him. Aomine grabbed Kagami's wrist in one hand, the other grabbing both of their bags, and dragged him out of the restaurant, ignoring any and all of the odd looks they were getting.

Kagami scrambled to catch his footing as the door closed behind them, jerking Aomine to a stop. "Oi! What the hell are you—mmpf!"

His demand was completely cut off by another pair of lips being crushed against his own. Aomine was still only vaguely aware of what he was doing at this point, but he did not care. After all, he has always been one to act before thinking and at that moment, his body was absolutely screaming for some sort of action. Tanned lips moved against the other pair, stopping every inquiry before it could be made, silently demanding that the other male just shut up until Kagami finally quieted and leaned into the kiss reluctantly.

Blue eyes cracked open just long enough to look at the absolutely dumbfounded look on the Yosen guy's face through the window as he traced his tongue across Kagami's lips in full view, right there on the sidewalk. Just as suddenly as he had kissed the other, Aomine ripped his lips away and continued dragging a completely dazed tiger in his wake.

The only one who can touch Kagami, is me, growled a voice in the back of Aomine's mind.

The thought went completely ignored as that stupid feeling kept growing hotter and colder inside the monster ace. Not one to dwell on anything that even resembled emotion, Aomine settled on the one closest to what he was feeling.


As he wrenched Kagami through the gate to the basketball court, Aomine ripped off his sports jacket and turned to his opponent. He let the bags fall off of his shoulder as he pulled out his orange weapon and glared at the source of his inner turmoil. There was no preamble, no time for words as he dribbled the ball across the battleground, completely focused on working out whatever the fuck was going on with his head and, though he would never admit it, his heart.

Kagami was still lost as to what the fuck was going on with the other male, but he knew the look on Aomine's face all too well, having seen it in the mirror on multiple occasions. It was the face of someone who just needed to push their body to the limit and beyond until they could think straight. Other people would argue that it would be contradictory, but Kagami was living proof that it worked. He was also in need of this particular outlet at that moment.

What the fuck was up with that kiss?!

Although it was highly arousing, the damned kiss was also infuriating for the redheaded male. What they did behind closed doors was one thing, but to do that in public completely baffled Kagami. That was something for couples. He knew for damn sure that the Touou bastard wanted nothing more than to pound his ass every chance he got. So why did that kiss feel so damn… possessive?!

Bodies moved across the court with feral grace, each scoring one after the other, taking their respective frustrations out on the ball as they slammed it through the hoop. They watched each other, followed the movements, and saw more than they ever did in the way the other jumped, dribbled, and crouched as they faced off in a stalemate. One look in each other's eyes, and they knew they had the same reason for the battles being raged on the inside.

And all it did was fuel the fire…

. . . . . .

Everything was a flurry of hands grabbing at clothing, trying to rip it all off even as bodies slammed the door shut from the onslaught of teenage boys. The one-on-one match had heated them up so much, they had no idea who lunged for whom first, but they somehow ended up making their way to Kagami's in a flurry of groping hands and lip bruising kisses hidden in every gap between buildings that they passed.

Aomine trailed his tongue across a full bottom lip before taking it into his mouth and dragging his teeth across the captured flesh, making the other gasp wonderfully before being silenced with that dominating mouth on his once again. Fingers threaded themselves through his short hair and pulled sharply, exposing his throat to be ravaged from that equally wicked tongue and those oh-so-gentle teeth that grazed his pulse point.

Now this, this was what his body had been screaming for. The blue haired monster raked his fingers up Kagami's spine and over his shoulders to unzip that infuriating jacket that kept him from touching any more of that sinfully sensitive skin. Skilled fingers dragged across all of the best places under the t-shirt to elicit sounds from Aomine's tiger, making him come up to look Aomine in the eye with that fire that he enjoyed so much and claim his mouth in a kiss as dominating as the ones he had received on the way over there.

If Kagami understood anything in the midst of every emotion and hormone going haywire in his body, it was the emotion that drove Aomine to this. Aomine was jealous. He could not for the life of him figure out why he was jealous, but that was what he saw in the demon's eyes before getting dragged out of Maji Burger. He would figure it out later, Kagami decided, eager to return his full attention to the blue-haired ace.

Kagami accidentally bruised the tanned hips under his fingers in the effort to bring them closer, erections pressing against the other crudely. He switched their positions, pressing Aomine hard against the door as he ground their hips together in a desperate need for friction. Dragging the tip of his tongue across the roof of Aomine's mouth, Kagami stepped away to lead their activities to the bedroom.

Deciding that was too far away after about three steps, Aomine grabbed the collar of Kagami's jacket, making it slide down until it caught around his elbows. Having unintentionally bound his arms behind his back, Aomine made the most of it in pulling his body flush with the redhead's back to nibble and suck on the side of his neck. What he had seemed to overlook with the movement was that it put Kagami's hands right at his crotch. Nimble fingers boldly caressed and massaged the bulge in his shorts even given their limited range of motion.

Suppressing a growl at the ministrations, Aomine used his free hand to undo the damnable piece of clothing around his tiger's waist, and pressed his hand flat against him through the material of his boxers. Kagami sighed headily at the contact, hips thrusting forward involuntarily. The bluenette guided them forward on unsteady legs until he felt the back of the couch against his hand. Perfect.

Working Kagami's bottoms over his hips and letting them drop to the floor, the tanned male ran his fingers along the swollen shaft, stroking it from root to tip. Slowly, so his idiot could get the hint before he hurt himself, Aomine increased pressure on the captive limbs to make Kagami bend over the couch. After his cock was freed from the tiger's heavenly grasp, he pressed it against the naked curve of his ass, enjoying the shiver of anticipation that coursed through his rival. The blue haired demon trailed his hand between them, teasing the hidden pucker lightly.

"Hurry up…" Kagami ground out around a moan.

Aomine chuckled darkly before pushing his shorts down just enough to free his weeping cock and press it against the line of that perfect ass that he so loved to be inside.

Kagami jumped at feeling the heat against his crack and warned the other male dangerously, "Oi, you better prepare me before sticking that thing anywhere, asshole."

"Shut up, idiot," Aomine replied, adjusting himself to rub against the underside of his ass, between his thighs. "Hurting you isn't on my agenda."

Setting a slow rhythm, Aomine rutted against the other, snaking the hand that was not pinning Kagami's arms behind his back under the white t-shirt to roll, pinch, and flick the hardened nipples that were standing at attention. Before his tiger could get used to the contact, his hand came up and out of the collar of the shirt to rest three fingers against plump lips with a single command.


Seirin's Ace complied immediately, eagerly slathering the digits and paying special attention to each of the pads on his fingers. Fingers that would soon be making him see stars. He almost lamented their absence when Aomine pulled them out of his mouth, but knew they were going to be put to much better use. Kagami failed to suppress the trembling that was rolling through his body as slick appendages circled his most private area before pressing into him as gently as possible, one at a time. While he knew they were both growing extremely impatient, Kagami truly appreciated Aomine's ability to take his time where it mattered.

If he was being this considerate, and even showing signs of jealousy when he saw Kagami with someone else, albeit someone that would never be considered a romantic interest… why weren't they a couple?

Because he's a selfish man-child that just wants to fuck you, that's why, something in the back of Kagami's brain snapped at him.

That something was effectively silenced by Aomine's fingers grazing his prostate. Shivering from the almost-pleasure, Kagami shifted his hips backwards on the tanned fingers, trying to find that sweet spot again. Instead, the long fingers scissored him, keeping their distance from that special place but for the occasional brush as he was stretched.

Aomine timed his rutting to the pace of his fingers, keeping it slow and drawn out, intentionally building the frustration he could feel coming from the other ace. Kagami started fidgeting, arms pulling against their makeshift bonds in an attempt to find some purchase that was denied to them. When he noticed the pale hips moving against the back of the couch, he tsked in Kagami's ear and pulled them back until only his chest was touching the furniture. "Ah-ah-ah," Aomine chided. "You're not going to feel a thing until I'm inside you, fucking you senseless," the demon purred, enjoying the aroused, angry grunt that came from his rival.

After the third and final finger was added, Kagami was finally ready and he made sure to voice his opinion with a very loud, "Just fuck me already!"

Laughing quietly under his breath, Aomine complied, removing his fingers and pulling his leaking erection from between Kagami's legs to lead it to that pink pucker that welcomed him enthusiastically. The slightly shorter male tried to shift back to take in more of that heat, but did not have any leverage whatsoever from his position.

Soon, he was fully sheathed and no sooner had he settled his hips against that amazing backside did Aomine pull out to the tip and slam his hips forward, hitting Kagami's prostate directly and almost making him scream his surprise. Tanned hips snapped against him repeatedly, skin slapping against skin at a rapid pace as Aomine thrusted into him fast and relentless.

Almost blinded from pleasure, Kagami could only whimper and moan, vaguely registering the erotic sounds that Aomine was making. He did not care if they were not dating, if this was all that the blue haired jerk wanted from him, Kagami was more than okay with it at the moment.

But… if he did want more…

Another marvelous hit to his prostate cut off the redhead's train of thought. He was so close, so close… he just needed the slightest bit of friction and he would reach his completion. There was a wet pressure against Kagami's throat that he belatedly realized was Aomine's mouth making its way up to the shell of his ear. "Come," he whispered, "Come for me, Taiga. Only for me."

With that, and a hand wrapping around his cock, Kagami came completely undone. His release crashed through him, making his knees go so weak that he was certain he would have fallen if the monster ace was not holding him up to continue pounding into him. Aomine came seconds later, groaning into Kagami's neck as he bit down and sucked harshly, leaving a very visible mark as he rode out his orgasm with Kagami in his arms.

Releasing the skin with a small pop, Aomine moved his mouth back up to Kagami's ear to whisper a single word, "Mine."

Kagami's mind whirled in confused elation as he tried to come down from the euphoria enough to comprehend what the other male had said. Not to mention the possible implications behind it… but everything was cut off by a very feminine voice coming from the hallway.

"Well, this is certainly a scene to wake up to," said Alexandra Garcia casually.

. . . . . .

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