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"demon/higher being speech

'demon/higher being thought'

The Return of The Swirling Tides

October 10 Konoha

In the Land of Fire, it was a cool fall night. The full moon shone down on the village of Konohagakure, or the village hidden in the leaves,one of the five great hidden ninja villages. As some of the villagers were closing up shop and somewhere stumbling home drunk from the bars, a cold ominous wind blew through the streets. Following the wind after a moment's pause was a terrifying noise, a deep and feral roar laced with more killing intent than all four kage's put together could muster,(AN:killing intent will be referred to ki for now on. I just don't feel like writing the entire thing repeatedly) that shook the village to the core.

In the Hokage's tower at the center of the village, a man who appeared to be in his late 60's, with grey hair and wore a black combat gi with black shinobi pants and shinobi sandals, rushed to the balcony and looked out to the forest that surrounded the village." .Kami" said the old man as he saw a 150 story tall blood red fox with nine massive tails waving behind it approaching the village. "Anbu" the man yelled out as six ninja, 4 men 2 women, appeared by the old man "Hai Sarutobi-dono?" asked an anbu with a cat mask. "Go and alert all shinobi that are chuunin and above to prepare for battle and have all the gennin escort the civilians to safety" "hai Sarutobi-dono" the anbu responded and disappeared via shunshuni to carry out the orders. "Minato-kun, Kushina-kun I pray to Kami that you and your child are safe."

Battlefeild – 1 kilometer from Konoha

"We have to hold the line until the fourth arrives!" yelled a jounin as several chuunin looked like they were about to run for the hills as if the devil himself was after them.( they aren't far from the truth) Unfortunately for said jounin those were the last words he would ever speak as a blood red tail came crashing done onto the exact spot he was standing in. "HOLY SHIT" yelled one of the chuunin's as he saw a 50 meter wide trench where the tail and jounin once were. They had been fighting the beast for of an hour now and have barely slowed it down. "We can't keep this up much longer!" one of the shinobi yelled "Yea I know, where the hell is the Yondamie Hokage" responded another. "OI YOU BAKA FOX YOU MADE ME BREAK A NAIL!" yelled a pink haired kunoichi (a cyber-cookie if you can guess who she is related to). Unfortunately for said pink haired banshee she did not see the 50 story tall tail impact the ground 20 meters ahead of her, nor did she see the massive shock wave coming towards her as she was too busy looking at her nails, she did notice it as she was sent flying backwards through the air into a cabbage cart owned by an elderly gentlemen dressed in green, with a deep farmers tan and white hair. Seconds later a new sound was heard that not only stopped the fighting, but caused everyone including the Kyuubi to sweat drop "MY CABBAGES!"

"It's the Yondaime!" yelled one of the shinobi as a giant orange and black toad with a large vest, pipe and a large tanto strapped to his side landed on the battle field with a blond haired male who appeared to be no older than 25, stood 6'2(AN: couldn't find his height online so I gestimated) with a long sleve blue shirt with blue shinobi pants, a chuunin vest fully zipped up, a white trench coat with orange flames at the bottom, standing on the boss summons head. "What the hell Minato" yelled the toad "you want me to fight the Kyuubi no Yoko not even I can defeat such a powerful beast!" "I know Gamabunta I just need you to hold him off for a little while." Minato said "All right I will hold it off for as long as possible."

With that Gamabunta unsheathed his tanto and leaped into the fray. For several minutes both bijuu and summons where at a stalemate until the kyuubi got a shot and left a deep gash right behind Bunta's eye "AHHH, dam it Minato hurry up I don't know how much longer I can keep the beast at bay" 'Bunta said "I'm nearrrly,FINISHED." Minato yelled. "Shiki Fuuin" Minato yelled and with those very words an ominous wind that chilled to the bone blew across the field and a bright light filled the field. When the light died down the combatants saw that the Kyuubi was no more and a great cry of victory resounded through the ranks, unbeknownst to the celebrating ninja the sacrifice that was needed to ensure their victory. As the light cleared Gamabunta lowered his head and placed both Minato and the child on the forest floor before returning to the summoning realm.

As he hits the ground Sarutobi, A white haired man with a metal horned hi-ate with the kanji for oil on it. "Saru-sarutobi-san, sensei, let him be seen as-as a he-he-hero" while Minato is speaking he coughs up a little blood "Naru- Naruto I'm so-so-sorry son." and with that the Yondaime Hokage, the Yellow Flash of Konoha passed on from this world.

Remains of Safe House In VoTE- Same time

A blood red headed woman was laying in the remains of a wooden shake her last thoughts turning to her new-born son who had just had the Kyuubi No Yoko sealed into him. She knew the life of a jinchuuriki was like and she did not wish that upon her worst enemy, 'well except that Madara-Teme but the kyuubi killed him when it was released.' She smiles at the memory of how the masked man was surprised that the kyuubi would attack him instead of being grateful to be freed but was torn asunder by the kyuubi's claw killing him instantly. Her thoughts turned back to her son as tears came to her eyes 'Naruto, my Sochi, please forgive us for what we had to do I love you. Minato when I see you in the afterlife I am going to kick your ass for this. ' With that Kushina passed away.

Unkown Location

A man sits on a bench facing a lone koi pound that is underneath a lone sakura tree. He is dressed in a green and silver kimono, short-cropped grey hair, long grey beard and a bamboo cane leaning against the stone bench, he appears to be in his late 50's. (AN: he looks like the head captain from bleach.) As he gazed at the few koi in the pond a lone sad breeze blew through the garden that caused some of the sakura petals dance over the swirl stone (a large sunstone cut into the shape of a whirlpool) on it was the name of every Uzumaki that lived. Only a few names where left glowing that represented the few

surviving Uzumakis left in the world. As the old man approached the stone he saw his name and his son Renji Uzumaki were still glowing bright blue. The name that dimed and turned black was one that he thought he would die before it went dark and that was one Kushina Uzumaki his niece and second in line for clan head. "So Kushina is dead, Renji is not going to be happy about that." The old man said out loud. 'Now how to tell Renji, I know I will tell him when he's drunk on sake.' The old man thinks. As the old man begins he realized something more freighting than Renji was the clan summons would do to him when they found out she died. ' I think I will let Renji tell them that way when he finds out its Renji's ass on the line not mine .' the old man thinks(somewhere in Tea country a man with fire-red hair and greenish-blue eyes sneezed 'I wonders who's talking about me, probably the old man is figuring out a way to get back at me for replacing his sake with toilet water' the man thought as he continued walking) as he begins chuckling to himself as he walks away from the stone. If the man had stayed for a second longer he would have seen a new swirl appear by Kushina's name.