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Demon/Summons speaking

Regular speech



Demon/summons thought

The next Morning

'Kami, damn you sun, you always ruin my sleep' Ichigo thought as he slowly woke. 'How did I get here… oh now I remember, John and Hiko carried me here after I collapsed outside the house' with that thought Ichigo quickly got up and changed. As he was finishing, a loud crash and boom reached his ears. "What the fuck?" he muttered as he unsealed his zanpakuto and raced to the window. Looking out he could see Shino, Kiba, and Kurenai fighting off a small army of thugs. "Dammit, the battle has already started and those Konoha assholes didn't wake me up!" Ichigo yelled out. "AHHHHHHH!" a scream ripped through the house. Hearing this he quickly raced towards the stairs.

"Tsuga(passing fang)" Kiba yelled as he tore through another group of thugs who had tried to cross the board walk to the other side of the pond where the house was located. He was quickly forced back as a thug swung a large spiked club at him. "Dammit they just keep coming." Kiba muttered to himself as he retreated closer to his team.

"Shino, hurry up and drain them already, it's getting harder to hold them off since Akamaru was hit!" he yelled as he throws a hand full of shuriken at the thugs, killing several and disabling two. "My bugs are moving at the most efficient rate as they can, unfortunately my hive is not large enough to wipe them all out. How is Kurenai-sensei doing?" Shino, who was standing in front of the house and the wounded Akamaru, asked as he directed his kikaichū bugs to take care of another thug that had swam to shore. Jumping on top of the pond, abet shakily, as a mace struck where he stood. Kiba looked towards his teacher, who was currently doing battle against a group of ten thugs that had some shinobi training.

"She's doing better than we are." Kiba said as Kurenai took out five of the thugs with genjutsu, he than leapt back onto the board walk and charged towards another group of grunts. Engaging them in a one sided taijutsu match, Kiba quickly nocked them into the water and watched as their heavy armor dragged them down.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" the sound of a scream echoed from inside the house. "Hinata!" Kiba yelled, only to than be struck by a club that sent him sailing into the pond.

Inside the house Hinata had her baykugan active and was shivering in fear as two men had just kicked down the back door, causing Tsunami to scream in fear. "Damn bitch you sure got a pair of lungs. Maybe Gato will let us have a turn with you once we kill the bridge builder." The first thug said as he stepped into the kitchen with blood pouring from a shuriken that was lodged in his chest. "Well Kento we both know that she will be turned into the boss's personal slave, the kunochi on the other hand we both know she will be shared amongst the men. Now get out of the way I want to cut something, and I think I will start with the kid!" the second man yelled as he charged forward and knocked Hinata, who was frozen in fear, out of the way with a backhand.

"STOP!" Tsunami yelled causing the crazed swordsmen to halt his charge. "If I go with you, will you leave my son alone?" she asked as she looked at the wounded Kento. "Yes." He answered. Upon hearing this Tsunami got up and walked towards Kento, who quickly wrapped his arm around her and put her in the position to intercept any attacks. "He might have given you his word but I didn't." The other thug yelled as he raised his sword to strike down Inari.

"Fuuton: Taifuu Kougeki(Wind Release: Typhoon Attack) a voice from the stairs yelled out as the thug was thrown into the wall near Hinata, who quickly closed his tenketsu points. "Wajari!" Kento yelled as he saw his partner go down. Looking towards the stairs, Kento saw Ichigo standing on the bottom step, glaring at the thugs. "Who the hell are you brat? Ghaaaa!" the thug screamed as Tsunami kneed him in the balls causing him to release her.

"Damn it, you will pay for that you bitch." Kento swore as he drew his sword.

"No, but you will Hiotsume:Nadegiri(The First: Killing Stroke). " Ichigo said from behind the man with both blades held in a cross formation. Soon he slowly stands and uncrosses the blades as Kento's body falls to the floor in a burst of blood as it separates itself into four parts. Taking a step forward, Ichigo quickly grabbed his head as the world began to spin. 'Kyuubi, what the hell is going on?' Ichigo asked.

"Well Kit you are used to moving at these speeds when using your Doragon Doraibu to help reinforce your body with reiatsu. This time you used pure speed with no reinforcement, so you got a bad case of vertigo." 'That I caused to help my new ally' Kyuubi said.

"Well damn, that sucks, anyways why didn't you guys wake me up?!" Ichigo dammed.

"W-w-w-w-e were ab-ab-about t-t-to but the th-thugs at-attacked be-before w-w-w-we c-c-could." Hinata said.

"Oh,soorry for yelling at you then. Well I have to go help my team, but I'll leave you guys with some back up. Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Jutsu)" Ichigo said as he stepped out back and slammed his hand on the ground. As soon as he touched the ground two large plumes of smoke exploded in front of him. As the smoke cleared two figures could be seen, the first was a large cat, easily standing four feet tall, with brown fur, black spots , and a well-toned body with its tail stretching another two feet. The second creature looked exactly like the first, except that its fur was thicker and instead of being brown it was silver. "Kōri, Tetsu I need your help."

"What is it you need Summoner-sama?"Kōri asked.

"Think you guys can go and cause havoc on those bandits out front?"

"Of course Summoner-sama, we will make sure not a single one escapes." Tetsu said as he and Kōri raced to the front and the screams of the thugs echoed as the two leopards ripped through their ranks. "Well now that was easier than I thought." Ichigo said as everyone else only nodded dumbly. "Well time to go."

Meanwhile at the bridge

"All right here's the plan. Team nine you will go down to the underside of the bridge and ensure that no explosives have been placed. If you can't find any make sure none get placed. Gai-san you are with me, Kakashi, and our squads defending the bridge builder." Daniela said as they neared the fork that led to the beach and the bridge. "Yosh let your flames of youth rise at such a challenge." Gai shouted out while giving the good guy smile, causing everyone, except Lee, to sweat drop at this.

"Right," Kakashi said as he shivered from Gai's insanity. "Well let's get this over with."

Arriving at the bridge all of the Team seven gasped at the sight before them. Sprawled all over the bridge were Tazuna's workers, most appeared to be unconscious; however a few looked like they had been cleaved in two. "Ugh," a voice said from one of the bodies that was stretched out on a stack of boxes. " Sora!" Tazuna said as he raced for the down man. "Sora what happened here?"

"A demon Tazuna, he along with four others came out of the mist. All I saw was a white flash and then darkness." Sora said before he passed out.

"Damn, this is not good." John said as the ocean breeze blew the mist that was at the end of the bridge towards them. "HM, so these are the brats you had trouble with Zabuzza? They don't seem like much." A voice from the mist said. "Shut it, Gin you are starting to become annoying." A voice, which had a southern twang to it, said.

"Would both of you shut up." The voice of Zabuzza said as he and the other five figures stepped out of the mist.

"So you did call for back no brows" Daniela said, which caused a tick mark to appear on Zabuzza. "You and me girly right here, right know!" Zabuzza yelled as he drew his blade.

"Bring it."

"Haku, deal with the genin." Zabuzza said as he was forced to doge a lightning enhanced kunai, which was soon followed by a kick that sent him towards the end of the bridge. "Dips on Cyclops." Gin yelled as he wiped out his wakizashi only to meet Kakashi halfway with a kunai in hand.

"Well that just leaves the little genin, the freak, you, me, Rogan and Bog." Aoi said to Haku.

"Well Gai, it has been a while." Ragan said as he unhooked his maul from his back. "Rogan "The Mauler" your extremely unyouthful attitude ends here." Gai said as he got into his stance.

"I'm going to enjoy crushing you way more than I should." Rogan said with a straight face as he raised his maul. Only to be kicked backwards by Gai, who knocked him into the mist.

"Swordsmen, I, Bog the wielder of the Wadō Ichimōnji, will defeat you in the name of Konohanasakuya-hime. For her greatness has revealed to me the location of Yubashiri and Sandai Kitetsu. Soon I will be…"

"HIko," John said as he soon tuned Bog out.

"Yes John?" Hiko said.

"Watch the client, while I get back my clan's property." John said as he drew his swords before shouting "Oni Giri(Demon Slash)!"

"And once I have her graces the world will return to its natural state. Shit!" Bog yelled as he barely got his sword free to block Johns struck; however, because he was caught unprepared and the bridge was wet, Johns attack carried both him and Bog backwards. "Bog don't, stick to the plan…fuck." Aoi said as he saw the four remaining genin standing before him. "Well let's get this over with yea scared little brats. Wow are you really shaking in fear, man Konoha's standards must have really dropped." Aoi said as summoned two shadow clones and took his umbrella out, while looking at Sasuke. "I'm not shaking in fear," he said before he disappeared in a blur of speed and sliced the two clones with a kunai ", it's excitement." He said with a smirk. "Haku please show this brat real speed." Aoi said.

"Of course Aoi-san, pleases follow me Konoha-san." Haku said as she ran towards the mist with Sauske following behind.

"Cain, go after the idiot or he will die." Hiko said as she unsealed her axes. "Fine, just be careful, I can't have a well-endowed women like yourself get hurt know, can I?" Cain said as he took off after Sasuke. "Do you actually think that two genins can beat me?!" Aoi said with a laugh. 'I don't need to beat you; I just need to hold out long enough for back up to arrive.' Hiko thought as she began to twirl her axes.

Daniela Vs Zabuzza (play Your going down by sick puppies don't own)

The sound of metal hitting metal rag out over the open water that splashed against the pylons that marked the end of the uncompleted bridge. "Well you are better than I thought." Zabuzza said as he used his zabatou to block another quick strike from her tanto. "You're not bad yourself no brows." Daniela commented as she sent lightning chakra into her blade in an attempt to shock him. Only to have him disperse into water when the lightning made contact with him. 'Shit a water clone!' she thought as she was cleaved into. "Got ya." Zabuzza said only to watch as the two halves went poof and revealed a two by four, in her place.

"Hm, so she substituted with a piece of wood. Well time to show her why I am a master of the silent killing technique Suiton: Kirigakure no Jutsu( Water release: Hidden Mist Jutsu)." He said causing the mist at the end of the bridge to grow thicker. "Eight points: lungs larynx, collarbone, spine, jugular vein, kidney, liver, and heart. These are the eight points on the body that mean instant death if hit, and being a master of the silent killing technique, I can hit any of these and leave before you know you are dead." Zabuzza said.

'So, he thinks that this is supposed to scare me, well I have to say it won't work.' Daniela thought as she quickly pulled out several handful of senbon and throws them in a perfect circle several feet from her. 'Let's see you try to get by this.' Daniela thought as she flashed through several hand signs before mumbling "Raiton: Jiki shīrudo( Lightning releas:Magnetic Sheild)"(1). As soon as the words left her moth the senbon glowed once before diming.

"Now where are you Zabuzza?" she asked to no one in particular. "Right here!" he yelled as he swung his sword in hope of removing her head from her shoulder's, only to feel something force his blade over her head when it entered the area around her. "What the hell?" Zabuzza said as he dodged a slash.

"Surprised Zabuzza , well than you will get a real shock from this." Daniela said as she sent more ration chakra to her blade before slashing at Zabuzza, who jumped back to avoid being electrocuted. "All right this is starting to get annoying." Zabuzza said as he flashed through a set of hand signs "Suiton: Suiryuudan no jutsu (Water release: water dragon blast)" Zabuzza said as the mist swirled and condensed into a watery dragon, and charged at Daniela, who dropped her sword and flashed through her own set of signs before calling out "Raiton: Gian (false darkness)", which let lose a bolt of lightning from her mouth that bisected the dragon in half. 'Where did he go?' she thought as she saw that Zabuzza had disappeared, only to feel pain from her back. "NOOOOOOOOO!" someone screamed at the same time she yelled out in pain. Turning around she saw Zabuzza blade had blood dripping off of it from where he cut her.

"Time to die bitch." Zabuzza said as he brought his zanbato down, only to feel his arm go numb, as lightning jumped from where she blocked his blade with a kunai. Before taking the opportunity to slam her knee into his chest followed by a lightning enhanced fist to his right knee, causing his leg to go numb and shatter the knee cap at the same time. It was than they felt a blast of demonic chakra. 'What the hell is this, I haven't felt this since I fought the Mizukage?!' Zabuzza thought as the pressure increased. 'Is Naruto doing this… no I have felt him using the Kyuubi's chakra before, and it was more malicious than this. This one seems…weaker.'

Kakashi vs Gin

Kakashi ducked under a slash that was aimed at his head, before striking back with his kunai. "Well you're more difficult to beat than I thought." Gin said with his snake like smile, as he flashed through several signs one handed before calling out "Ninpo: Dokukumo(Posion cloud)" breathing out a massive cloud of purple mist, which caused Kakashi jump back only to get kicked in the face, as Gin jumped over the mist.

As Gin went in for a slash, Kakashi flashed through a set hand signs of before calling out Katon: Housenka no jutsu (Mystic fire flower jutsu) and launched several fireballs at Gin who blocked both the fireballs and the hidden shuriken with his sword. "Well, that could have gone better." Kakashi said as he tried to dodge another slash, only to watch as blood exploded from a gash on his arm. "Okay I need to end this," Kakashi said as he whipped out a scroll and wiped blood on it. *Poof*, a shroud of smoke enveloped Kakashi, causing Gin to go on the defensive. He then felt immense pain erupt from his legs, "Gahhhhhhh!" Gin yelled in pain as two dogs bit down on his leg, which was so tuned out by another scream of "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!", as two more hounds bit down on his arms. "You are probably wondering how my nin dogs found you?" Kakashi said as Gin nodded his head in confirmation, "well I used the blood that is on your sword to allow my hounds to find you in the mist, now Chidori!" Kakashi yelled as blue lighting and the sound of thousands of birds danced from his hand.

Rushing forward, Gin could only watch in horror as he struggled in vain as his death approached rapidly. Only to feel immense pain in his head and gravity take effect, before blacking out as he hit the water below. At the same time, Kakashi could only watch as Gin was knocked free and over the edge by Rogan, who then took the Chidori to the throat killing him instantly. It was than they felt the oppressive chakra fill the area. 'Dammit did the seal break?' Kakashi wondered as he ripped his hand out of Rogan's body.

Gai vs Rogan
"Hold still damn it and let me kill you!" Rogan yelled as he swung his maul at Gai, only to feel pain erupt from his chin as Gai's fist collided with it. "That is a most unyouthfull thing to say, and if I cannot change that than I will run the entire length of this bridge on my fingers. If I cannot do that, than I will climb the bridge using my legs only, and if I cannot do that than I will run around the village with thirty concrete pillars tied to my legs., and if I can't do that I will."

"SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU CRAZY ASSHOLE! Doton:Kosshi no Koudo (earth release: Bones of the Earth)" Rogan yelled as he slammed his hammer into the ground as a seal on the handle began to glow. Upon slamming it onto the ground a wave of earthen spikes raced towards his opponent. Only to watch as Gai swung his legs in a wide arc, causing his weights to fly off and slam in into the approaching spikes and destroyed them while releasing a cloud of dust blinding him. Using this to his advantage Rogan rushed through and swing at Gai, who had just regained his balance, allowing Rogan to score a solid blow to his shoulder.

"Well than let us end this unyouthfull contest. Konoha Sempu(Leaf Hurricane)!" he yelled as Rogan lifted his maul to block, only to watch in horror as his maul's handle snapped in half and Gai continued to spin until he connected with Rogan's face sending him flying into the mist towards the sound of chirping birds. "NOOOOOOOOO!" Gai heard someone shout as he gripped his shoulder. He then felt the demonic chakra flood the area. 'What is that most unyouthfull chakra?'

John vs Bog

"Damn you are strong boy." Bog said as he continued to slide back. "And you are a disgrace to the man that wielded that blade." John shot back as he tried to cut the man with the sword in his mouth, only to watch as he ducked out of the way. "Well I never thought that I would fight one of the descendants of his clan." Bog said as he went for an over hand strike, which was just able to slide past John's guard and cause a small cut to the right side of his face.

"You are a pathetic excuse for a swordsman." John said with a grin. Bog was about to retort when he felt an eruption of pain on his right side. Looking down he saw on his right side a large gash, "So you left yourself open so I could strike at you and give you an opening." Bog said. "Yea, any swordsmen worth his salt would have seen that trick coming a mile away." John said with a smirk. "Well it is true that am not skilled in kenjutsu, I am skilled in ninjutsu." Bog smirked as he sheathed his blade, John quickly leapt at him in hopping to end the battle. Bog flashed through the signs faster than John could strike, John reached him as he called out "Doton: Yomi Numa(swamp of the underworld Jutsu)" causing John to slow down less he get stuck in the now swamp like bridge.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Tanzuna yelled at seeing the damage to his bridge. "Doton:Doryūdan no jutsu (mud dragon jutsu)" he said causing the hardening mud raising up and forming into a large dragon that launched itself at John, who attempted to block with his swords. *Crack* "Gahhhhh!" John yelled out as he was thrown by the force of the dragon and into the guardrail. Rising to his feet John winced as his shoulder throbbed in pain. Looking at his shoulder, he sees that a two foot piece of his katana is lodge in his it, the remains of the hilt still in his hand, and the rest of the blade to the tip was lying beside Bog. "Well boyo this is the end of the line for you, any last words?" Bog asks as he began to form hand signs.

"Yea, I'm not going to die till I become the great swordsmen in the world." John says, and to Bog's amazement the mist seemed to take the shape of a man who wearing a kimono with a large sash and three swords on his waist standing behind him. "Doton:Doro Bakudan (mud bomb) " Bog called out launching a ball of hardened mud, and watched as it nailed John in the chest. Only to look on in horror as he turned into the piece of sword that was beside him.

*Shink* "Oni Giri" John said, now holding Wadō Ichimōnji in place of his damaged sword. "Well boy you are truly on your way to being the greatest swordsmen in the world. So before I die I will tell you this, the other two swords that you are seeking I know the location of both. One is in the hands of the brother of the Raikage, while the other is in the hands of a collector in water country, he goes by the name of Po." Bog said as he started to cough up blood before the light faded from his eyes. John than felt the oppressive chakra erupt from behind him. 'This is definitely demonic chakra; however, it is weaker than Naruto's.'

Aoi vs Hiko

"So I get to deal with two scared girls, man this is going to be easier than I thought." Aoi said with a grin as he pulled out his umbrella. "You shouldn't underestimate me; I am nothing like this pathetic fan girl here." Hiko said as she jerked her head at Sakura who looked like she was about to piss herself.

"Well let's begin." Aoi said with a grin as he throws his umbrella into the air. "Senbon Shower." He shouted as several hundred senbons began to rain down towards the group. "Suiton: Surien Shīrudo( Water Release: Water lily shield)2" Hiko shouted as she throws her axes towards the senbon. 'What is that girl thinking' Aoi thought with a grin, until he saw the heads of the axes glow blue and water from the mist condense around them. It was then they spun in two perfect ovals blocking almost every senbon, except a few that fell short.

"Okay that I have to admit that was impressive; unfortunately, for you I have to end this. So prepare to face the legendary blade the Rajin no ken." Aoi said as he picked up his umbrella and put it on his back, before pulling the hilt from his belt and channeling chakra into causing a blade of yellow lightning to spring from it. Grinning like a maniac Aoi charged and quickly sliced through the wire that was holding the axes causing them into lodge in the guard rail. "This is the end of the line little girls." Aoi said as he brought the sword back to deliver the killing stroke. Sakura closed her eyes, 'Sauske-kun save me!'

"Shānnarō, Sasuke –kun will definitely save us." Inner Sakura shouted in agreement. Hiko on the other hand pulled out two kunai in hopes of holding Aoi off, since he was to close for her to even begin to flash through hand signs, nor would she be able to recall her axes in time.
'Naruto, John, Daniella-sensei I'm sorry that I wasn't strong enough. Forgive me and tell my parents I'm sorry.' Hiko thought as she saw Aoi begin to bring the sword down. Only to hear two words and see a shadow that gave her hope. "Doragon Doraibu(Dragon Drive)" Ichigo shouted as dropped kicked Aoi in the face, knocking him backwards several feet. "Hey Hiko mind if I cut in?" Ichigo asked with a smirk as he unsealed his zanpakuto. "Nar- I mean Ichigo, go right ahead." Hiko said as she glanced around hoping nobody noticed her slip up. Only to see Sakura had fainted and was lying in a puddle 'that better not be what I think it is,' Hiko thought, and Tazuna who was looking at her strangely. "All right just who are you people?" Tazuna asked/demanded.

"Huh, listen I can't tell you anything without sensei permission. If you want to know what's going on ask sensei when the Konoha nin aren't around." Hiko said only to see Naruto get kicked into the guard rail. Before hearing Tazuna yell "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

"Come on kid is that the best you got?" Aoi asked as he charged forward swinging his sword widely. Ichigo blocked the swing with one of his zanpakuto's and waited for the pain that would come from blocking a blade of lighting.

He waited…

And waited…

And waited.

Breaking eye contact for a moment Ichigo saw something that made him smirk. "What are you smirking at kid?" Aoi asked, only to glance down to see that his blades lightning was being repelled by lightning arching off of Ichigo's blade. "That's what." Ichigo said before kicking Aoi in the chin sending him into the air, only to watch as he used his momentum to backflip onto the underside of a crane where he stuck to it with chakra.

Racing up to the top of the crane Aoi smirked down at Ichigo "well kid you are pretty good; however, it's time for you to hit the showers." Aoi said as he removed the umbrella from his back and throws it into the air as it released another shower of senbon down towards our orange hair dyed hero. Seeing no other option Ichigo crossed his arms and channeled reiatsu into his body causing a layer of it to cover nearly his entire body "Doragon'u~ingushīrudo(Dragon wing shield)3" (picture halo reach armor lock except he is standing up with his arms crossed) while Hiko flashed through the signs for Suiton Mizu Kabe(Water release: water wall) allowing the mist to solidify into a wall of water, just as a precaution. Aoi could only watch in surprise as every senbon that would hit Ichigo, just bounce off of his shield, while he felt a good amount of his reiatsu drain away. "You are really starting to get annoying, boy." Aoi said as his umbrella fell to the ground.

"What is your rank, if I may ask?" he asked

"I was a Jounin when I left Konoha after stealing the second Hokage's sword, and I am still one in Ame." Aoi said with a smirk. "You're a jounin, how the hell are you a jounin with such pathetic skill." Ichigo asked with a smirk at seeing Aoi glare at him, as he raced up the crane only to feel pain in his left arm.

Looking down Ichigo could see he had been cut by a kunai that Aoi had thrown. "Well you are apparently pretty good at kenjutsu, so let's see how good you are at taijutsu." Aoi said as he round house kicked Ichigo, causing him to lose his balance and fall off the beam. Using one of his hook swords Ichigo quickly hooked the beam, only to have the jarring stop cause him extreme pain in his left arm that forced him to drop his sword, which impaled its hilt spike first into the bridge right beside Tazuna who fainted from the stress of today's events and nearly dying. Hiko quickly released her jutsu and did a quick diagnostic jutsu on Tazuna, making sure he didn't just die from a heart attack.

Aoi could only look on in surprise as Ichigo launched himself into the air, before spin kicking the Rajin no Ken out of his grasp, causing it to plummet towards the bridge below, before the still energized hilt landed blade down right between Tazuna's legs causing him to faint again. "Damn it Gaki, you are going to pay for that." Aoi said as he began to take swings at Ichigo, only to feel his legs get swept from underneath him. Before he quickly recovered into a hand stand and kicked Ichigo in the stomach causing him to stumble. Regaining his balance Ichigo charged Aoi with a right hook, only to receive a strong upper cut that caused him to rise from the ground.

Enduring the pain Ichigo used his sudden momentum into a backflip kick, which sent Aoi flying backwards. Landing at the very edge of the crane Aoi removed three kunai from his pouch and throws them at Ichigo. Who was just regaining his balance and was unable to dodge, Ichigo tried to summon his reiatsu for another Doragon'u~ingushīrudo(Dragon wing shield) ,only to realize that he did not have enough reiatsu to do it. Bracing for impact Ichigo felt pain erupt from his right forearm, his left shin and the left side of his chest. Looking down he could see that two of the kunai where lodged in his limbs while the third one had just grazed him "Well kid, looks like your all bark and no bite. Maybe I will get a reward for bring back your sensei and that female teammate to Ame." Aoi said with a devise smirk as he looked downat Hiko.

When Aoi looked back at Ichigo he saw something that scared the shit out of him. Ichigo had his head bent forward, his hair shadowing his face, and instead of a pair of brown eyes glaring at him. It was a pair of blood red fox like eyes staring at him with absolute hatred, to accompany this Ichigo had a cloak of reddish orange chakra flowing over him. Even from where he was standing, Aoi could feel the malevolence coming from it.

"You can insult me, threaten me, even try to kill me, and I wouldn't take it personally, to an extent. If you threaten my friends however, you just signed your own death certificate, Futton:Fuukobushi (Wind release: wind fists)." Ichigo said as he began launching punch after punch at Aoi.

Aoi realized that maybe standing a foot from an edge that was several hundred feet above the ground was not the smartest idea, especially with several rapid fire fist made of wind approaching him. So he did the only thing that he could do, he channeled more chakra into his feet in hope of staying on the crane. When the first fist hit, he felt the air be forced from his lugs as he hunched over from the force of the impact. By the fifth hit he easily felt several of his ribs splinter, on the ninth he felt his ankles dislocate, at the nineteenth he was on the verge of blacking out from the pain. It was at this moment he lost control over his chakra and released his hold on the crane. As soon as he left the ground Ichigo sent a straight jab at him that not only knocked him out, it also propelled him over the edge of the crane.

*Splat* was the only sound that Ichigo could hear from his position. As he reached down to pull out the kunais that were lodged in him he felt the demonic yokai saturate the air.

"Gaki!" the Kyuubi screamed in his head. "What is it fox?" Naruto asked with annoyance as he ripped out the first kunai. "There is another Biju nearby; if I remember correctly it is the Sanabi, though it feels weaker than I remember."

"So what do you want me to do?" Naruto said.

"I want you to go down there and show that over grown turtle whose boss!" The Kyuubi exclaimed.

"Fine" Naruto said as he finished dealing with his wounds and picked up his zanpakuto that was still hanging from the rigging. Taking one last look around Ichigo saw that something large was approaching the bridge. Using a wind shunshin Ichigo landed beside Tanzuna who was just waking up. "Gaki, you almost killed me!" Tazuna exclaimed. Seeing the position of the swords Ichigo just scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Whops, sorry about that, Hiko can you watch the Rajin for me I'm going to go help those Konoha idiots."

"Sure thing Ichigo."

With that Ichigo grabbed his blades and rushed into the mist towards the source of the yokai.

Cain and Sasuke Vs Haku

In his short sixteen years of existence Cain had been in several tight spots before. Most if not all of them revolved around him getting caught peeking on the women in the hot springs, only one of them that he could think of was when he borrowed (Coughstolecough) Kakashi-sensei's books when he left his at home or he had one he hadn't read. Now though he could say that this was definitely one of the worst situations he had been in. Everything had been going okay at first, with the two of them they could easily keep the fake hunter-nin off balance, even though whoever it was had great speed then the both of them, hell they could even do one handed hand signs which quickly leveled the field. Once the fake hunter had made ice mirrors, everything went straight to hell, since neither of them could melt nor break the mirrors.

So we now find both Cain and Sasuke looking like two pincushions. "You should both just give up I do not like to kill, but if you to continue to fight than you will leave me with no choice. Haku stated. 'Damn it he's right, with those mirrors of his he is just too fast for us.' Cain thought, turning his head to the right to look at Sasuke to see if he had a plan, only to notice that his eyes had changed from their usual onyx black to blood red with a singal red tome. "Damn it I can finally see his attacks, and I still can't dodge them. I am I going to die here; no I can't die here not until I kill him.' Sasuke thought as he started to flash through the hand signs for one of the jutsus he had found in the Uchiha clan library. "Since you are not going to surrender then you leave me no choice but to kill you."

As Haku disappeared Sasuke shifted his body to keep track of him. When he stopped, Sasuke saw him hurl two hands full of ice senbon at him. Quickly stopping the jutsu he was about to cast Sasuke kawarimi with the nearest object, which just happened to be Cain. 'NO,NONONONO, I don't want to die. I am still a virgin!' "SASUKE YOU EMO PRICK!" Cain yelled as the senbon hit him sending causing him to freeze up.

"You replaced yourself with your teammate?" Haku asked shocked that anyone would do such a thing. "Hn, he should feel honored to sacrifice himself for an Uchiha." Sasuke stated arrogantly. "You are a total asshole, you do realize that." Haku said as he stepped out of his mirror to throw more senbon at Sasuke. Only to feel a massive amount of ki originating for Cain, whose body was now covered in a cloak of green chakra.

"You son of a bitch!" Cain yelled as he punched Sasuke in the face sending him flying through the air and out of the dome. "You," Cain said as he turned to Haku. "You tried to kill me." Disappearing in a blur of speed Cain grabbed Haku, who had tried to meld into a mirror, before throwing him by his kimono out of the dome, ripping it in the process and shattering his mask. As Haku tried to rise Cain quickly pinned him as he raised a kunai to bring the final blow. "You die." *Thump* Haku could only watch in amazement as Cain fell to the ground unconscious. Looking up Haku could barely believe who his savior was "Ichigo-san."

"Haku, what the hell did you do to piss this guy off? Ha, I knew you were a girl!" Ichigo asked/ exclaimed as he looked at Haku. Looking down at her chest Haku could see that her chest bindings were exposed. This caused her to do a pretty good imitation of a tomato, causing Naruto to chuckle. "Now why don't you tell me why you are working with the guy who is using the giant sword to over compensate for something?" this caused Haku to giggle cutely before launching into how her story of how her mother was killed by her father, how she killed her own father in self-defense, and how Zabuza saved her from a mob of villagers. "Huh. I know how you feel Haku-chan, but serving someone like Zabuza isn't going to end well."

"I cannot abandon him Ichigo-san, I am his tool and I will help him succeed in his dream of removing the Mizukage."

"Why the hell do you guys want to remove Mei-san?"

"I don't know who this Mei person is but the current Mizukage is Yagura, he started the current civil war in the Mist."

"You do realize that the war is over and Yagura died by eating some bad shellfish?" Ichigo asked too which caused Haku to stare at him for several seconds before disappearing to Zabuza location. "WHAT?!" Ichigo heard Zabuza scream as the mist started to let up. "Oh gaki, is what you said true," Zabuzza demand as he hoppled over, along with Daniela who still had her sword out.

"Yea the civil is pretty much over except for several small pockets of bloodline haters." Ichigo said as Zabuza looked at him in disbelief.

"Ichigo speaks the truth." Daniela said as she looks over at her genin team.

"So are we done here?" John asked as he walked up beside Ichigo.

"I think so." He said as he turned and began to walk away, only to fall to one knee and grab the other in pain. 'What the hell' looking at the wound he noticed some of the dried blood had green specks in it. 'Poison, damn it I should have seen that coming. Hopefully the Kyuubi can deal with this.' He thought as he grit his teeth in pain. A second later Ichigo heard several *Thumps*. Turning toward the source of the noise Ichigo saw something that not only pissed him off but also made him feel guilty. Standing in front of him was John who has two arrows in his body: one angled into his left shoulder, and the other sticking through the left side of his chest. "John." Ichigo said with tears springing to his blue eyes, since the kyuubi chakra destroyed the contacts. "Hey Naruto,"

"Yea John,"

"Kill the asshole that shot me."

" Sure John." With that John fell to the ground only to be caught by Naruto. "Hiko get over here now!" A couple of seconds after he yelled Hiko arrived. As soon as she saw the condition John was in she immediately removed the arrows and started to use the mystic palm technique to heal his wounds. Rising to his feet Naruto glared into the mist as he saw a large group of mercenaries along with a midget climbing up a ramp and onto the bridge "Well it looks like the Demon of the mist isn't all that he's cracked up to be" Gatō said with a grin as he saw the bodies of the missing nin that Zabuza had called in.

"Gatō what is the meaning of this?" Zabuza said as he was now kneeling down from the pain in his leg. "Isn't it obvious Zabuzza, I was never going to pay you." The business man said as he walked over to the Haku's body which had an arrow sticking out the base of her neck. "This, Is, For, Breaking, my, arm." Gato said as he punctuated each word with a kick. "To bad your dead bitch, you would have made a killing on the market. Ah well my men can still have fun with your body." Gato said as he turned back towards his goons. "You, You, You SON OF A BITCH!" Naruto screamed as waves of reiatsu poured form his body forcing nearly everyone to their knees as the bridge and water below started to shake, knocking Sasuke who had just woken up back into unconsciousness, and caused the puddle around Sakura to get even larger.

An island one mile North of Wave; Uzu defensive post 77

"All right were finished here, good job everyone." A male voice said.

"Thanks Sensei, you know for a substitute you aren't half bad. Ever think of taking on a team full time." Said a female voice.

"Nah after having to deal with Naruto, I think I'm fine with just being a sub for now."

"Come on sensei I now he can be annoying some times, but he's not that bad." A second feminine voice chimed in.

"Okay enough about the blond gaki, since were finished with the mission and we don't have to be back for another seven days. How about you two get into a pair of bikinis and we go for a swim." Another male voice said. Before either of the women could respond they were forced to check their balance as they were hit by a large wave of water and reiatsu. "That's Naruto-kun's reiatsu," One of the female voices as she disappeared in a cloud of sand that she kicked up. "Damn it we're supposed to stick together," the other female voice said as she kicked up another cloud of sand. "Hey were supposed to be relaxing here not worrying about the blond gaki." The second male voice shouted out as he chased after the other two. "Hey wait for your sensei, Damn it Naruto even when you're not nearly me you are causing me problems." The first male voice said as he raced after his students, unsealing a porcelain mask along the way.

Back at wave

As the waves of reiatsu stopped everyone let out the breath they were holding thinking that they were fine. Only to pray to whatever gods they believed when they saw Naruto smiling like a maniac. "CAHHHHHHHHHH!" Naruto yelled to the sky before opening his eye revealing a pair of black sclera and yellow iris twinkling with insanity. Without giving anyone a second to recover Naruto disappeared in a blur of speed that was moving three times faster than his usual speed. Soon merc after merc felt fountains of blood erupted from their bodies as they had limbs lopped, organs spilt and heads removed in flashes of steel as he mowed them down. In minutes nearly every thug on the bridge was either dead or dying as Naruto approached Gatō with blood dripping from his clothes and blade. "Please, please let me live I will give you anything." Gato begged as he back peddled away from Naruto. "DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE." Naruto yelled as he slammed the handle spikes into Gatō's eyes before beheading him, followed by kicking his body off the edge of the bridge. Turning around everyone freaked out at seeing a white mask that was adorned with orange lines racing up the center and sides, covered his face. Before he could take a step, Naruto was tackled to the ground by a familiar black cat. "Now, now Naruto why are you hiding you pretty face behind a mask?" Yoruichi said as she hit the mask with enough force to shatter it and knock Naruto out.

Several hours later

The first thing Naruto realized as he woke was that he was no longer on the bridge, and that he was completely naked except for his boxers. "Ow my head, what the hell happened and why am I naked?" he asked out loud. "Well in that order: you released a ton reiatsu, killed about a hundred mercs before killing Gatō, during that time you apparently grew a mask that covered your face. After that I knocked you out and we dragged you here. As for your clothes, well, they were covered in blood." A voice answered. Looking from where the voice came from, Naruto saw a familiar black cat resting on his chest. "Yoru, Yoruichi-chan what are you doing here?" Naruto asked in surprise.

"What can't I come and help a friend?" Yoruichi asked with a smirk.

"Well I guess that's true. Oh shit John!" Naruto exclaimed as he tried to get up, only to have Yoruichi pin him back down using her claws. "Naruto you are in no shape to move just yet so you will stay in this room until T.K or Hiko clear you, or so help me I put my claws some where you don't want them. John is fine by the way he just fainted from blood loss." Yoruichi said her voice losing all of its playfulness. Naruto let out a sigh of relief before paling at Yoruichi's threat. "Yes mam."

"Good by the way the town is having a festival, and Tazuna said something about a dance competition. Though he said that it was for partners only, I wonder where I'm going to find one?" Yoruchi asked as she hopped off his chest and headed for the door. 'Why the hell is she telling me this, I mean I like festivals as much as the next person and I know Yoruichi likes to compete but why is she telling me she needs a partner?' Naruto thought "You are," "to dense for your own good boy." His zanpakuto spirit said.

"What do you mean by that!" he exclaimed.

"She wants you" "To ask her out"


"Um Yoruichi, if you want, I could, well, um, be your- par partner if you want." Naruto offered blushing slightly. Yoruichi turned around and smiled at Naruto that told him she got what she wanted. "Great Naruto-kun than it's a date." She said before turning back into her human form causing Naruto to grab his nose as blood squirted from it since she gave him a look at her beautiful naked body. "Does Foxy like what he sees?" Yoruichi asked as she pressed her large c-cup breast together causing blood to squirt out from his fingers. "Maybe, just maybe, if Foxy plays his cards right he might get more of a show next time." Yoruichi said sensually, this got the effect she was looking for as Naruto passed out from his nose bleed. Chuckling at how easy that was, Yoruichi quickly got dressed and exited the room. Closing the door she saw both John and Hiko grinning at her. "So how did it go?" Hiko asked in a sing song voice. "Just as you said it would." She answered causing John to grumble as he handed twenty ryo to Hiko before they entered the room.

At seven o'clock pm Naruto was finally cleared by Hiko to do anything but train, though she did say to take it easy tonight and not do anything strenuous . This caused Naruto to blush as John handed him one of his spare clothing scrolls, though Naruto got a sinking suspicion that Yoruichi had planned this with the help of the Uzu members when he discovered that the sealed clothes were his semi-formal infiltration clothes. Shaking his head quickly Naruto put the black polo on along with a new pair of black fingerless gloves with orange stripes, blue jeans, and finally orange and black tennis shoes. Several minutes later we find Naruto pacing around the living room nervously. 'Man I wonder what's takinnnng, WOW,' Naruto thought as he watched Yoruichi, who was wearing a white blouse and blue jeans that showed off her curves, (AN: not good at choosing clothes) gracefully descend the stairs. "Well it looks like someone is trying to get that show." Yoruichi said as she did a quick once over, which resulted in Naruto blushing and both Cain, Kiba, and T.K. to get slapped on the back of the head by Soi Fon and Kurenai. "You look amazing Yoruichi-chan." Naruto said as he got his blush under control, causing Yoruichi to blush slightly at the compliment.

"Well shall we be going then?" Naruto asked.

"Sure the dance competition doses not start until eight so we can go and play some of the games." Yoruichi said as the two exited the house, while the members of the Uzu squads just had one thought 'it's about damn time.'

Nearly an hour later we find the two Uzu shinobi walking down the main street of town as paper lanterns hung over head and people celebrated the demise of Gatō. People were laughing, children were running around, and Naruto was struggling under the weight of several large prizes that Yoruichi had won. Nearly every game Yoruichi distracted him by flirting with him, that's not to say that he didn't enjoy it in truth he enjoyed it immensely especially when he was able to get her flustered instead. "Attention would all dance competitors please report to the man stage, again would all dance competitors please report to the main stage. Thank you." Someone said over the loud speakers.

"You never mentioned that it would be in front of the whole festival?" Naruto said. Looking at Yoruichi she gave him a sly smirk "Is Foxy getting second thoughts about dancing with me?" the smirk turning into a cute pout at the end. "No, I just don't think my dancing skills are up to par with yours, my Furasshu megami (Flash Goddess)" Naruto responded, causing Yoruichi to blush at the play on the nickname, which was Furasshu no megami (Goddess of Flash), he had given her ever since she showed him shunpo. Arriving at the stage they were surprised to see Tazuna holding a microphone in his hand. "All right everyone, for those of you who don't know me, I am the super bridge builder Tazuna and I will be your announcer for tonight. Now before we begin, since there are only thirty competitors we will have three rounds of elimination. Now the rules of this competition are simple each couple will be given a ten foot circle to dance in, if you step out of the circle your out. We also have a panel of three anonymous judges who will turn off the spot light above you if you reach three strikes. Other than that I wish you all good luck." Tazuna said as he stepped off the stage and allowed the competitors to take their places. "Ready Naruto-kun?" Yoruichi asked as they stepped into their circle. "Ready as I'll ever be."

"All right competitors are you ready? Begin!' Tazuna said

(Play got nothing to lose- by Josh Gracin don't own, )

As soon as the song began to play everyone started to either do rehearsed moves, or just going with the flow like Naruto and Yoruichi. Within a minute several lights began to turn off meaning that people were starting to be eliminated. By the end of the first song only fourteen out of the thirty pairs remained. With the last pair being eliminated as the man tried to do something like a chicken dance.

"All right everyone the second round is about to begin, Now!" Tazuna said as the music started up again.

(Play Night of The Hunter by 30 Seconds to Mars don't own)

By the time the music ended only five other competitors besides Naruto and Yoruichi. "All right this is the final round. The judges will announce the winners at the end of the round. Competitors ready, Begin!"

(Play God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton)

As the song began Naruto drew Yoruichi close as they began to sway to the beat. "You know something Yoru-chan, this has to be second of the greatest days of my life." Naruto said as Yoruichi placed her head in the crook of his neck. "Oh and what was the first?" She asked in curiosity.

"Well, that day belongs to the first time I met you." He answered as he began to run his fingers through her hair.

As the song stopped Yoruichi pulled back slightly and brought her face close to Naruto's their lips almost touching. "Allll right contestants the judges have handed me their decision, and the winners are Arashi and Yue!" Tazuna shouted into the mike right behind the two causing them to jump back away from each other blushing. After they got their blushes under control, they looked over at the one couple still highlighted by a spotlight. They could easily tell that both of them were in their late fifties. Arashi, they noticed has snow white hair that ended right behind his ears with a piece that curved up and backwards from its peak, moustache and a beard he was also wearing a simple green kimono. Yue, on the other hand, has brown hair with streaks of grey that easily went passed her shoulders, she also has one of those kind grandmotherly looks to her, and she was wearing a simple white kimono. From their vantage point both Yoruichi and Naruto could see the love they held for each other in their eyes as they held each other close as the crowd applauded for the two.

Once the contest and festival were over Naruto and Yoruichi walked the quite path home with Tazuna. "Well that was fun, hope you to sleep well." Tazuna said to the two as he entered his home. Looking at Yoruichi, Naruto couldn't help but notice how beautiful she looked under the full moon. "Enjoying the view Naruto-kun?" Yoruichi asked as she turned towards him. "Yea and its beautiful." He said causing her to grin at the compliment. "You know I had a lot of fun tonight." She said as she approached the door and opened it, as Naruto walked up the porch. Taking one last look at the moon Naruto resumed his ascent of the stairs, only stopping when he felt something soft against his lips. His eyes widened in shock as Yoruichi kissed him for a good fifteen seconds before she took a step back and whispered "That is only the first of many," before shunponing away to her room leaving Naruto on the porch with a shit eating grin on his face. After several minutes John and Hiko walk out to see a still frozen Naruto. "I think she broke him." John said as he started to poke Naruto in the face with a stick. "Come on John help me get lover boy back inside." Hiko said as they dragged Naruto inside closing the door behind them.

Several miles off the coast of Wave when Naruto released his reiatsu wave

A large wave crashed down onto the shore depositing a still breathing but an unconscious Gin onto the sand. It was not more than a half an hour later that a shadow passed over his form. The figure bent done and put his fingers on his neck to feel for a pulse. When he felt one the figure moved his hands from Gin's neck to his forehead before muttering some words that were lost to the crashing of waves, as his fingers started to glow the figure winced in pain slightly. As the glowing stopped the figure bent down and threw Gin over his shoulder before walking off into the distance.

1)Raiton:Jiki shīrudo( Lightning releas:Magnetic Sheild): original C rank lightning justu, User throws metal objects, usually kunai, shuriken or senbon, charged with lighting chakra in a four foot wide circle around them. This cause any metal object that enters the circle to be forced away from the center by the magnetic pull of the lightning chakra. The chakra in the metal runs out once it deflects any metal object over five pounds total weight.

2)Suiton Surien Shīrudo( Water Release: Water lily shield): original C rank water jutsu need spinning weapon connected by wires. The user throws their weapon forward before flashing through the necessary hand signs. The user then places their hands on the wire and channels suiton chakra through them to gather the water on the edge of the blade that expand outwards to form two lily shaped shields that deflect solid projectiles.

3)Doragon'u~ingushīrudo(Dragon wing shield): The fifth and only defensive move of the whirl dragon taijutsu style. The user summons their reiatsu to cover all of their body, except the souls of their feet, to form a cloak like shield. While this will protect the user from anything up to a c rank jutsu, it takes a large amount of control and will also waste a large amount of their reiatsu limiting the amount of spiritual energy that have for future jutsus. So far Naruto can only use this move once, Renji can use it twice, and Kasai can use it three times.