A Danny Phantom drabble

If he were invisible, he would go to Amity Park's planetarium, and just walk in. He'd gaze through the telescopes, and smile at the constellations far above him. He would get lost in millions of little – and yet so big – stars.

He would sit in front of the presentations of the universe. Different planets, stars and constellations explained in videos. He'd murmur quietly with the commentator's lines along. He would have seen the four different presentations too many times, but that wouldn't bother him. Sitting in front of others' views, nobody saw him. He could enjoy this for as long as he wanted.

If he were invisible, he would draw. Not just on paper and walls, but on people's faces. Hands. Necks. When they were asleep. In the park or at the library, it didn't matter. Biting on the marker cap, he'd pull away the black marker and start to draw on exposed skin. Little ghosts, dogs, spaceships, mustaches and glasses.

He would snicker to himself and admire his work. The people were his canvas. Permanent markers his medium. He'd wait for the man or woman, girl or boy, to wake up and continue with their day in ignorance. Sometimes he'd follow them, waiting when they would notice. The expressions of pure shock were his favorite.

If he were invisible, he would sit on top of tour buses. The bus was driving slow enough for him to actually stay on top – no matter what is seen in movies, a bus riding on top speed is impossible for one to sit on, as he would have found out, painfully. A slow bus, however, would be capable for him to be sitting on.

He would grin widely, wind blowing in his hair. Eyes sparking in excitement, he'd spread his arms and feel the wind's resistance on his body. It curled around him and he felt free – something which he wouldn't have felt in a long, long, long time.

Of course, he had already done all of those things.

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