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Chapter 1

"It's another hot one out there folks. temperatures are expected to reach 100' again for the third day in a 3rd day in a role. So remember to drink plenty of water, wear.." Click. "We know, we know." Scrooge Mcduck says turning off the radio and heading back to his desk. Sitting down he plops his head in his head and sighs. The weather lately has made everyone crabby. Its was still early June but already the weather was reaching incredible highs. Looking at his watch, hes signs once again. It was barely even noon and already the weather was getting unbearable.

"Uncle Scrooge!" He looks up to see Webby and Mrs Beakly walking threw the door. He hadn't prepared himself for the little girl to suddenly run and jump on his lap giving him a tight hug. "Today is my very first swimming lesson!" she replies while squeezing his neck not thinking threw her excitement. Scrooge gently took the little girls arms and pulled her back and looks into her face. "How can I forget, Darling" He says trying to gain his breath. "It's all you been talking about for the last week." "I know uncle Scrooge, but i'm just so excited and grammy says we can't go down to the Duckburg city pool until we see if you needed anything from town that's why we're here."

Scrooge gently gave the little girl a quick hug and set her on the floor. Turning to face Mrs Beakly. "Actually Mrs. Beakly I don't need anything unless you can find out a way to turn off this blasted heat." "I know what you mean Mr Mcduck." Taking a handkerchief from her purse she quickly wipes her brow. "I don't ever remember it being so hot so early in June, I hope this isn't any indication to how the rest of the summer will be." Leaning back in his chair he replays "No kidding" then shuts his eyes. Maybe a summer trip to Alaska or the North Pole wouldn't entirely been a bad idea. Of course that would mean leaving all his work here to all his employees and he just knew without him being here what a disaster that could turn out to be.

"Why don't you come to the pool with us today, Uncle Scrooge? You could watch me learn how to swim and cool down all at the same time." Scrooge signed and opened his eyes once again turning to the excited little girl in the floor. "Sorry lass but I have a lot of work lefted to finish today before the day turns way to hot." Turning back to his desk he picks up his account book and begins flipping thru the pages. Ready to get back to work. "Okay, Uncle Scrooge" Standing up on tip toe she gives her uncle a quick kiss then starts out the door. "Come on grammy lets go."

"Okay Webby" They started for the door but Uncle Scrooges voice stops them. "Mrs. Beakly remember to make sure ya drink plenty of water and make sure Webby puts on plenty of sunscreen. We don't need the lass to get dehydrated." "But Uncle Scrooge, we will be in water all afternoon, why do I need to drink it?" "Because Webby" Granny states tak2a1`ing her hand and heading towards the door. "It's so hot outside our bodies start to sweat and then our bodies loses water. We need to make sure we put plenty of water back in our system or we could be come dehydrated and pass out." "O" Webby states looking back at Uncle Scrooge. "See you later Uncle Scrooge." and with that they were out the door.

Signing Scrooge goes back to his work. It was going to be a long day.

Authors Note: Well that was the first chapter. Not sure if the name will change later as I add more chapters. I'm not really sure what will happen next so i'm going to be surprised just like ya. Just please R & R. Hope to get chapter 2 up soon! (: