Authors's Note:

Hello Everyone! This is my very first Fanfiction, and as you might've read already, this is a rendition of Diary written by Rapunzel. I thought that it would be nice to see what Rapunzel might've felt during different times in the story. Rpaunzel's become rather new and real to me while writing this, and I've enjoyed doing this. So, any comments would be greatly appreciated, and I'd love the feedback! I hope you enjoy reading this! :)

Disclaimer: Disney owns "Tangled," its characters, and the plot line. I'm just trying to imagine Rapunzel's thoughts during her adventures with Eugene!

Dear Diary,

Hello! My name is Rapunzel! As you might already know, Mother gave you to me as my 14th birthday present. At first, I didn't know what a diary was, until Mother explained that it is a book where you can write about what happens in your day, and everything about yourself! Imagine that! As you are my first diary, you should learn a little more about me.

As said, my name is Rapunzel, and I am girl living in a tall tower, far away from people and civilization. In fact, I have never been outside before in my life! This is because of a special secret that no one but my Mother and I know. It is this: I was born with a special gift!

My hair has the ability to glow when I sing a special song, and when I sing the song, and my hair glows, it can heal wounds, reverse age, and restore youth to people! Isn't that an amazing gift? But no special gift or power comes without a price to pay, I'm afraid. You see, because of my rare and precious gift, I cannot go outside nor do anything outside, because Mother is afraid that someone may find me, and kidnap me for my powers. Mother says that the outside world is a dangerous place, full of dark, horrible, cruel people, who would try to use me for my powers.

So it is that I have been confined to the small walls of this tower. I have been born and raised in here, I suppose. Mother never really tells me much about herself and her past, or anything about me as a baby. But the little that I know, I shall share with you. Here it is:

I don't really know where I was born, but I suppose I was born here in this tower. Mother has taken care of me ever since I was born. I've been born and raised in this tower. I was born with long, golden hair, down to my shoulders, and already possessed the age – reversing gift in my hair. Mother says that she tried to keep it a secret, but somehow, someone found out, (I don't know who) and tried to cut off a lock of my golden hair, and take it for themselves, so they could possess the power it had. But once my hair gets cut, it turns to a dark brown, and loses its power. So the hair they cut off, and the hair that I had left turned dark brown and useless. I still have that piece of hair, hidden away behind all the fold of my hair. Mother says that I should remember it when I want to go outside. I should remember that there are people desperate and mean enough to steal away things for themselves.

Now that I've told you that, I should tell you a bit about myself. I am of an average height, and because I can't cut my hair, I have let it grow it an immense length of 70 ft long! My hair, aside from long, is a nice shade of blonde, and is very soft. It takes almost an hour to wash it and another hour for it dry! It takes almost an hour to brush it also! I have green eyes, and a lot of freckles that I wish would disappear. I love to do anything relating to drawing, painting, and creating things with my hands. I also love to read, even though I've got only three books in my library.

My best friend (aside from Mother) is a green chameleon named Pascal. I found when I was only eight years old, when I was cleaning up around the tower. I found him on the windowsill of the tower, with his foot cut. I took him in, cleaned his foot up, and bandaged it. He later told me that he was an orphan; his mother had been captured and taken to town as a pet for someone, and he had no idea where his father was, but he assumed he was dead.

My mother's name is Gothel, and she is a tall woman with gray eyes, and long, curly black hair, that is a great contrast to my straight, very long, blonde hair. Mother always goes out after breakfast into town, and comes back with supplies sometimes. She is very nice to me, but sometimes, she can say rather rude things, which he often follows up with, "Oh, I'm just teasing you, dear!"

I'm so very thankful to Mother, who got me this Diary in the first place! You and I, diary, are going to be marvelous friends! You, Pascal, and I will have such great adventures and fun even though I must stay in this tower. I hope that someday, I can see the world, and go on a great adventure. Until then, you and I will get to know each other, and at least here I can pour out my utmost feelings, uninterrupted, to you. See you soon!

~ Rapunzel