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Dear Diary,

I can't believe I found you! I thought I would never find you! I'm so sorry I didn't write for so many years, and that is because I assumed you'd been burned! I have much to tell you, so I should start now!

I haven't written in such a long time because I had assumed that you had been burned almost 3 ½ years ago! A long time ago, Mother was cleaning out the tower out for Spring Cleaning, and she went through all my old trunks and clothes to find anything that she could use, give away, or throw away. I had gone through them already, but she decided to go through it in case I missed anything. We ended up giving away some of my old toys, baby clothes, and dresses that were too small for me. Mother said that she might be able to use the material of my dresses for her customers (Mother is a dressmaker in the nearby Kingdom – the one I want to see).

Anyway, I remember that Mother was going through my room, looking for things that she could throw away. I wasn't there to see what she was doing, (I was cooking dinner) so I don't know what happened, but I can guess. While looking for things, Mother came across some old papers and a worn – out book in my room. She didn't really take time to look through it, and put it in a pile to throw away. When Mother was done, we sat down to eat supper. After finishing supper, Mother went back to sorting through our bedrooms. I left to go wash the dishes, and clean up the Kitchen. When I came back, I met Mother by the fire, adding things to it. I noticed something else was burning in the pile. I saw the old book and thought it was my Diary! Mother had just finished tossing the items into the fire when I came in. I rushed in, and tried to get the book out of the fire, but Mother stopped me, grabbing my hands and saying, "Rapunzel, stop! What do you think you're doing? Do you want to be killed?"

"B – B – But, my diary! It's burning in the fireplace; I have to get it out! Please Mother, Please!" I protested, as I fought against her strong grip.

Mother thought for a moment before she grabbed the Poker, and poked and prodded the charred book, until it fell out on the rug, smoking hot, and coal – black. Mother picked up the book, dusted off the ash, and looked through it, only for her and me to find that it was too late – the book had been damaged beyond repair.

"I'm sorry, dear," Mother said, as she stroked my hair, "Perhaps I can get you a new one in town, tomorrow." She said, and she hugged me, and continued stroking my hair. I'm afraid I began to cry, and Mother tried to console me, saying, "It'll be alright, we can get another one. After all, it's just a book. There's o need to fret over paper and ink." She said, drying my tears. "Now," she said, sitting me up on the floor, "The book is gone, and there is nothing that can be done about it. Now would you sing for me please dear? It would help me relax after seeing stick your hands in the fire!" She cried, placing her hand to her forehead in a dramatic gesture. I got up slowly to get the brush, and dragged the footstool to the fireplace. I began to sing slowly, still feeling raw from the latest events. "Flower, Gleam, and Glow, Let your power shine. Make the clock reverse; bring back what once was mine. Heal what has been hurt, Change the Fate's design. Save what has been lost, Bring back what once was mine, what once was mine." I heard Mother give a contented sigh as I finished, and when I saw her, she looked so much more younger and healthy again. She always said that my singing made her feel younger. Does she know it made her look younger?

Mother sent me off to bed, promising me a new Diary. But in the weeks that followed, one never came. It was only for my 17th Birthday (6 months ago) that she remembered that I had wanted a new Diary. She got me one from Town, and told me to keep this one in a safer place, where it wouldn't be suspected as trash. It was only until today, though, when I was looking for my favorite paint brush, when I found you, behind my Dressing Table! When Mother came home, I showed the Diary, exclaiming that the one that was burned wasn't mine! Mine had been hidden behind my dressing table for so long! Mother didn't say much, but all she said was, "Well, Good for you dear! I hope you've learned your lesson: Don't jump to conclusions without knowing all the facts. And also, make sure you know where all your belonging are. I can't be cleaning up after you all the time!"

So that is the story of how I found you, Diary. Isn't wonderful! At last, I can write again! So much has happened since the last time I wrote. I finished my Star Chart, just like I said, but I couldn't work up the nerve to ask Mother on my 15th, 16th, or 17th Birthday! Isn't that sad? I'm beginning to think that unless I do something now, I'll never go! So, I've made a resolve (I'm going to keep it this time, trust me) that I will talk to Mother about seeing the Lanterns. On my 18th birthday, I don't want any present – except to see the lanterns. I have to know what they are. If they aren't stars, what are they? Is there a reason that they appear every year on my Birthday, for the last 17 ½ years? There is a reason – I will see those lanterns – Whether Mother comes with me or not.

~ Rapunzel