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"Penny talking inside W"

~Penny talking to James through W Link~

#James talking to Penny through W Link#




Kamen Rider/ Rosario+Vampire Crossover

W to Vampire

Chapter 1: Now, Count up your Sins!

Our job. Boss fighting. A girl. Beautiful girl. Help her. A gunshot. A bullet. Two bullets. Three. Boss! Three wounds. Bleeding Boss. On the ground. By my legs. He's dying. Don't die! Boss! The hat. His hat. Hard-Boiled. Not ready. Not yet. Need help. Explosion. Strange woman. The girl! Boss' orders. Last orders. Our case! No. My case. We run. The briefcase? More explosions. "What?" I ask

She smiled. "Do you have the courage to Ride with the Devil?" No question. I nod. I scream. HENSHI…

"KID!" the bus driver called, shocking the man awake. He was 16; he had black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a white long-sleeve shirt and a black waistcoat, smart, black trousers, a pair of shinny black trainers and a black fedora. Next to him was a 16 year old girl with short brown hair that had a strange clip holding her fringe to the right side of her face and blue eyes. She was wearing a pink long sleeve and a yellow short sleeve trench coat-like blouse, a white knee-length skirt, dark green leggings and black heeled boots. The clip in the girl's hair looked like a stylized purple J, her right ear also had an earring in it in the shape of a silver M that was designed to look like it was made of metal, around her neck was a gold-necklace with a dark blue pendent in the shape of a T made out of a gun. James had a pin in his fedora that looked like a green C made out of wind, on the collar of his shirt was a pin in the shape of a yellow moon-like L, on his belt was a buckle that looked like a red H made of fire and around his neck was a light blue F that looked as if it had been made by razor sharp claws. On both of their fingers where gold rings with a red X that looked like it had exploded, the ring on the girls left and the guy's right hand. The girl was reading an, apparently, blank book

~You had the dream again.~ a voice said in his mind

#Yea.# James thought back #Something big's gonna happen soon.#

~And we'll be ready to Count their Sins.~

"Yea?" James asked the driver after the talk

"You two new students?" the bus-driver asked

"Kinda." James said "We're detectives who are there undercover to see how well the students blend in. as well as go to school."

"Well, good luck. This is one scary school!" the driver said before laughing

The immediate area looked to be desolate and barren. The only kind of vegetation around was the scraggly trees and some moss that grew on them. The sky was murky and foreboding, offering no comfort. The most terrifying thing in the scenery was the almost obscene amount of tombstones that were littering the grounds. Of course, that meant little to the two who was walking through this scenery "What do you think of this job Penny?" James asked

"This is the third time you asked JJ, and again, we'll be fine." The girl, know known as Penny, said calmly

"And I said to stop calling me that!" James said in annoyance

"Make me." the girl said, looking up from her book, and poking her tongue out at James before running of laughing

"Get back here!" James said, smiling, as he took off after her, laughing happily as well.

"Watch out!" a voice yelled suddenly, catching them by surprise. James turned to see a girl coming towards him on a bicycle.

"JAMES!" Penny said as she saw her friend get hit by the bike and ran to his side

"Ow…" the girl groaned and then she found herself lying on top of the young man. Shaking the stars out of her head, she managed to get back up onto her knees. Looking to see who she hit, she saw James lying on his back. "Sorry." He remained silent "Is something wrong?"

"Oh, yea. I'm fine, don't worry about it." James smiled with a slight blush on his face as he sat up and looked away from the girl. She had lovely pink hair, which was so unique, and green eyes that seemed to be like emeralds and glow like small green stars. "You just caught me by surprise, that's all." Suddenly, he felt her hands on his face and he blushed harder at the contact. Even under is slightly angry cover he is terrible around girls, especially pretty ones 'What is she doing?'

"You smell nice…" she said huskily. He wanted to tell her to stop but he was to slow to give a response. "I'm sorry… It's just I'm a vampire…" She slowly leaned towards him and then… she bite his neck!

"Get off him!" Penny yelled and she removed herself from him.

"I'm sorry. I was just so hungry. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself." The girl stood up and said "My name is Moka Akashiya. What's yours?"

"James." he finally said with a slight smirk "James Johnson."

"Penny Johnson." Penny said simply

"Are you brother and sister?" Moka asked

"No." Penny said

"Then are you engaged? Or was it an arranged marriage?" Moka asked curiously causing James to blush and Penny to get a thoughtful expression on her face

"Marriage and engagement; 345,870 entries." She muttered quietly before looking at James "James, we're getting engaged." Moka looked at her strangely at that comment while James blush deepened and he face palmed

"Thanks Moka." He muttered "Now she'll be reading for… four hours and then make sure we get engaged."

"What do you mean?" Moka asked

"Penny's brain is like a super-computer but she can't remember all that information at once. So, you see when Penny finds something interesting she will look it up in her head, which causes it to 'appear' and once she's 'read' everything about that subject, depending on if it is something you can do, she'll want to do it. And then she loses interest in it." James said simply

"Moka?" Penny asked

"Yes?" Moka smiled.

"Are you going to Yokai Academy too?"

"Yes!" Moka smiled. "Are you two new students there too?" James nodded.

"That's great!" Moka cheered. "Do you want to be friends? I really don't know anyone here and it's a little intimidating to be by myself."

"S… Sure." James sputtered. This girl really knew how to drop a bombshell on a poor guy like him

"Yay!" Moka cheered as she hugged James's arm. The young man blushed like a tomato at the closeness and the feeling of her chest against his arm "Thank you, James, Penny! I'm so relieved! But…"

"Eh?" wondered James. Moka seemed to be so down all of a sudden. Being depressed didn't really suit her face.

"I guess you know I'm a vampire already." Moka admitted. "Do you…like vampires?"

"Ummm." James gulped. "You're the first actual vampire I've met. And I don't hate you." Moka blinked at the shy admission before she smiled brightly. She then hugged James's arm even tighter, making the young man blush even brighter. "Erm, why aren't you two in uniform?"

"Special case." Penny smiled at the double meaning


James and Penny had lost Moka during the entrance ceremony. Finding their classroom was very easy. It was quiet. No one really went out of their way to talk to them. They entered the class and sat next to each other at the back.

As more and more students filed in, an older woman wearing bright clothes and glasses entered the room with a wave. She was a pretty woman with short blonde hair and what looked like cat ears on her head. Waving lazily behind her, a yellow-furred tail was connected to her.

"Welcome, everyone, to Yokai Academy!" she cheered, bringing equal cheers from the students on the classroom. "I'll be your homeroom teacher, Miss Shizuka Nekonome! Now, as I'm sure you're all aware…" Ms. Nekonome continued, drawing a pointer "… this school is a school for monsters!" That was nothing new to the two. They had entered the school fully expecting this. They had been called by the headmaster to test the students on their following of the rules/ how well they blended in during the three years that they would be attending Yokai Academy. But if James and Penny wanted to go to Yokai Academy, they would have to keep their human ancestry hidden. People would try to kill them if they found out. "So, like it or not, humans run the world!" Ms. Nekonome continued. "That means we monsters have to learn to co-exist with them. That is the mission of this school! Peaceful co-existence with the humans! That brings us to rule number one! You will remain your human appearance at all times! Does everyone understand this?" Ms. Nekonome asked seriously "This is our first key of survival among the humans. To practice the art of disguise, please do not reveal your true nature, even to your fellow students."

"But can't we just eat all of the humans ma'am?" asked one of the students. He had long brown hair that reached his neck and some piercings on his face. "I could start with all the cute girls." James and Penny glared at the guy when he said that

"That's just silly!" Ms. Nekonome sighed. "You don't have to worry about humans here though. All the faculty and fellow students are monsters just like you. This school exists behind a special barrier so no humans have ever seen it. Well, seen it and lived."

"I'm sorry!" a familiar voice to the two apologized. "I got lost in the halls after the welcoming ceremony…and…sorry I'm late!"

"That's okay," Ms. Nekonome smiled reassuringly. "Just take an empty seat anywhere."

Stepping into the classroom, James immediately recognized the beautiful Moka Akashiya. He blushed again while all the male students in the room began to gape at her beauty. The way she walked down the aisles of desks made her look almost like a model walking down the catwalk, even if she had no idea that she was doing it. She certainly had the face and figure for such an occupation if she wanted one.

"W… Who is that?" one boy gasped.

"The silky hair, the beautiful eyes…" added another.

"That can't be a disguise!" a third gasped. "She's too… too…"

"BEAUTIFUL!" the general male populous of the room cheered.

#Perverts.# James said mentally causing Penny to giggle

Moka seemed to be a little surprised at how the entire classroom seemed to be reacting to her entry. It didn't even occur to her that she was rally that beautiful. Still, she continued down the aisle toward an empty desk. As she got closer, she noticed a familiar head of hair. "Hmm?" she blinked. Leaning close, she managed to peek at the blushing face of the boy who owned the head of hair. "James? Penny?"

"Yea?" Penny asked, looking up from her book

"It IS you!" Moka cheered happily. Lunging forward, she wrapped her arms around James, making him blush an atomic red and nearly knocking him out of his chair from the sudden force of the girl almost jumping into his arms while, simultaneously making Penny glare at her "We're in the same classroom! Isn't it great?" James was too busy blushing to really answer. Even if he did, he didn't have much of a breath to do it. Moka was squeezing him too tightly.

#Help…# James said/thought

"Sure is Moka." Penny smiled "But could you let go of James? You're choking him." As the reunion was going on, the other students in the room were making their own comments.

"Huh? Who is that guy?"

"How does he rate a hug from her?"

"How does a weirdo like that know her?" Obviously the males in the room weren't happy at how Moka was being so friendly with James; they just seemed to ignore Penny. Saizou was also giving Moka a lecherous look as well. He'd just found his target. The guy was of no consequence and would be collateral damage anyway.


When class had ended, Moka had immediately wanted to explore Yokai Academy. Not having much else to do, James and Penny had become her exploring buddies. Most of the time had been the poor boy getting dragged around by the excitable vampire while the other girl held his other arm "Wow!" Moka smiled "The main halls are so clean! Neat!"

"Um… y… yeah." James smiled

"It's okay." Penny smiled While Moka was taking in all the sights in the school with sparkling eyes and happy smile, James had noticed the people around them. Males were all stopping and staring at Moka as she went past them. It was obvious that they were lusting after her from the way they stared at her.

"W… Whoa."

"What a babe!"

"I've gotta date her!"

"Who's the guy with her?"

"Who cares?"

"If he gets in my way, he's dinner!"

Penny growled slightly as her eyes flashed white/ light blue as she heard the subtle threats against her James "How do you like Yokai Academy so far, James?" Moka asked as they stopped by a vending machine, breaking James out of any train of thought he had. She got herself a can of tomato juice while he got some nice and cold ice tea and Penny had some Coke.

"Oh? It's been great." he said

"Fine." Penny shrugged

"That's good." Moka smiled. "I think we're both going to have a lot of fun here. Don't you think so?"

"Um… yea!" James nodded.

Smiling, James, Penny and Moka headed out to explore even more of the school. James was amazed at how much energy Moka had while Penny was getting annoyed by it; James was the physical one between the two of them. Walking along the school hallways again, Penny, Moka and James were subjugated to the lustful/ hateful stares of the males in the general vicinity. Moka was again oblivious to the looks, but James and Penny where all too aware of who they were aimed at, making Penny even more annoyed. Turning a corner, the pair of new friends were suddenly cut off by a taller student; one who James could remember had a taste for humans.

"Hey, babe." Saizou said as he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed and looking at Moka. James quickly held in a laugh. It was like this kid was trying to act like a Bad Boy. Key words 'trying' and 'act' "Moka Akashiya, right? Man, looks like I'm not the only one who thinks you're cute."

"Um… thanks..." Moka nodded. "Who are you?"

"Ah, the name's Saizou." the boy introduced with a grin. "I'm one of your classmates."

"Oh… um…" Moka nodded. "Good to meet you…I suppose."

"I'm sure. Hey babe, why do you hang out with these losers? Why not with a real man?" he asked. Moka didn't answer. "Hey. C'mon. Tell me. Why go with this wimp huh?" He asked again

"Because they're my friends!" she said

"C'mon. You won't regret it you know." he said

"Look, Saizou. If women says no it means no. Rejection hurts but hey, that how life works." James said with a slight glair

"Nobody ask you!" Saizou said as he threw a punch at James who just leant to the left and the punch missed. Suddenly Penny punched him in the groin and James kneed him in the face. Then the two span so they ended up back to back and kicked him, James with his left and Penny with her right. Their kicks collided with Saizou's gut, sending him flying

"Let's go." They said in unison before walking off

(On the roof)

"Whew!" Moka sighed in relief. "That was amazing you two! I would never have thought you could be so strong!"

"Umm… Thanks" James nodded with a blush on his face. "I don't like doing it, but I didn't like how he was treating you."

"I'm the brains." Penny said, shrugging "But I don't like punks like him."

"But we're both okay thanks to you." Moka smiled. "Thank you!"


The two Johnson's and Moka had finally exited the school and were heading up to the dorms. James and Penny lived off campus, in a building that the headmaster had made for them, but Moka still wanted to explore. At the moment, they were walking up another path that was littered with creepy trees, tombstones, and old bones. To help pass the time, Moka began asking the two about their past "James, Penny before you came to Yokai Academy, did you go to school in the human world?" Moka asked. Since James acted more like a human than a monster, she assumed he had lived in the human world at some point and with how close they seemed he guessed that Penny stayed with him

"Yes, we did." he told her

"We live by ourselves, and have a detective agency to pay the bills." Penny smiled "Plus it's JJ's dream to become the world's greatest detective. I haven't got a dream so I help him."

"Human schools are the worst, aren't they?" Moka asked "I used to go to school in the human world up until now but the other students thought I was weird so I never made any friends. That's why I hate humans!" Moka confessed. James's world came crashing around him as he paled. "James?"

"Moka, do you really hate humans?" James asked carefully. Penny looked at him in concern, knowing what he was feeling from their connection

"What's wrong?" she asked. "You look pale, James." She reached out to him but he backed away, averting his eyes.

"Well that's it then." he said

"James? What are you talking about?" Now Moka was worried.

"Moka, what if I told you that Penny and I are human?" he said to her. She gasped.

"But you can't be! I mean…" her words got caught in her throat. She'd said she hated humans.

"We are human." James said. "Let's go Penny."

"Okay James." Penny said as the started to walk away

"Goodbye, Moka." James said before the two began to run away…

"James!" Moka cried out

(With James and Penny)

James was walking aimlessly with his hands in his pockets. ~What about Moka?~ Penny thought to him

He thought back #She won't care. She hates us now. She hates humans so she's going to hate us because of who we are. It's better if we just go back to Futo.#

~But she's only had bad experiences with humans. We could have helped her.~ James sighed again as he sat down on a large rock, looking at his knees ~Besides, you didn't even give her a chance to explain. You don't know if she hates you.~

#What do we do?#

~Come on Half-Boiled, that's easy. Ask me a harder one next time.~

(With Moka)

Moka was walking sadly in the forest, alone once again. She'd just driven off her only friends in the entire school because she said she hated humans. She never even suspected that they where human but James' blood did have an interesting flavour. She shook her head. She needed to find them and apologize. She heard rustling behind and spun around expectantly "James!"

"Sorry, babe." Saizou said with a feral grin on his face as he walked lout of the bushes "It's just you and me now, alone."

James and Penny walked through the forest back towards the school… suddenly, they heard a shrill scream. The two looked at each other and said in unison "Moka!"

Saizou had assumed his true form, an ogre, and he looked hungry in more ways than one. He was a hulking creature with thick veins and bumps running over his skin. His teeth were razor sharp and his tongue was longer than before. In all, he looked like the real definition of a monster. "Don't worry babe." said Saizou sleazily. "You'll enjoy it." A rock hit his head and he turned annoyed, to look at who'd thrown it. It was those weirdo's again

"Get away from Moka!" James demanded

"Or else." Penny added

"Scram, kids!" Saizou shouted at them

"James!" Moka exclaimed

"You're trying to hurt Moka." said James angrily "I can't forgive you."

"Oh yeah? And what're you going to do to stop me?" sneered Saizou

"I…" James began before he smirked and shock his head "… No. We will take you down!"

"Really?" Saizou said in an amused voice "Who do you think you are to do that?"

"The two of us are one detective." Penny said as James pulled out a red U shaped high-tech belt buckle. On the left side was a gold stripe and a silver stripe on the right side. He placed it on his waist and a silver belt appeared around his waist, a small black box on his right hip. An identical belt then appeared on Penny's waist from nowhere. They then both pulled out a strange USB device. Penny's was a light green and had the same C as the pin in James' hat while James' was black and had the J on it was the clip in Penny's hair

"CYCLONE!" Penny's device called as she pushed the button

"JOKER!" James' called as he also pushed the button. They then got into a strange position, back to back just like they did before they kicked Saizou. They held the hand that was holding the USB in the same arm that they kick with and held it out, bent at the elbow, with their elbows touching making their arms into a W shape

"HENSHIN!" they called together before Penny put her USB into the right side. It then seemed to disappear in a green glow and reappeared in James's side. James then span his USB around and plugged it into his belt on the gold side. James then opened the belt so it was now rested in a W like position. As soon as the belt was open Penny seemed too passed out.

"CYCLONEJOKER!" the devices called. James held his arms out as he was surrounded by purple and green energy, then transformed. He was now wearing a body suit, the left side of the suit was black with purple decorations on his chest and gauntlets while the right side was green with gold decorations and a silver scarf attached to its neck, and his body was divided by a silver line. The red eyes on his helmet seemed to glow with an unknown power, while a silver head piece, resembling a W, appeared on the forehead of the helmet. James had become Kamen Rider W, the two-in-one Rider

(WBX- W-Boiled Extreme)

"Now, count up your Sins!" W called in a voice that was half James and half Penny as he rested his right hand against his forehead as he looked to the side and pointed his left forwards, towards Saizou, before turning his head slightly so his red eyes could see the ogre more clearly.

Saizou was surprised by the sudden change and W tackled into him. They both tumbled along the ground as Moka watched. "James!" she cried and she ran to follow the fight. While Saizou was powerful in his true form, W wasn't exactly a pushover either. He was able to dodge all of Saizou's punches before retaliating with punches of his own that forced Saizou backwards. He then used a snap kick to hit Saizou between the legs before grabbing the ogre's hair and pulling his head down into his knee. Saizou was sent reeling.

"LUNA!" a new, yellow, memory called. The symbol was the same moon as the pin on James' collar. W then replaced the green memory for the yellow one before opening it once again causing the green to turn yellow and the scarf to disappear "LUNAJOKER!"

"What?!" Saizou gasped before W suddenly stretched his arm, punching Saizou in the face, before wrapping him up and throwing him.

"James!" Moka cried when she arrived and W was momentarily distracted. Saizou took advantage of this and charged at W before slashing him across the chest, sending sparks flying. W cried out in pain and was sent flying by a brutal haymaker that sent him skidding along the ground and into a tree. He crashed violently and Moka kneeled next to him to check him for injuries but it was hard to tell with that armour of his.

"James? Are you alright?" she asked.

"Yea, but get out of here." W said in the Double voice (A.N: Sorry, bad pun.) "You're distracting us. We don't want to worry about you getting hurt."

"Aw, how sweet." said Saizou mockingly. "Looks like I have to kill you both. What a waste though. I wanted to have one go at Moka before I had to kill her."

"HEAT!" a new red USB called, the symbol like James' belt buckle. He once again plugged it into the belt, replacing the yellow, and changing the yellow into a sleek, shinny red and the decoration bright orange. "HEATJOKER!" The new W fired a blast of fire that hit Saizou away. He then reached out to stand up but he grabbed Moka's Rosario instead, by accident. It fell off with a light 'clink'

"Oh crap." Penny's voice said, his right eye flashing in time with her voice

"You can say that again." W said simply, using only James' voice this time

While he couldn't see what was happening to Moka very well, he could sure sense it. That well of power she had within her that W had felt was being restricted was now breaking loose. The inhuman power was moving like a river through her entire body. As his eyes began to get accustomed to the light, he saw that the sheer amount of power was making Moka's physical appearance change as well. Her pink hair was turning silver right before his eyes. Her skin seemed to become paler as the power continued to flow. The nails on her fingers became slightly pointed, looking like they could cut things. Her fangs became more pronounced while her eyes turned crimson the pupils where now slits. Not just that, she also grew slightly taller and her body adjusted to be perfect for her height as well as the most attractive she could be.

W could only stare at Moka after her transformation. She looked radically different, almost like a different person. She looked…more sensual, than before. But he could sense she was dangerous

"Impossible! Those crimson eyes, that silver hair and the incredible demonic aura!" shouted Saizou. "She's an S-Class monster! A true vampire!"

The white haired Moka looked down at W and smiled "Impressive." she smiled. "I did not expect to find one such as you here." W remained silent before he turned to look at Saizou. The ogre was shocked at seeing the new Moka, but his courage was returning. He was clenching his fists as he readied himself to execute another attack. Seeing this, W stepped forward and took a fighting stance. Chuckling softly, Moka stepped beside her armoured friend "Chivalry noted, but I am not some china glass statue." she smirked. "I can take this low class nobody myself."

"I'm going to make you my bitch, Vampire!" Saizou yelled

"We shall see." Moka smirked. Saizou swung his fist at Moka who caught it in her hand. Saizou's eyes widened in surprise as she turned on her heels and threw him over her shoulder and through several trees.

"Wow." said W in awe, using James' voice

"You said it." Penny's voice said again, the right eye once again flashing

Moka proclaimed "You dare to lay your hand on me?"

"I don't give a damn if you're a fucking vampire, whore! I'll kill you!" Saizou roared only for a fireball to hit him in the chest

"CYCLONEJOKER!" the belt said again as Double returned to his green and black state

"We're not done counting your Sin's yet." Penny said, her eye flashing

"You're both in there?" Inner-Moka asked

"We're the two-in-one Kamen Rider." Double-W said before charging, green high-pressured wind surrounding his hands and feet as he punched and kicked Saizou back towards Moka

"HA!" Inner-Moka called as she slammed her foot into his chest causing him to be sent flying into a tree

"Let's finish this." W said as he pulled out his black USB

"What are you doing?" Inner-Moka asked

"This." Penny stated as W slammed the USB into the black box on his right hip causing electricity to cover it

"JOKER!" it called before W hit the button with his palm "MAXIMUM DRIVE!"

"Ha!" W called as he was slowly lifted into the air before he split in half, the line in the middle being the splitting point "JOKER XTREME!" the two half's then began to fall towards Saizou at extreme speed. Inner-Moka quickly caught on and ran past them at possibly over 70mph, grabbing Saizou's arm and giving a tug, causing him to spin around. Inner-Moka then jumped off a tree and spinning, aiming a kick for a spot that she planned

"KNOW YOUR PLACE!" Inner-Moka screamed with force. The two then slammed into Saizou and smashed him with their kicks. W's half's slammed his back, forcing him to double-over slightly before Inner-Moka's slammed into his face making him fall to the floor un-conscious.

(End song)

Both W and Inner-Moka landed on their feet as Inner-Moka turned to regard W. With the immediate crisis dealt with, W was able to look at his transformed friend. She was even more beautiful now than when she was wearing her Rosario. Where the other Inner-Moka was gentle and cute, Moka was Dangerous and sensual. Inner-Moka picked up the Rosario that lay on the ground and stood up to W. Her presence was intimidating to say the least but W didn't find himself afraid, which see seemed to tell and smiled slightly in a slightly sinister way

"You're an interesting one, James Johnson." said Inner-Moka. "Or, do you go by a different name in this form?"

"Kamen Rider W" W said to her.

"W? What are you exactly? I know you're human but what is this power?"

"The power of Gaia herself." W answered simply.

"Hmm, very well." Inner-Moka nodded. "Just be sure to watch over my other side while I sleep. I can't be out here all the time."

With a single motion, the Rosario was attached back onto the chain the Moka's wore. In a flash of light, Moka's power was brought back into her body. Her eyes drooped shut as they returned to their original shade. Her hair likewise returned to its pink shade. Stumbling forward, W caught her in his arms. As he managed to her steady, he then removed the Driver from his waist and released the armour. His body turned silver before returning back to normal with the armour seemingly shattering off his body.

"Moka?" he called. "Wake up, Moka." Moka's eyes fluttered open. "Thank goodness you're…"

"JAMES!" Moka cried out loudly as she hugged him tight, surprising him. "I'm so sorry about what I said! I really am!"

"I'm sorry for running off before I heard you out." replied James, returning the hug.

"What am I, chopped liver?" Penny asked curiously before she and Moka hugged

"Penny? James?" Moka asked as she looked from one to the other "Who are you?" this caused the two to both smile and frown, an interesting look…

And there you go. Done. See you next time.