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"Penny talking inside W"

~Penny talking to James through W Link~

#James talking to Penny through W Link#




Kamen Rider/ Rosario+Vampire Crossover

W to Vampire

Chapter 3: Sins of Youth

As the fourfriends walked through the hallway, they were drawing some looks from the other students. The girls were jealous of Moka and Kurumu for having a guy like James with them and the guys were jealous because James had two of the most beautiful girls in his class hanging with him. James felt a little uncomfortable under all the stares but luckily for him he had Penny, Moka and Kurumu with him. Penny was leaning on his left reading her book while Moka and Kurumu where in front of them chatting about clases. Of course, the day was going to begin with a strange twist.


"OW!" Moka cried as a metal bucket dropped down on her head.


"Hey!" Kurumu exclaimed as another bucket dropped on her head too.

"What?!" James reacted as he saw his two friends nursing their heads. "Moka, Kurumu, are you okay?"

"I'm okay, James." said Moka.

"But the person who did this isn't going to be okay." growled Kurumu. 'I hope I didn't get a bruise.'

"Most strange." Penny muttered as she flicked through her book. All of a sudden, a girl no older than twelve stepped forth in front of the trio and pointed her wand at them. She was wearing a variant of the girls' uniform and in addition wore a cape and a witch's hat. It didn't take a genius to guess what she was.

"Step away from Master James and Mistress Penny, you evil monsters!" demanded Yukari. "Or else I'll put a curse on you!" She was trying to look intimidating, but due to Yukari's stature she didn't get much of an effect. All the other students were giving her a WTF look.

#Master?# James thought to Penny in confusion

~Mistress?~ Penny thought back

"Hey, is this your big idea of a joke!?" Kurumu spoke angrily as she approached the witch. James grabbed her arm and held her back. "Let me go, James!"

"Kurumu, calm down." said James pleadingly. "She's just a child."

"I'm not a child!" Yukari snapped. "I'm almost 13 and I want you to stay away from Master James and Mistress Penny if you know what's good for you!"

"Who the hell do you think you are!?" shouted Kurumu.

"Master James and Mistress Penny's future girlfriend!" proclaimed Yukari. There were mumbles coming from the rest of the students.

Moka gave James a scrutinizing look. "James, do you know this girl?"

"I don't think so..." James scratched his head. He then approached Yukari. "Erm… what's your name?"

"Yukari Sendou!" smiled Yukari while leering at Kurumu. "And I'm here to save you and Mistress Penny, Master James!"

"Save us?" James blinked

"From what?" Penny added. Neither of them understod what was going on with this girl

"From them!" Yukari yelled "They do not understand or appriciate your kind, loving hearts! They don't understand your love! They do not understan your caring for people, like how you cared for me when you saved me!"

"Wait... Now I remember you!" James said, clicking his fingers in understanding


Students were looking at the Bulletin Board to see their mid-term test results. When James saw his, he was relieved. He was ranked 5th in the year and Penny was, unserprisingly, 1st

"Hey I'm ranked in the top 200th!" a guy with pink skin said.

"Lucky you. I'm ranked 222nd. My parents are going to kill me!" said a guy with purple skin.

"I'm really jealous of you two. I'm ranked 245th." said a guy with green skin.

#Idiots. They're supposed to stay in human form. No human has purple, pink or green colored skin.# thought James with an annoyed shake of the head

~It is funny though.~ Penny thought back, standing next to him still reading her book about things related to marraige

Just then, the students saw Moka walking to the board. "Wow Moka is sure is amazing!" a male student said.

"Yeah. She's ranked 13th. She's not only hot, but she's smart too!" said another male student

"Being an angel is the best description for her!" another male student said. Said girl stopped walking when she saw James.

"James!" she said as she ran to him and gave him a big hug. Most guys were glaring at James.

'Do they really think that we're dating? Not that I would mind though.' thought James. "Congratulations Moka!" said James

"Thank you. Oh. Looks like you where better than me." said Moka.

"Well, I can help you study if you want."

"Really? Thank you!" Some male students were filled the Fire of Jealousy.

"He's got a study date with Moka!" said one.

"You got to be kidding me! How can he be so lucky?" said another.

Unknown to the both of them, there was somebody watching them not to far from them. "Prnny…" that somebody said.

The person who had been spying on Penny, James and Moka was a little girl and was in a witch's costume, Yukari "Congratulations, Yukari Sendou. You got number two again, beaten only by that Johnson girl." somebody said. That somebody was a class representative. He and his four lackeys walked to her.

"My classmates..." said Yukari

"I see you didn't skip grades for nothing. But don't get cocky!"

"Cocky?" asked Yukari

"For example, your attire looks like cosplay!" said one of his lackeys, who was also over dramatically pointing her outfit.

"No matter how much you try to change it, it's still against the school rules!" said the fat lackey.

"Seriously, as your class representative, your entire existence is a big headache for me. So it's better if you just die!" said the representative, as he was about to slice her with his claw-like hands. Everyone was shocked at the statement. Then, a gush of wind blew. It was revealed that James and Penny where standing there, the DoubleDriver's on and both the Joker and Cyclone Memories wher raised

"You hurt her or the little girl, and I'll cut you in half. And don't think of showing your true form either." said James darkly, hitting the button


"Tch. Fine. We'll back off. But if she breaks another school rule then we get to kill her. Deal?"

"No." Penny said "If she breaks another school rule then you punish her like any other student. Detention, suspension, explosion, or whatever the proper punishment should be. You do NOT threaten to kill anyone. I hear you've done something like this again and YOU'RE dead! Got it?"

"CYCLONE!" the two then got into their W position, ready to finish it

"Whatever." the representative muttered before he and his followers left

"You okay?" James asked as he turned away from the cowards

"Th... Thank you..." Yukari stuttered "Who are you two?"

"We are the two-in-one etective, James and Penny Johnson." Penny replied with a smile

(Flashback over)

"You do remember me Master James!" Yukari yelled in jow before she jumped at James and wrapped her arms tightly around him she then turned to Penny and hugged her sreaming "Mistress Penny!" She took their hands "Come on, come with me." She pulled but yhey didn't budge. "Master James? Mistress Penny?"

"I… Erm…" James hesitated. What was he supposed to say?

"Yukari..." Penny muttered, wanting to make the younger girl understand

"Scram, you brat!" snapped Kurumu. "James is my Destined One!"

Yukari glared and waved her wand, causing another bucket to fall on Kurumu's head.


"Alright, that's it!" Kurumu lunged. "You're mine!"

"Kurumu, please stop!" James pleaded as he and Penny grabbed the Succubus by her arms and held her back

Penny turned towards Moka and yelled "Moka, help us!"

"Oh Master James!" Yukari cooed at the sight. "You do care about me!"

"Kurumu!" Moka cried, going to assist her friend in restraining the enraged succubus. "Please calm down! She's only twelve!"

Yukari watched the exchange with growing suspicion. Since James and Penny wheren't going with her, there was obviously something wrong. She had heard that a succubus can enslave men with their charm abilities. That would easily explain why James wouldn't fall for her witchy charms. Then again, vampires could enslave people by biting them too. She'd read all about it. So Penny was staying with him in hopes to break their control and free her love. It seems she had come just in time! James needed to be rescued! Now she just needed a plan!


Yukari had vanished in the on looking crowds so Kurumu was determined to never see her again. James had been a little confused about the young girl's actions, but would ponder on it when he had the chance. Penny was reading her book in hopes to understand the girl. Moka was simply happy that things were peaceful again. Lunchtime had rolled around and the three friends were seated at a cafeteria table. Kurumu was snuggling as close as she possibly could to James and attempted to feed him although Penny, who was sitting on his other side, was easily bloking Kurumu's advances and feeding herself

Off hiding behind a corner, Yukari was watching with a frown. She should be the one eating lunch with James and Penny, at least she was stopping those two from getting their filthy fingers all over him. Those other two girls didn't know how to appreciate someone special like him. Well, she would make sure they got lost and leave James all to her and Penny so she could be their's! Drawing her wand, Yukari concentrated her magical energy into it. Once it was ready, she waved it around and unleashed her spell.

Over with James and his friends, the dishes of food that Moka and Kurumu had purchased started to glow and tremble. "Huh?" the four friends blinked as they noticed how the plates of food were beginning to act funny. To their surprise, the two plates of food began to rise into the air. The four friends could only watch in surprise at what was happening. The plates of food rose a few feet higher until the contents couldn't be seen.

"What the-?" Kurumu was the first to speak. She didn't get to finish her sentences when the dishes suddenly tipped over. Both Moka and Kurumu cried in shock when their meals ended up splattering on their faces and getting tangled in their hair. They didn't even have time to cry in shock before the plates landed on their heads heavily.

"OW!" both girls cried.

"Moka! Kurumu!" James gasped. He immediately set himself to see if there were any injuries on his friends' heads, Penny just tried to stiffen her giggles because of the humorous sight

"I'm okay." Moka reassured her friend.

"Rrrgh!" Kurumu groaned. "This is going to take forever to get out!"

"Ha ha ha ha!" a familiar child-like voice laughed from nearby. Kurumu, Moka, Penny and James looked up to see Yukari standing plainly as day and laughing at them. "I got you! Better stay away from Master James and Mistress Penny if you want this to stop!"

"You little brat!" Kurumu screeched as her nails began to lengthen. "I'm gonna kill you!"

"K... Kurumu!" James stammered out in shock from the girls complete outburst, hoping to calm the succubus down before she unleashed her full power. After all, Yukari was still a child, witch or not.

"She's just a kid!" Moka cried, also trying to calm Kurumu down.

"It doesn't matter!" Kurumu snapped. "She's trying to take my Destined One and I'll NEVER let that happen!"

"Come one.." James muttered

"And Moka!" Kurumu frowned. "You care about James don't you? Doesn't it bother you that a little brat is trying to force him to be with her?!"

"You tried the same thing." Moka mumbled.

"Well I learned my lesson!" Kurumu snapped. "I'm not about to let some little kid try to take my James away!"

"Who says he's yours?!" Yukari snapped. "And I'm not a little kid!"

"Hey!" James called but it seemed that no one was listening to him.

Yukari waved her wand again and then all the plates in the cafeteria floated up and then flew over to Moka and Kurumu. The two girls shrieked as piles of food were dumped upon them. James and Penny where then grabbed by Yukari who led them away from the cafeteria while Moka and Kurumu were busy cleaning themselves up. Outside of the building, Yukari smiled triumphantly as she'd claimed James and Penny. She turned to smile at the older teens "Now, Master James, Mistress Penny, you're safe from those two!"

"What do you mean safe?" Penny asked curiously

"Those two wanted to split you up, take you away!" Yukari yelled at them "It's ment to be the two of you together, forever, with me as your love slave!"

"L... Love slave?"

"Listen Yukari, your too young for things like that."

"I don't care! I love both of you, i want the three of us to be together! I want to do anything to make you happy! And... err..."

"What is it Yukari?" Penny asked worriedly

"I... kinda... like the feel of latex..." the blushing witch muttered softly before a fire shone in her eyes "That's why I won't let thoes two take you from me!"

James sighed "But they're our friends! Maybe if you give them a chance they'll be your friends too."

"Listen Yukari... We know you're lonly but you've got to trust us, they are good people, they don't want to split us up. Okay?" Penny asked kindly

Yukari looked to themin shock and she shuddered "I thought you were different…"

"Huh?" he was perplexed by her change of behavior.

"I mean you're both so special, like me, and I thought you could understand…"

"YOUR'E JUST LIKE EVERYONE! STUPID!" Yukari cried before she waved her wand causing several buckets to hit James' and Penny's head in succession. The detectives wheresurprised and unable to dodge so they ended up being buried in buckets. The little witch girl ran away crying without looking back.

It only took a few seconds before the two of them pulled themselves out of the buckets "What was that about?" James asked in confusion

"I... I think I know..." Penny muttered sadly

"James! Penny!" Moka yelled as she and Kurumu ran towards them

"Are you okay?" Kurumu asked

"We're fine guys." James said while rubbing his head before he took of his hat and blew into it before putting it back on "But that girl has a problem. What's wrong with her?"

"Well, I did some research about Yukari Sendou." explained PEnny "Apparently she's a genius so she skipped a few grades, she's incredibly intelligent."

"That's obvious." Moka agreed. "She's 12 years old."

"No, I mean extreamely smart!" Penny said "She was only two marks off my score!"

"So she got 98%?" James asked

"Yes, and I know nearly everything." Penny said back and James' eyes widdened as what she was saying sank in

"She's also a witch which might also be part of the problem," added Kurumu.

"Why is that?" James asked curiously.

"Well, witches are border beings." stated Kurumu. "Meaning they are neither monster nor human. They are in-between and well it's also hard to determine if someone is a witch or not by appearance alone. Witches are looked down upon by most monsters and hated by humans. I guess she feels she doesn't belong. Added that she's a genius with nobody her age in this school…"

"She feels incredibly lonely." James finished lookign down, Penny joining him. They did something they hated.

"Well, she's not our problem." said Kurumu nonchalantly. She hugged Jamesfrom behind. "Come on, darling, let's go and…"

"No." James said forcfully as he pulled himself from her grip, a look of of fire in his eyes "We will help her."

"Help her? After what she did to you?" Kurumu blinked.

"James is right." agreed Moka. "We know what it's like to be alone. Maybe… we can be the friends that she needs."

"Besides, James and I did something we could never forgive." Penny said, a pale blue glow in her eyes "We made an innocent cry."

Kurumu raised an eyebrow at what both Penny, Moka and James said and sighed. "Fine by me."

"Let's go look for her." said James nodded as he pulled out a black and red phone while Penny pulled out a black and dark blue camera

"What are you doing?" Moka asked

"Watch." Penny smirked as she pulled out a GaiaMemory. This Memory was longer and a dark blue, it wasn't see through, it was covered in exposed wires and the picture was pure silver. The image of the Memory was also different. Instead of a letter made out of the theme of the Memory the image was a black bat with a camera lense in it's stomach. James raised a similar memory except it was a dark red

"BAT!" the blue Memory called as PEnny pressed the button but the voice was completly differnt, sounding like a comupter generated voice

"STAG!" the red one called in the same voice computerized voice. James then plugged the Stag Memory into the bottom of the phone while Penny plugged the Bat Memory into the side of the camera

"BAT/ STAG!" the Memories called as they transformed into a small black and red stag beetle and a small black and blue bat

"Go fien Yukari." James and Penny said in unison


Somewhere at the school grounds, Yukari finally stopped running and laughing. Just then, the class representative and his lackeys walked up to her. "Well. Well. Well. If it isn't the witch?" said the Class Representative

"Class representative!" said Yukari

"You remember the deal between Johnson and the boss right?" said the fat lackey.

"Yeah! If you break another school rule that means we get to kill you!" said the bald lackey.

"And since you broke another rule, we get to eat!" said CR. He grabbed her by the wrist, and started to drag her somewhere, with his lackeys following behind. In a sudden burst of speed the CR and his lackeys had transformed into lizard men and threw Yukari at a tree. She tried to fight back with her magic, but the CR broke her wand. the Class Representative was just about to make the finishing blow when help came. the StagPhone and BatSHot flew out of the wood and slammed into the CR's face before repeatedly hitting him and his lackys, slowly pushing them back. James and Penny walked out of the woods

"I thought I warned you before!" James growled

"Oh but we have a deal. The little girl told what monster she was. Thus, she broke a rule." said the Representative, seemingly ignoring James' comment

"We're out numbered James." Penny said off-handidly as James activated the DoubleDriver, causing her's to appear

"But no where near out gunned." James replied as he pulled out a blue Memory


"I love your thinking." Penny replied as she pulled out a yellow Memory


"We got this Yukari, don't worry." James smiled "And then you, Penny, Moka, Kurumu and me can all be friends."

"You'll never be alone again." Penny replied happily before she and James got into position

"HENSHIN!" they called together, pulling their arms into their fermiliar W position before Penny fainted from her mind being transfered and James opened the Driver

"LUNATRIGGER!" the Memories called as the soft mystical tune of Luna played before Trigger's tocking guitar rift finished it, the yellow and blue complete form of W forming with the TriggerMagnum in hand

"Now..." W said in their dule voice as they raised the TriggerMagnum and pointed it at the Lizardmen "... Count up your Sins!"

(Play Finger on the Trigger by Florida Keys... well, I prefer the one sung by Phillip and Shotaro)

"Whoa." Yukari said in amazment before W charged, swerving around the Lizardmen effertlessly and slamming his legs or amrs out to block and counter but he didn't attack

"Why aren't they attacking?" Kurumu asked curiously

"I... I think there playing with them!" Noka said in amazment, holding Penny's currently unconsious body

"Well, I'm board now." Penny said, her eye flashing, as they kicked a Lizardman in the face

"Yea." James agreed, raising the TiggerManum into the sky and pulling the trigger. Six yellow and blue energy bullets came flying from the gun. The bullets flew around as if they had a mind of their own, swerving and turning before they hit the Lizardmen. W then pulled the Tigger Memory from his belt before inserting it into the TiggerMagnum and bringing the front of the gun upwards transforming it from a submachinegun into a small handcannon


"TRIGGER FULL BURST!" A barrage of yellow and blue energy bullets where fired by the TriggerMagnum, all of which pounded the five Lizardmen untill they all fell unconsious, except for the Class Representative who growled

"Damn you! I never thought I'd have to use this!" CR snarled as he pulled out something that shocked everyone.

"No way!" W muttered in shock as they took a step backwards

It was a GaiaMemory! Except this one was unlike any Memory that James or Penny have used. This one looked purely organic, it was also the same size as the GadgetMemodies, the Memory was covered with a white 'rib-cage' like design that ended at the top with two small spikes that looked like devil horns. The Memory was a pale green and the symbol was a dragon curved into a D

"A... GaiaMemory..." Moka gasped

"A Museum Memory..." W added

"DRAGON!" the Memory called as the Class Representative pressed the button. The voice sounded similar to the one from W's form Memories except it sounded darker, evil. The Class Representative then plugged the device into his forehead and began to change, truning into a large green dragon

"Crap!" W yelled in unison as they jumped out of the way flames that the DragonDopant suddenly fired while also fireing with the TriggerMagnum as much as possible

Jumping into the air again the two-in-one-Rider quickly reactivated the TriggerMagnum's special formation "TRIGGER MAXIMUM DRIVE!"

"TRIGGER FULL BURST!" they yelled again, the yellow and blue bullets slamming into the DragonDopant and sending him back slightly

"That didn't work?!" JAmes said in shock

"Looks like we'll need more then one Memory Break to finish this." Penny added

"Yukari!" Moka yelled as she pushed the young witch away as she was nearly hit by the flames of the dragon, the vampire being lightly burnt from the heat. The pinkette screamed in pain as she fell to the floor

"M... Moka..." Yukari muttered in shock

"Are you okay Yukari?" Moka asked kindly

"Y... Yes..." the witch said in amazment

"That's good."

"Moka!" W yelled as the half-and-half warrior ran to her side "You okay?"

"Y... Yes." Moka nodded "James... Penny... Let me help."

"You sure?" Penny asked, Luna's eye flashing


"Okay then." James nodded as the Trigger hand pulled off the Rosario, Moka quickly turning into her white haired, red eyed inner personality

"Let's take this discrase of a Yokai down!" Inner-Moka growled

"Special Memory Break?" James asked Penny, returning Trigger to their Driver

"Definatly." Penny said as she removed the Luna Memory from the Driver and inserted it into the Maximum Drive Slot

"LUNA!" Memory called

"Follow our lead." W said as they turned the TriggerMagnum into it's Maximum Drive form and attached it to the golden ring just under his wrist on the Luna side

"And aim for the middle of the line." Penny added

"Whatever." Inner-Moka said as she crossed her arms over her chest, although she was slightly confused by the statement

"Let's go!" W yelled as they charged, Inner-Moka just behind them, before W slammed the button of the Maximum Drive Slot "MAXIMUM DRIVE!" an yellow and blue energy blade suddenly appeared from the barrel of the TriggerMagnum's Maximum Drive barrel

"LUNA V SLASH METEOR!" W yelled as they jumped into the air, bringing their arm down and slashing the energy blade vreating a yellow and blue energy shockwave

"KNOW YOUR PLACE!" Inner-Moka yelled as she jumped towards the attack, her foot landing in the middle of the shockwave creating a V of energy with her foot in the middle. The white haired beauty soon slammed into the DragonDopant causing it to explode. The Class Representative fell to the ground, unconsious, and his Memory forecully ejected from his bodyt before shattering

"Glad that's over." James said as he deactivated the transfotmation

"That's not the normal name for that finisher, is it?" Inner-Moka asked curiously as she took her Rosario from James

"No, it's normally 'Luna Trigger Slash'." James said with a shrug "I renamed it for that special veriation."

"Why do something so pointless?" Inner-Moka asked as she tilted her head curiously

"Well, shouting something in unison at the start of the finisher helps Penny and I syncronise properly so the attack works properly." James explained "But I name them because it's cool and fun."

Inner-Moka looked at James for a few seconds before she shock her head, a light giggle escaping her lips before she said "You are a truly strange person James Johnson."

"No, I'm Hard-Boild." James said, crossing his arms and smirking. Inner-Moka just shock her head again with a light smile across her face before she reattached her Rosario

(A few days later)

"I heard that Yukari became better behaved and apologized for her past misdeeds." Said Moka

"That's true. Most of her classmates started thinking back on what they said about her and apologized as well." said Kurumu

"Well that's great!" said Moka. When they were in the classroom, they dropped the books they were carrying. Yukari was hugging James and Penny while the man in question was trying to push her away by pushing her head yet Penn was returning the hug and hugging James as well

"Hey Kurumu! Moka!" said Yukari cheerfully

James said hello as well and was mouthing the words "Help me!"

"Yukari. What are you doing?" said Kurumu

"Well, my class is right next door. So I can play here as well right?" said Yukari

"Play?" ask Moka

"Not only have I fallen deeper in love with Master James and Mistress Penny but I've also fallen for Moka!" said Yukari

"Yukari. We can't actually love each other." said James, his eye twitching at a thought or something.

"That's right! James is mine!" said Kurumu. She grabbed one of James's arms while Yukari took the other. They started pulling both arms to see who get James.

'Who did I piss off in a past life to deserve this?' thought James

"No, James is my fiancé!" Penny yelled as she hugged James' other arm tighter

"You can't have him Yukari. James is mine only!" exclaimed Moka, as she tackled James before starting to suck on his blood

"MOKA!" James yelled in shock when he felt her bite his neck

In the Rosario, Inner-Moka sighed at her other personality antics, but there was a light smile on her face "Kamen Rider... W…" she said in deep thought

A woman was hidden in the shadows looking into the window that allowed her to see the group of four's antics. She was concealed completely in the shadows but she seemed to be talking into a phone "You where right, the Museum Memories seem to have gotten here somehow. W has already taken care of one. I'll keep watch. Got it. Good by Shroud." the woman then hung up the phone before putting it away, the phone looking similar to the StagPhone only black and green instead of black and red, and put her hand in her phone before she pulled out a red USB stick. It was red, slightly transparent, with the picture of a red H in the shape of flames. The tip was a mercury blue. The woman's finger gently pressed the button


There you go, I hope you enjoy this quick update. See you next time!