The Power of Love- A Bit and Leena story

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Zoids I'm just borrowing the characters

The Power of Love

On a hot day on the planet Zi the twin suns were at there hottest and it was at least 120 degrees out on the desert but over at Toros base it was a whole other story.


it seemed that Bit yet again had stolen a batch of cookies that Leena made and Bit had stolen them while she was taking her bath and after that little incident Bit was running around the base trying to get away from Leena try as he might Leena had finally caught up to Bit

"why did you steal my cookies" asked Leena "because I felt like it and if I was caught by you in the act I would have been clearly thrown all the way across planet Zi if you caught me stealing your cookies" said Bit

after awhile things finally settled down in the Toros base Leena was more calm now than she was earlier that afternoon and she was sitting in her room reading her favorite book for the third time and she got thinking /why is Bit the only one to steal my food even though no one else does, and why is it that he's the only one that teases me and no one else I mean dad does but that's what most father's do their daughter's, I mean come on Bit can't/ and the words didn't want to form in her mind /like me can he I mean come on he's cute and everything but I don't even though if he likes me more than a friend/ and that's when a smile came to her face " I know what just to do to get Bit to see if he likes me" and she closed her door thinking of her plan.

During the night Leena got up out of her bed and tiptoed down to the kitchen to leave a note for Bit the plan was that she was going to leave notes as clues to see if Bit could figure out who the admirer was /this is going to be good all that I have to do is do this every night for one week to see if he actually likes me I hope this works/ and she tiptoed down to the kitchen and saw no one was there.

So quietly as a mouse she left the note on the kitchen table and tiptoed back to her room on the way back to her room she heard footsteps coming and ran into the bathroom and peeked through the door slot to see who was up at this hour and she discovered it was Bit walking down to the kitchen. So she raced back to her room and got into bed and slept through the night thinking

/ mission completed/

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