A/N: This little story came to me in the night and wouldn't let me rest until I typed it up and uploaded it. Bugs Bunny's lines are written in a phonetic approximation of his dialect (or in non-nerd, I typed them the way they sound). Don't criticize me for making fun of nerds. I am one, so I'm allowed.

A Most Helpful Earth Creature, Indeed

Marvin was carefully checking the settings on his Illudium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulator when he was startled by a voice coming from behind.

"Eh… What's up, Doc?"

Marvin slowly turned around and saw a gray and white being with long ears messily eating a conical orange and green object. He recognized it as being one of the recently acquired specimens from the neighboring planet. "Hello Earth Creature," he said in a chipper greeting. "I'm preparing my Illudium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulator."

"So," asked the Earth Creature. "What's it for, Doc?"

"Oh!" Marvin exclaimed happily. "I'm going to blow up the Earth! Isn't it lovely?"

The Earth creature looked thoughtful, then asked a question: "Not to be nosy, Doc, but why do you wanna do that?"

Marvin paused for a moment before nonchalantly replying: "It obstructs my view of Venus".

The Earth creature gazed at him with a look of sympathy before replying. "Well, Doc. I thought an advanced being such as yourself would know all about orbital physics and stuff. Da Oith isn't gonna stay in front of Venus, ya know. It seems like a waste of your valuable time and resources to blow up da Oith when it's gonna move out of da way of Venus before too long. Don'tcha think, Doc? Besides, most of da time, da Oith and Venus are nowhere near each udda."

Marvin was momentarily confused until he realized that in the Earth Creature's strange dialect "Da Oith" meant "The Earth." He stopped to consider the merits of the Earth Creature's argument. Illudium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulators were terribly expensive. It would be a shame to waste one on something so frivolous. Besides, by leaving the Earth intact, Marvin could always acquire more specimens from the planet any time he needed them.

"Oh, thank you Earth Creature!" Marvin gushed. "You have been a most helpful Earth Creature. A most helpful Earth Creature, indeed!"

That's All, Folks!

A/N: Yes, I know that the bit about the Earth blocking the view of Venus is part of the joke in the original. So, did I destroy the joke or enhance it?